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    Get Home Bags

    I have been recently working on my own GMHB. and here is a list of the Items I have in it at present. Viper 72hr Patrol Bag - the bag Bolle rolly pouch - extra side bag if needed can be detached Pantac water bottle pouch - holds a 1litre Sigg bottle nicely or my 32oz Naglene stainless Backpacker bottle Poncho - lightweight green (4xlenght of cordage and 4x 4" nails) (mini shelter kit and waterproof) military headover - an Brit army issue hat/balaclava/neckwarmer (loads of other uses like an extra warm buff but better) waterproof lightweight gloves windshirt (which is also showerproof and packs down to less size than a fist and very lightweight but very warm) min note book and pen and pencil mini multi head screwdriver mini mull grips and metal/wood saw blades spork 2x cylumes 1x Krill light (2xAA batery cylume stick last for ages) Spare pay-as-you-go Mobile spare battery and £15 credit on it (all fully charged) SAK (forester model with locking blade) 2x FFD bandages FAk (including small trauma kit) Lighter Firesteel + quicktinder and wetfire 2x Large bin bags (101 uses) small survival tin (an ex work one) millbank bag (waterfilter) Sigg metal mug and flask (holds 0.6 litres) Mora Clipper knife sweedish fold-a-way cup brew kit emergency rations (high energy food/drinks powders) 30' Paracord (550lb) sharpening stone and steel 10m duct tape wraped onto plastic card Maps to get to and from work and home (1; 50 000scale) (I work in south England and come from the Midlands about 100miles away, although I have accomodation where I work) local maps to both home and work (1;25 000 scale) Silva type 54 Military compass (marked in Degrees and Mils) Peztl head torch small MP3 player Bateries for all electrical equipment with extras at least 3 spare set for each kit(all lithium so last longer and can handle the cold better) Lightweight change of clothes and spare socks survival blanket (heavyduty/multi use one) survival blanket (mylar) Other work gear that I happen to be needing or using at the time
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    Hello from the UK :)

    I have been reading article from the Cache a while now and have also been reading part of forums poss as well with the links form the news letter. I hope you do not mind but as I have enjoyed the articles so much I thought I would join you all A little about myself: I am a serving soldier in HM Forces and have been for the last 18 years. I have travelled around a large part of the world and seen some of the best and worst parts. But I have always managed to learn new things and love the outdoors way of life. I am an active meber on several forums to do with outdoors life including Bushcraft and preper forums in UK, Europe and USA. I am always interested in how even though ways of life and laws are different around the world there is still a lot of commonality with us all. I have been involved in the scouting movement from the age of 7 till I was 18, but I am starting to get back into it with helping out. As I think it is important to pass on knowledge and learn from as many sources as possible. Hope that helps with a little about myself Speak to all soon hopefully:)