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    Greeting's from North Idaho

    My friends call me RangerRick and I live in Bonner County North Idaho. I teach free Survival Preparedness Classes at my church. If you have an interest email me and I will send you the info where the church is at. If you are to far away to make the classes, I can send you the class material and other info on line. I have about 40 years working Emergency Services in Disaster Response and 25 years with the Government as a Airborne Grunt. Be Prepared, Be Thankful, Be Prayerful, RangerRick
  2. RangerRick

    FEMA Camp answer...

    Oregon just prosecuted a guy for collecting rain water for his place. They are nuts on the west coast,RR
  3. RangerRick

    Greeting's from North Idaho

    tinderwolf, email me at RangerRickOne@Hotmail.Com, in the subject heading put Survival info, I will know it is not junk mail. Let me know what kind of info you may want I will get it to you. I will be on the redoubt radio this Sunday night the 9th of Sept. Goggle and it will get you there. Best Regards,RangerRick
  4. RangerRick

    Shipping Containers

    The tops and sides of container can not hold up to weight of any kind. The sides must be renforced as the top will be. On the sides we used old tires and filled them with sand, works great for earthquakes and such. They CONTAINERS can be bolted together and then welded if needed. I prefer a little flex. All the doorways we use rubber boots between the containers for flex also. You will need to waterproof the sides/top and then add 2"foam insulation, plastic wrap before the tires on the sides. The roof,we used light concrete over steel I beams that went side to side to catch the heavy side rails for support, and then foam. The inside we supported the roof while we worked on it. Cover with dirt and be happy. For ventilation the smallest pipe you can use is 6". One goes within a foot of the floor and the second one at the other end that stops 6" from the roof. Use a 180 degree bend on the top side to keep out dust and such. If you add an adaptor to the 180's and go to 8" inlet that will help cut down on a vaccum and helps keep the heavy particles in the air from coming into you shelter. I have installed computer fans to help push air out ,but not bring it in unless you know the air is good. You can also fab up a hepa filter to clean in coming air. RR
  5. RangerRick

    DIY Lawnmower Generator

    You will need to match the motor horse power to the watts the generator produces. Remember a 5 KW runs a 10HP eng. Look for an old Rabbit Diesel eng. and leave the transmissions on it to use the gearing to control the RPMs better. We have built several and they do work great. RR
  6. RangerRick

    Astro Van

    rtg, I owned a Astro Van with a 5" factory lift and a locker in back. It was my second favorite 4x4. My 1st was a 1974 Pinzgauer I restored in 2005. These trucks are air cooled and go anywhere you aim them, just keep flipping levers and go. I restored an M880 dodge and put a UniMog radio box on the back, It was well insulated but a bit top heavy riding on a 6" lift kit with 35" tires. I have a chevy I am building now, locker front and rear, 454 eng, 4:10 gears 6" lift with 33" tires 16,500 winch. I thought about a handicap school bus body for it. That would be cool. AnYway,Best Regards,RR
  7. RangerRick

    I thick this is about survival?.

    RTG, I did not have an issue with the post. I am a former Deputy Sheriff and a current Tribal Marshal. I feel as you do, some of these kids wearing badges are not much more than thugs. Example, my brother in Montana has been dancing with the local thugs with badges for some time and they give him as much trouble as they can without breaking the law. That changed a few weeks ago. He was taking a break at work in front of God and Country with Security Cams running and 3 cop cars came in, threw him accross the push bars of a squad car and beat him up breaking some ribs. Just for fun. He weights 150 # wet. Yes, he hired an attorney and we hope the cops leave him alone. If not it will be my turn. We know who the cops are,where they live and where they work. I sent the message over already thru a friend in the Border Patrol. Hope they understand plain english. Best Regards,RR
  8. RangerRick

    One way tunnels,what a great idea

    rtg, I did not think you hated anyone. Just a great idea. RR
  9. RangerRick

    One way tunnels,what a great idea

    You have my vote. RR
  10. RangerRick

    What have you done today to better your Prep? II

    Cleaned some of my weapons, put together several classes for my Survival Preparedness training at the church and one for the EXPO coming up the end of Sept in Spokane Washington. Heading out to cut firewood for my neighbor and I. RR
  11. RangerRick

    So what's in your fire staring kit ?

    I also carry, 22 shells for gun powder,Bic lighter, glass for magnifier, be it eye glasses, camera, scope, pine pitch, the bottom of a coke can for making an ice magnifier. This is hard, but came with the Winter Survival classes in Alaska training.Last but not approved, C-4 out of a brick or Claymore. Good info awake, RR
  12. If you are not aware, this program called STAND DOWN is being held accross the Country. Here in Idaho, we hold several of them. Bottom line, Free Military gear, like new. Just about anything you would want. Good place to get your military goods. Hope this helps, RangerRick
  13. RangerRick

    A Medic Bag to Survive 365 Days?

    There seems to be a thought that the triple which I carried for years has an issue with a lot of folks and their skin. It cases an allergic reaction. Most medics now say to just use a double antibiotoc cream. RangerRick
  14. RangerRick

    North Idaho stopping in

    I am RangerRick from outside the Sandpoint area. I teach Survival Prepardness, and currently my church is letting me teach there on Saturdays. March 17th, water is the topic, March 31st, Emergency med is the topic. Priest River Community Church 10 AM TO 2 PM. Horizon Bldg in back. If interested let me know so I can have hand outs ready. rangerrickone@hotmail.com RangerRick
  15. RangerRick

    What I'm Worried About

    Well the FEMA camps do exist, I help to build two of them in South Central Indiana. I have a job app for working at one. It was then I retired and moved to the PNW. On the south side of Indianapolis in a place called Beech Grove, an area I grew up in, there have been useless ovens installed back in the late nineties. I have seen them in the former main repair shop where trains use to be worked on. It looks just like a camp from Germany. We are blessed here where I now live. The Commissioners with the sheriff past a resolution to shut down the NDAA here. The feds will have to go thru the Sheriff and if they don't, they get arrested. This area is full of former/retired Elite military. We have told the sheriff, we will back you 100% if the Feds done play fair. There are many blue haired senior ladies who feel the same. They come to all the gun shows. I love this place. RangerRick
  16. RangerRick

    Cotton balls + vaseline

    To keep the cotton balls in the medic kit, I use my dryer lint. It works and it is free. RangerRick
  17. 101 Matt, thanks for the luck. I really hope a prepper that see's this can buy it. By friday a realotor will have it and of course the price goes up 7%. Good for you and a good neighbor. RangerRick
  18. I am selling my retreat for payoff. Friend who was buying it on contract bailed. I cant do two house payments. It is in Southern Indiana, North East side of Brown County. Appraised at $252,000, payoff is $168,000. I just dont the bank to get it. It is move in ready. I built it myself . Want more info, email direct and I will send you the info. Missed the first payment the 5th, so dont think about it to long this is the area to live in the County. Best Regards, RangerRick rangerrickone@hotmail.com
  19. If you live near Priest River Idaho, I am giving classes at the Priest River Community Church. March 17th is on Water and March 31st is on Survival meds. If interested contact me @ rangerrickone@hotmail.com and I will fill you in on the rest. Best Regards, RangerRick
  20. RangerRick

    Pre 65 Silver Coins

    Don't forget the nickel. It's metal contend now is worth more than 5 cents. The war nickels from the 40'S that are dull not shiny as the norm for a nickel have a silver content. Off the top of my head it is 35%, but dont quote me on that. Best Regards, RangerRick