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    often forgotten

    Good call on the eye glasses, I've been waiting for someone to post it, even if you have to buy a couple pair of the cheap throw away ones, I know if I didn't have my glasses I would be limited, and my ability to survive would become much more difficult.
  2. Old man Tucker

    What Self Defense Loads Do You Use? (Rifle and Pistol)

    I like hornady,but i use 45cal 230 tap+p i'm also coming out of a 17.5" barrel. 20 ga.mossy pump,a 22 semi,an ak NHM-91 20" barrel 7.62 x39. thats it and i'll have to get by with what i have. I do have major parts for every gun listed.Oh the 45 is an inexpensive high point, but works well for me.
  3. Old man Tucker

    often forgotten

    I have a bag of cotton balls, roll in vasoline makes great tinder,duct tape. i have quick clot, a kit to stitch someone, some antibiotics, plenty of salt, collidal silver, and a small copy of the BIBLE,and many items mentioned in previous posts.
  4. Old man Tucker

    Questions, answers, and other things

    This is a big concern of mine,being able to communicate. Do you think you would be able to use phone lines with older type rotory phones? Without communication it's hard to organize. I'm talking in the mts. maybe a 30 mile radius small towns, but we need to keep in touch with each other. Any suggestions much appreciated.Capt. Bart you can email me @ tommynette@yahoo.com Again any suggestions would be appreciated
  5. Old man Tucker

    Camoflage and Concealment (part 1)

    I like your idea of mylar or survival blankets. Sounds logical, i'll have to look into it. Thanks for info...
  6. Old man Tucker

    If SHTF

    My feelings exactly!!!
  7. Old man Tucker

    If SHTF

    I couldn't agree more with you capt Bart, if i couldn't care for him i would put him down. It would break my heart, but it's the most humane way to go. He's an old timer and without my help wouldn't make it. Lets hope it never comes to that...
  8. Old man Tucker

    What got you into survival/prepping?

    I moved from the city to the mts. in 1975. i built a small house,dug footings and mixed concrete by hand. Carried all material 250' up mt. to site, cut all my wood with a $3.98 hand saw. No electric first winter. Found a spring that either went dry or froze in winter.Only heat was a wood fire stove. For 10yrs i raised 2 children,no bathroom and sometimes running water. Heated water on stove had a big plastic tub,and that was our bathtub, Anyhow i learned from the old farmers and locals, and became quite good at surviving. now why have i become a prepper, well i was born in the 40's,and seen alot, but what i'm seeing now, and i mean whats going on with our country has gotten my attention, and i will be going back to the mts and use all my skills to survive. I will do whatever it takes to keep myself and family safe. I suggest everyone have some kind of survival plan...
  9. Old man Tucker

    Shipping Containers

    Was thinking on doing the same thing, but i'm going to bury mine not as much rock as you have. I'm also looking into a tractor trailer or a refrigerated box, already insulated. I've been told shipping containers are harded to find and more $$$. I think you would be fine with a 30' refrigerated box and bury supplies in random places I plan to run water from stream uphill bury the line and have bath rm. facility. Also been working on small gen. system water powered. If your as remote as you say all you need is some camo netting and bury supplies. good luck to you...