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    i am awake

    hi folks, sorry if my little goodbye has seemed to cause a ripple in the pond. My intentions were just to say goodbye to the good friends that i have made here. My tolerance for being hamstrung in my ability to clearly communicate may be lower than most. But i must be true to myself. I enjoy a healthy spirited debate and expressions of opinions. I simply felt that i would be better off being elsewhere. This decision was mine alone. Please let his little thing go. I did not want my exit to be such discourse here You will know a tree by the fruit it bears. Consider this my last post. If you feel the need to get in touch with me then maybe check with my friends. PM them. They know. Godspeed my friends ps. when is the last time you have seen a post closed and locked down on this site? why?
  2. awake

    The time has come.

    Life is indeed crazy. There is an ebb and flow to all things. Beginnings begin and endings end. That is the way of all things. When I became a member of this site there was a feeling.There was a positive feeling of sharing, learning, and exploring. There was a true comradery of sorts. I felt that time on the site was time that I spent well. Things have changed in the last few months.That feeling has changed for me. It started as I saw several complaints as to how the owners of this site treated its online customers. Then things started to go wrong with the operation of the forum. Functions disappeared. This made it harder follow threats. Then the spamming came along. The mods along with many members did what they could to get the site owners to take action and clean up the site. Still the spam came. Several months pasted without any help on the horizon. It is obvious to me that the owners have the same attitude towards the forum as they do with on line customers. The final straw for me is the fact that we are treated like children and cannot use the edit or delete buttons on our own posts and threads. This may seem a small matter but this forum has seen its better days. Survival cache is not the first forum to use v-Bulletin software. They are not the first to be spammed. They have just given up on solving the problems. I have neither the time or desire to deal with this level of incompetency anymore. So my time here as come to an end. I have made a few good friends here. I have learned, shared, grown and laughed. But it is time for me to move on to other endeavors. I hope that the community is able to continue on. I wish you all well. Godspeed -awake-
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    Ignore this...its a test

    you call me lucky thats just ducky for me thats plenty i call post 1020
  4. the zeer pot is a good idea. check out these others as well.
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    Ignore this...its a test

    We can all play. spent the whole day. dont bust a sleen i call post 1018
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    Ignore this...its a test

    1017. bump
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    Ignore this...its a test

    on the positive side my thread count should increase without adding anything of value. Bump.
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    Plant medicine

    JCMS. I am worried they get the munchies and hit my food storage.
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    Ignore this...its a test

    and so it goes
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    Ignore this...its a test

    crap did i spell that wright
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    Ignore this...its a test

    JMHO. but i could have edited that in if the function were still available.
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    Ignore this...its a test

    And the option i am thinking of is to stop posting all together. the author of a post should be able to determine how and what is perceived by the forum though editing as long as it follows forum rules.
  13. awake

    Howdy From Houston!

    I have finger prints on 168 J models. Just a civie helping make good things for you guys.
  14. awake

    Another "going gray" thread

    being grey is an important part of your OPSEC. LIke EX121 said hobbies can divert someones attention to your true plans. Join a target shooting club, hiking clubs, canning groups ect. if you buy a much of stuff remove it over a couple of days. It is less obvious as to the amount that you carry into the house. If you intend to CC then invest in clothes that break up the profile of you weapon. Food storage should be away from prying eyes. Basements are great.
  15. Shea thats a great way to ease it the discussion with your husband. Tell him you were concerned that if something like that hit your town that you did want to provide for your family and not seem so unprepared as most of the Sandy victims. Almost 25 years ago, my wife and I became friends with a family that were LDS. We learned much from them. Basic rules of having three months supplies and finances. Their whole outlook of self sufficiency before community outreach is still part of our world. As a group you will be hard to find anyone else that it more willing to help others to help themselves.