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    Revolver for Home Defense question

    I just purchased a revolver for our home defense prep. I'll preface this to say I am no expert on revolvers-in fact this is my first one. All I can say is that after all my research and comparing, I decided on a Smith and Wesson Model 686, (L frame= Medium sized) in 357. Hold them all in one hand and the Smith in the other...feel the action and natural point of aim. Brush the occasional tear from your eye as you empty your money clip...and get the Smith. Seriously, your concern about penetration of walls has more to do with your choice of ammunition rather than brand of gun. I wish I could be more help, but there are a lot of pros on the forum who will render help!
  2. devildog

    Cash as a Prep

    For short term things cash will be king. The longer the scenario runs the less useful cash will be, as barter becomes king. (you can' eat cash...) To be truly prepared we need to have some cash available. Remember there is always plan a,b,c,d, etc. We just do not know what is ahead! That begs the question of how much cash to stash? I envision about $250 in paper and coin in each person's bug out bag, and access to more substantial amounts of cash cached if needed. Admittedly it will take awhile to accumulate that kind of cash, but it will get there if you make it a priority.
  3. devildog

    Prepare even if you don't know why

    Hang in there Nana - God Bless.
  4. Probably the most deserving of extra expenditure would be water purification. There is just no alternative for safe drinking water. Get a good one and get replacement elements for it. Then get another one (maybe a lesser one) as a backup.
  5. Bought the next step in my defense planning. Smith & Wesson #686 revolver, 4" barrel, chambered in .357 Magnum. Started work on turning my cold, wet, smelly old bomb shelter into a dry and bright out of sight prepping storeroom. Goal is 4 weeks! Almost finished inventory and replacement of out dated stuff in my bug out bag system. Just a few more items to procure!
  6. devildog

    need help on prepping

    Prioritize First! 1. Sturdy shoes, coats, and clothes. 2. Bug out bags and supplies(3 days to a week) in case you have to leave. 3. Longer term food and supplies stored for staying put.(say up to 90 days) 4. THEN you may want to consider firearms and other defense items, before you set up really long term preps. I think we all forget to really prioritize our prepping needs sometimes. There are so many enticing things that everyone else has, and we want them all, too. But remember that the shorter term things happen all the time...flood, quake,storms,etc. so we want to be ready for those NOW. As Snake already said, we probably have some time before the SHTF big time. I think steady and continuous prepping is the key. Good luck and keep us informed how you are doing. Ask whatever questions you have, see what everyone has to say, but do your own thinking, and you will be fine. Welcome to the forum-we're glad you're here! 4.
  7. devildog

    Thanks to All Veterans

    Heck, guys & gal, I doubt if any of us will have the luxury of knowing whether our troops should or should not have been here or there. I think the most we can hope for is that our political leaders try as hard to do their job as well as we tried to do ours. I understand fully (and happen to be one) those veterans who feel uncomfortable in being individually thanked. It's hard to reconcile with the treatment given earlier. (Viet Nam) I don't much care for being called baby killer, either. Thankfully that is rare now-a -days. But I do believe I/We did our best, and that we made a difference, and that most of us would serve again if called. I can sleep at night...most of the time. God Bless our veterans. God bless us all.
  8. devildog


    Unless there are very special circumstances, 1500 yards is far enough out, that I wouldn't want to announce my position. Also, there better be a great scope involved, or I couldn't tell friend from foe. As for the statements on practicing your marksmanship, I think we all know it's true. Darn it!
  9. devildog

    The Dark Side

    Great question, ViciousTom. I need to consider this one awhile.
  10. devildog

    Hello From Montana

    "Some Leathernecks" have been here awhile, already! Welcome Dime Bag....gotta ask....can't help it comes....What's the story behind the name?
  11. devildog

    Survival on a Budget 2.0

    Congratulations! Stick with does get easier eventually. My last was March 2001.
  12. The only ones I would wish for are the ones that are loaded and available to hand. I would rather have a single shot 22 with bunches of rounds than an M16 I couldn't get ammo for. I am currently working on aquiring suitable firearms, though. My #1 is a 12 gauge pump for defense. #2 is an M6 over & under .410 / .22 Hornet for backup and hunting. #3 is .357 revolver. #4 will probably be a .22 rifle. #5 if I ever get that far will be some type of battle rifle. I say "if" because there are a zillion things more important than a spray gun.
  13. devildog

