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    Ax or machete?

    I am just posting this as a thought exercise- If you could only take one with you in the woods, would it be an ax or a machete and why? Ignoring brands or manufacturers, which would you take? For purpose of this question here is your setting- a week long camping trip, summertime, pine trees and scrub with some undergrowth. As a follow up, under what circumstances would you change your answer? Let's see what you guys come up with.
  2. I see a lot of posts on serious, nonfiction books like Boy Scout Manual and Country Living, just to name a few. I love to read and I have consumed a ton of survival fiction over the years. What are your favorite Fiction reads on survival or prepper topics and why? Here are a few from my library: Wolf and Iron- nice description for setting up a backwoods blacksmith shop One Second After- look at post EMP survival and community building
  3. Texas Bill

    Survival Fiction or Learning is Fun!

    Terry, come on down. Sorry I did not respond sooner but I was out of town (ironically, up there in northeast Texas area near Oklahoma) for work. Give a shout whenever you are in the Houston area. The city is a crime ridden cesspool (okay, maybe not that bad) but some of the surrounding communities are pretty nice.
  4. Texas Bill

    Survival Fiction or Learning is Fun!

    Very well said, OC, and welcome back. I haven't seen you posting in awhile. Always great to have your input and insight.
  5. Texas Bill

    Survival Fiction or Learning is Fun!

    Man, Trashman is great entertainment and like all of Terry McDonald's books, it also makes you think. At times I wanted to laugh and other parts made me want to cry. I think that is the definition of a blockbuster in this genre. Anyway, if you haven't read it, I highly recommend this one to you guys.
  6. Texas Bill

    Somebodies watching me...

    Wait. Isn't this the camping website at Cabelas? Did I make a wrong turn? Oh, no, now I'm on the list. Just kidding, guys. Yes, I kind of figured somebody with the government was taking notes, but that is a pretty big pool of candidates. Hopefully since I am the voice of reason around here I will get a minimum security cell at the reeducation camp. You know, the one where they only educate you with the rubber hose, not the harsher methods.
  7. Texas Bill

    speaking of lever guns

    Good lord, guys. Somebody going rhino hunting? Looks real pretty, though, Wardog. Ya'll must get some really big bears in North Carolina!
  8. Texas Bill

    Survival Fiction or Learning is Fun!

    Thanks, Terry. I think we both like a thriller with a little deeper substance, and Without certainly fits the bill. Sorry to hear about your health issues- have you considered using the speak to text software? Still a somewhat buggy but I know one of my bosses uses it and he likes the results. Anyway, I sent you a PM as well. So when can we expect another blockbuster from you? I reread Disaster and Gran De Daddy back to back again last week and now I'm jonesing for the next installment. For both. But no pressure.
  9. Texas Bill


    This summer has been really crazy and that is just in my little work world. Outside, I see Egypt flying apart and Syria using war gases on their own population, while the violence runs unabated in Iraq and the Taliban is already preparing to take over Afghanistan as soon as the last American serviceman departs. Pakistan is earily silent during all of this, and back here on the home front we have seen the beginning of the end of the middle class. The sad thing is we are squabbling over raising the minimum wage when already all our paychecks will be tied to the lowest dollar possible. By the way, any one else's irony meter go off when Donald Rumsfeld accused Obama of rushing off to war? Whatever you think about our Dear Leader, hearing Rummie make that accusation just makes me shake my head.
  10. Texas Bill

    .308 question

    The rule I learned was .223 then no 5.56, but .223 will work in a 5.56 rifle. I've never had a problem with 308 Win and 7.62x51, vonBayern, and I have heard the same thing Snake mentioned about the comparable pressures.
  11. Texas Bill

    Survival Fiction or Learning is Fun!

    I just read Without by EE Borton and I really enjoyed the adventure. Here is an except from my review: This story packed a punch from the beginning. Told in the first person, this tale of loss and redemption in the midst of a global catastrophe chronicles the travels and travails of Henry, a loner and dedicated survivalist who decides to take charge of his life after suffering a terrible loss. When the lights go out this time, he has a plan and the tools to make that plan work as he makes his way out of Atlanta. He never expected the trip to be easy, but some unexpected things crop up along the way. The book is filled with wonder and pain, unexpected kindness and shattering cruelty. You might be able to guess some of the plot twists but others will take you completely by surprise. A lot of thought went into crafting this story, and the author should be credited for writing a post apocalypse story with this much depth to it. One of the few books I have read recently where the characters and story stayed with me days after I finished the last sentence. The ending was somewhat contrived but hey, it is a real ending and not some silly cliffhanger, at least. When you read this book you quickly come to realize that Henry is a bit unhinged by what happened to him even before the lights went out. He is either delusional or "touched" and one of his biggest blunders (IMHO) only makes some sense when you realize he is being haunted by his past. Anyway, I enjoyed the book and I hope he writes a sequel so we can go back and find out the fate of some of the people he met on the road.
  12. Texas Bill

    Pillars in the Fall

    Thanks, Ian. Loved what you did with the prequel. I can't wait now for book three.
  13. Texas Bill


    Isolationism is one way to go and I think we are going to have to take that route at some point whether we want to or not as the spending keeps running along at a breakneck speed with neither party willing to bite the bullet and make the necessary cuts. Balance the budget and use tariffs to protect our manufacturing- oh, wait, that boat sailed twenty to thirty years ago. Now what?
  14. Texas Bill

    Egypt Anyone?

