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    I really got into prepping when I was 12 years old. I joined the Civil Air Patrol and became obsessed with survival and Search and Rescue. After I was medically disqualified from the DOD I went to EMT school and later became a Paramedic. I deployed to Mississippi immediatley following Hurricane Katrina in 2005. During that experience I can credit my mind set as a survivalist and my training from Civil Air Patrol as helping me endure the 17 days I spent there. Katrina really drove home the need for me to prep more, and to never rely on any one or any agency.
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    North Central CT
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    Fishing, Hunting, Camping, Shooting, Boating, Scuba Diving, Prepping, Restoring antique tractors
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  1. ready13

    shotgun loads for coyote

    drop, look into a company called pattern master, they make a choke specifically for coyote hunting with a shotgun. I dont rememeber the model or name specifically but it's on their website.
  2. ready13

    NRA News

    I firmly believe that if he is re elected our economy will fail completely. I recently fininshed reading JWR's Patriots, I liked the book, but the more I sit and think about it the more I am concerned that such a socioeconomic colapse will happen if subjected to 4 more years.
  3. ready13

    using magnesium fire starter

    Like meddle2243 said use dryer lint. I save it in old Rx bottles, you can stuff a lot of it into one. I keep one in my truck, in my BOB, in my hunting gear. I think where a lot of people go wrong is underestimating the amount of tinder/kindling theyl need. Get as much as you think youll need, then double it. It sucks when you get a decent fire started and then have it fizzle out because you didnt have enough tinder readily available. Just my .02.
  4. ready13

    Hello from Northern CT

    Finnaly! Im glad you made it on here, how was your trip? See ya at the office!
  5. ready13

    Canada & China

    Amen Rayz, I pray to God we dont get stuck with another 4 years...
  6. ready13

    Scope for Ruger 10-22

    I recently purchased a Cabelas CS (calibre specific) .22LR 3-9X4, excellent optics and only $100, very happy with it.
  7. ready13


    I would really like to buy a Luminox watch someday when I can afford it
  8. ready13

    So what would you do?????

    1-Borders closed immediatley with assistance from the DOD. 2-Build up a stronger homeland defense, missle shield, bigger army 3-Require a 2 year period of civil service for all citizens (either military, police/fire/EMS, healthcare, I think if people understood the value and importance of civil service a lot of problems would be non existent). 4-Require every able bodied household in the U.S to own and be proficient with a 5.56mm firearm (see #2) as its the standard issue NATO round, in the event of an invasion or total war between U.S and a major power, NATO ammo would be the most widely available and standardization is important IMO. 5-Require every household to have at least 1 month of food/water/medicine and either a safe room or a bunker. 6-STOP GIVING AWAY ALL OF OUR MONEY TO FOREIGN COUNTRIES WHEN WE ARE IN DEBT TO OUR EARS< LETS TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN PEOPLE FIRST! These are just my opinions.
  9. ready13

    Long Range on a Budget

    Im a huge Mossberg fan, look at the Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle, I think theyre comparible in price to the Mossberg.
  10. ready13


    Patriotism Honor Integrity Christian values Good work ethic Survival skills Respect
  11. If your shotgun has a rifled barrel, try the Hornady SST slugs. They are for RIFLED BARRELS ONLY. They are 300gr 3 inch slugs and pack quite an impressive punch. For home defense I'd go with eithe 00 or 000 buck. Honestly IMO a heavier bird shot will certainly make any home invader re consider his intentions too.
  12. ready13

    what do you think seriously?

    I believe its a selection. If your not familiar with the New World Order conspiracy theory check it out...
  13. ready13


    I have a Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380. There were a lot of issues in the early days of production but they seem to be ironed out now. I have over 400 rounds through it and the only issue I have had is the retention screw for the laser backed out from the recoil after about 200 rounds. There are videos on youtube regarding the same. Its very concealable, easy to shoot IMO, and comfortable to carry. I would say if possible try as many weapons as you can before you purchase. When I started my test drives for a CCW I went into it not wanting the Bodyguard but tried it anyways and ended up loving it. My serial number starts with EAY and from what I have heard on various fourums anything beyond the EAK run should be glitch free, but I'm not positive of that. Good luck.
  14. Thank you Delta7 and stay safe
  15. ready13

    Civil Air Patrol

    Hey snake sorry I struck a nerve I was just wondering for the sake of wondering, I do agree with most of your comments though.