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  1. Jace

    EDC (Everyday Carry) Contest 2012

    No lighting manipulation, just natural light from a window.
  2. Jace

    Do You Believe In Aliens and UFO's

    If intelligent life does exist somewhere out there in the great unknown and they are observing us, I highly doubt that they have any plans of invading earth to destroy us as I'm sure their observations have shown that we are doing one hell of a job destroying ourselves.
  3. Jace

    Age old but critical decision

    Ho's Ho's for me.
  4. Jace

    looking for a good pocket camera.

    Hate to say it but if you want something that is quality when it comes to camera's, there arent too many cheap options out there.
  5. Jace

    the travon martin shooting.

    Commissar Obama has ordered the murder of a few American Muslims with drone strikes, in particular a 16 year old boy. Black on Arab hate crime...? Hypocrisy knows no bounds.
  6. Jace

    looking for a good pocket camera.

    I havent purchased a digital camera in a few years, so the technology may have gotten an upgrade since then, but the current SONY digital camera I do have shoots video, but only for a max of ten minutes, and the quality is bad. Now like I said the tech has probably improved since then I regular digital still cameras, but I would still recommend a digital video recorder for vids.
  7. Jace

    Decline of the Dollar

    Just curious, but what criteria exactly defines a "super power"? Brazil has a rapidly growing economy. Russia's economy isnt the greatest nor is its political structure, but they still obtain thousands of nukes(some of which no one knows where they are). India has a decent economy and they also obtain nuclear power. China's economy is becoming wealthier and wealthier, they essentially own the U.S. now. Not really sure about South Africa, but from what I have researched, their economy is growing. I find it ironic that people still consider the U.S. a "super power" when we base our wealth off of debt and credit which is backed by nothing but hot air. We waste billions on military spending to the point where our "boots on the ground" have trouble obtaining basic armor for vehicles and and personnel. We have created an illusion that we are so powerful based off of nothing really, well...aside from our egos.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=REqrkeonbWc&feature=g-u-u&context=G2f6f2a2FUAAAAAAAMAA BRICS(Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) are talking with each other about a post dollar way of doing business and also about starting their own "World bank" of sorts. Just the idea of some of the worlds "super powers" discussing these topics could, and probably are, have huge implications for trust of the dollar with the rest of the world. Your thoughts?
  9. Jace

    My Future Survivalist

    Congrats on the new bundle of joy!
  10. Jace

    You have got to love this place!!!

    Not really sure why my post in this thread was deleted, but ok...
  11. I started getting tatted, then I realized that that money could be spend elsewhere for something more useful. No offense to anyone, I like tatts, wish I had the free money to get more done, its just not a reasonable investment anymore.
  12. This EO has been around for decades, its just an update. I think the reason its getting so much attention lately is due to the fact that a lot of people are waking up and realizing just how horrible the bulls*** we are being fed really is.
  13. Jace

    EDC (Everyday Carry) Contest 2012

    Agreed. I would definitely include a side arm in my EDC if I didn't live in Commiefornia.
  14. Jace

    FEMA Camps...

    lol well I didn't mean the actual thought of them doing that was 'nice', just you thinking that deeply into it was a good way to look at it.