    Comments on the latest round of crazy? What is the Muslim Brotherhood's endgame? Yeah, there is a hard one to figure out given the things their leadership has spouted over the years. What are the odds we end up anchoring a UN peace keeping mission there? I know we have political junkies here and this could have a destabilizing effect outside the region. If this is in the wrong place, Mods, please move. Thanks.
  15. Texas Bill

    Egypt Anyone?

    Valid points, Snake. Pretty soon we will start hearing more about the persecution of Egypt's Christian population (I think makes up about 10%). It is already going on, but MSM doesn't want to report anything that might upset "The Religion of Peace" and get their reporters shot or kidnapped (funny how that works). After the eventual massacres, we will finally see some coverage and an outpouring of refugees that the Brotherhood will use to send even more sleeper agents into the US, disguised as dissidents or Coptic Christians. Nothing really original in their playbook, but they do it because it works.
  16. Texas Bill

    Buying a property?

    From what I have seen, no way would I purchase property anywhere else even if it were allowed. I've seen was passes for law enforcement in third world nations (Central and South America and pretty much all of Africa, Middle East and parts of Asia), not to mention that in the event of a catastrophe, you are even more of a target for the locals. In Europe, well, fine as long as you are down with converting to Islam, obeying Sharia law, the praying five times a day or becoming a second class citizen in the next twenty years. I'm not even kidding-if you don't believe me, check the birth rates. Just my two cents.
  17. Texas Bill

    Survival Fiction or Learning is Fun!

    Sorry, guys, I didn't mean to tease about the book. I can't post any of it here because the of the language - "Reader Discretion Advised" but for anyone interested can hit me up with a PM and I will send them the first chapter. I'm not sure I can send more than that with what the limited amount of space we have in the "box".
  18. Texas Bill

    Finally Seeing Some Sanity

    Sorry if this is a little premature for some areas, but I have been noticing in the Houston area that pistol and semi-auto rifles prices are at least stable if not coming down. For example, I recently saw a nice but used RIA 1911 for sale by owner at $400, and Chinese SKS rifles for $275. Other prices are in the same range, and even some "black rifles" are coming up for under $1,000. Revolvers and bolt guns never got crazy here and they have remained steady in price but I just wanted to comment on the seeming return to more reasonable & figures. Now if we can just start getting ammo in decent amounts at Walmart, all will be right with the Force. How is it elsewhere?
  19. Texas Bill

    Egypt Anyone?

    Gotcha, Partsman. Under Mubarak, I seem to recall the military tried to purge the Brotherhood once already, which just drove them underground and served as a recruiting tool when they interrogated the wrong people. You know, if they weren't members before, the joined up after being abused for something they didn't do.
  20. Texas Bill

    Who makes a low-priced AR that will last?

    Coyote, there are some good manufacturers out there, but in the $700-$800 range, you may score as Smith & Wesson at Academy. At least, I saw some flattop models there before in that range. Colt will likely be more. Also, may want to look at Rock River. I've heard good things about Palmetto but since I have never owned one I can't say. Whatever you get, jsut be ready to spend some time, effort and money getting yourself ready to use the thing properly. If you shoot your budget on the rifle but can't afford the ammo and range time, then you might just be wasting your dollars. As has been pointed out in this forum several different ways, I am more scared of the the guy with a black powder rifle who shoots every weekend and know how to get the most out of his weapon than I am some mall ninja with a tacticool AR who never took that $2,000 rifle out of the nice case the seller threw in to sweeten the deal. But I digress.
  21. Texas Bill

    Survival Fiction or Learning is Fun!

    Wally, yeah it is a heart warming, coming of age story in the vein of "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and "Mad Max". Seriously, I have been working on it for awhile but with work being so busy I have been relegated to working on it a piece at a time. Set almost two years after limited nuclear war with EMP strikes that cripple most electronics, my protagonist is a world weary 16 year old kid whose gotten tired of the killing, but doesn't see much in the way of alternatives. There are a lot prepper touches, including the intentional community built by the kid's grandfather, a long-time survivalist and rancher, and father, a disabled Marine Corp officer, but I'm not writing it as an educational tool because quite frankly I don't have the smarts for that. I've got my outline done, I'm writing the bulk the first draft in longhand (because that is how I roll) and I have the first eight chapters "finished".
  22. Texas Bill

    Who makes a low-priced AR that will last?

    Smith & Wesson M&P-15 right price, right manufacturer. I liked mine before I lost it in that fishing trip. Out on that lake. Boat tipped over and I lost everything.
  23. Texas Bill

    Survival Fiction or Learning is Fun!

    OC, working on it. About two hundred pages into the first draft. I have the first eight chapters ready for review if you want to PM me.
  24. Texas Bill

    Zombie Fiction or Something to Chew On

    OC, if you liked "Crayons" and the "Keely" series, try out his latest (on for 99cents) "Friendzoned". I thought this was a bad idea at first, but it really gives us a different perspective on Darla and Keely and the story was deeper than I suspected. This is about Becky Horder, and I was really touched by the relationship between Becky and her stepfather. As for the zombies, I really liked the Rise sequel, Age of the Dead by Gareth Wood even if it really didn't advance the story too much. Good adventure and sets the stage for Book 3. Also, Dead Hunger V is very interesting after you get past the obligatory catching up in the first few chapters. Centering this volume of the Chronicles around David Gammon is a no-brainer, since he and Serena are roadtripping to California to look in on Dave's uncle, who is a survivalist.