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    Do You Really Need A "BOB" or 72 Hour Kit?

    YES! You can live for 72 hours with no preparation. And it may not be very much of a challenge, either. You could be in balmy 72 degree weather shaded by the leafy overhanging branches, next to a babbling brook, full of easy to grab hostess ho-hos. Or, maybe you have fallen and have a leg bone sticking out, in the high desert, where you were running away from the biker horde who "are just having fun" and you would really like a sip of water right about now, and maybe some first aid stuff. Or maybe not....You see the purpose of the B.O.B is you can not KNOW the situation you will have. We all hope our stuff is not needed. You can live 3 days with nothing? Maybe. But you won't like it.
  2. Unless there is more than one "Gun Cay" you will be busy making water. It may not have permanent inhabitants, but there certainly are plenty of boating and sailing visitors in any given time frame.
  3. A few cans of (ugh!) fish and 2 boxes of ramen, added to stores by my wife. Worked a little on writing up the making of my preppers store room. And did about eleventy seven chores that have nothing whatsoever to do with prepping! This was the first nice sunny day where I had no other commitments for quite some time.
  4. devildog

    Threat to America

    There are a lot of "threats" out there that affect us and our way of life. I believe the absolute worst and all encompassing threat to the American way of life is "us Americans". There is so much buffoonery and outright graft, greed, and lack of integrity in our society, that it doesn't shock us any more. Heck, it doesn't even surprise us anymore. We expect that our leaders will be self serving and fail to follow their promises. The threat? We have become so used to it, that it is "normal" now. We aren't mad enough to organize and be vocal enough to turn it around. We now accept what we could not stomach previously. WE are the greatest threat to America. I hope we can fix ourselves in time...
  5. devildog

    Where are we going with this?.

    Hey, Readytogo - There are in fact some things on this forum that I agree, are not what I signed up for. So do what I do....if I get into a thread that I "don't like", I back out, ignore it, and go to a different thread. If there is no interest in it, it will die out on its own. If you have a special topic you want to discuss- open a new thread. I'll probably see you there!
  6. As my kids sometimes STILL say: "I want that!" (10/22)
  7. devildog


    Pull up a stump. Nice to have you. I am wondering if you have any tips / tricks we can learn about para cord you could pass on?
  8. Trying to verify that the new storeroom is now water tight. Last night had a very light sprinkle, and bone dry this morning. Hoping for a true shower of at least a half inch to really test it out. Also finished re-sizing all my " bomb shelter to prepper storage " pictures for posting/publishing. Finished checking expiration and rotation dates on my food stuffs.
  9. After a lengthy search on the internet, I still have an unanswered question of who is in charge during martial law? And what actual powers do they have? Now everyone knows basic military martial law, but what about small town USA, not near any bases? Where is the law that delineates the details? I have seen in novels and on TV where the town mayor is the head honcho. Is that true, and where does the law state the details? Is the town/village subordinate to the county/parish if there is conflicting instruction? I think this would make a great informative article, but I am interested in knowing where to find this information as soon as I can. Anyone else thought of this? I didn't see anything in the forums search I did.
  10. My local gun show was a complete bust. Prices way, way out of line, except in a very few cases. Gun parts priced for more than the whole gun should. Very little ammo available and most of that was very old looking. Quite a few pistols, but all seemed to be retail - plus.
  11. devildog

    Who is in charge during martial law?

    Than You Major Krisis. I will try and find mention in the civil defense plans...if we have those. Your post is the closest I have seen yet to answering my question.
  12. Had a couple of 30 gallon barrels given to me, and a possible source for more. I am going to add them to water storage.(Small barrels are easier to man-handle....or wife handle!) Have been inventorying and marking shelf life on food storage as I stock the new store room. Still working on one small leak around the sump pipe.....seems to come from no-where! Installed a new air conditioner on the house so tired preppers can relax in comfort. Local Gun Show tomorrow...
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    fallout shelters or bunkers?

    Great subject!
  14. devildog

    Who is in charge during martial law?

    So if I am "reading between the lines" properly, what I get from all the preceding posts is there really is no document or regulation (pertaining to martial law) that delineates the duties, responsibilities, and authority of local government? So in my little town when martial law is declared, there will likely be no authority at all and anarchy will begin to grow, as There is just no way that a military presence will be able to be established in every little village and town in America. The senior military representative in my area is likely to be one of the recruiters 60 miles away. Even mobilizing all reserves and guard troops, I don't see even a squad presence everywhere. I will continue to try and research this as there must be something that states the authority for any change in government, but I find it very interesting that it is so hard to find information on martial law.
  15. devildog

    Storage sizes

    The brand I use state that once opened, their freeze dried foods are good for up to 12 months. Assuming optimum temp and a sealed lid etc.
  16. Continuing to stock the new storeroom. Almost all of our prepping stuff is in there and the stock looks much smaller than it did up in the house. Re assembling the stairs and railings that cover things up. Pictures very soon!!!! Ordered another pail of long term food for storage.
  17. devildog

    often forgotten

    My experiences with changing feeding habits would call for a stool softener rather that an anti-diarrhea med.
  18. devildog

    Firearm Question?

    Visionman: If your question is the ubiquitous "Do I need an assault weapon?", the only true answer is "It depends." If you are prepping for your belief that you will need to have a firefight, then the answer is yes. If you are not concerned with firefights, then hunting style weapons will be suitable. I personally would like one or three AR style rifles, but I consider them low priority. Foraging/hunting/ close defense is / are my priorities. When all the immediate firearm needs are satisfied(Shotgun, Handgun,small game, then I may look for an AR, or like Capt Bart says: I am partial to lever guns, too.
  19. Never done Army stuff, but from a Marine perspective, do what you can to increase your fitness now, and when you actually start your training, shut up, listen, and do exactly as they tell you. They will eventually move from playing head games into trying to teach you something. Try to learn what they shove at you. All of it, believe it or not, has purpose. Take with you, your faith, your resolve, and determination, along with my thanks and respect for your willingness to serve.
  20. devildog

    Another Central Texan joining the ranks

    Glad to have you in the forum, Texas Reid. Your county sounds...interesting.
  21. When I was stationed in southern California, with me sitting on the tarmac loaded for bear, waiting to go into the LA riots, and my family at the house by themselves.
  22. devildog

    duct tape question

    Now this is good information, folks! Thanks!
  23. devildog

    Intro for: NavyVet_77

    Welcome Navy Vet 77! I guess one more Squid can't hurt. Now that the required insult is out of the way...Glad to have you aboard. Do tell us more about yourself and your plans regarding prepping.
  24. devildog

    sun for water purification

    After researching this a little more, I will admit that "SODIS" would work assuming the necessary solar radiation and UV are present. The problem lies in having no way to test "enough". If you are in the southern part of the US or equivalent, it may work out, but I would use other methods if available. For instance boiling for 20 minutes. That WILL be enough. If SODIS is your only option -do it! For those of us in the more northern areas, only the very brightest of sunny and clear days would even come close to disinfecting. Plan on using something else just about 99% of the time, to be safe. Remember that most water treatment simply reduces the living organisms, and does not completely eliminate them. Even after that, chemical contamination can remain a threat.