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    What's in Your Pockets?

    Since I'm retired to my retreat, I don't load up my pockets much anymore. I always have a knife, a lighter and cordage on me. My current favorite usually carry knife is a ToolLogic folder, with a ferro rod and flashlight. I have a paracord lanyard on it, and it has a tiny whistle built in to the end. The lighter is a Bic-type, except it's refillable, and has a small led light in the butt end. When I go out, I usually, in addition to the above, have: - a Gerber multitool in a sheath; - handkechief; - bandana; - paracord bracelet; - wallet and badge holder; - 5 dollar coins; - 1911 OM, with 1-2 extra mags. The wallet has a fresnel lens in a credit card slot. Both the wallet and badge holder have hideout cash. Like the Cap'n says, it's not paranoia if they are after you.
  2. bedingfield

    Favorite piece of kit, and why.

    My experience with the CRKT M16-EDC hasn't been good. Lost the clip and all the screws on the clip when they decided to go walkabout. Luckily, the knife was in my pocket (learned that lesson: Locktite all screws). Biggest problem was the Auto-Lawks system. Mine reversed itself and had to be depressed to open the knife. I will give them this: once I sent it to them, they returned it fixed and with a new clip. Haven't used it much since, however.