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    Gillie reacted to juzcallmesnake in Donald Trump is right, here are 100 reasons why we need to Audit the Federal Reserve.   
    WOW now that Trump is leading all the knives are out I think they had better be careful slander people can still be sued for and Trump has the lawyers to do it.
    I can see on Fox news many hate Trump make me want to vote for him more the left hates him and tells that old tired story that Hillary will beat him, I do not think so because too many people are so upset about government today it is obviously corrupt and many are hiding behind government employee's protection from being fired.
    Look at the V.A. scandal only one personally initially was fired.
    Trump is not anywhere near perfect but he has the gall to put these people in there place Rubio and Cruze are going to keep the status quo no one will get fired any more than now they will become more entrenched look at the other agencies constantly trying the fence on bill of rights civil rights (in reverse)  the constitution and Republicans have not addressed any of it.
    If we do not scare the hell out of them now there will never be another time.
    It is only a surmise but I think Trump has been tormented by enough agencies of our government that he will put his foot on their neck defund slash their funding or disband them altogether and it is high time they feel the pain that they have heaped on us. / we the people.
    Many agencies have gone totally rogue are operating outside there purview targeting people because of thir religious or political views all while ignoring foreign investors and their companies.
    Our nation gives foreign corporations 10 years of freedom from taxes then they sell to a family member and the government give then new owner that is scamming the tax code another 10 years of free ride Is that what all of you want ?close all the loop holes ? for who our companies or foreign national companies the give away of millions for solar companies were not for American companies the ones that got it was Chinese owed companies in America.
    All those companies went broke and no longer operate.and all the Americans lost their jobs.
    does anyone remember shovel ready jobs well the republicans bent over on that too and where are all those jobs ? recent government budget was passed did you see a senate or congress fight it ? they said when they got the power they would cut spending and reduce waste and curb government spread did you see any of that happen ? NO
    Let us count the times they have lied to us and turn around and stick it in their eye 
    Cruse and Rubio are for a path to citizenship to out right amnesty for people that committed felonies entering our country illegally do you want that to give felons a pass ?
    Trumps recent statement about being able to sue media outlets ? why not if it is a political attack with lies why not I am tired of having to wade through stories that are lies and trying to find out the truth.
    to me this is a time to punish the old boy network that has screwed us for years in fact it is as much their fault they throw up a smoke screen but once the smoke clears they have given money to Palestine ? that is Hamas a terrorists organization ? really.
    everything they have done in the last 25 years has been a abysmal wreck watch the movie "Charlie Wilson's war" we spent tons of money to help get Russia out of Afghanistan on Republican time ? the only export from Afghanistan is opium / heroin no one has ever beat them eventually it would have been a stone around the Russians neck but we SPENT MONEY and all that did was shortened their pain.
    All the while Mexican cartels brought in heroin as well as coke from South America.
    did either the Democrats or the Republicans do anything but sit on their hands while the border turned into a war zone.
    It is not that I dislike Cruze or Rubio so much that I would not be forced to vote for either if they become the candidate but I know they are political animals and once their time as president passes they will like all the recent presidents look to feather their nest Trump has his business covered by his children and he probably would not slow and look to soften his landing like all previous lame duck turds.
    Cruze is my next choice but I fear he will not be as harsh as needed on Government employees and agencies as they need because they will not want them on his neck because they have ways to wreck futures of political animals .
    this is my reasoning it is not that anyone is wrong it is how connected each is and beholdant to government workers that need a feel of real world responsibility those that work hard need a raise those that abuse their station need to be corralled watched or fired.
    The waste is astronomical I personally get mail with empty pages for information that is not pertinent to myself.
    most of this could be E-mailed Paperwork reduction act is a joke FOIA requests for 99% could be an online request and you get a PDF and it would be faster than it is now.
    I am sure all of us could tell similar stories of waste it may seem like pennies but it is system wide we need streamlining and bring our government into the new century of course they would use that Canadian company that screwed up the health care website ....
    how did that get by the Republicans ? until it fell apart the republicans were like deer in headlights.
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    Gillie reacted to juzcallmesnake in Donald Trump is right, here are 100 reasons why we need to Audit the Federal Reserve.   
    I did not watch the video but I support Trump just because he is not a politician he knows they are hand out beggars willing to sell their souls for money.
    Cruze and Rubio would both appease the left and allow 11,000,000,0000 illegal aliens and so what if his companies hired illegals he is a billionaire it is not like he looks at every job application but if it becomes a problem heads would roll immediately.
    If people vote for anyone else other than Trump it is a pass on the government as it functions now and both Cruze and Rubio would cut Social security on Americans and not touch the third rail that aliens are getting more than Americans that paid for it.
