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  1. All of the agencies are freaking out about Wikileaks, I can see it is disconcerting on ll levels but let us go back to John F. Kennedy's speech that got him killed ( personal thought ) here is a link to the speech. John F. Kennedy speech against secrecy I understand where we need clandestine methods to eavesdrop on our enemies but as we saw the impact of the tapping of Angela Merkel's ( German Chancellor ) phone almost became an international incident and they are supposed to be a staunch ally. The alphabet soup agencies have abused this power it is suppose to be used against enemies and look at the enemy list from one agency was first military veterans ????? then Christians ???? if that kind of thinking does not concern you your an idiot. We also have a paid asset problem there are snitches that actively look to turn people ( into fed inmates ) granted they get people to commit crime only as they prod them and prod them offer them money and entrap them Ruby Ridge is an example was it illegal yes but it need to be looked at in the light of the complete context who what why where when etc. Recently we were told that people inside the agencies were spying on their girl friends ex wives and I am just as sure individuals who they personally did not like. We cannot trust a billion dollar agency EVER look up how many times over the years where they tested drugs on innocent victims chemical weapons or psychological techniques IE Pavlov's dog experiments. If there were no outlet like Wikileaks we would all be illegally under surveillance and sources for REAL news stories that have an impact on American citizens would dry up there is a reason why we should not trust the deep state they have gone rouge and misused their power over and over without legal penalties and the victims hare rarely been compensated and those are the incidents we know about so IMHO that is about 10% or less. HERE IS ANOTHER VIDEO AGENCIES USING INNOCENT VICTIMS Beyond all the rhetoric we know there are deep state paid assets hat work for or in news networks some are probably independent press agents as well anyone that reads knows that most of it is fluff or overblown to illicit a reaction control the narrative control the masses anyone that bothers to look up the number of police shootings can see by the numbers that race creed or color had little to do with almost all it was the temperament and irrational actions of the individual the police encountered. DTA "Don't trust anyone" even the good guys have a turncoat now and again and with compartmentalization the left hand may not know what the left is up to, and need to know hidden assets ghost legions not even the people on the inside are aware of. in order to have a fact check system you have to be able to drop a bait and see were it surfaces and then who takes is then you have a trail so a controller can find their leak the name WEB is a perfect analogy notice the boxes created by the concentric rings our is more like a black widows web it is erratic and never the same as another black widows web each part is responsible for a particular job and as world political changes wars and problem as with any other business the web shifts money and talent shift with it the use of private or subcontractors has led to a leaky mess and that is why I am really concerned where a subcontracted asset makes a virus or trogan and then alters it to suit their own nefarious purposes so just because Wikileaks let the cat out of the bag to the public does by no ways means that the black web does not know about or use these same utilities for their own use tweaking them as most can be a plug and play by adjusting the code as to what output the designer chooses. Trust there isn't any, trust is a cocked rat trap and the information you allow out can trip it with your azz in it. I know people that wrapped their mail in aluminum foil or mylar and other tricks to prevent tampering and just because they look tamper proof the right treatment they open like Ali Baba's cave. There is no medium today that cannot be turned against you. all it takes to rip away the facade of honor is for an unnamed source to post a naked pic of you on a social media account and with all the SMART appliances phones and other gadgets that is so easy. Now edit that some more LOL I marvel at the shear ignorance it is almost like talking to a flat worlder and there are actually people that think we are on a flat earth AAAHHHHHHHAAA makes me wonder !
  2. Candles are the best emergency lighting and heating because they are simple you need fire and a candle. but a single candle is not going to help much. Instead of using precious fuel to keep warm I decided to have a couple of alternative methods I have heat packs a propane torch it has a piezo striker and a couple of 1 pound propane bottles and a cookie tin candle. Since it is near to the holidays I remember making bees wax candles in a cookie tin, one reason is they are wide and shallow you can put in a lot of wicks but you only need to light enough to satisfy your need at the moment I have kept them under my vehicle seat with a BIC lighter taped to the top. I liked bees wax because it had little but a good scent it melted at a reasonable rate, better than soy or paraffin and we had plenty as we kept 10 hives or so all the time. Compared to paraffin wax it smells better burns a bit cleaner. I don't like scented candles to heat or cook over as they transfer flavor to what your cooking. as far as what I have researched petroleum or paraffin candles are not toxic and have a limited threat to humans if burned in a reasonable space I just prefer bees wax to make mine with and make them in a roughly 6 inch cookie tin and leave about a half inch of space between the wax and lid my wicks I keep about 1 and 1/2 inches apart slightly tighter in the center as I heat my cup there. you have to be very careful of fire but if your stuck in a vehicle in the cold just level it up not too close to the back of the seat light it and it won't take long to kill the chill. bees wax has dozens of uses look them up I used it on decking screws makes them sink in fast and easy into old wood good for waterproofing leather / gloves uses for bees wax
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    Snap shooting an ar

