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    Almost finished HERE!!!!

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    Another Knife Giveaway!

    Congrats to vb, and kudos to EC for being so cool.
  3. crAz314

    Another Knife Giveaway!

    Im in, for the sake of appreciating what looks to be a very nice knife.
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    So...hows things?

    Well, hi again to the old, and hi to the 'new' that joined since I decided to disappear into the mist. Reader's digest version; Life life gets. I stopped checking forum, and now I'm back(casually due to attention issues haha). Though most probably didn't notice the disappearance much.
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    So...hows things?

    True enough, I suppose disappearing is part of being gray after all haha.
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    Silverado or Blazer?

    Ok I have a 2003 2WD Silverado ext. cab, hunter(dark) green, and a 2004 4x4 4door Blazer white. I'm having trouble choosing what to use as a BOV if I actually get the chance to drive out(unlikely where I live). Any thoughts?
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    Home invasion/ car jacking at gunpoint

    Ah, f*ckin st.louis...
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    A crazy idea that might work

    I had pretty much the exact same reaction...
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    Sooooo, three more attacks...
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    Zippo or no Zippo?

    I carry and empty zippo in my EDC pack, and I have one of these; I heard that about BIC as well but I always had them because I used to smoke. If you get this you won't have to give them your money on a regular basis, just a one time pain haha.
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    Have a good one

    Be safe brother.
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    Ya I think boost runs on Nextel towers too. I also heard they were run by some government agency when I was younger, but that might have just been hood legend haha. and Navy, my only problem with Verizon is their cost.
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    Yeah, I will most likely be trying pay as you go, once verizon gives me my kidney back at contract end.
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    Honestly man, the biggest problem that this world has is that 'prepping' or 'survival' has become a separate entity from, well our f*&^%$@ daily life. Since like 60years ago tops(a guess due to my age) you were looked at like a crazy person if you DIDNT have preparations for crazy stuff happening. The fact that we even have to have a site like this(not that I dont love this site) is probably a good example of that failure of our little human brains. The same brain that tricks us into thinking we NEED a smartphone, or whatever the hell, instead of just wanting it...
  15. Picked up a new, huge knife, and a lansky dual grit puck sharpener.
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    Being gray and situational awareness

    Well, the gray thing is basically just skating through society unnoticed. Drawing attention to yourself can bring 'harm' in a lot of different ways, especially an urban environment. It is 'achieved' generally through common sense and not being flashy, like buying a digital camo backpack to carry when you are downtown. Cops stare, people assume military, and if something happens you're first one with his ass beat and backpack stolen because the sheep knew you were prepared. Situational awareness ( is sort of a requirement for the whole gray thing. Or knowing when to remain gray at least. Also begin with common sense, then with being observant of everything going of around you, and a lot of people watching.
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    Oh great

    We're all f**ked is probably the only suitable one, to be honest.
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    Yeah I suppose theres an endless array of crazy out there now...
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    Nah, those would be the roaming hordes/gangs...the zombies are the people who suddenly can't get their mass dose of meds anymore. and snake, I think you're right, not enough ammo around. Not that it would matter early on, try explaining to the cops you killed someone for being a zombie...ya know, before they are zombies too.
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    Bet it's under disney world... but seriously, weird article...
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    Days like this make me wish I was stupid and oblivious to the coming shit storm... what the f*ck, is the only response you can have to that.... but zombies(Read; People who no longer have their mass amount of meds) can't happen right?
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    Game on!

    Just 'accidentally' let her see your gun collection next time shes over bothering you?
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