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    Military Thread

    USAF Security Police, 1974-86, SAC Nuke-Puke, MAC, NKP-Thailand, too many TDYs to Thule, Lakenheath, Ramstein and Embassy flights. Good times except for the several "congressional junkets" with the "elite", sometimes throwing someone out over a large body of water is entirely justified. (rhetorically speaking of course)
  2. Malcolm

    Hey CapnBart!

    Do what needs to be done, I am good to go.
  3. Malcolm

    It certainly didn't take her long

    Senator Feinstein has LONG held a coveted California concealed weapons permit, that she got from her San Francisco Police Chief, whom she first hired when she was then Mayor of SF. Unfortunately, she doesn't "think" normal people in her city or state deserve the same rights she demands for herself. As a US Senator and as Mayor, she had full time law enforcement protective details' the average citizen cannot have. how, she and her extremely wealthy husband live full time in Napa County, while "maintaining" a "residence" in San Francisco. Feinstein, is and always has been one of the privileged elites that so many of her supporters rail against. She is just another Washington phony.
  4. There are NO coincidences, therefore, no need to draw our own conclusions. It's about damn time!
  5. While not trying to steer the intent away from the warning, I do wonder, if this "war game" has anything to do with the anarchists' actions in Portland and Seattle metro areas of late? Seems that if those raggies were to start up again, regional chaos could in sue, if, the ports and transportation hubs were blockaded by these lice.
  6. I have a "natural" yarmulke, that seems to be getting concentrically larger each year. When it finally takes over, I shall sport a brass ear ring, and go Mr. Clean, and perhaps grow my beard back.(well trimmed of course) At least my face shall be warm in the winter and protected from aging sun in the summer.
  7. Malcolm

    Camping in Oct

    My son and I have been taking the grandsons out camping.As a boy, our son HATED camping, now he likes it-he does insist that HIS sons learn to start fires without matches, using homemade fire starters, and other tinder we've put in the waterproof "tinder box". The four year old likes to try, so fa he has managed to get some good sparks, the 10, 8 and 6 year old have done flint and steel as well as magnesium shavings with flint and steel. Little pyros like to "practice" in their back yard as well. They "think" it's fun, I call it lifesaving.
  8. Malcolm

    Review..Rock Island .45 acp..

    Thanks, Matt! I will have to "investigate" the RIAs, myself now-
  9. Malcolm

    Looking to Pick up a .308

    I have fired the Vepr pictured ( a friend has one) and I liked it a LOT. Extra mags seem to be a bit dodgy on price variances and availability. Also have fire an AR-10, liked that one a lot as well. Sorry, I am no help! I do like the vepr price point though, can buy a lot of extra ammo in the savings.
  10. Malcolm

    Rifles for the apoyclypse

    I travel a lot now for work. So, I am assuming at some point in time, we will be in a metro-suburban area, when things turn to schumer. I also spend a lot of time in my home state of California, so, if I take what we normally carry on trips, I become an instant felon, the minute I hit the state line. That is not appealing to me. So, in general, I usually have a Mini-14 with both 10 and 20 round mags, the 20s, go in a lock box for the duration of our California stay. I have six plus 10 round mags for each Glock 9mm we have with us, plus some others in the lock box.(just in case things get really interesting. I also make sure we have a 12 guage with us and plenty of ammo for all calibers, cleaning kits in the "Go Box", which goes with us every time we travel in a vehicle. I am hoping it will be "enough" to see us home. If not, we have places and people we can hunker down with, until things get a bit more stable. I do believe most of what passes for "zombies" will most likely never make it out of their urban lairs.
  11. Malcolm