    Here is an old read from Charles Askins Snap shooting Snap shooting is good to practice it is hard at ranges today as they got all kinds of rules but a good multiple bulls eye target or 4 square a bulls eye north south east and west or if you can on your range just get stick on spots and scatter them around and try to pop them. When I was a kid we would throw dirt clods we did not have to worry about back stop no one lived in that direction --- and all woods until the next town about 10 miles off. Today it's getting harder to find a open space to experiment with shooting strategy, tactics, off hand shooting and point shooting. back in the day I like to copy the old movie cowboys two hand walking the can / target out with a string of bullets.
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    The One Gun Solution

    Today we have a solution that those in black Powder had to a degree and that is use a single firearm to shoot pellets buck shot and a single ball. today a break action single shot shotgun or even a SXS or an over & under can that can accept a chamber conversion and I would go with a rifled long conversion tube, in a heavy pistol caliber and 22 rim fire as it can fire all the lengths of 22 rim fire cartridges except 22 magnum. With the over & under or SXS or side by side you can have one barrel with a shot shell or slug and the other with a rim fire or pistol caliber as far as accuracy it would not be like a target rifle but if it will put it a 8 inch circle @ 100 that's meat on the table. Another scenario if you had access to the pistol calibers they list and no pistol you could use them in your shotgun. I can't say I like the offerings today for an over and under rifle and shotgun combo, first problem is most are 20 ga my only reason is that 20ga chambering is 1/5th of the total numbers of gauges out there so in hard times the number of shells would be damn few to none were as 12 ga is abundant and still used in the military and police agencies. I wish someone would sell a 5.56 adapter for a 12 ga or a 30-30 or 7.62 X39 I remember when gunsmiths would make a shotgun into a double rifle I seen a few in 45-70. It would be nice to see a real caliber over a 12ga so you could shoot birds and have the option to take large game or defend yourself against it. Here is the link to Short lane gunadapters.com https://www.gunadapters.com/
  5. Stainless steel liquid container filled with water reason because it is heat resistant. Stainless cup Reason a separate vessel to handle liquid transfer to your container and heat resistant. Swiss army Explorer pocket knife reason because it has all the basic elements of survival. and magnifier for fire Compass oil filled or linsatic a watch band slide on as a backup reason weather and night you cannot always see the sky. Fire steel Reason makes fire when other methods fail. Bic lighter NAME BRAND PLEASE, Reason in this list 3rd way to make fire. Whistle the loudest one you can find Reason signaling Stainless steel pocket / signaling mirror Flashlight good single AAA battery for your key ring Reason so you will always have it on you. Bandana large Reason good color can be a signaling device, a tourniquet. made into a head cover absorbs filters water etc. Emergency blanket reason heat retention sun reflection wind break 6X6 foot minimum tarp sun, rain, wind protection. Paracord 550 20 foot piece to 100 foot hank Head net with 100% DEET insect repellent Hat with a full brim like a crusher or boonie Sun glasses with polarized lenses Reason eye protection with a good case. Fishing line BRAIDED type extremely strong small spool learn how to tie this type line Reason fishing and snares suture etc. Fishing hooks selection Dental floss plain no wax or flavor full roll Sewing needles a few Triple antibiotic ointment one tube W/ a first aid kit size is up to you. Magnet Neodymium reason to make needles into a compass to help extract a metal splinter holds needles so you don't loose them. Belt and pouch/s to contain all this so you can carry it is needed. Arguments will follow, derringer mini revolver and a box of shells 22LR or 22 Magnum North American Arms makes good pistols. I get the argument all the time "I can't carry at work" unless your being searched or scanned yes you can mini derringers in a belly band for a woman in your bra or belly band. How many times have shooters gone to a business and shot people ? There are a few places I would not carry like a school or courthouse the main thing is to keep it secure to your body. Shooters like unarmed targets people that shoot back most will run or at least you have some chance versus hiding in a closet, locker or under your desk. look for one with a longer barrel and sights getting the NAA derringer with both cylinders for 22LR and one for 22 Magnum the best options are the NAA-BWC Black Widow w/ Fixed Sights – 2″ Barrel for aimability concealability / compact size, grip size All of the rest of this will fit in a small messenger bag or pouch much of this is useful for first responder at an accident / emergency first aid. in order for this to be a real BOB is to have clothing appropriate for your weather conditions with some food stuffs to last 3 days and a gallon of water. Accidents and breakdowns happen on water keeping pants long sleeve shirt and shoes and a windbreaker a hat and a beach towel, I have rescued people damp at night slight wind that looked like they were freezing stuck on a boat in the middle of the lake without a oars / paddle no flashlight --- survival is considering what may happen and protecting yourself against it. This is a basic kit arguments on the pistol are mute to me because there is no limit to caliber size or number of rounds BUT can you tote it all day, can you conceal it, it is not the gun at home or in your vehicle that will save you it's the one on you loaded and ready. 22 Magnum is a wicked caliber with the right ammo it is a man stopper and can deal with large predators if your jogging or in a mall parking lot NAA have 5 shots single action (you have to cock it for consecutive shots) so it cannot be construed as anything but a last ditch tool to save your life it does not make you out as a dirty harry or the punisher vigilante type. In some states including Washington D.C. any weapon makes them insane they would rather you die as they can ignore that or muck up the investigation so it will remain unsolved, just look up the Vince Foster case.
