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    your stashed cache.

    Does anyone stach their cache at other peoples homes? For instance one at a relative or friends house/basement/barn??
  2. OK- I am really tire of of trying to find a plain old radio to listen to the news and information on. I have tried several and so far they seem to be complete junk. Poor reception, poor speaker quality, poor everything. Who knows what I should try next? I think I want the following features: Solar Rechargeable by crank or plug in(and not take forever to charge)(Should run 30 minutes on a charge) AM FM Shortwave Bands GOOD to Great reception Sturdily built External jack for antenna add on.(Could live without this if the reception is GREAT
  3. devildog

    Handguns: Revolvers or Semi-automatics

    If it were just myself, I might make different choices, but since my firearms are likely to be used by many different people in my family group, simple and dependable become more important than large magazines. You can't beat a revolver for simple, effective, and easy to learn the basics.
  4. I wish it weren't so, Gents, but the vast majority of our nation has never had the need to pay such close attention to their situation. Think about it. I think we learn this type of thing when we have to, or if we are lucky enough to be educated on it at an early age. Most of us who think we would be able to catch something like that LEARNED it by necessity, walking point, rear cover, door gunner, CAP units or what have you. We are the minority. Sadly, I believe America is going to learn "situational awareness" the hard way. Sadly, that's the way we learned, too...
  5. [ATTACH=CONFIG]1047[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]1048[/ATTACH]Procured some emergency lighting for the old bomb shelter turned prepper room. Last tornado had the grand kids diving in the storeroom and the power promptly went out. I wasn't home and Grandma was still on her way downstairs. Of course its DARK in there and the kids got pretty scared. So now I have some Energizer nightlight/flashlight/power outage lights. They stay plugged in and come on automatically if the power goes out. Supposed to last 45 minutes. They have high and low settings, and are LEDs. For those of you waiting, I have a draft article ready on the bomb shelter conversion, but Joel isn't answering my email. Anyone know when he's available?
  6. End the spammers while you are in there!
  7. devildog

    How mucg water do you keep in your pack?

    Each of my bags has 96 ounces of water in either pouches or aqua blox, plus a life straw filter.
  8. devildog

    Water storage

    Any water storage will be heavy. Pure water weighs 8.34 pounds per gallon. Your three gallon water brick contains 25.02 pounds of water plus whatever the empty container weighs. For storage, the larger the container, the more efficiently you use your storage space. However you also lose portability. Its atrade off, like almost everything!
  9. devildog

    Help me answer a friend, how much ammo is enough?

    I realize I am the minority on this one! As much ammo as he currently has listed, I think he could at least slow down. What is the condition of the rest of his preps? He already has enough firepower for at least a squad. Does he have food/water/medical/clothing/shelter covered also that well???
  10. devildog

    Pay off debt or buy silver?

    Pay of your debts. Structure your life within a well planned budget. Prepping ranks as part of that budget. Good luck!
  11. devildog

    AM/FM/Short Wave For the Cache

    You must have a "good one" then. I have three fairly powerful fm stations within 6 miles of me. I can only get one, and that one bleeds thru over the whole dial on that eton. The station knob is frictionless and moves on its own to drift off that one station. Would you like to buy another one for a backup? If I had 2 of these, I'd still have none.
  12. devildog

    Auguson Farms buckets

    I have tried several of their products- Scrambled eggs, pancakes, Textured Vegetable Protein(Fake Meat), chicken soup, sweet corn, potato slices, butter powder, milk powder, and granola cereal. In my opinion- All were excellent in taste and texture EXCEPT the TVP- It was good, but it wasn't meat; And the chicken noodle soup was a little "slippery" for want of a better term, but still the flavor was good. I did not like the pancakes flavor, but the wife thought they were great. Go figure. I would recommend that you practice preparation a little, as it does take quite some time for some of them to re-hydrate. Augason sells a small can for everyday and trial use. I did that to decide what I did not want when I bought the pails. Also Augason is in some kind of relation ship with Sams and Walmart, so you can find some of the stuff in the local stores and save on shipping. After trying the small cans, I did go on to buy larger quantity in pails. Hope this helps
  13. Spent some time organizing and inventorying the store room...
  14. devildog

    best friend for survival?

    The best dog is a Devildog!
  15. I also have the shovel. I haven't yet put it to a heavy test, but it is very sturdily built.
  16. Layed in 25 lbs of rice and beans, and a case of chicken stock
  17. Filled another barrel of water and straightened up the storeroom. Started testing inventory systems....not sure what I want to do yet.
  18. I liked what he had to say. Basic? Yes, but basic is where preppers need to start. There is usually a point or three that all of us could benefit from reading. As always folks: Learn it, consider whether it makes sense in your situation, and act on it IF YOU FIND IT PRUDENT.
  19. The .223/5.56 may in fact be less lethal in the immediacy, BUT there are many, many, many people who can attest to their lethality when properly employed. Compare two dead by .223 one by 7.62 or whatever. Which one died "more effectively"? My point is this: I fully support our right to keep and bear arms. Yes, even semi-automatic black guns. I also fully support the contention that their is no need in the hunting or sporting arena for 30 round magazines. But they aren't the problem. The problems we are having are with the shooters, the bad guys, the criminals, the mentally challenged. If they can't get a bushmaster or an AR15 type of weapon, they will use something else. Picture the recent school shootings with a Saiga 12 gauge. If I believed giving up our AR's etc would stop the violence I would support it wholly and loudly. I do not believe it for a second. Lets start convincing the world what the problem is and find good ways to fix it, and stop arguing the unimportant details of calibers and styles. Sorry for the opinions make me Devildog- and do not necessarily make me right.
  20. devildog

    My intro...

    Welcome, Lemonmint! Tough to add to the above, but let me encourage you to join right in with us here. All of us are newbies in a lot of things, and I wish I had a nickel for everything new I have learned in this forum. Hopefully I have reciprocated and contributed some small things in the process. Good luck in your prepping and God Bless.
  21. devildog

    oddball bob items

    I carry some stainless steel wire, we used to call "safety wire" its very thin (.032 inches) and has EXACTLY 3 million and one uses. Don't ask me for a list! You can make everything from fish hooks and leaders to restraints and garrottes. Of course you can also wire things together with it.
  22. devildog

    Doller store are nice BUT

    I don't agree. There are numerous instances where paying top dollar simply means you paid more than the next guy for the same thing. BUT, always check quality first before you go for the less expensive item. Furniture comes to mind. If you pay a lot, you just get expensive crap. The dollar stores in our area - you have to watch them very, very close. That cheaper price really may not be. Example: Liquid bleach, smae exact size, and same exact brand. Read the bottles close and you see that the dollar store bottle has only HALF the active ingredient. So the bottle cost less but you need to use more product per use. You have to do the math!
  23. devildog

    What happens when you run out of coffee?.

    No more coffee? Devildog SAD.
  24. devildog

    Santa must be a lurker!

    Santa keeps all the good prepper stuff to himself!