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    I'm married with one grown son and two grandchildren. I'm self employed.
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    fishing, water activities, spending time with family. Reading. Surfing - the web.
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  1. Gillie

    OK let me see I went off for a while and WTF !

    I don't come here much anymore so I just saw this. I can't speak to the rest of the board because this was actually the very first post I clicked on and haven't had a chance to catch up on anything else. I hope your surgery went well Snake. I always enjoy your posts and appreciate all of the knowledge that you share with us. You are my favorite poster! Take care!
  2. Gillie

    Helicoptor hovering for an hour - odd

    Wow Thanks Snake! You've really given this some thought! I'm just a granny with a few guns so I don't think anyone is after me specifically or been in my house (I don't THINK! LOL). I thought some other people might have heard of something similar happening other places. Maybe they just really wanted to find that kid.
  3. Hey guys. Sorry I don't post more often, working.... I just wanted your opinion on something that happened here last night. I got home around 8 and heard a loud noise. It went on for about 10 minutes so I walked up the hill and saw a helicopter hovering over the next street. It then moved to the highway, then over my house, then over my neighbors and kept making that circle, hovering over each location for about 10 minutes. This went on for over an hour. I posted about it on facebook and a couple of friends said that it had happened in their neighborhood the night before. Finally on the local news page they posted some vague article about a helicopter "circling" an area looking for a runaway juvenile who they were trying to pick up on a shelter care order and he/she ran away. Assumed not to be armed and dangerous. That's weird right? There was no unusual ground traffic. Why would they spend the resources to have a helicopter in the air for over an hour for a runaway, a teenager (I heard 17 years old from someone on facebook but that was not confirmed on the news website) who had not committed a crime or been abducted - and not have anyone on the ground? There have been no updates so we don't know if the "runaway" was found. No results or further explanation for the massive use of resources at the county's expense. Of course I'm a "conspiracy theorist" and feel that it was a martial law exercise or some other unsavory activity such as that. update: I just called the sheriffs department. The woman who answered the phone didn't know the helicopter had been deployed for the juvenile. She stated he was picked up. No updates on the news. It's just weird. I'm just curious what you think. And if it's something ominous and this behavior spreads out to other areas I wanted you to know about it. Thanks.
  4. Gillie


    I still check in when I can. Like you said Life is all engrossing - I work too much. I am no less terrified that our government is up to something horrible - I still put away food and try to keep plenty of ammo on hand, but I don't have as much internet time as I used to. Been doing a lot of gun shows though so I get to catch up with a lot of preparedness minded people there. I enjoy your posts snake.
  5. Gillie

    Problem with forum

    I've been member of this forum for a year now. I haven't posted that much over the past few months because I'm a seasonal business owner and the months of April through October are when I make money to support myself for the rest of the year so I work as much as I can. I understand why people on this board might not feel like they know me and are not as excited about including me in the conversation, but it just seems odd that over 60 people have read this post and no one made a comment. The same thing happened on the last post where I tried to participate. I don't feel welcome and worse I feel shunned. It's dissappointing. Thank you for what I've learned over the past year but I will probably move on now. I always hate those lame "I'm leaving the forum" posts where someone expects everyone to beg them to stay. This is not that. I just wanted you to know that you might be a little more welcoming to people. I've always respected the members of this board because everyone seems to be so fair and respectful so I'm completely vexed as to why I'm ignored so. Best Wishes
  6. Gillie

    Problem with forum

    I noticed that about the same time the new posts button stopped working I'm also having a problem with clicking the back button to return to the forum page. When I click the down arrow beside the back button to select a page from the history there are a bunch of .,......gobblegook type pages in there. So facebook is tracking me on this site. So I did some research and it seems that there is a facebook and vbulletin (this forum software) integration that apparently a lot of people are having problems with. So maybe this forum owner updated the forum software or enabled the integration and the new facebook crap is messing up the board. I guess there was something good that was supposed to come of the facebook integration. I don't know - easier to log in....whatever........I don't like facebook tracking me. Just sharing a potential cause to our problem. Again guys....I don't get to keep up all that well on this board so if this has been discussed somewhere before please forgive me. I'm not a troll....really.
  7. Gillie

    is it just me..................