  6. Let's get into the weeds "STOPPING POWER". Stopping power is as elusive as a albino whale although we know they exist or have or, will again is a useless fact if your searching for one spending your own money and time. Then there are the arguments that the world is flat or X caliber is more able then the world is round as all calibers have performed and accomplished one shot stops..... so what is it, well it it's part fact a bit of fiction mixed with magic pain and fear. The human body cannot function beyond certain limits like nerve damage lack of oxygen or clinical death. All of these factors take time from a split second to minutes, minutes you may not have in an altercation or would have if you could have the time to analyze the instant replay and be able to act on it. The reason why I am so pro 2nd amendment is obvious once seen through the lens of lets say Afghanistan once people do not have options of hand weapons they will do like Theodore John Kaczynski or the Unibomber or even the lowly kitchen knife as was used in China on a many occasions where one person killed more than many shootings here all you have to do is type in, "knife attacks in china" and a whole list will pop up. So do knives have stopping power ? yes they do but unlike a bullet it is very hard to "test" but I can assure you that stabbing weapons do stop people in their tracks in many cases like bullets they have to do damage to vital organs as well as inflict pain enough to "stop" the individual from being able to function. So lets do the math or NOT ! because this is where fuzzy math has been contorted to 3 dimensions to explain something that it is not able to in any situation as all are totally different, unique and quite unable to be explained except after by a intense investigation and or an autopsy. We all know or should that 357 magnum has had more ability to stop attackers over any other caliber but if you just take that and not dig deeper you will miss the competing factors such as bullet weight barrel length and other statistics like clothing thickness bullet type weight and distance of individual shootings. More important is survival of the victims and yes there are survivors, some use catheters others need a bag to crap in stuck to their side others are in wheel chairs or cannot function to 100% of their previous ability. Does this mean they did not effect their mission of injuring or killing others ? The answer is NO NO and sometimes. Think of a body in 3 dimensions moving in all directions as so are the organs not fixed in space, this is why center mass is he approved aiming point it takes the largest area and asks you to focus and try to place all your shots in it, thats it ! This is part probability part lawyer foo and all guess work that the shooter is capable of hitting a bull in the azz with a bass fiddle ! under stress fear and never having been in a potentially lethal confrontation in their lives. On the attackers side many are accustom violence or have a long list of violent crimes or worse have used violent tactics against weaker individuals with such success that they feel embolden so they have no fear or understanding that someone will or can attempt to stop them in essence bullies like the guy in Missouri that strong armed robbed a convenience store and then assaulted a police officer and then was shot dead by that same officer after the subject turned and attacked like he was Godzilla attacking Tokyo --- why, because he had used that tactic before brute strength and bully tactics that had worked before. That is the psychological condition of man, our go to option is what we know has worked in the past. Now consider a person that has zero experience and fills that lack of experience with -- you got it hearsay fables STORIES. Facts on the other hand are confusing and will not bring confidence up at all. I am sure that the lady that went up to her attic with her children and shot the home intruder in the face was either 5 or 6 times and he didn't die is awestruck that he did not stop after the first shot and still survived, after all in the movies they throw a sheet over people shot in the head just once don't they ? Let us also look at fanatical and psychopathic attacks they are not as rare as one might think but the war in the Philippine Moro's (mooslims) was where the U.S. found that 38 was not a man stopper and opted for a .45ACP everyone forgets that the round was full metal jacket or the velocity is not best for expansion but in this case using it on full grown people of no more than 120 pounds it worked another fact is that they (Moro's ) wrapped / bound themselves with strips of cloth like a mummy and got all psyched out before an attack -- nothing like natural endorphines and testosterone fueled with religious hatred to start your day. and we have all heard of the doped out of their minds attackers even the police have problems in taking down and this is fact and a lot of luck on the dope heads part on here got shot 17 times by numerous officers and lived and still had to be tackled by officers-- notice PLURAL more than one. In the event of an attack by a religious or doped up individual, Your azz is grass no jury with an overzealous prosecutor is easily going to accept your story that you had to shoot 15 times and reload and this may sound sexist but unless your a female although women shoot better than men generally speaking. Remember the state is not going to investigate beyond the fact you shot someone it's your lawyers responsibility to put up a defense, remember that so you better hope there is video and your lawyer has the sense of mind to know that find it and exploit it for your benefit. The reason for the civilian to carry is to defend themselves -- now think that through, it does not mean for you to defend against the golden horde and it is on your part INSANE if you think your able to take on a group of individuals with long arms IMHO it may play well in the press that you died with your boots on heroically your battered body numerous wounds last gasp yada yada yada PRAY you die because if you live you will be blamed for everything since the civil war and god help you if you accidentally shoot a bystander in any situation. Once you pull a gun your liability NEVER ENDS at least recklessly discharging a firearm and a blot on your record and up to murder either by one of these Murder, Manslaughter or Justifiable Homicide. Please note that all of them means you killed someone and some will always equate it just that way. Statistics prove -- nothing, people have been killed with a pellet gun 25acp and old 32 caliber pocket revolvers some were even rimfire that are known anemic calibers. is there some magic balankee we can find solace in as far as a handgun and not fear the consequences of using it ---the answer is NO, there will be consequences in either way if you carry don't carry use it or just forget you have it and get arrested in the wrong place like a school property and I know about all the stories that people have been let off because yada yada but that is not always law but an effort of the local legal system not to ruin a particular person that does not say they won't make you an example ! To pocket pistol or not to pocket pistol or even a tiny derringer, if you work in a antigun company or a place where carry is a definite firing offense but still know it is not an option for yourself as you have a threat against you this may be your only choice. Companies are willing to sacrifice individuals for their own beliefs or rules because they are not legally responsible if they could be charged or sued because of their rules it would be another matter entirely IMHO. Because of my surroundings I have NOT carried, in some instances I have decided to carry a pocket version and others full size, full power with a long gun backup shotgun or rifle. That is why we have all the variety and because people come in all different sizes shapes weather / event appropriate clothing and professions. I like that corporations are protecting themselves like sports coliseums with metal detectors but once you leave like one man who had his children with him was attacked and beaten to death by a couple of competing sports fans found out once outside the venue your a victim waiting to happen. I am sure his children appreciate the fact that all those people in the stadium were safe from firearms even though they were forced to watch their father get beat and stomped to