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  1. I know this is more of a US centric forum, but thought you might like to know how things are developing over the pond. http://www.stratfor.com/weekly/terroris ... z3Bhu0V7mT A sobering read, and one that doesnt surprise me in the slightest. . If, as the Telegraph alleges, 28% of the UK population think we would be better off with fewer Muslims in the UK. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/ ... t-now.html Coupled with these kinds of violent/intimidating protests in our countries capitol: http://blogs.spectator.co.uk/coffeehous ... in-london/ Then I think that this is a not so slow burn to something terrible in the near future
  2. Did you hear about the dyslexic, agnostic, insomniac? He sat up all night wondering if there was a dog!
  3. Last Light by Alex Scarrow. Set in the UK so pretty relevant for me.
  4. Woman goes into a green grocer and asks if they have any cucumbers. The shop assistant asks if she wants it whole or sliced? She replies, Ive got a vagina not a slot machine!!
  5. They won in the end. The first performance was the best, the rest sucked. And the last one was a blatent suck up the us Brits. Worked though.
  6. spindrift

    Ready for what event?

    Well that made me sit up and take notice! I live in Northern England and to be honest I hadnt considered this possibility at all. We are pretty lucky where I am, we had heavy rain recently and although there was widespread flooding, we are right at the top of the catchment area so it wasnt sustained. Just flash floods which caught some unawares. We have no real extremes of anything up here, so my preps were very much just a general stockpiling of food and water. But reading about the volcanos really has put the wind up me Thanks for the heads up!
  7. spindrift

    Happy 4`th Everybody

    You still owe us some tea!!
  8. spindrift

    What's on your key chain?

    Well i got my house keys, car keys spartan swiss army knife and the AAA mini maglight. Keep thinking about adding a whistle and small para cord lanyard. But I think that would make the whole thing too unweildy. The knife and maglight are on seperate rings to the keys, just in case I need to seperate them.
  9. spindrift

    Surviving the Commute

    All good stuff. I work in mental health out in the community so have to go into some pretty undesirable areas. A few additional things to remember are to vary your route if you can. And when you park up, do so under or very near street lighting and park with your nose out so you can get away faster. Good point about locking the doors before you get in, but also remember to remotely unlock them as you approach. Minimise the amount of time your stood outside your car, and it makes sure your keys are to hand straight away.
  10. spindrift

    Panic buying in the UK

    Well thought id add a bit of an update to my topic. Not quite panic buying, but it happened this weekend in the UK. Heavy rain in the north of England led to flash floods in many areas cutting them off. Over the same weekend RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) NATWEST (national westminster bank) two of the biggest players in the country. Had a computer problem which prevented people withdrawing cash. Something of a perfect (if very small) storm from a prepping point of view over here. This small and short lived emergency illustrated perfectly to my family why I keep going on about having plenty of supplies stocked up "just in case" Im new to prepping but even my meagre supplies came in handy. Now my other half and many members of my family understand why I talk about "just in case" all the time and that it isnt about TEOTWAWKI The missus went shopping today and asked what other supplies we might need "just in case" made me all warm and fuzzy inside
  11. spindrift

    Dommsday Weather,is this for real

    wow thats really rough! Just got to hope that it doesnt then start to drift over the surrounding country side.
  12. You certainly might do, depends on the site though
  13. spindrift

    Vacation Prep

    This is something ive been thinking about recently. But for me its quite a bit more complicated. Its ok if your taking a holiday (vacation for most of you over the pond) within your own borders. But what about if your travelling over seas? How do you prepare for that? Case in point would be the british tourists who got caught up in the whole Katrina thing in new orleans.
  14. Freaking hated those things! Holcombe Moore on salisbury plain! Freezing in winter, insect ridden in summer.
  15. Liberated a spork and some fresh wipes from KFC at lunch time