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    and then there were none

    oh, they know, same kind people that burnt the Reichstag, same story , different words, same result...
  2. ...i want to get another radio too,, i like the solar chargers they're putting in them now..
  3. I have a grundig fr200 i,ve had it since mid nineties not too thrilled w recepyion, buy you can add an antenna to it, it also recieves sw, three aaa have powered it several hours a week for over a year now, they're getting weak, but still plays, the flashlight i don't really use just the radio, it also has a hand crank to charge a seperate set of batteries i really like it, but the price has gone through the roof as i got mine for like 50 bucks...
  4. my favorite so far is One Second After although I thought Patriot (pretty good) and Survivors..(idk still haven't finished it, doubt I will...) currently reading Lights Out, not as good as One Second in my opinion but its a good read too..
  5. the only thing they could do better would be to mount the barrels 180 degrees from each other lol!
  6. and those who don't want to participate don't have have too, they just would be ineligable for any state/federal assistance
  7. I see your point WD and agree with your line of reasoning, I just think it would benefit us as a nation to have some sort of civil service duty to instill some sense of discipline, community and respect for others that is sorely lacking-actually purposefully being taken away by our current public re-education system, leaving it to the individual states to utilize their NG for disaster and to secure their borders as they see fit, I would leave the all volunteer standing armed forces just that, volunteers as one person who believes in what they're doing is worth 10 who don't, or are forced...jmo
  8. rayz

    Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In America

    wow I was sure Fresno Ca would be in there somewhere...probably on the top ten 3rd world cities in US...
  9. rayz

    Walmart being out of ammo

    I'm with KB, small mom-pop hardware / gunshops, /stores, are the way to go, sure I pay an x-tra 5-10 bucks, so what, its helping my neighbor
  10. rayz

    Walmart being out of ammo

    ...did I say hand? sorry I meant ass...same with Dickhead sporting goods..
  11. rayz

    Walmart being out of ammo

    doesn.t matter what the local managers say, I will no longer set foot in a Wal-Mart due to their crouching down and licking the government's hand,
  12. all able bodied bodied individuals between 16 and 19 should be required to serve minimum two years in military(state national guard -not federal), fire , law , or ems..their choice, ....
  13. well its on the stove,,14 pints of stew about 30 odd minutes left--pressure gauge rattling 3-5 times a minute,, like they said it would,, just hope it seals,, was a little unsure of the mechanics of the operation , time and practice will improve that..plan on trying 1st jar in 30 days another in 6 months then a year ....
  14. rayz

    1st time canning....

    sounds amazing OC, care to join me someday for lunch? I'll 'let ' you do the cooking! lol!
  15. rayz

    Tell me about ammunition terminology...

    boy, askin 'bout ammo gettin to be like askin a woman her weight or age..just sayin....oh and NO! all those ammo pouches don't make you look fat, your just 'big boned'
  16. rayz

    bug out bag diet

    replacing the MRE's with something like a Mainstay 3600cal may save weight,(and space) drop the mess kit since your eating a ration bar, true your cutting down to 1200 a day but if its a three day pack I don't think you'll starve, you may not be too happy though, do have something your able to cook/boil water in, or just pick up a can or something along the way...the large Mag lite is probably pretty heavy maybe a top-end head lamp would be better, you can replace it with a small prybar and still save a few ounces I imagine, and if its on your head or in a pocket, its not on your back:)
  17. Sadly I must agree with JCMS for the most part all my life with few exceptions, my vote has not mattered and when it did it was overturned by the courts, the time of talk has almost passed, I will not give my name and address out to anyone (though it probably does not matter), they can find me easily enough on their own.....and when /if they do.. I Will Not Comply...
  18. No large cities, no boats, I have the buoyancy of a cannonball..
  19. rayz

    States Rights..

  20. rayz


    and to stir the .223 vs 5.56 controversy pot, per Ruger website (FAQ's) 5.56 ammo is safe to shoot in all but the 'Target' model Mini-14..
  21. rayz


    "F" Wal Mart I will not shop there anymore or at "DICKS" their name says it all
  22. I would look at the qt or gallon size mylar bags with re-closeable seal the square tote should work just fine, the 'normal' ziplocks don't last as long..
  23. rayz


    trying to find any .223/5.56 is getting very frustrating....
  24. rayz

    Maine living

    I found a small pretty conservative community I gotta drive close to an hour to get to work, so its bearable, for now..oh how I miss the 'edit' button!
  25. rayz

    Maine living

    I know how ya feel I live in CA, its only saving grace is the weather and soil, all else is lost..