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    Hi, Snake. Good to hear from you, my friend. Check your IM>
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    Hi, guys. Still here (occasionally). Been fortunate to find a local group to work with. Been training like crazy! Preps in good shape. My personal location sucks, but have plans A,B and C in place. Stay safe.
  3. Snake: Wally -= Walmart.
  4. Went to a local gun show, ran into an acquaintance who introduced me. People are prepping all over the place!!
  5. Hi, everybody. I haven't had a chance to check in lately, so here's an update. Three months ago I connected with a fairly large local group and have been busy training and gaining or updating skills. Right now we're busy prepping our GOOD site (360 acres, 2 different clean water sources, fruit-trees, lots of game and some cattle). Trying to raise the funds to pay for a military field kitchen ( ca. 3K ). We're almost a 100 total, some flakes, some will not show, but a lot of vets. About a month ago a MD joined our group; we also have a couple of combat medics, 2 nurses and a bunch of First aid qualified. My age is definitely showing, the knees are shot, recently had a bad fall, broke 2 ribs and screwed up my right wrist. Oh, well. So today a few went out into the boonies and made a lot of noise. Boom! Besides that, I made a contact with a local Walmart for their returns. Every week they just give us about 4-5 carts full of stuff. One week I got a tent for 8 with just a few pegs missing. Any number of camping lights and more clothes than I can possibly donate. A lot of it is going to local veterans and other non-profit organizations. A good deal all around. Recently got a Ham radio, we're setting up a repeater network. Next week-end is water survival skills. My preps are in good shape overall, now into rotation. It's almost a strange feeling, going into wallyworld and coming out with just some fresh fruit.
  6. Got boots that fit and don't hurt my feet. Going to another FTX this weekend for night nav. Also, thru this group I "think" (hope) that I've finally found a bug-out location. 500 acres, lots of water, with a fully equipped kitchen and 6 steel containers being delivered this June.
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    BOB Trial

    Ladywolf, just wanted to add to the CPT's advise. Recently I went on a FTX (field Training Exercise), we went out on a night navigation course and it didn't take too long before I turned my ankle, went down hard and banged up my knee to boot. We were less than 1/2 mile away from camp, but I would have had to crawl thru an area full of rattlesnakes. Thank God I was not alone! Have fun, be safe!
  8. I am asking everybody to go to the british site (NewsNow) and search for all the articles for Bird Flu. This bug is apparently at least becoming transmissible between humans while it is NOT making birds sick, so it makes it much harder to track. There are a number of artciles written by virologists who are investigating this thing. Interesting that we hear virtually nothing about it here. What kind of shape is your medical gear in?? do you have sufficient gloves, masks, disinfectant etc????
  9. First reported case in Taiwan. The WHO is now saying that this is the most dangerous virus they have come across. Keep an eye on it.
  10. By now it's AQ fighting Assad. We should send our troops. weapons and money to help them???? don't think so!!!!
  11. Well, I learned that this compass is a piece of doodoo and that I've forgotten a whole lot!! So, I've ordered a good compass and am taking more lessons. Luckily, have a great instructor. former USMC, "no excuse" kind of guy. I'm loving it! Also, just completed my First Aid/CPR and am now getting into commo.
  12. Devildog is correct, most of us here learned the hard way to pay attention. Lots of fortunate (for now!) people, who never had seriously bad experiences. It' so outside their range of knowledge, that they can't imagine it.
  13. Picked up a military compass today and takin' a map course this weekend.
  14. Snake, latest article says aboyt 40% had no direct contact. However, in all fairness, people don't always remember or stepped into fecal matter. What is more concerning to me: all the reported cases became extremely ill with about a 20% mortality rate. Just something to keep an eye on.
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    Aquaponic gardening or Traditional gardening

    I was reading the Survival Mom and saw this article about a company called the Endless Food supply. They apparently have complete aquaphonic kits or instructions for the DIY in different sizes. It's something I'm considering. Would appreciate input.
  16. Snake, couldn't agree with you more!! I believe we should put all non-violent offenders into a boot-camp training program with sufficient educational resources to give them the skills and training to become useful citizens. The son of a friend of mine is a habital drug user, has been in jail more times than I can shake a stick at (always around 30 days or less), is non-violent, but loves to run his mouth. A couple of years under an experienced DI would do him and others like him the world of good. Strict discipline, a good kick in the a... as needed and suficient time away from the drugs to get it really out of his system is needed. The hardcore, violent gang-bangers, rapists, murderers etc., hell, perimeter around and let them kill each other!! I worked in a Level IV institution and the CO's are the ones on the defense. To hell with that!
  17. Dr. Osterhaus is a leading virologist in the Netherlands and was part of the team which created the mutations neccessary in H5N1 to become airborne. He is currently in China investigating the new strain. He was found "worrisome" similarities in mutation. We need to keep an eye on this one!
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    Aquaponic gardening or Traditional gardening

    It's something I'm also looking into. You have to ask yourself: will this be your primary food source or an add-on? Just read on a site today that a lot of these sites over-promise the amount of food you can actually produce. Also, there is a pretty steep learning curve and the initial expense. But, you can produce food in a lot smaller space (even on a patio!!!), with less energy and water usage. Smaller systems can even be powered with solar panels. Since I don't have a green thumb, I'm interested in this. Besides, you would add a much needed source of protein.
  19. Got a brand-new KA-Bar at wholesale and went to the range for some more practice. Can now consistently put it where I want it to go.
  20. Got my CCW!!!!!! Signed up for CPR/First Aid course on 4/25 and joined the No.CA-m - i- l-i-t-i-a (got it?). First meet tomorrow night. Recently completed a re-organization & inventory of all my preps. Some more holes to plug, but overall not bad.
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    N. Korea, Anyone?

    Our new SecDef Hagel gave a speech today where he made it clear that he considers Korea a danger. We're also deploying a missile defense system to Guam. Interesting how a former enlisted man treats this than all the civillians that are in charge.
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    Before you grab your

    Snake, nice re-cap of actual history! Most of the palestinians actually live in Jordan, where they are NOT accepted, have no right to citizenship etc.
  23. Two sons of one of the men also died of "pneumonia". Remember the 16000 pigs who were thrown into the river?? Pigs make an ideal pitry dish for viruses! After the pigs there were several thousand ducks dead. Definitely something to keep an eye on, especially since the chinese govt. tends to be so secretive.
  24. So the cops manage to "talk" their way in. Since when does that give them the right to commence to search?? If they can't get a search warrant, isn't that a violation of the 4th Amendment and clearly against the "plain view" doctrine??/