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    Scavenger hunt/Survival

    A scavenger hunt is a game in which the organizers prepare a list defining specific items, using which the participants — individuals or teams — seek to gather all items on the list — usually without purchasing them — or perform tasks or take photographs of the items, as specified.[1] The goal is usually to be the first to complete the list, although in a variation on the game players can also be challenged to complete the tasks on the list in the most creative manner. I have always LOVED this game..Trying to find things and thinking "Where could you get it "if need be"??? I was at a summer camp when the bug bit me/quest was to get a moth/answer a car radiator..ok so we lifted 5 car hoods to get one... In a SHTF scenario you may be forced to do just this..Find the things you need... Because there are so many different scenarios we can Never prepare for them all..Thats just the Facts..and than you adjust to it.. I propose that you MAKE a LIST of what you need.. #1..water, and so on and than for a week look around and Photo or WRITE DOWN its location and what you would have to do to get it and transport it.. It Is the Basic Survival Training thats FREE and can be done/Must be done if you are ever caught with out what you need... So give it a try..i would like you to Post some Ideas and results..Its about Planing!! JMO..
  2. 101matt

    Missing Memebers

    Ok so lets address this ! little ''hitlers '' No one is stopping you from RANTING, and to be completely truthfull . YOU RANT more than a OLD WOMEN! What has it got you? May be you feel better? Ok I get it , but I and others are NOT married to you! Rant, go ahead , many things in this world are going sideways, BUT give a solution to IT. Now I am done with MY Rant, get over it and teach somebody how to prep for the coming B S ! Brother Matt Have a good Day!
  3. 101matt

    Christmas & New Year's greetings.

    Merry Christmas to all. Stay warm , be at peace with your neighbors.
  4. I saw were in your area they have limited food purchases! W T heck is going on? Watch the current metal markets, Gold and Silver is going DOWN! People are trading there "Paper" silver and gold stocks! NOT trading in the REAL stuff. Ok so the FED is cutting back from putting in 85 billion into the stock market? They will only put in 75 billion a month!!! That's a LOT of PROMICE' S with out any Backing! Yes purchase seeds! Yes put up more AMMO, Get some Lead wheel weights and learn to cast for reloading and consider getting a Black Powder pistol/Rifile while they are on SALE! A good lead mold for you caliber and a couple pounds of 3f powder and #10 caps for the pistol and #11 for a rifle. Just in case. If you did any Canning this year , check it! purchase some lids while no one else is! The coming weather STORMs will effect everyone. Be READY!
  5. Really? When did this start? D D , limiting sugar and flower around the holidays just is NOT right! But if this is a start than people need to know! JMHO
  6. P210sig thanks will try to find on U tube. How is everything in the Great North? Stay warm !
  7. just got back in myself, Glad to see others still here! Many things happening , stay safe Stay warm.! B Matt
  8. 101matt

    OK let me see I went off for a while and WTF !

    Well I have been gone almost a year , same old shit being said! Owners really care about selling more than supporting this site and getting people ready for TSHTF. take care.
  9. 101matt

    sks replacement stock??

    Ok so does it make sence to replase the stock just because I NEED the length,Im also looking to just add a Pad to it. Anyone do this yet?? Thanks.
  10. 101matt

    SPAMMERS, what should we do with them?

    Sorry I missed them .this week has been busey....
  11. 101matt

    The long awaited return

    With the current Feinstein bill and the,future ban,and regustration with Taxation(yes I said Taxation.they will tax you out of owning it ) If you dont own it NOW you SOL.... If you own it now expect to get it TAXed.... JMO
  12. 101matt

    Help me answer a friend, how much ammo is enough?

    Not A Problem..If he is teaching sombody in his group or family..they need to "Bring there Own" at this point and time..lol JMO...
  13. 101matt

    So I just bought a house...where to begin?

    Basement?.... Yes water first consern..Know your neighbors...who what were when...Be friendley and find out what is the current "Outlook"and who will be a friend and who wont! Enough ground to stat a small garden?...You dont need much..Please look up the video on "Back To Eaden"on u tube..it wil help you greatley the first year! JMO...have fun!
  14. 101matt

    Help me answer a friend, how much ammo is enough?