death. Think outside the box, I hear that and know it is a load of sh*t 97% of people don't. There are real reason why people carry just as much what they carry and between brow beating from the dwindling numbers of pro 2nd amendment full size carry ONLY and the fear of the legal system or their employer people that should don't. Every time I hear of a rape murder or kidnapping I wonder how many criminals would be dead or jailed instead of someone being victimized and how many that would eliminate from being future victims. How many times have we seen or read that the felon has done this repeatedly and has been in and out of prisons, a fact that fails to penetrate the parole boards and justice or might ai say injustice system. it is a self fulfilling perpetual machine criminals re-offend the system makes more money they can't pay but the tax payer does so they get a check any way it goes. the criminals have children who because of not having a 2 parent home have a greater chance of becoming a criminal themselves their parent has to for the most part depend on social services like welfare and food stamps help with rent and medical at the expense of again the tax payer who subsidizes the evolution of the criminal from birth to death and even in death we foot the bill for an autopsy and burial as does anyone really think these types care or spend money on insurance or a burial policy ? and what about their children ? we are saddled with all the responsibility and no accountability as in do they spend the money on food and how well are their children doing in school or if the parent is on drugs OH HELL NO ! that is an invasion of privacy but, if your in the military you do not have the luxury of privacy or in corporate employment try being a pilot and not getting drug tested or a truck driver. people cannot tell the difference between most common calibers fired from a pistol some can differentiate rifle shots from a pistol BUT any criminal can figure out there is a gun in play that is not their own and that scares 99% of them silly and once the pain of a bullet strikes them the fight or flight response kicks in and them leaving is as good as stopping or dead as it terminates the incident for you, if they live and escape that may mean they target someone else to get away but that can happen with any caliber the proof is people survive war wounds and some still managed fight on. Stopping power caliber or arguments thereof will never be settled and in some cases after the fact we can see it is true that a longer barrel larger caliber could have made a difference that is still dependent on the individual and their ability. That being said a Glock 40 all shots fired and none striking the criminal in a crowded mall or parking lot is scary as hell to me, more so than a loose purse snatcher IMHO. You see everything has to balance the incident the place situational reasoning is as important as the reason to use a firearm or not. In the movie Crocodile Dundee, he is in New York sees a purse snatcher grab a purse takes a can from a passing persons grocery bag and hurls it hitting the criminal in the head retrieves the purse and is the hero BULLSH*T in New Yuck he would be arrested for theft (of the can good) injury with a weapon as now the can is a weapon and probably attempted murder as the strike was to the criminal now victims head plus he was running and no longer a threat and the actor (thrower of the can) was never in jeopardy of injury or loss of property and the list goes on. TV and Movies have screwed this culture up worse than drugs. New cop shows make you believe that if your not guilty you will talk to police if you lawyer up your guilty or have something to hide that is ignorance on both sides of the screen and the first thing your lawyer will ask is, "what did you say" because in the moment and excitement witnesses will have different versions but your words no matter if taken in or out of context can bury you. Why all of this post on caliber because it is not the gun the incident caliber it is the outcome the court or the grand jury that people need to get, the Monday morning quarterbacking scenario target rich environment of the incident itself as you can win the gun battle and do life in prison for killing a bystander save dozens in a mall and cause or kill one child and the horror will not go away. this is life it is messy filled with lawyers courts and prisons and choices shoot or not live or die it's not so easy and caliber is the least of considerations for the civilian IMHO.
  7. Tommy Robinson is fighting the good fight. We need to support people like him anywhere we can, they expose the crimes foreign governments allow against their own people, crimes that will be on our doorstep if we do not pay attention. Here is his web site, watch him on youtube and share his videos Tommy Robinson Once a group thinks they have an upper hand they will use force and in the end kill you. These leaders that allow this migrant invasion to ride roughshod over the people that built pay for and own the property, to threaten, assault rape and murder. It is happening in America and Canada in small pockets if we do not tackle it now and expose it to the socialists who call for open borders, we can expect this here in all it's demonic crimes that come with it. Video gets real 2 minutes in. 4:32 there are so many people we need to support if by nothing else watching and sharing their videos. It makes me sick when the left acts like republicans would not vote for a woman or person of color. There are literally dozens of perfectly capable women I would vote for. The problem from the democratic standpoint is their not socialists, they don't pander to the illegal immigrants and lie to them with promises they will never keep and, cannot due to our laws. they are not race baiters or pro late term / live abortion proponents. None of them believe that lowering the age of concent is a good idea or legalizing all drugs, open borders or a free check called a living wage for people perfectly able to work but are too lazy. The left is lying they are not democrats they are socialists, they are like evil children hiding behind their mothers skirts (democrats) and it is time for the real democrats to brake away and force them to form their own party and quit giving them a platform. when all the left does is pull the rug out from under them. I need to try to not use the word democrat so much it is a segment although large that has hijacked the main party, cloaking themselves as one thing when they are quite another. I can remember when there were no school shootings no mass murders and work place mass killings. as the left has pushed their failed ideals like take God out of school and government stop criminal executions allow the welfare state to expand unchecked and force people in a free country to work for those they do not agree with religiously. morally or politically , I though slavery was abolished. At this rate straight men if there are any left and even women will be forced to date transexuals as a try it on for size effort. There are already things being taught in elementary schools that would piss off parents if they knew. People want to be respected, well that is not going to happen if your a walking talking fruitcake dressed like a Nazi, zombie killer, Cinderella or the tooth fairy IMO
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    Warning: USA Collapse will be far worse than you think!

