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    Have Brand New Watches to Trade/Sell

    Hello people. Name is Dru and new to the forums. Ive frequented the site for a while now though. Anyway, I have some watches Id be willing to trade for misc gear of equal value. All are brand new and most with tags and boxes. Some of the watches include: G-Shock GW6900B-1(Solar Powered)…..GW6900B-1/ G-Shock G6900CC-1…..G6900CC-1/ G-Shock G7900-1…..k/G7900-1/ Luminox Sentry (Blackout Series) Casio Edifice EFA132BK-1AV…..132BK-1AV/ Casio Edifice EFX530P-1AV…..X530P-1AV/ Some of the items I'd be willing to trade for are: Rucks/Packs Knives-KaBar, Gerber, Spyderco, Benchmade, Cold Steel Tents Flashlights and much more. Please, offers arent limited to specifics save for equal trading value. My watches offered here are all Brand New, most have boxes and all have tags. They will be going up on ebay during Xmas time, but if I can acquire some of the items I'll ultimately be purchasing anyway then all the merrier.