    Building a BUG IN

    Our first house was a 14x70 mobile home on rented space also. If you are situated like most, your trailer is at least 24 inches off the ground on piers or stands of some sort. That is over 2000 cubic feet of storage space. With careful thought to packing things in water/bug proof containers, almost anything can go there. This space is equal to several small sheds, just a little more difficult to access, so put the "not used for 20 year" stuff under the house.
  14. devildog

    Doomsday Bunkers

    Watching this show, my wife asked me if I would ever buy something like this 450K shelter. If I had the cash I surely would. Come on Powerball! Seriously, though, basic preps is what it's all about. Everyone keep on preparing with the assets at hand, and you will survive longer than those who sit an wish for the underground mansion.
  15. devildog

    Bug In, Zero Hour

    Part One: I believe after all the initial work of filling tubs etc is taken care of, my best course would be to "go average". Be careful to act like everyone else... there is anonymity in numbers. Then ease ourselves into oblivion by disconnecting visible light and sound sources and just quietly live unobserved. If there is red cross or whatever handing out supplies-we will be there too. Not going would draw attention to us. Part 2: No- I would not take from others, assuming they need the stuff also. Now if I happen across a bad guy (defined looter, or worse) who was slower than me, thats another story.
  16. devildog

    EDC (Everyday Carry) Contest 2012

    EDC was not one of the things I was familiar with, until I started on this forum. There are a lot of great setups here so far, but I wonder if "Every Day Carry" includes things like bags/packs that you leave in your car or whatever. To my mind EDC is EVERY DAY. That means school, work, church, grocery shopping, the movies or what ever. Obviously a lot of these entries do not fit that definition. I carry quite a bit with me on work days or in the field, but I do not carry most of it to church etc. My sailor friends tell me Marines take a while to catch on, but IS there a real definition of what EDC should be?
  17. I spent the weekend doing the mundane side of prepping: Inspecting and re-supplying my bug out bags. I replaced all the D cell battery stuff with lighter and smaller battery types, which made a huge difference in space and weight in two of my bags. I had the grandson (age 5) helping. He would sample the food and drink stuff, and let me know if it was time to replace them. We finally are retiring some of the MRE stuff - the kid tells me the M&Ms are "hard". The date code was 1990!
  18. devildog

    new cub

    May God bless you and yours...
  19. devildog

    firearms price hikes

    Here in my neck of the woods, I have been looking for used hand guns and have had zero luck. People are hanging on to them, evidently. Consequently there is very little willingness to dicker on the price of new, either. I also am noticing "spotty" levels of ammo stock on store shelves. There are quite a few sale stickers on the ammo however.
  20. devildog

    Above Ground Root Cellar

    Can you post a few pictures for us??
  21. devildog

    New Survival Series

    I just watched the ad for this new Doomsday Bunkers show. The narrator states"People who are prepping will kill you for anything that helps them survive." I take offense to the insinuation that preppers are by definition, murderers. In fact the opposite is far more likely, in that as we have prepared/ are preparing, we would have no reason to kill, except in defense.
  22. You are only limited by your imagination, effort, and of course finances. IMHO, if it is truly "concealed" the space is extremelyvaluable. Not only for storage but as a hiding place for you and your loved ones. If you are "bugging in" you do not want to ignore ANY possible asset. Good Luck!
  23. devildog

    Hello from Minnesota

    Glad to have you, Schoeny.
  24. devildog

    New series on nat geo

    I think so far most of these are "over the top" and unrealistic. There are a few good ideas sprinkled in, so I will continue watching.
  25. devildog

    Building a BUG IN

    I think mine is descended from the "refuse hole". It does have air pipes for inlet and exhaust (undersized) and it does have a sump pump which does work. Tiling is one option, but I believe the bulk of the moisture is from condensation rather than seepage. I am considering using the spray on insulation which theoretically will solve all of my problems. (So says the guy who sells it, anyway!) It really is a nice space if I can get it dry and warm.