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    Who knows their craft?

    Hmmm... Ill tell you what, Nobody - If you are looking for a little advice you can really's some: The difference between success(survival, comfort, happiness) and failure(death, drudgery,unhappy) might be the result of the actions you take. You also may survive just due to blind happenstance. Be responsible for your own welfare, and don't expect all the correct answers to be in any certain places. I have come to respect the information and advice from Capt Bart and many others here on SC. IMMENSELY! However, I sift it, cogitate on it and compare it to what else I know, and if I find it has merit, I may follow it. I do NOT take anything ex-cathedra. In some instances, things I have "known and believed" I have had to change my opinions as new / better information has come to light, or just a set of circumstances I had not previously thought about. So, all you experts, and wannabes and anyone else with the desire to write their recommendation-thank you! I WILL consider it and then I will decide whether its good or not. Just maybe even the things I read about that do not make any sense now, they may sometime in the future if situations change. So in short....Here is the advice you can trust. None of us are responsible for your welfare, and none of us have the only and all the "right answers". If you are worried about wasting your time in discussions and considerations about prepping, you should not be on the forum. You should go by a "how to" book and just do exactly what it says. Then you won't have to waste any time, unless you accidentally survive.
  2. Sorry for all your troubles, Guys. I have had no issues at all.
  3. Thanks,bunches Straydog! That's the kind of info I was looking for. I was kind of leaning towards that one, but I just love it when others will share their experiences.
  4. I am thinking on vacuum sealing some of my stuff for long term. Do any of you have experience with vacuum sealers, like which brand would be preferable and or tips on what to do with it?? Are they even a good idea? Thanks in advance. Oh a sling for my Mossberg shotgun.
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    Hello, Conway! Welcome to the muddy end of the gene pool.
  6. devildog

    The Plan.

    One thing I have been contemplating is the "authorities out of control" problem. We also plan to bug in, but I can see the wisdom in bailing out fast if I see signs of "over" controlling the populace. In other words: If we wait too long, they may not let us go! The key of course, is how to foretell that scenario. Also, whenever you head out to another location, its possible that you are going into a less favorable situation. I don't know how much intel will be available.
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    Rethinking my HD 12ga loads...

    Now this is why I come here, Boys. Very good points all around. Now I have to put on my think'n cap. Thanks.
  8. devildog

    its been 1 year already

    Stay on it, Sir! Great Job! Its been 11 and 1/2 years for me. One day at a time.
  9. Started working with the 10/22. Ran into a deal at a conference (for work) and it sort of followed me home. Does any one have an idea on how to easily collect .22 fired brass out of grass?!@#.
  10. I really like that idea. Things read in books that are not well thought out....that could potentially save any one of us. I encourage you to follow through on this - its a very good idea.
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    Ready for what event?

    Here in SW Minnesota (God's Blessed Place), we really only have to worry about Blizzards with power outage at the same time, at least as far as far ranging threats go. We also have tornados, but they are very localized. I can't imagine the amount of rain it would take to flood the rivers anywhere near us. No earthquakes either. Don't know how to protect against our number one threat - mosquitoes! Our biggest problem would be the masses from far away cities heading for the hills in the event of a large SHTF.
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    Do you like unique firearms?

    Nice afternoon starting my wife on firing my (S&W 686) .357 Mag Revolver. Also spent some time with the new Stoeger air rifle. Wifey surprisingly good with the revolver. She's new to shooting anything so no bad habits, I guess.
  13. devildog

    Do you like unique firearms?

    The oddest one I have is a Springfield M-6 Scout, chambered in .410 / .22 Hornet. I call it my ugly gun. Otherwise, all my stuff is plain jane meat and potatoes type stuff.
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    Prep coach?