    Interesting Article

    Having spent some time in soCalifornia law enforcement-before finally getting smart, FEW agencies can afford a full time swat or srt team. It is far better I believe, to have multiple officers/deputies assigned to patrol duties, in a county-wide area, cross trained as SWAT or SRT members. That way, you always have a platoon or squad available, SHOULD the need arise. I am in favor of having a number of patrol officers cross-trained innSRT/SWAT tactics, so that they could be first responders to barricaded/hostage situations. Armored up I believe make good sense for HIGH risk warrant service and other situations like active shooters. I am not in favor of law enforcement being kitted put in paramilitary uniforms and fadt-mover gear. I've not seen that it is TRULY necessary in most applications and areas. Tacti-Cool, it may well be, but knowing the ground you fight on, is a whole lot better.(speaking for smaller less densely populated areas) Just my highly subjective opinion is all. I am now a "has-been" so what DO I know anyway?
  12. Malcolm

    Glock or Smith & Wesson M&P

    Scout start saving up for YOURS now! Kiss the one YOU just bought goodbye. After almost 35 years of marriage come December, if MOM likes it, it is NO longer yours!
  13. In our state, we are allows to own and posses silencers. One day recently, my wife "suggested" we invest in a suppressor for our .22 pistols as well as picking up a suppressed 10-22, since we already have a number of "normal ones. I KNEW that marrying that girl would come in handy! Of course we have some relatively powerful air rifles as well, and spend a lot of family time in air shoots off the deck for points.(even the grand kids love it)
  14. Malcolm

    Help finding an AR

    LOOK at the dpms line. They should be well under $2K , at least in my neck of the woods. Try gun broker dot com, gunsamerica do com, and for starters. Also check your local want ads like in a Penny saver type of publication. The deals are out there.
  15. Malcolm

    Dutch Ovens

    We use Dutch ovens a lot, winter and summer. Winter takes a bit longer is all in our climate.(no.Utah) I have been trying to perfect my desserts, but everyone eats them too fast. I do like roasting brisket, pork loin, turkey breast(bone in), as well as roasts and chicken. I tried making spaghetti once on a boy scout outing, came put more like glutinous "something", but it did taste like spaghetti. Have finally (I think) perfected using skillets and cast iron gills on wood coals, takes some doing, and it AIN'T like charcoal!(learned the hard way several times) Have been teaching the grand kids some "how to" using cast iron, the oldest two (10 8) are getting pretty good. I also never "thought" using cast iron was "survival" cooking. Then again, someone once told me, "going camping is practicing to be homeless". Pretty much...
  16. Malcolm

    Less Lethal

    When I first graduated from the police academy in 1976, we still called burglars who entered an OCCUPIED structure, a cat burglar, hot prowl, because those suspects, got off on the thrill of hitting the place with people present. I only made it to one burglary-in-progress with the suspects still on scene, it was rough, for both the victims and the suspects. I personally do not adhere to warning shots of any kind, nor will I EVER go "searching" my home looking for suspects, that is precisely what the family canine patrol is for.(GSDs) We have pretty decent insurance, and should they get past the alarm system and the multiple roving patrols, they still will not find the Safe. If they set foot on the stairs to try and come up to engage the family members, then they have willingly chosen to have happen to them,what will happen to them. I sleep well at night as well.
  17. Malcolm

    Less Lethal

    VB, while I was "only" in the USAF-the "other" military branch, I have seen numerous folks that are in coastie uniforms that are definitely NOT 6feet tall. I know of two CG rescue swimmers who were always called "little boys", because of their youthful looks and their diminuitive size, but, they were EXTREMELY TOUGH little boys! I hope that excoastie is kidding about having a numerical footage requirement in Mass. whereby one has to give verbal warnings prior to shots being fired, having never lived there, I do not know, nor do I care to know, unless my defense counsel tells me to "know". I think my verbal warnings come something like this.....BANG! HELP! BANG!POLICE! STOP!BANGETY-BANG!
  18. Malcolm

    Predators in the City

    In my home state of northern California, the wild pigs DO get pretty large. I have personally witnessed. three separate "collisions" between three very large pigs, (2 sows and one HUGE boar), the two females were fatalities as were the vehicles that hit them, but the boar shook off a 50 MPH broadside which killed the Chevy work truck that hit him, and after the pig regained consciousness, he got up and trotted off!'Scared the crap out of me watching that one resurrect himself! Not sure I can legally own anything that would take him. Most of the pigs in NorCal are between 300- 450, at least the ones we see when hunting them, and often times some will split off to hunt you back, makes it a bit more sporty that way.
  19. Malcolm

    You might be a terrorist when...

