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    A man who believes in survival, who survives on a daily basis just like all of you. However the survival that is talked about on this site is the truest and most honest form of survival.
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    that goes against the grain
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    abit of everything
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    work for money
  1. tinderwolf

    Crisis in Europe

    I FearYouAreCorrect
  2. tinderwolf

    Top 10 Drones in the World.

    sweet vid....i want one.
  3. tinderwolf

    gun rally

    oh man......new your in the 70's....interesting times.
  4. tinderwolf

    Nimrods Here is why I think we are near the end

    shouldn't this be a way of weeding out the unwanted ones???
  5. tinderwolf

    Crisis in Europe

    I haven't seen good times with easy money for a long time
  6. tinderwolf

    Rucks for sale or trade

    yeah please post some pictures of them if you can,that will help you get people moreinterested
  7. tinderwolf

    Paracord items for sale

    a big rope that is thirty feet long and contains 800 ft of cord.
  8. tinderwolf

    Paracord items for sale

    a rocksling I just completed
  9. tinderwolf

    Self Censoring- Good Thing or Not?

    TB I guess the sites I vist have not been editing those sections so thats good. Personally if they are doing that I would not want to be apart of that site unless someone is taking it as far as saying real negative things like the incidents were good or something stupid like that. Wally, I am a father of two little ones and I am not torn on this issue at all. We have the freedom of speech period. We have the 2nd ammendment period. I DO NOT want to see the loss of any more children for ANY reason. The people who want to do harm in this world will do so no matter if guns are easily accesible or not, they will still get them or use another means of destruction. The only difference in this situation is when the bad guys have weapons and we don't.
  10. tinderwolf

    Oath Keepers.

    Fantastic letter, thank you for posting as this is the first I have heard or seen of it.
  11. tinderwolf

    Oath Keepers.

    could not agree more with this statement.
  12. tinderwolf

    We the People

    I have done so and am sending it to as many people I can. Thank you very much warrior for posting this