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    obligatory christmas thread

    Merry Christmas my friends. Be a blessing in someone's life as you enjoy God's blessing on yours!
  2. devildog

    Water storage

    Three gallons of water will weigh 25.00 pounds not including the container. Water is heavy!
  3. You are one very fortunate jarhead, Desert Marine. Did you retire as commandant or something?
  4. devildog

    Hello from Moreno Valley Ca

    Welcome W134! I used to live in Moreno Valley years ago, and I began my prepping there also. Glad to have you on the forum. Tell us a little about yourself?
  5. devildog

    Military Thread

    MARINES. Heliocapeetrs. Lot's of em. From "raggy" to maintenance officer, including crew chief and door gunner. CH53, UH1, CH46. Military Police for a little while. Active duty from the very tail end of Vietnam through the 1st gulf war. Reserves before and after. Hate boats. Except for those times when you really, REALLY, need fuel.
  6. devildog

    The One Gun

    The best answer to this question depends on your view as to what is the most important job of this fire arm. I would say for basic all around survival and food procurement that you want a .22 caliber rifle. However if home defense is your first concern, certainly a 12 gauge shotgun.
  7. Yep. Swamp Coolers is what we called them in the California high desert too. They could get the house so cool I would actually turn it down! I wish they would work here in Minnesota.... way, way cheaper than air conditioners!
  8. devildog

    new member

    Glad you are here, 7thgroupdoc. Welcome!
  9. And it works too! HOWEVER- It works well in dry arid climates. Not so much where you have muggy high humidity days for long periods.
  10. devildog

    Planning a Meet

    OOps! I forgot.... IN!
  11. devildog

    Planning a Meet

    This is just one heck of an excellent idea! How about in the middle? .....Mid...Midwest....Minnesota!
  12. devildog

    Best Places to Survive

    I am in the land of 10,000 lakes. That's a lot of water, although the closest one to me is only about a mile away, that's still a long ways to hump water. The winters are cold, the summers are hot and muggy. The wind blows a lot! But the land is very productive, and there are wells just about everywhere you look, due to the sheer numbers of farms. Small game is more than plentiful if you aren't picky, and there is generally fish in all those lakes, again if you aren't to picky. Plenty of deer for larger game, but that would go quickly when everyone is hunting them. There is a lot of hog production in this area, and should result in a large population of wild hogs foraging after shtf. Small towns abound around the area with no real large city to contend with. The largest population around is only about 100,000 and that is over 60 miles away. Undoubtedly there will be some migration through here, but certainly nothing like the big cities. The down side is trees are scarce here on the prairies, and fuel for heating is an issue. having a survivable shelter that needs little heat is paramount for winter. In short, there are some things to overcome, but I live in a naturally occurring B.O.L.
  13. Some of us were never cool. Not refering to me, of course, but some of us.
  14. devildog

    End of My Rope

    Glad to hear from you Snake! I never did figure out where / why you were gone, but regardless I hope you are planning on being here at least for a while again.
  15. devildog

    ok so im gonna ask anyways...........

    I have already voted. Correctly, for the right person. Didn't you?
  16. I voted. Correctly, I might add! Now for some prayer for the outcome, and lets all be thankful for the right and opportunity to screw up our own lives. For this imperfect, riddled with wrongs we need to right, is the only country in the world that guarantees I can try and improve it. May God bless it and us.
  17. devildog

    Wake up people!

    There was a news clip this morning on the news showing an older woman almost screaming at the camera! "We're going to starve! We're going to freeze to death." Another was a story of a particular village/town where they claim they are being shorted for aid and assistance and the other towns are getting more help than they are. After only a few days. As an aside, I note that the decision has been made to hold the New York City Marathon this week end anyway. I think that shows that not a lot of New York emphasis is on helping the recovery along in the short term. I expect that, but at the same time it makes me feel ashamed of our leaders. We will surely be on our own if SHTF.
  18. Snake left prior to these issues I believe...for his own reasons which I never did figure out. It is different without him, isn't it?
  19. All the aforementioned is true. And I agree. HOWEVER- I think the greater irritation is that we do not here anything from Survival Cache on the issue(s). I appreciate Capt Bart weighing in from time to time, but he is a moderator, and not controlling the site. This lack of communication is what creates the stress. ( in my opinion - which makes me "me" and does not necessarily make me "right"!) But leave because of it? NOPE!
  20. [ATTACH=CONFIG]1555[/ATTACH]OK- Just finished up sharpening some knives with my new LANSKY 5 stone set. Are you ready for a review? I am absolutely enthralled by the simplicity and speed in which this sharpener restored my blades. If there is a better system out there...I'll probably never know as I have no need to look further! I have always been challenged when it comes to sharpening anything. Truly, the more I tried to get an edge, the worse the blade got. I even tried some fairly expensive electric ones. So you will understand how great this thing is: I have had two knives that were so bad (seriously) the edge was "round". You could draw the knife across your hand with pressure, and not even begin to get a cut. One was a very thick paring knife I have had in the shop for probably 30 years. One was my regular issue USMC K-Bar that was last used to dig with in desert ops. I mean a lot of digging! Anyhow- I spent about 15 minutes on it one evening and had it not shaving sharp, but pretty good, although it still had some nicks left over from abuse. This evening I spent another ten minutes on it and all the nicks are gone, and both the main edge as well as the reverse curve edge are close to "outstanding". Still won't be a "razor blade" but I want an edge that lasts and not too thin. The little paring knife is a very sturdy model and almost as thick as my K-Bar. Because it has a mostly straight blade, it only took about three or four minutes to go from round edge to slicing tomatoes with ease. (My wife couldn't believe it till she tried slicing some.)
  21. Prep for the worst-Hope for the best! Good luck and my prayers to all of you exposed to this storm. Be sure and help each other if you can!
  22. Here in God's country (SW Minnesota) we have no need to go stand in line to vote. Even at the polls on election day, there is no line, at least at mine. Voting early would deprive us of the opportunity to have a conversation!
  23. Took out my new (to me) SKS for test firing, after having completely had it stripped down for cleaning and inspection. And what do you worked! Modified an M1/M16 look-alike sling to fit it, and another project almost completed. Still need to check it out on long range accuracy, though. Also cleaned and filled two barrels with water for storage in the "Prepper's Storeroom". Finally procured an actual bung wrench, instead of "making do". A GREAT addition to my preps!
  24. devildog

    Veterans Support

    I maybe have missed the point, but I served because I believe in the freedoms we (supposedly) enjoy. Those who did not serve, as well as those who did, have every right to their opinions and their way of life. I do not deserve nor do I expect special treatment because I served. I demand and expect only the treatment I have earned. This particular club mentioned by WV SCOUT may be deserving of scorn, or worse, not knowing the particulars, I can't say, but should there be such a division between veterans and everyone else?? I don't think so.
  25. devildog

    Boy I wish someone would...

    Me too!!! .