    Rubio is against a wall and more agents on the border and he want a avenue to citizenship for FELONS who entered and took jobs illegally and worse paid no taxes some of whom brought in illegal drugs to pay their way in.
    many people are being killed by drunk aliens  with NO INSURANCE. they do not respect our laws if the commit a crime the run to mexico and return with a NEW IDENTITY there are many that have been deported and returned 5 or more times.
    Cruze he has tried to make a name as an antagonist of both parties well it worked now no one likes him and would do anything to torpedo his presidency he has a history and people in Washington do not forget getting stuck in the azz and will wait to hand him his political head.
    Last Trump has promised that Veterans would NOT be treated as they have been that they would have the care they deserve and I have faith he will build a wall  and at least try to stem the flow of drugs and terrorists we have had terrorists come in through the border.
    REALLY REALLY LAST the Republican party that I have supported and has forgotten me it has pandered to everyone else in the world lied in my face stole from me using the law making new and not enforcing ones on the books Cruze and Rubio would send more money overseas the both want us back in the war that cost 2 TRILLION and now has us in a multi generational war Trump said one thing KEEP THEM OUT and people said we couldn't it's ok to pay us the least and an illegal alien gets more and they give their children FREE food healthcare and what do we get.
    Our country does not help or take in Christians from all these war torn regions we have not armed them and allowed them to be gassed and tortured just because they are NOT MOOSLIM.
    Vincente Fox of mexico is a moron we give them a billion and a half a year to fight drugs and as we see they are a completely corrupt and the more we pay the more drugs flow over our borders Trump could cut that off and pay for the wall hunt down illegals and make them pay their taxes pay a fine or send them packing.
    I am part Hispanic and American Indian but I paid for mine and no one asked me to give away my portion of my Social security or medical care
    and they (the government and especially the republican party has pandered to the Mexicans / South Americans to win their votes sensing that the illegals would eventually get the vote and are quaking in their boots but illegal Mexicans vote their pocket book  they do not care about America if it turns to hell they will go back to Mexico even if they were to become citizens they could go right back after they sucked this nation dry.
    Mexico is allowing people a path through all the while knowing that if they can overcome our voter blocks with their people that they the corrupt and evil turds they are would find and corrupt and they have already American politicians eventually this would be a defacto Mexican government overturning all our laws and bias toward themselves and their ambitions.
    I am an American I may have other blood lines but that means nothing I am first and always an American I enjoy culture but it cannot pull us apart and we either protect our ship of freedom or it will be scuttled by others that only want to rob it blind.make us slaves and treat us like they treat their people now and that is not an opinion it is fact all people have to do is look if they treat their people like crap under their feet no roads hospitals or decent schools how do you think they will change our way of life ? and steal and corrupt the government like theirs in fact it is already happening it is rampant 2 TRILLION DOLLARS PISSED AWAY IN THE SAND Democrat Republican or Independent if that does not make you scream bloody murder while our bridges fall apart roads look like they have been bombed sewer leaking into the streets LIKE IN MEXICO. then your failing to admit the problem it is politicians and voting for Trump shows them we are pissed and not going to take it any more voting for Cruse or Rubio tells them the bankers wallstreet wolves and those pandering to other nations throwing money at their problems and ignoring yours is just peachy fine you like getting screwed it's ok to cut my Social security I can afford to pay more and more for medical care and give it away to other nations through the U.N. as well as gifting them money to nations with billions in oil WTH ??? WAKE UP AMERICA. ! THIS MAY BE YOUR LAST CHANCE where there is a man like Trump who is wealthy enough and has the B@lls to call them on their failures and liars to their face we have had 50 years MORE but the same politicians screwing us a little more year after year if you like getting screwed AGAIN vote for politicians remember insanity is doing the same thing again and expecting different results.
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    Gillie reacted to P210SIG in Pope Francis vs Donald Trump ( say what you want to say. )   
    I'm with Donald Trump as I see the pope is always adding his 2 cents in the political arena.
    Pope needs to keep his nose in religion & stay out of politics, is how I feel.
    I see the pope being a left wing liberal.
    The pope tells Trump that he should be building bridges & not walls, to keep the refugees out, like WTF.
    Vatican City is scrounded by a wall. What the pope is thinking, just boggles the mind.
    For the record I'm no Catholic.
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    Gillie reacted to droptrd in Glock or Smith & Wesson M&P   
    Im not gonna give you the lame "try one out and see what feels best" reply....
    Get the GLOCK. The M&Ps are fine pistols too. But...the Glock is like the Harley Davidson of polymer framed pistols. Huge aftermarket for accessories. Glocks are proven over and over. The Glock 19 is the best glock IMO. The Glock factory mags are cheap and plentiful. I find them everyday for under $20. And they are fantastic reliable magazines too.
    Get the GLOCK 19