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  1. Thought you folks would like this project I found on another site. While you could probably fit more cans in a smaller area, this is a great idea for dispensing the food, etc.
  2. DC Matt

    New Orleans AGAI N maybe

    Good luck Hoss. My dad's family is from Washington Co. Keep us updated.
  3. Ran across this blog/podcast recently. Pretty good so far. Focuses on tips for people that live in an Urban area. In the Rabbit Hole
  4. DC Matt

    Walther P22 - Holster and Mag Pouch

    Great site Capt. I love just about all those holsters. Now I need to decide if I go for a paddle or belt version. Been thinking about getting a .357 and if I do, might have to pony up for one of the cowboy belt holster combos.
  5. DC Matt

    Walther P22 - Holster and Mag Pouch

    Ready, found this one on Amazon, it might be what you are looking for. They probably have one that would fit the P22 w/o the laser as well.
  6. Does anyone have a good OWB holster that would fit the Walther P22 (3.4 inch)? I've looked around and can't see anything that I like which is specficially made for the P22. I'm leaning toward leather, mostly for looks (the lady would like it better too) and for durability. I was also thinking about a paddle holster, but dont have experince with those. I'd use the holster while at the range or rambling out in the woods. Lastly, would like the holster to have a pouch for the mags, or at least a seperate pouch I could use. I like this one a lot, though it wasn't specially made for the P22 (people say it will fit): Bianchi 59 As always, thanks in advance.
  7. good hardcopy maps will be a must, never know when you'll lose your power/phone/gps. Thanks Ready VB, thanks for the advice about socket set and fuses. Need so get a good set and wasn't even thinking about fuses, so thanks. Saw the book on Amazon, I'll look into it more and see about getting me a copy.
  8. Thanks Capt. Bart. I do need to improve my auto/RV repair skills. But, no time like the present to learn and I'm looking forward to gaining some new knowledge. I did a massive clean up of my tool set. Its not too extensive since I live in the city, but has everything I need to fix stuff around the condo. Need to start thinking about updating it for truck and trailer maintenance now. Here's a picture of all my hand tools laid out nice and neat. I just got a kindle touch (now that we are trying to lighten our load of all our books before we move). Do you know of any good maintenance or handyman guides that I should download? OC, great advice as always. You should start a RV/Trailer advice column here. I'll check out those videos when I get a break from work, they look good.
  9. OC, thanks so much for the great advice. Storage is a big concern/challenge. Luckily the wife and I have been living in a small condo in DC for years, so we are pretty creative about storage. The couple of campers we've seen had a storage area/basement that you could access from the outside or under the bed. Doubles as an escape hatch. Whatever we get I do want to rig it up so we can stay off the grid as long as possible, though we plan to stay at campgrounds fairly often. And I'll have to look into that heater you mentioned, my wife does get cold pretty easily. She will appreciate that piece of advice, if nothing else. We'll both be working from the road (thank you laptops and internet connection) so need to figure out a way to rig up a workable office space too. Our first task is to sell the city car and get something with decent towing capacity and gas mileage. I'm hoping I can 'rent' one of my father in-law's extra pickups for this, but we'll see. If we can find a decent used SUV, that would give us some additional storage/living space. But whatever we get, I think a sway bar is a great idea. Orginially we were thinking about getting a VW Syncro Westy and rigging that up. It would be 4WD, mobile, and a ton of fun. But even for us, think that would be too cramped. Here's a great website by a guy who left his job and is seeing the country from a Syncro. http://www.arestlesstransplant.com/.
  10. good call on the air compressor. I'll look into that. My RV/Travel Trailer experience is limited to a few trips out West when my family rented a RV and drove around like the Griswolds. Good times, but didn't learn too many practical skills I can use today.
  11. My wife and I are in the process (finally) moving from DC. As a celebration we plan to take an extended (a few months at least) trip across country. We are just starting to plan, figure out what truck/suv and camper we want/can afford, etc. As we plan, the prepper in me is trying to figure out what gear and preps I should take. Keeping in mind weight and storage will be a big factor. Right now we are thinking about getting a used Coleman or similar travel trailer. Here's an example. The good side is we'll be off the grid pretty much (as long as we can keep the gas/propane/water tanks full). I'm planning to bring our basic BOBs, some tools, a handgun (applied for my Utah CCW) depending on our route, and some MRE/Freeze dried food stashed away. The two things I want to add are better comms (handheld ham radio) and maybe solar panels or alternative fuel source. Plan to take a ham radio course soon, so at least the first one I can resolve. I'm a experienced camper/backpacker, but a very novice RV'er. Is there anything I'm missing or what y'all would consider essential for this type of trip?
  12. DC Matt

    Ruger 10-22 Arrow Conversion Kit

    Just ran across this kit and thought it was pretty interesting. No clue how well it works, but I like the idea. Of course, you could buy a lot of 22LR for $600 and just use those instead. Here's the link
  13. Very cool. I want to get something bigger sometime soon. I'll have to check out that website in more detail, looks like they have some good stuff. Thanks for the link.
  14. Did a fun little project this weekend. I’ve been looking for a solar charger for my iPhone when I got camping or on road-trips. All the ones I found were too cumbersome to keep in my bag or too costly. Until I found this site, Brown Dog Gadgets. I opted for the kit so I could bust out the soldering gun and build it myself. Keep in mind I was a history major, so never done any projects dealing with electronics. This goes into my whole ‘Fix it yourself’ mentality. Of course they sell some already made kits. So far it works pretty great and was a fun way to kill time over the weekend.
  15. DC Matt

    Appalaichan Trail Hike

    KB, feel free to send me a message and I can help out. My friend and I hiked a third of the trail back in 2002. We went from GA to the start of the Shenandoah National Park. Quick tips. -Pack light. -We used trail running shoes instead of boots. The trail (except for some parts, mostly in PA) inst too rocky, so don't need lots of ankle protection. Of course depends on your physical health. Ounch you save on your feet save you pounds of weight/pressure on the back. -I didn't use hiking poles, but know plenty of thru hiker that swear by them -pack light (again). -go over your gear and make sure everything has a purpose -but feel free to bring some luxry items to make the trip fun. (books, cigars, whatever) -we only used a tent about 3 or 4 nights in the two months. We stayed in shelters most nights. We still carried the tent with us as a back-up, but you could get away (and many do) with not carrying a tent. Of course, hiking with your wife you might want to. -you'll be starting after all the north bound thru hikers, but might run in to some south bound folks - Read Bill's book, but take it with a grain of salt. I liked it, but after it came out tons of people tried to hike the trail and had a warped sense of what it would entail. If i think of anything else, I'll send it along.