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  1. Remington SpeedMaster , uses all 22 ammo Short, Long and Long Rif. Remington 870 20 inch bar, and an 8 shot tube Remingtom M700 308 Hart re-barell #7 contour with Leupold Mark 4 3.5 x 10 Springfield M1a standard on a Sage Stock Colt Series 70 custom 1911 .45acp
  2. OLD HOG

    Registered Prepper

    Oops, looks like I goin to the cross-bar hotel, if they look in my storm shelter? Food, Ammo, and Toilet Paper.....Federal Offense!
  3. OLD HOG

    What's in your vehicle?

    Yep there on my list
  4. OLD HOG

    What's in your vehicle?

    Looks pretty good so far, here is my list, Due to the fact I commute 225 miles aday from West Texas to DFW, I carry a bit more on my truck 2 Liters of water 2 MRE's duct tape electrical tape jumper cables Road flares matches shovel Geber Saw/Knife Combo Bolt cutters......you never know?? gloves First Aid flashlight tow chain thermal blankets 12 x 12 tarp rain gear Vehicle specific tools 2 spare headlight bulbs 5 gal of fuel and 2 spare tires $200.00 in Five Dollar Bills and I always have my sidearm,and a long gun!
  5. OLD HOG

    Patriots, by Rawles

    Just finished this book, Good Read, It had some Informitive data as well as being able to keep my intrest.... started on "Survivors" During the Cowboy game, looks good so far!