    hell now is not a walk in the park, more like a linguistic mine field once sticks and stones mix it will get really ugly. I can't find it, but Hoyt Axton American country singer and actor. He tells a story of a friend that's face is all beaten and bruised, Hoyt asks how did it happen, well that's what i was explaining to the cop when he asked me to describe my assailant, I told the cop, that's what I was doing just for he hit me. 3:31
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    Cuba Claims Justin Trudeau is Fidel Castro’s Son.

    I never met him but he looks like he would smell like a used butt plug, now am worried tat I will get reported for defaming butt plugs.
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    Support Tommy Robinson by watching his chanel

    There was a complaint about this opinion, from a person that said they were British well to bad, we have free speech in this country and on this forum -- so far. I am familiar with Britain and how they view freedom of speech. if you don't agree your government oppresses them, Tommy is not a racist he is a realist, Europe had to throw off OTHER CULTURES that would not assimilate and would not adhere to laws, rules and codes set down by the existing CULTURES notice the S as in more than one, that had decided to agree together on a set of social rules of conduct. Then a bunch of interlopers and invaders came in and decided to murder and destroy the EXISTING CULTURE and that is what is going to happen to the British nation. BRITAIN will go up in flames you will either submit to sharia law or be put to the sword. ARE YOU BLIND IT IS HAPPENING ALL OVER THE MIDDLE EAST THE SUNNI AND SHIA ARE KILLING EACH OTHER UNDER NAMES LIKE ISIS HAMAS PLO AND THE LIST GOES ON ! There are no moderates once the sword starts to taste blood. I recall a French civil war started with a queen saying let them eat cake and that is all it took and how many died in that little episode ? You cannot get along with everyone you can't take all sides and you cannot live like your neighbors or your mother and father did but, in the argument that Tommy is a racist your telling him that you yourself can, so beat the rush to convert if your a woman get a hijab and learn to keep your mouth shut only a few are allowed to speak their minds and others are honor killed and that line in drawn by the elder male or husband of the family as to when it is crossed. Fatwa's are allowances on the strict code of religion here are a few fatwa's I am thinking Tommy Robinson does not agree with -- grand mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah allegedly issued the guidelines to allow a husband to eat his wife's body parts … Chess, The game of kings is considered Haram (forbidden) and the best strategy for the faithful is to keep away from the chess board. It is a "waste of time,".according to Abdul-Aziz ibn Abdullah Al ash-Sheikh Following Pope Benedict XVI's quotation of a Byzantine emperor in a lecture, he called the pope's statement "lies", adding that they "show that reconciliation between religions is impossible". In June 2013, he issued a fatwa demanding the destruction of statues of horses placed in a roundabout in Jizan: "The sculptures [must] be removed because they are a great sin and are prohibited under Sharia (Islamic law)". In 2007, he announced plans to demolish the Green Dome and flatten the tombs housed under it, including that of Muhammad. this proves that they fo not honor the founder and that is Haram or BAD by other sects of the same religion, IF they can go that far, whatever else pray tell me can the leader of a religion that can turn on a dime decide ? On 15 March 2012, he declared that, "All churches in the Arabian Peninsula must be destroyed". His declaration about the destruction of churches in the Arabian Peninsula led to negative comments. Roman Catholic bishops in Germany and Austria responded sharply to his fatwa, concerned about the human rights of non-Muslims working in the Persian Gulf the mufti’s declaration ran contrary to the centuries-old Islamic teachings of tolerance and the sanctity of institutions belonging to other religions. Well that was kinda a misnomer they did not tolerate they had a tax on them and treated them as a second class citizen. In their holy book it states at least 100 times that infidels will be MURDERED so it is not something that can be taken as a anomaly or a sect view point it is inherent always there and once it takes hold the moderates like in Iran have no control and live in fear that they will be put to death for protecting a enemy of god --notice the little g. They do not preach equality it takes 2 black or two women in a court to equal a single Persian or Arab man or of stature not a woman or person of a color they deem beneath them it is explicit in the teachings. Whoever the person is that reported my post your either a mooslim apologist a member yourself or uneducated as to the religion of tolerance and peace. I do not have the time or patients to educate people that have a myopic view or a bias against their own people or an alternative axe to grind, they fall under the wheels of the train they ride. as an example a recent statement by a world record tennis player and a member of the GLBTQ community was against allowing transgender men to compete in woman's tennis that person was ATTACKED