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    best friend for survival?

    Breeds are breeds because they are task specific breeding. With that scenario, you always get pluses and minuses in every breed. I love all spaniels-mine are cockers- because they are great family dogs, love to hunt, walk (trail), defend their territory (yes! I have been bitten by spaniels and they pack some good flesh tearing), fairly easy to train, and love to be with you but don't obsessively require constant attention. They are also soft and huggable. I do not expect these dogs to take on a bear or mountain lion. I would have a German Shepherd or a Kuvasz. So, I divide my needs into house dog/environment dog. They would both be inside and outside, but I don't expect double duty. Whatever you pick-your survival stores should be include long term dog survival. For my cockers (2) I have 50 pounds of stored Blue Buffalo and a minimum of 5-50 pound kibble sacks at all times. That is for dogs who eat 1/2 cup 2x a day. Buy the very best dog kibble you can find, because you either pay for it going into the dog, or at the vet's office. Study up on medications, take a class on giving your own shots, and know what to dispense if a vet can't be found. There is no point in making your dog part of your survival if it isn't around in 3 months.
  2. Stealth Spaniel

    dog or no dog?

    Okay-maybe morons was a bad word. But after 2 weeks in New Orleans with the rescue group, I needed to see someone for extreme mental anguish. No kidding! It was horrible what we pulled out of houses and apartments. I actually watched one woman come home to a house & the cocker spaniel in the backyard is wet, filthy, and starving but still happy to see the owner. The owner never got the dog, talked to dog, nothing. She looked for some belongings and took off. The dog was about 5 yro and weighed 12 pounds when we picked it up! And the dog was happy to see ANYBODY at that point. God Bless the people who do rescue. I will donate money, but I know now that I can't be on the body brigade. It is true-it would have been kinder to shoot the dogs and cats rather than trap them and split. There were many good people that we met:who rescued drowning animals of all kinds, who stayed with their pets rather than abandon them,and those who came back for no other reason than to help the rescue groups. Heaven has a special place for those people. Animal ownership IS a burden-no question. But, be honest with yourself. Do you really want the burden? Is the trade off in friendship, love and devotion enough for you? You can't fix stupid-we had one woman adopt a nice little terrier, only to bring it back 4 years later because it no longer matched her furniture! She wanted a trade in! Know the breeds, know your lifestyle and know what you want in your future. My idea of hell is all white furniture, with a white berber carpet, and silence. I have wood floors, leather furniture, and noisy kids and dogs. I am at peace. I read survival cache all the time, but rarely post. This one turned all my screws at once. Sorry to offend.
  3. Stealth Spaniel

    dog or no dog?

    For the morons who would shoot the old dog-or simply leave it to starve to death or be butchered, or dump any animal because it now is not convenient for you-do everyone, including the dogs and cats, a favor. Do Not Own Any Animals. They deserve better. Domesticated dogs and cats are totally dependent on YOU! They are no longer hunters of prey-unless they get into a pack. Even then, domesticated dogs are no match for wolves or other wild predators. Idiots like you abandoned dogs and cats and old relatives without a backward glance in Hurricane Katrina. My pet rescue group picked up starving, bloated, abused carcasses by the carload. It sometimes included the human kind up by the attic. What if you accidently shoot yourself in the leg-on the way to your Bug Out Location?? Should the spouse say Adios A$XHOLE and move on, saving the kids and grandpa?? I have made plenty of plans, should we, as Americans, end up in a SHTF situation. But, I gotta tell you, I have no desire to live in an America where we are our own worst enemy. So-to answer the original question. Yes, make plans for and take the dog(s). You would be surprised how much protection a mini Yorkie is when trouble starts lurking around the tent. He may not be able to do much bite damage, but you wont wake up with your throat slit because you never heard the guy. Dogs and man have been protection partners for over 10,000 years. It is a relationship that has lasted for a reason.
  4. Stealth Spaniel

    Shipping Containers

    Well, I have thought of using a refrigerated one as storage for my prep stuff. If it was a refrigerated one, the insulation is great, so no worries about too hot or cold. Put it on a concrete pad, and that pretty much takes critters, insects, etc out of the equation. I would want a regular knob-type door though. Like a double bolt that is keyed from both sides.
  5. Stealth Spaniel

    What got you into survival/prepping?

    It took me awhile, but eventually, I did get prepping. My cousin was killed in a horrific highway accident in New Mexico.3 weeks later, my mother had just come home from the hospital when the Northridge Earthquake hit. My uncle had a massive heart attack due to stress, and their house partially collapsed. To top off the unending disasters-I had no cash money, no food in the house, and I needed to get car gas!! Guess what? The stores were depleted of most everything in 4 minutes flat. They only took cash. I was lucky to get a 5 gallon bottle of water-cuz you ain't drinking the tap water after an earthquake. Gas lines were blowing up on roadways that I drove through. When you are excited, horrified, stressed, etc. the left & right brain don't talk to one another. I knew it was dangerous but I drove anyway. You could not get car gas. I knew I had to change my lifestyle, but it took another 10 years to do it.