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    About a 12 gauge ...

    per cap'nbart='Round availability is not really that big an issue. Yes there is more 12 out there but I've never been to a place that sells 12 that doesn't also sell 20, even if the stock of 20 is smaller.' this is true i have also noticed when the shelves emptied out a couple months ago, there was no 12ga, but plenty of 20ga, .243, .270 and other 'un-tacticool' rounds--but they'll killya dead just as fast...that said i have a 12ga, .223, 9mm an 30.06-lol
  2. rayz

    I think it may be time

    puttin my faith into beans an bullets..silver tastes like ..well metal..kinda hard to chew...
  3. yup being prepared is the way to go...which is why I have no money in bank ..i try and think of things I will need to survive,defend and repair stuff--all funds after obligatory bills-are used to purchase things --since december it has been ammo/reloading supplies,,this month is house repair,,,fencing, tools ,,nails,pipe fittings ect..also starting to put another food list together...goal is to not need a bank, utility company ,,and some day pay off my mortgage- car has 1 year left..
  4. i feel so much better now......although if they want to seize or tax my savings account,they can, i have exactly 28 cents in it...not much more in checking either,,,,
  5. oh theyr're not plated..copper:)...what i would like for x-mas? the old 'edit' button..hint hint
  6. GS called they got a box of 500 9mm plated RN bullets with my name on it!!,, also practiced heating water on stove for bathing since i got up at 0330hrs only to discover my hot water heater gave up the ghost..hooray for unexpected expenses..no worries tho, brought back fond memories of bathing out of my steel pot in Graf...
  7. having become totally disgusted with TV, news, commercials , assinine idiotic treasonous scum (ie; politicians, activists, and f'n sheep -which would be 95% of the population) My tv is being disconnected at mid-night thereby saving me approx $80 bucks a month that can be put to better use like buying books, gardening and canning supplies, I'm also on the verge of shutting off the radio- though I did find a local college station that seems to play a lot of blues, jazz, and really old country without commercials or idiotic chatter between songs..any one else?
  8. ...sigh....oh Snake you are a ray of f'n sunshine my friend...and unfortunatly right-again
  9. rayz

    top 4 zombpocalypse weapons

    just spotted a Rossi lever action .410 at local gun shop---I think I need it...
  10. rayz

    the latest super bug

    lol jcms-i,m right there with ya;)..on a side note..TB seems to be pokin its ugly head up-again
  11. rayz

    I'm worried about guns

    while its ok for the government to arm drug dealers and terrorists across the border, they frown upon free people arming themselves ..just sayin...
  12. rayz

    the latest super bug

    my god man..are you crazy? subject immigrants to some sort of health screening??!!!! why thats an outrage..you could hurt their feelings! what if they were actually sick? what would you do? send them back?!! oh the humanity!
  13. rayz

    Good deals on sandbags?

    don't know where ya live but here you can just go to county yard and get em for free--sand too, though they limit you to ten..so send a few friends at different time if you need more...also the local Ace apparently had several hundred quickcrete bags get wet/ ruined somehow.. they made large 'planter' boxes with them,on the hillside,which look a lot like improved firing positions..I have awesome neighbors...
  14. rayz

    budget friendly semi-autos

    Ruger American, comes in .243 .270 .308 or 30.06,,,I got the 30.06, $405 plus extortion ---i mean taxes/DROS 'fees'...oh and its American made..all of it, right down to the last screw.....(hehe i said .."screw" ...hehe)
  15. i think im finally getting through to the girlfriend, she offered to buy me a bucket of dehydrated food for my birthday ----<<< rofl! yup better keep her son!
  16. absolutely!-,,,for a nominal service charge of course...
  17. boat came in at my local gunshop! bought 2000 small rifle/2000 small pistol,/1000 large rifle/and 1000 large pistol primers...reloading press shipping this week, been gathering brass at local range, tumbler came 2 days ago, case length gauges in the mail, dies on backorder.going broke but loving it! oh and got my Remington Model 11 12ga back from GS, and picking up new Ruger American in 30.06 this Saturday...its like Christmas and Fourth of July rolled into one! lol
  18. per 2nd amendment ..and more importantly God, your right to defend yourself IS NOT something a state/local/ federal government can legislate , it is an inalienable right granted by a power far greater than any government
  19. rayz

    The USPS Deserves to Fail

    yup USPS is obsolete and drawing their last breath...too bad but theres unions and government for ya...
  20. rayz

    the 80 lb crossbow pistol

    I'm sure that idiot biden would tell you to "shoot two arrows in the air" so the bad guys will leave...lol...
  21. Bazza, I agree but also keep in mind the media's penchant for over dramatization and fear mongering.. i suspect the truth lies somewhere between....as far true just cuz its on the news...
  22. .22 lr has been available every few days here ya gotta find out the days it delivers, and they'll only sell ya 1 500rd brick per person
  23. rayz

    22LR ammo shelf life & storage

    well evry1 is right ..we shot artillery rounds and powder made in the 50's in the 80's-keep yer powder dry !