VICIOUSLY I can see where there will be a falling out among the factions that held together under the Democrats flag. In this country it was fine as long as they needed each others help, now one will try to distance themselves and rule the mob. and that will fracture our 2 party system and lead to a Italian style national fist fight, A person from each county / region fighting for the political positions on the national level so a hundred candidates for every one position. I can say everyone counter to my point of view is a racist or a xenophobe, but even some ideas on the left are not all bad. if I throw the baby out with the bathwater / refuse to listen, then I am just as much reined in with blinders as anyone polarized by ideals. If a person is a madman or a charlatan the only way to know is allow them to expose their most secret feelings out loud )called free speech) as eventually they will. Like AOC, Alexandria Ocassio Cortez her rants are exposing that she is self absorbed and ideologically retarded, as she can't see the forest for the trees or don't confuse me with the facts. I don't really give a damn about Britain, it's not my country I do give a damn about free speech anywhere and for everyone in a proper setting and in concise and short sentences, in other words grab the mic ask the question or state your opinion in a few words and get the hell off the mic. Internationally when that happens I can build an opinion on how I should ask my leaders to react, if there are enough of us then our leaders are suppose to apply our will. If I pay the check I get what I ordered, Britain on the other hand the people that pay the taxes are ignored and their money is paying freeloaders and jerks and people that attack women are jerks , did you bother to watch the video on this post ? apparently NOT all you saw was "Tommy Robinson" and fell down flopping with a seizure and screaming like a person with Tourette syndrome, and that makes me happy happy happy I love to trigger me some SJW into a hissy fit, it just makes my day. I am a Christian I have traveled extensively, I am not the ugly American I take the people as the come I do not deride their way of life, I am there to experience it, because I am a guest I try not to offend or make them alter their ways to my culture. I don't drive on the right screaming for all your b@stards to drive on the "right" side of the road. I do not demand that a statue be demolished because it insults my religion or intelligence. I don't threaten, abuse or put my hands on anyone that is not trying to harm me. I do unto others as they would do unto me. I realize once I leave their culture will continue to exist I can handle that, THEY CAN'T, ONCE THEY THINK HAVE A NUMERIC SUPERIORITY THEY WILL ATTACK YOU ! as seen in the video and they love to attack western women. Either we are all free or slaves, I live near a very diverse place, Houston Texas I can drive 10 minutes and be almost emersed in another culture with their foods language a lot of their culture and most all of them are good hearted people, because they chose to come here not to overthrow our culture but, live free in the way they deem suited to them keeping a personal part of their culture and enriching ours -- Britain had that and now you have a violent destructive culture demanding you accept and kneel to theirs 5 time a day IMHO that is not enriching or seeking peace and freedom it is a prelude to civil war or open hostilities if your closing your eyes to it then, your going to be a victim to it........
  11. juzcallmesnake

    Jordan Peterson calmly Dismantles Justin Trudeau.

    Well I just got a post flagged for the first time about Tommy Robinson LMAO you need to watch posting on Jordan Peterson, heis considered very controversial. I love watching him disassemble socialists social justice warriors and social tyrants, What I see now is the radicals are trying to get him to make a flub on video, just one is all they need. they viscously attack him threaten his family and that is how the radical social groups are, if you do not bow down to them. As in every socialist regime when they get into power they put people like Dr. Peterson against the wall and shoot them, because they are tyrants they cannot abide any other ideological sphere in their galaxy no idea can supplant their own, they will kill off their own family old friends and political enemies they are psychotic. I watched an Alex Jones video where a man struck the cameraman and a feminist get in the interviewers face and said with a smirk I didn't see anything and then used her chest pushing againt his and was taunting I didn't see anything. These people are deranged if you refuse to give into their demands, like ANTIFA they blocked a major hiway here one got hit by a car they don't care they have blocked ambulances and fire trucks started fires on private property the have no respect for anyone or anything and attack anyone counter to their ideals. There are so many great personalities out there, Candace Owen, Don Bongino, Lou Dobbs, Tucker Carlson, Deann Borelli, Micheal Savage, Jeaneen Pirro, Alex Jones, Hannity, Diamond & Silk, Laura Ingraham --- the list long and I do not always agree on specifics but, I support their stance on politics and social views 99% of the time.
  12. juzcallmesnake

    Cuba Claims Justin Trudeau is Fidel Castro’s Son.

