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  1. biblenguns

    I hope you're on my side of the weapons ban.

    New york wants to be the first state to pass the newest and strickest gun laws in the country. I have read bill 1422 and it is an evil asault on our rights, they are out right banning anything and everything, even shotgun vented handguards and vertical grips. They are also talking confiscation. These left wing nuts are taking a play out of obamas playbook, never let a good crisis go to waste. These are evil and foul constitution haters and I believe they are the forrunners of things to come in this country.
  2. biblenguns

    What have you done today to better your Prep? II

    Got a nice Kershaw knife, bought a 12 volt water pump and a portable car booster to run the pump.I am going to use it to replace the water in my 55 gallon drums,hand pumping is no fun. I also got a water filter straw good for up to a 1000liters of water. Got the booster and straw from Amazon and the water pump from Harbor Freight. Also changed the batteries in several lanterns and flashlights.
  3. biblenguns

    Mosin Nagant Madness

    Simple Green worked for me.
  4. biblenguns

    Denver Shooting

    Couldn't agree more, the anti gun people will ride this for all its worth. Just last week we had an armed citizen foil a robbery by useing his handgun and dropping two robbers, now almost on que we have this happen,this is too weird.
  5. That was one of my favorite songs years ago,the comm. was pretty cool too.
  6. its hard to argue with commom sense...
  7. I believe there is a friggin parrot in the white house.......
  8. We were doing pretty good until this one........
  9. I can see this is going to be a real test for other cities and towns considering going bankrupt. From what I understand when a municipality does this all the deals with the unions go out the window. This would open up a chance to get things under control ,wouldn't it?
  10. biblenguns

    Obama Care

    That is the bad thing about courts, they can decide if something is constitional or legal, but they can't decide if it is good or not. This almost makes me think that obama's veiled threats scared some of these judges or if the socialist agenda in this country even extends to the supreme court.
  11. biblenguns

    City Violence/Crime Prevention

    I live in a fairly small town, around 13,000 people. As of right now we have a high crime rate and armed robbery and home invasions are happening more often. People come here for one main reason, we are known as a welfare town. There are a lot of people hanging around with nothing to do. This town and area is a left leaning liberal type. My wife and I walk a few miles everyday and I always carry now, but in this state and area I would almost be afraid to use it if I had too. For those of you living in free states count your blessings!
  12. biblenguns

    Gun Control Will Never Work

    This topic always makes my blood boil,the left in this country won't be happy until only they are armed and the rest of us are victims.
  13. biblenguns

    What have you done today to better your Prep? II

    Bought 4 emergency tents,2 sleeping bags and 2 - 6 packs of portable hydration filters
  14. biblenguns

    Aimpoint I purchased - Any thoughts

    I have that very Aimpoint on my m-4. It is a top of the line red dot, you won't be sorry. I also had a couple of eotechs they are top of the line also. The eotechs can use standard batteries while the battery in my aimpoint is good for thousands of hours.
  15. Thanks, snorted tea all over myself!