    I didn't realize that Snake had left. That's dissappointing. I really enjoyed his posts.
  8. Gillie

    What Are you watching on TV these days?

    16 days until ........The Walking dead! Can't wait. We've been watching a lot of netflix catching up on series we'd never watched before - breaking bad, falling skies and a couple others. My favorite was Jericho. I don't know why that didn't make it! Watched Last Resort last night. Might be good as long as it doesn't go the "lost" direction. Although I watched every episode of Lost - it was frustrating. Always watch survivor, biggest loser, South Park. We enjoy the pawn shows and picker shows. Love ghost stuff/ufo/et sort of documentaries but don't like alot of the ghost hunter shows where they carry on about every single noise they hear. Watching revolution, but not that into it yet. I like the mystery of it - not knowing how/why the power went out - but not too crazy about the huge focus on the girl. Love zombie movies and will watch any and all that I find - except I haven't watched zombie strippers - probably won't go there. I'm glad you mentioned Terra Nova. I forgot about that one. Will watch soon.
  9. Gillie

    Problem with forum

    Oh okay, thank you. I'm sorry if it had been discussed somewhere else. I didn't see it. I'm sure it will be fixed soon then.
  10. Gillie

    Problem with forum

    Sorry for not participating much in the forum lately. I have limited time during the summer because of work, but I do drop in when I can to check what everyone is talking about. So anyway....for the past few days when I come to the forum and push the "new posts" button I get a weird blue page that says "unable to serve this request, site temporarily unavailable". I can view the forum by clicking the individual catagories, but the new posts button makes it a lot easier. I've tried 2 different computers with the same results. Will it be fixed soon? Thank you!
  11. Gillie

    Excess and giveaway

    Cool knife. I'm in! Plenty old enough. Thanks
  12. Gillie

    Hot in power!!!!

    We lost power last night and have been told that it could be 3 - 5 days before it's back on. One friend on facebook said she heard Thursday! It's quite ridiculous. The lines for gas today were horrid and some places ran out. I'm sure it was a reality check for a lot of people. Luckily I started the day with a full tank, but I had to make a long distance delivery so I was among those trying to buy gas today. It sucked. the Walmart about 20 miles away had power so I went there looking for a last minute granddaughter birthday gift. Of course I went to the ammo section that is right by the camping supplies - wiped out! It was tough to find a flashlight or propane canister. Everyone still seemed civil so far, but we shall see how they hold up. Another storm watch is in effect for tonight.
  13. I harvested my turnips this week. Last night we cut them like french fries and friend them in coconut oil and I couldn't believe how tasty they were. We also had a salad with the romain lettuce and cucumbers that came from the garden this week. Had terrible luck with squash but still trying. Cantalope looks great, eggplants and watermelon not so much. Deer ate the tops off of my carrots once but they're coming back and I sprayed a little cayenne pepper on them. Corn ears look fully developed but I'm told that I'm waiting for the silks to turn brown or something. Tobacco and strawberries are doing well. We will have tomatoes out the a$$ this year but I like it that way and I want to can some. I have about 8 cherry tomatoes and 5 beefsteak and husband has 9 german johnsons. Blackberries, apples, pears and peaches looking good. My green beans didn't transplant well so I planted some more directly in the garden but i've read that it's not too late for that so I hope they produce. I'm leaving one or two of everthing to go to seed so I can learn about saving the seeds. This has been a lot of work so far but it's really empowering to be able to produce some of your own food this way. I wish I could have chickens.
  14. Went to a gun auction this weekend hoping to grab a reasonably priced weapon or two to add to our protection level but boy was it like a feeding frenzy in there! No deals to be found. A small phoenix arms 22 that sells new for $139 new went for $200. Very dissappointing. We did get a couple of things, but not as much as we would have liked. I've had some pretty good luck with heirloom seeds that I planted in my garden. Harvesting my turnips and the rest of my lettuce today (expect the ones that I will let go to seed so i can collect them).