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    Being weak is unacceptable...

    I started hiking the Appalachian Trail three years ago. I have carried 35 to 40 lbs in my pack for 30 to 35 miles per weekend. I try to get up to the trail every 2 to 3 months. It keeps me in good "hiking shape". I am 59 and can hike with most younger guys all day. It also gives me a chance to use all my camping gear in extreme conditions. This is not a walk in the park. It's up and down mountains all day long. The AT is a very rough trail. Rocks,roots any thing you can imagine.
  2. subguy1

    What's in your vehicle?

    I travel the southeast for my work. I may be 300 to 400 miles from home at any given time. I also hike the Appalachian trail quite often. This gives me a pretty good ides what it takes to survive for a few days or even a couple of weeks. What I always carry in my vehicle. A very good back pack (no cheap piece of crap) Water purifier ( mine is a pump type ) Alcohol Stove ( mine is made out of a aluminum can) Denatured alcohol (for stove fuel) four flash lights ( 2 head lamps and two hand held ) lighters,matches and fire starter. ( I use Vaseline soaked cotton balls) 4 days of freeze dried food,snack bars ( I could stretch this out for 8 days if I had to ) Compass,maps Firearm/ extra ammo 3 knives Titanium cook pot (weighs 3oz) cord/nylon string duct tape rain gear (poncho) Extra warm clothes in the winter gloves scull caps/hat sun screen,bug spray first aid kit, hiking boots and socks I always have a case of water in my vehicle. I'm sure there are of few other things thrown in there, Can't remember it all. My pack weighs around 30 lbs without water. I figure this will get me close to home are at least to some one I knows house.
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    new here

    Looking forward to learning more about what I need to know.