    I am working with my wife, two daughters and their families, but on the very basics of being prepared for emergencies. We hve done bug out bags, basic fire arms safety and are starting into fam firing what we have. Open discussions about taking it to the next level. They watch and learn what I am doing, but I don't think they are ready to move on yet. Out side of family I do encourage others to have the 72 hr kits, and how much water they would need etc, but thats it. I donot need the ants to know about G'Pa grasshoppers cache.
  15. devildog

    Newbie Gun Buying Questions...

    From a fellow Minnesotan..... 1. You can buy guns out of state, but they need to be shipped to a MN gun dealer who transfers them to you. (Usually for an extra fee) 2. One of you actually buys the hand gun. The other can use it, but is not the owner. 3. You do not need a permit to transport or use a long gun (shot gun or rifle) in MN. You do need to follow safety laws like having it disassembled or locked unloaded in a gun case. The exception to this is special category guns like fully automatic weapons or explosives which require special licensing even to possess. 4.The Cocealed Carry Permit is on the person. If YOU get a CCW, your spouse has NOTHING to do with it, They would need their own CCW. Please go to any gun dealer near you and re-ask these questions. They will explain them to you in detail. Your county sheriff's office should also be able help to you. I hope you enjoy learning to shoot, but PLEASE take the time to do it safely. There is risk inherent in any firearm. Good luck!
  16. Had an impromptu "class" for my wife regarding her laundry and buying bleach. Plain unscented chlorine bleach is preferred because the fancy smelling kinds are not what you want for treating water. Bleach does lose its punch with shelf life, so she needs to keep rotating and always have a fresh one in reserve. She told me I should do my own laundry if I don't like it. Gosh I love her!
  17. devildog

    Good News For Gun Owners

    You know....I have been toying with getting a concealed carry license, but I am vacillating on the benefits and the responsibilities of it. Back and forth, I can't settle my mind on one side or the other. Tell me in your own words: WHY would it be a good idea or not to get a carry permit? I do not have any situation currently that would cause me to need one. But one never knows...
  18. devildog

    Find this interersting and informatove

    Thanks for the link. I haven't seen this one before!
  19. Tried out the new Stoeger Air Rifle. I'm a little disapointed. It came with a pre mounted scope, which supposedly was sighted in at 30 yards at the factory. Could not even hit the cardboard from 30 yards, let alone paper. (3'x3') Took the scope off and checked the open sights. Did hit the cardboard about 8" high and 4" right. Removed the rear sight and reinstalled carefully, then started working on a 10 yard zero, which took awhile to get the group down to 1 inch. I ran short on time, so I have to start there and work on a 30 yard zero next time. Then I can get back to the scope. The fit, finish and power of the rest of this rifle seems great, but I am wondering why I have this issue when 100% of the reviews were spotless?!
  20. devildog

    Excess and giveaway

    I just this evening found this thread! "Oh the things that could have been..." A great way to stimulate interest, Coastie. You are a generous person. You can't say that about very many folks anymore. Maybe, you could have been a Marine!
  21. devildog

    What's on your key chain?

    Just keys.
  22. devildog

    Hi from AUS

    Hello AUSurvivalmum! We are happy to hear from you.
  23. I ordered a .22 caliber pellet rifle,with a 4x32 scope and 800 pellets of various types to try out. Besides being a fun toy as I remember it, this is intended as a small game getter. I decided on a Stoeger X series as I just could not find any negative reviews on it. 1000 fps should be a good knock down in .22. Now I just need to find time to go with it!
  24. devildog

    Question for military members

    Capt Bart - You, sir, are a wise man. Thank you.
  25. I have been reading up on the benefits of adding an air rifle to my preps. Its really sounding like a great idea to me. I joined a local range to make it simpler to teach the extended family some basic firearms safety and marksmanship, concentrating on familiarity with the stuff we actually have. Starting with a formal class in safety and handling. I have been squirreling away ammo for this project, so we don't deplete the on hand levels. Also studying up on many methods of canning and preserving which is something I have wanted to begin for a long time now. (My wife believes preserving means putting leftovers in the fridge!)