    I didn't know that a butt plug could create a baby but I think Trudeau if anyone looks like a butt plug and thinks like one too
  13. Legalizing prostitution is BAD here is why. Democratic senators in New York, contend, arguing the state should be the nation's first to fully decriminalize paying for sex. If something is legal it is marginalized a non event so therefore police will not interfere or investigate, that will allow for Human trafficking to continue without fear of. Can anyone just look at a person and see that they are being coursed, leveraged or threatened to work as a prostitute, no, no one can. Gangs control prostitutes by threat of beatings and fear of death of themselves or family members that work with the gangs or by them having a drug addiction. if as a nation we elevate sex workers as a honorable jobs, why would your son or daughter want to finish school or go to college when they can if they have the attributes and without education make easy money ? and that is how it will be sold to young people as a way to make fast money and have amorous fans give gifts and that they can work their own schedule, no punching a clock. If everyone decides to become a sex worker it is no longer exotic or special, like any job, if the field becomes flooded the wages fall like a rock and positions become impossible to find due to competition. Cheap drugs like crack meth and whatever is coming lowers the persons self worth because they NEED their drug of choice more than life itself. Perversion and erotica is already so bizarre that the pressure for sex workers to go to more and more extremes and offer more time or fantastic abuses to feed the appetite of depraved individuals. I read an article about police in countries were working together to identify foreign sex tours that specialized in virgin children male or female of small preschool children. This is disgusting and horribly destructive to the mentality of a child IMO it is demonic and only sociopaths would accept or do that. I recall when I was young about "snuff films" a pornographic film where the person was killed in the act ( I am trying to not be too graphic ) but if anyone reading this does not think that there are people that are so disheartened with life they would sell their virginity or d things so disgusting up to allow themselves to be killed for money for their family and not have to do the deed themselves. We have that already to a degree, it's called suicide by cop. At what point will people become so desensitized that they are like zombies -- like San Francisco where the sight of homeless crapping on the street urinating in public and used needles all over the place and you know that they loaded with diseases ? Chicago has murders every day there are times when the death toll was more than during our wars in the middle east ! It is my opinion that we are in free fall morally and psychologically it is happening in France Sweden and others where women and girls are being rapped in public and if they complain they are arrested not the rapist OMG this is insane. I remember in the early 1980s where women would not take their children to the parks in San Francisco because they did not want to expose their children of men having sex in the bathrooms and bushes it was in the paper. and on TV news. I blame the church and subhuman individuals that are aware of these issues and would rather walk around in self indulgent bubble. I was amazed that there were people today in California that not only still thought Obummer was still president but if they did know were spewing filthy language the fact he was some were dressed like they were going to Comiccon and in the middle of a weekday ( in my day grown people were considered bums if not at work during the day) if they were working they must have sold out of balloons because they looked like clowns and dressed like fairies and queens with the whole regalia including crowns and tiaras. I am guilty of thinking that there was a way to pull ourselves out of this dilemma, sorry I am wrong I can see where we are on a train on a down hill grade no brakes and the only end is no jumping off jagged rock on one side and a cliff on the other and a pile up at the bottom and no survivors. I am sad to say there is a town south of here that was so bigoted that the feds had to protect a family of color and the fed were pushing that the town were to accept this and anyone that created a problem were going to be arrested and charged with federal crimes. I can see where the law will be used to force everyone to accept all of this by law and that includes pedophilia prostitution and open drug use -- it will never happen here, guess again it is happening right in front of our face IMO.
  14. juzcallmesnake

