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  1. Began to experiment with a LANSKY sharpening kit. I hate to jinx it, but the results are promising! It looks like I finally might actually be able to produce a sharp knife. I am so happy...
  2. devildog

    Hey CapnBart!

    I'd rather have the search and new posts back....but combining will help some.
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    Another Knife Giveaway!

    In IN In in iN and In again!
  4. Quite a few things accomplished since my last post. I acquired an SKS from a coworker. Finally found some magazines that seem to function perfectly. Just disassembled the thing and am cleaning all the pieces up. The wife came home from shopping with some #10 cans of dehydrated fruit and some honey. (She has a sweet tooth-LOL!) Also I ordered some canned meats from Deal Sgt. 28 oz cans for 11.99 and they guarantee 15 years storage. Seemed like a good deal to me....ordered 6 cans to see what they are like.
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    Problem with link for New Posts...

    Well said Excoastie! I thought I read one of the threads where Capt Bart was looking in to this with the powers that be. I dont remember where.
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    Nice weapon

    I have a JIC Mossberg 500. I too very qickly saw a problem with the pistol grip only. It was fine with target loads, but very hard to control with buckshot. Too hard to let it remain due to safety considerations. I went to a 6 position collapsible stock WITH a pistolgrip. As far as hitting birds with just the pistol grip - only by luck.
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    Goodbye and thank you

  8. devildog

    Goodbye and thank you

    Good Luck and God bless, Tinderwolf.
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    who is currenty reading what?

    For fun: A great collection of science fiction on my Kindle. For useful: "Every Step in Canning The Cold-Pack Method", by Gray
  10. Just received the ammo I had ordered. Nothing fancy just adding a little depth to the long term stores.
  11. devildog

    handgun questions

    I gotta put a plug in for considering a revolver...especially for new users who want to depend on it for defense. I too love the .45 ACP. Colt 1911 is what I teethed on. BUT for my wife and family who are brand new gun users, I went with S & W .357 for ease of learning, lack of misfire, and the fastest way to self confidence. Fire Self defense and backup...YES.
  12. Another great question, ZEN811. A good answer will take some time, as I have NOT given this any serious thought. I should have, by now, too.
  13. Oh yeah! And the main ingredient in beef jerky has got to be Jerks, right?
  14. I certainly wouldn't say loss of life in earthquakes or any other event is stupid. It' tragic. However I also can not fathom those that A: Understand the danger and B: have the resources and opportunity to move away, but C: rebuild time after time in the same danger zone. For us here in the upper midwest, its spring floods. They flood EVERY year, yet folks who have lost everything time and again build there again. I do not feel sorry for those that do this. I don't feel bad if they drown. (Other than for their kids who had no input or choice) I certainly will help with blankets and food and other immediate aid, but help rebuild? Uh-Uh. If Readytogo was serious about his percentage questions.....I don't think there is any data that would prove the answer. As far as personally "suffering a major event" I have, many times while in the Corps. By the grace of God, my family has not. Does that help answer your post?
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    The Three Sisters.

    A great post! I will try it out and see if it works this far north as well.
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    What Percentage will make it?

    Sorry if any of us gave you the idea that survival is guaranteed just because you prepared for it. Any or all of us may possibly may NOT survive! But if I do not- it won't be for lack of me trying my absolute best for me and mine! And if I do survive, it might just be that God isn't done with me yet. Just like the old saying: If you want to hear God laugh - tell him your plans!
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    It’s that time again. Another Knife Give Away!

    Thanks again, excoastie! I just wish I could learn what you do with these knives. As I have said in other posts, I am unable to get a good edge, somehow.
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    What Percentage will make it?

    Initially, I would estimate around 15% or less, say in the first 90 days.And that only due to the frail and elderly, who would run out of life maintenance medications such as insulin or heart meds. As the event drags on, if no extraordinary aid from overseas etc, the rate of demise would escalate as local sources of food and medicine, or any supplies really, decline below the threshold needed to support the masses. Transportation will be the key. If there is no widespread transportation, I expect there could be over 50% casualty rate in the first 12 months. Could be earlier depending on a severe winter for those in cold country. Each year, the reduction in survivors would slow, but not stop, until a stable population matches the available resources. Even among hard core survivalists and preppers, reality will take toll, as it gets harder and harder to make it. Surviving the possible anarchy becomes harder than surviving the causal event itself. Pockets of civilization will be at odds with looter gangs, which could reduce those who otherwise may have survived.
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    It’s that time again. Another Knife Give Away!

    IN! Thanks for the opportunity.
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    Ok that did it i am now ticked off....

    The cereal aisle always irritates me. Sometimes over 5$ for a box of cereal just isn't right. Also fish in the grocery store. Here in MN its almost 5$ per pound for bull heads! A lot of the time, some beef is cheaper than stinkin' bulheads!
  21. You know, I haven't done a thing for prepping this past week. Maybe I'm over it??
  22. devildog

    emergency welding

    I have done it. It is even possible to use a plain wire coat hanger for a welding rod. Now I said it works....I didn't say it works very well! One caution- You still need to protect your eyes- I had some medium bad retina burns when I was done- I thought I was careful, but it wasn't careful enough.
  23. devildog

    food saver vs. canning.

    Tinder- The canning process attempts to kill off as much bacteria as possible, to prevent spoilage. It depends on near sterile conditions to prevent decay for long periods of time with out refridgeration or freezing. The food saver is merely a vacuum in a bag, and has no provisions for sterility. It does help prevent freezer burn and extends your useful storage time for years, theoretically, IF you have freeze capability. In other words for long term, no electricity, canning is the clear winner, if only one choice is possible. My opinion.
  24. Got a FoodSaver vacuum storage machine. Just getting started on it, last week and came home to find it missing. My daughter had borrowed it already!