    What a motley collection of suspicshe-yus types we are!
  20. Malcolm

    Predators in the City

    Interesting thread, when we lived in southern California, south Orange County, we routinely saw and had coyotes in our yard, neighborhood, and in the green belt areas of suburbia. There has also been a large "explosion" of cougar/mountain lions in that area, and neither the coyotes or the lions are "afraid" of humans. Recently, while in Monterey County, on the well populated beach front of Asilomar State Beach, we watched in the early evening a lion take a small deer down. The tourists were "shocked" that "no one did anything about it", as if there was "something" to be done. Here in Utah, we have a small family of bobcats that roam our property at will, I even have photos of them. Humans and lions are not to comingle, and people call for the lions to be destroyed for being lions.
  21. Malcolm

    You might be a terrorist when...

    Hopefully, when he is water-boarded he won't give us all up!!! (rhetorically speaking of course!)
  22. At the website, , there are some really excellent door lock straps for classrooms. The are secured around the classroom door's actuating bar, as all class room doors have to by fire code, open out, this strap prevents that from occurring, in the even of a lock down. Also, check with the school administrator/principal, to see IF, they have liasioned with local law enforcement. THIS IS CRITICAL FOR THEM TO DO. The school should provide the facility, for local law enforcement to practice "active shooter response" so they KNOW the school layout before having to show up to a problem. Also, there are several web sites you can peruse that offer class room size 30+ students a 72 hour kit, including porta-potty, water and food. Your local law enforcement agency responsible for patrolling the area the school is located, would LOVE to come to the school. Also, invite the cops and the fire.fighters to school dinners (FREE of course) so they can get to known the students, staff, parents, by sight. Cops especially, are like cats, once you start feeding them, it's hard to get rid of them! I know, I was one for a long time. You can also see what emergency supplies the school has on hand, for. earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic emergencies, etc. and what their PLAN is, for each. If they do not have one, volunteer to help develop and implement the Emergency Plan, in conjunction with Fire, and Police/Sheriff services. Those agencies will be very helpful to you, all you have to do is ask. Hope this helps a bit.
  23. Malcolm


    Pig, as cynical and pessimistic as I am this evening, I do believe you are correct. I think it is only a matter of time, before "someone" decides a crisis is "needed"(Rahm Emmanuel said, Never let a good crisis go to waste"). Unfortunately, I believe for the "Free-Cheesers" , they are seen as cannon fodder by their Pimps in D.C. and "useful idiots" as Lenin was fond of saying. The apathetic floaters, those who seemingly float through life with no sense of purpose or direction, are the morons most swayed by rhetoric, false hope and empty promises. They too will "rise up" and like their socialist pals in Greece and Spain, with France not far behind, will be looting grocery stores and other merchants to get the goods to which they "are entitled". Since "fair share" is the code word used now instead of socialism, these mopes will be demanding the gub'mint take care of them. We can expect a great deal of civil unrest I fear, no matter who wins.
  24. Malcolm


    I watched the debate. Thought it was an old fashioned beat-down. I believe HisObamaness will lose his emotions and explode next debate. That will be a sight to see. I am looking forward to the Bu-Bu-Biden vs. Ryan thrashing, unless Bidden has a "medical emergency"....yeah, that's it, that's what will happen.
  25. Malcolm

    Rifles for the apoyclypse

    While I have a "few" ARs, and a few Mini-14s, if I was "stuck" in an all out survival situation, I would have two rifles for sure. One a Rugged 10-22 and the other my trust sporterized Moisin-Nagant carbine. Both are work horses and reliable. I am extremely accurate with both. Ammunition for both is plentiful and I have puh-lenty on hand and for reloading the M-N. (remember, I am an alumni of the USAF SAC-trained Nuke Puke School for Gentlemen-we believe in airstrikes as well as self-sufficiency. And yes, I "know" some of you feel that the USAF isn't really the military)