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  1. Ok, so here it is. I am currently looking for people who are serious about training for a REAL LIFE SHTF/EOTWAWKI type situation. I have a close buddy who is part of my survival party. The two of us use "Airsoft" as a means of training. We train out of Chicago and New Lenox and other places around the area. We are very serious about our training as well as our preparations. If you are commited to learning from military personnel OR you ARE a military person who is willing to help train, please contact me asap.
  2. Ok, so my question is this.... With the very real threat of an EMP, we all know that it will knck out electronics, but my question is what if you had a couple of personal radios such as Motorola talk-a-bouts that were stored in your basement or shelter and turned off of had no batteries in them at the time. Would the radios work after the EMP was set off. **Scenario** An EMP goes off and the grid goes down, My survival party finally gets to our Bug In location, but after a few days needs to venture out for other supplies. I would like to leave one radio with the base camp while the other goes with the search party. Would we still be able to stay in contact?
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    Pick a job, any job...

    Hey Man, I understand that you are in a difficult situation, especially not being able to join the Military. I feel you all too much on this, I know you are talking about and hearing about "Big Ticket" jobs such as Lawer or Game Warden, but if you truely want a job that will help you in a SHTF scenario or better yet AFTER a SHTF scenario, Look into Construction such as Carpentry. You can get into a good job if and when you can find one NOW, but the benefits of knowing how to construct things such as shelters will be huge.