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  1. Take some time off from your prepping and contemplate the Easter / Passover season and its full meaning. The most important thing in your B.O.B. : Faith. A blessed Easter to all of you!
  2. devildog

    A little break from everything...

    I must lead a sheltered life! I had to look it up! Unfortunately, I celebrated Dyngus Day by going to work.
  3. Well put, Captain Bart! I wish I'd said that...
  4. The ongoing bomb shelter to storeroom conversion: Finished the plumbing and tested for leaks. Installed a 4 tube florescent light fixture (leftover from a previous kitchen remodel). Scraped all the spray foam residue off the floor, and swept up good. Assembled 5 of the 6 shelving units we bought for this project, and started hauling in some things in that had been accumulating all over the house. This is the new location for our primary B.O.B.s, of course. Still a few odds and ends to finish up but nearing the finish line.
  5. devildog

    Silverado or Blazer?

    I would prefer a pickup , but 4x4 in my mind is a must. Of your two choices I would recommend the 4x4 Blazer as your primary.
  6. devildog

    Seeing more survival stuff in stores

    They are just cashing in the fad of the Mayan 2012 prediction. As soon as that passes things will go right back to "normal" if there is such a thing.
  7. Today, my wife primed and painted the outside doors to the new storeroom. I roughed out the sump pump plumbing. One day soon we will be doing the fun part of "moving in"!
  8. devildog

    sun for water purification

    You are actually talking about the sun heating the water up to kill the bad stuff. You wont get the temperature high enough to boil, but you can get high enough to pasteurize. BUT you need to be careful that you hit at least 160 degrees Fahrenheit and hold that temp for at least 30 seconds. Boiling sterilizes, in other words kills everything. Pasteurization goes after killing SOME things. It greatly reduces pathogens, which cause disease. (Pasteurization is used on milk, juices, water, and a host of other products.)
  9. Around here, the going rate is $1.00 sq ft per inch applied. (3 inches thick = $3.00 sq ft.) Yes it does also seal out water, air currents, etc. Its kind of one stop shopping compared to sealing the wall and adding a barrier, the framing and insulating, then sheet rocking or whatever. I had air currents, water leakage frosty walls, condensation, mold, you name it. If you have none of these issues it would be less expensive to use conventional insulation products. Now my little project had block walls and a poured cement roof/ceiling. I sprayed all the walls 2.5 inches thick and the ceiling 3" thick. The product I selected has an insulating R value of 7.4 per inch. So the ceiling is R22.2 and the walls are R18.5 Also, if you didn't need the insulation for Minnesota Winter, a single 1" layer would seal out drafts and block moisture....
  10. Spent most of the day observing the spray foam crew as they insulated sealed the old bomb shelter / new prepper storeroom. This stuff is fun to apply! The appearance is a little uneven as we free hand applied it. I had decided against having stud walls etc at least initially. Next on the list: Sump pump re-plumbing, and installing lights / plugins etc. Then the shelving and pallet(s). I am taking pictures if there is any interest.
  11. devildog

    Plain old good fantasy!

    If I had the space, I would include all his stuff in my preps. Great to hear from another reader with excellent taste. I also re-read most of his books quite often. Farnham's Freehold is pretty much an early prepper fiction, with some good tips. But mostly FUN.
  12. devildog

    Plain old good fantasy!

    Robert Heinlein. The Best. No Arguments.
  13. devildog

    Rugers and Smiths

    I had read that Ruger's freeze on orders would only be through April. First I have heard of S&W backlog.
  14. Still working on the prepper storeroom. Treated all the rust on the exterior door pieces and got the reinstalled and caulked. Pulled electrical wiring thru all the conduits and hauled out all the spring yard furniture and stuff. Just a few finishing touches tomorrow before insulating starts on Monday.
  15. devildog

    Greetings from England!

    Welcome! And welcome back!
  16. devildog

    Hail from MO, please don't judge me

    We hope you enjoy the forum- welcome.
  17. devildog

    looking for a good pocket camera.

    I have a Canon Powershot ELPH SD 1200, 10 megapixel. It is a superb camera, does video, has removable SD card, the bigger the more pix. I do not do videos, so I can't speak much for that. They look good to me, what few we have done. The newest version will have a different model number. Do a search for ELPH. It has great zoom, closeup etc, all the cool stuff. Thru the lens viewfinder etc. The only drawback is that it does not take AA batteries. It has a proprietary Canon battery pack. My son in law had one three years older than mine and I loved it. So I bought one about 5 years ago now. I still love it. It is very intuitive and easy to run. Shirt pocket size. about 2"x3.5"
  18. devildog

    Home heating question

    I use a gas fireplace, with no frills. Will light and burn as heat with no electricity. Of course this is only good as long as the gas supply is available. For really long term, I am still trying to find something feasible.
  19. devildog

    Greetings from the PNW!

    Hello, Howdy, and Hi!
  20. Continuing work on renovating my new prepper storeroom. Ran electrical conduit and boxes. Removing the outside doors to reseal and treat for rust etc. Not as fun as a lot of other preps!
  21. devildog

    Rambo66 new to this sight

    Come on in- the water's fine...or wet, or something. Welcome!
  22. devildog

    EDC (Everyday Carry) Contest 2012

    A lot of these submissions have a truly large amount of equipment, including firearms, several large knives etc. Impressive preps? Absolutely!. Every Day Carry? I'm sorry guys. I just don't buy it. I am going back over all the submissions again, but I can't vote for a set up that I don't believe is truly carried every day, in the spirit of this contest.
  23. devildog

    Lets thrive

    This forum is for survival and prepping. Not theological debate. I am thrilled you have a solid belief. Thanks for coming....Bye Bye.
  24. devildog

    survival tips and tricks

    Always, always, ALWAYS think first and think safe! Whether just out in the bush or in a real SHTF situation....injuries and accidents can mean death. Everything from chopping wood to shooting all those cool toys you bought. Using a fire to climbing rocks and hiking in the wilderness. "How can I do this and make sure no one is going to get hurt?"
  25. devildog

    for the moderators to consider

    Check out the thread called "survival Fiction or Learning is fun". It was started by Texas Bill and I think your friends book could be announced there, and be right on topic.