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  1. I personally think the economic collapse will get worse and we will probably go to war with Iran and potentially kick off WWIII. I almost guarantee more of our freedom will be taken from us and we'll see an increase in TSA, etc.. *shrugs* I prepare what I can and I'm of the same mindset, " The future belongs to those who prepare for it today." -Malcolm X. I'll help my loved ones and try to help others, but when it comes down to it, family comes first.

  2. I've got two ideas for my BOV. The first is to haul the family. It has to be a full-sized van like a Ford E-series, or perhaps a cube truck (but most likely a van, as a cube truck might be a target for looting). I would also have bikes on the roof or inside in case there was a traffic jam. Secondary BOV's are Jeep Wranglers.

  3. This is why when people tell me I'm a pessimist I tell them I'm and 'optimist realist'. I hope for the best, but see what's going on. The world's economic markets are crumbling and the current way things are done won't allow them to correct themselves. *shrugs* Let's just hope we don't go and get in another war. That's be just the right thing to top off this mess that's going on.

  4. Both Romney and Gingrich are flip-floppers. Gingrich is evil in my honest opinion. He plays the political game and moves to advance his personal position, not the position of us, the people. Romney is not much different than Obama. Ron Paul is dead on with many issues, and even if you disagree at least he is consistent and stubborn enough to vote the Consitution. If anything he will be a nice 'Check and Balance', which is what we reaaaally need in office right now. Because of both parties, our Liberty is down the tubes and on top of it they follow Keynesian Economics instead of Austrian Economics and keep ruining our economy by printing more money and attempting to spark the economic motor back into running. I could really get into a long debate on why Ron Paul is right on so many issues, but honestly, trying to convince anybody via the internet is almost always a waste of time. Convincing people to change core beliefs takes a big investment of time and mental energy on the parts of both parties and a willingness to listen. I used to be very 'Conservative' which means Neo-Conservative, but after much discussion and research, I've moved to a Paleo-Conservative stance.

  5. Yeah, but I think he's really gaining ground recently. I'd vote for him regardless of his chances even though I think they are trying to get Romney in there as their pick. Newt is corrupt, and I don't see how anyone could honestly vote for him, especially as a conservative. What I like about Ron Paul is how he is intellectually leaps and bounds ahead of the others. Unfortunately it required a lot of reading and research to understand him and he also doesn't relate his positions well to some persons on issues like foreign policy and the War on Drugs in a debate setting. If you watch him talk in a thorough manner it all makes sense though. Anyhow, off to watch the last debate. :)

  6. I've come to terms with most, and I do mean most, entertainment forms being poor from a logical standpoint. Something that was mentioned to me and I've never had a hard time with was the 'suspension of disbelief' when it comes to entertainment. The idea of 'I know it couldn't happen, but I'm going to throw that out the window and have fun' is about the only way to really enjoy most stories. I like the show, but the comics (graphic novels as they call them nowadays) are waaaaaaaay better and more gritty.


    I personally think a zombie apocalypse could never happen, but I digress.

  7. Yep, I'm serious. I almost didn't post it, but I've got a few things left on my Bug Out Bag list I'd like to purchase, including a different kukri (it's got a different handle and no engraving - yes, I'm OCD about how things look *shrugs*). If I sell this one, I can use that money to cover part of the cost of the other one I want or toward a Kifaru pack, etc.. The pack I want is around $1000 when all said and done, so needless to say it's going to take a while to save or I wait until tax time after my move.