    Good luck with that!"I would say a bare minimum of 4,000 rounds''....REALY That much of everything?? I hope your friend has put up 3 years of food and water first!! bought enough land to plant and feed his family the rest of his life also..Have all the toilet paper he may need for 5 years.. Spent enough time in leaning skills to start Rebuilding after TSHTF.. But what the heck if he can afford it.....JMO...
  15. bob leeper.. Look in your pm..be warned..
  16. 101matt

    the 80 lb crossbow pistol

    realy a 6inch piece of oak? watch this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&v=g1Slq70qxtk&NR=1 PLEASE GET US A PHOTO .
  17. 101matt

    Anarchy in the USA

    Its about Control and FEAR... Once you control by fear..you control completely! Thats why they "FEAR" the common person who does NOT fear them ..There will be no control.. As it is we subject ourselfs to the LAW because we know the difference between Right and Wrong and hope that your fellow neighbors follow the same "Law".. We are a nation of "Laws" and have GOD GIVEN RIGHTS that can not be taken away by "Laws" made by men who are only twisting common sence to gain more POWER and Control.. That is todays problem....another generation that does not understand Freedom ...and the cost already paid.. JMHO
  18. 101matt

    get you new police approved targets here.

    Checked out the Company SITE.. They said SORRY>>and removed the TARGETS>>> But....all in all they dont care!!!!!Its about money andthey like many dont CARE WHO THEY OFFEND!
  19. Ok so Im into building,and have my own plan on paper..It fits my area and life style. Anyone that has built a Bug out place please share with us the problems and what you did.. Thanks 101Matt
  20. 101matt

    Anarchy in the USA

    But thats the point..They dont care about the MONEY..REALY look at the spending NOW.DO they care about what they SPEND? It's VERY easy to say it will cost too much..REALY 17 Trillion in DEBT is a real number and its now 400,000 per each person in the United States. So THEY WILL COME ENMASS...10 to 15 at a time per home..Yes there willl be News coverage to show how easy it is to have your stuff taken!They will give Examples of ALL THE GOOD People who surender the stuff...and get Gift cards!!!!!! They will also show how useless it is when the Military Backs them up...A 50 cal. mounted to A Humvee pulls up your street loaded with Troops(5)and 4 police cars(16) a News Team recording the Event!! First A LADY comes to the door with Paper(they have already surounded your home...308 looking at you)She is smilling and says you need to give up your STUFF>> NO,WELL?THESE GUYS will take it if need be and than the others still living will go to jail with ALL THE OTHERS...... Its all captured on film to be played on National NEWS....Spewing the Lie that "We are only protecting the Children"..Give up because you cant take on the "Powers to Be".. This will be replayed 150 times an Hour...Just like somebody Taking a drink from a WATER BOTTLE...... NUF SAID.
  21. Just got a call from a friend at wally world.. Ammo in ....sometimes you need to work your "Net working abilitys"and have a sourse! bought 9mm.10.37 .45=15.57 7.62x39=5.19 3 box limit...Get what you can when you can...and yes they were tulammo..I dont mind cleaning..I do mind being out!
  22. 101matt


    K B ..thats your choise.. Go for it..
  23. bob leeper... I realy have a problem with "____________________________"..Are you realy saying YOU WANT TO REGULATE BY @$$@$!&@*!&)??? IF SO YOU NEED TO ADJUST YOUR THINKING..or even leave the site... MURDER IS NOT the way to govern anything.... Talk about ABOLISH INGORANCE>>>>PLEASE LOOK NO FURTHER THAN YOUR MIRROR>>>>>
  24. 101matt


    Diferent strokesfor different Folks.. I would rather EAT/be able to get food,than have all the "GEAR" in the world.. we have posted before "Gear" does not take the place of SKILLS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> and your area of Va..will be swamped with people running from Norfolk...let alone the PUSH comming from Richmon...best look at your Maps closley. JMO
  25. 101matt


    Depends on "WHAT" your doing.. If you are Totaly Bugging out...food..and gear to replace the food after you run out.(Large BOB)..60 to 80lbs If its 3 days and getting to a BOL..than 3 or 4 days food and GEAR..(medium BOB)...30 to 40 lbs If its a get home bag...and your 1 day away...3 to 4 days food..and gear(small/shoulder BOB)...4 to 10 lbs Pluss the weapons and ammo you need to carry..add to the above.. So get in shape...JMO