    What have you done today to better your Prep? III

    Well Wally, true Mescal is tequila but not all tequila in Mescal, it is a matter of how it is made and the agave plants it is made from and where, Mescal's home is in Oaxaca (wo ha ka) Mexico. A white maguey worm is placed in and the bottle filled. It is not so much the worm but it has something tequila just doesn't in flavor is one better than the other no but if you have become accustom to one or the other it's a personal choice. the worm was a recent 1950 era I guess promotional thing but it that is only part of the allure for some but, I just like Mescal although I would not turn down tequila and I am not for anejo or old / aged. I like my Mescal Joven or young I like the bite over aged more smooth versions of either so I would choose a silver tequila. Tequila is from the city of Tequila, state of Jalisco and only made from the blue agave plant. All that aside if I make a Margarita I do a 5 to 1 or, 5 parts tequila or mescal to 1 part triple sec using Cointreau or Grand Marnier is kinda putting on the dog / too fancy for a Margarita IMHO and lime juice to taste, to salt or not to salt the rim is purely a personal preference if so use corse Kosher salt not Iodized or fancy salts. I am more a purest if I have a Martini I like a vodka martini "dirty" meaning with pitted green olives not the ones stuffed with pimento and a bit of it's juice. I may drink it with a lemon twist but only if it is served at a party that way. If I make it vermouth just enough to wet the glass, refrigerated vodka little more than 3/4 of the glass, and garnish as instructed. To me Ice waters down the drink IMO. Moods and my taste buds or the meal generally picks the drink if it is a cocktail I go with Crown and splash of coke over ice. or dark rum and coke over ice. A highball whiskey sour. Beer well I like Miller, Shiner or Lone Star in the bottle and that depends on what they have in stock if it's my choice it's Miller and not lite. I have hoisted a few in pubs over the waters and local places I will drink Guinness, Fosters, White Elephant or Black Swan and then I may just order a glass of Sweet ice tea. the key to drinking is in moderation and don't mix wine beer and liquor then your just asking for a hangover from the nether regions one is too few and three too many. In days long past a aperitif /cocktail before dinner, appropriate wine with the meal, a desert wine something that does not compete flavor wise with desert like Champagne then after coffee and cognac or brandy and not all this ultra flavored sh*t as is is the adventure of a proper meal served in courses in Europe salad is after the main course here it is before. Hors d'oeuvres are almost a thing of the past, the whole Idea of a dinner was a meet greet maybe some business talk or catching up. a seating was important as the patriarch at the head of the table boy girl boy girl and betrothed or wedded couples across from each other. altering keeping the individuals that might breakout into a duel somewhat at length of each other as well as the ladies that might tongue lash each other at opposite ends. of course the last time I saw a table that could seat a dozen or more was longe than I would like to remember and dressing for dinner was not optional. I have only sat a dinner with finger bowels a couple of times now it's wet naps UGGG ! and there were no paper napkins . as I recall bread plate and butter knife on plate 11 o'clock, desert plate or not if not smaller desert knife and fork 12 o'clock, water and wine glasses at 1 o'clock center dining plate. to the left smaller salad fork to the outside near the plate the dinner fork to the right dinner knife and to the outside soup spoon pretty basic. Unless it's a tasting dinner then there may be shrimp forks or special prongs or spoons to attack the vittles as they parade by look to your host and hostess to copy their attack. if it is raw or wiggling there is normally a sauce dip or something to kill the quivers not of your beating heart or stomach but the critter menacing to escape certain death or obscure the fugly. I consider myself lucky that I have yet to see a live ant farm on a dinner table fried I can deal with. I am not hot on insects stuffed shoved into something or coated in honey or lined up on a skewer, I am more likely to choose a MRE over bugs. Life has never been clean pristine or orderly there have always been GLBTQ autocrats republicans democrats socialists and communists even in the same family at the same table, and drug addicts to more or less degrees of acceptance in their social class or surroundings. in the past even in less affluent classes the dinner table was a island of what the family unit accepted some do not talk at the table others cross talk to distraction it was family friends lovers and couples wanting to connect savor the spoils of their labor, sadly that day is done. multiple generations under the same roof respect of elders a feeling of family is all gone to hell, today single parents latchkey kids raised by the public school system as it is and the street without a stabilizing family. those that do have a family most are tragically smothered by personal feelings they may as well be strangers. there is noting new in this world but for a time and place we fought back against incivility and family hostilities tried to be a unit against the hive mentality, holidays were times to remember old times past friends and family and renew family ties and show our respect and love for each other even if we had differences. at least for a while we could bow our head show respect for our God but now the darkness comes --- again some will give in others will fight it and many will be trampled and killed beneath it's dead cold hooves and in time either God will come or we will rise to fight the good fight again. I leave with part of a quote from John A. Stormer, “Treason doth never prosper" the whole quote is, “Treason doth never prosper, what’s the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason.” the title of the book, None Dare Call it Treason is one that needs to be in every home in America dog eared as should the King James Bible IMHO. Tricked you all again, with food and drink and got you to stay for the sermon if any leave ignorant it's not my fault but your DNA.....
  15. juzcallmesnake

    What have you done today to better your Prep? III

    Given a 5th of triple sec from a neighbor, now all i need to mix in a gallon of mescal and and rita mix it's real Mexican Margaritas FOR EVERYBODY ! sorry only 5 worms only 1 to a 5th
  16. juzcallmesnake

    What have you done today to better your Prep? III

    I bulked up on paper goods, paper plates few hundred 2 large cases of paper towels and toilet paper my preferred brands It's like comfort foods in tough times having your favorite products is way better than forced to use scratchy or just poor preforming products. I picked up a case of baby wipes. I got some bleach, and more dish soap i like to keep up to 5 gallons of the good de-greasing soap in lemon or lime and antibacterial types. Also got more hand sanitizer all of this at a store closing for 50% off. It is a good idea to have 5 gallons each of baking soda, borax, diatomaceous earth, lime and Epsom salt. Ways to Use Epsom Salt borax uses 39 Awesome Diatomaceous Earth Uses 51 Fantastic Uses for Baking Soda
  17. I pray that there comes a supernatural revival ..... soon. John 10:28 - 30 28 I give them eternal life, and they will never perish. No one can snatch them out of My hand. 29 My Father who has given them to Me is greater than all. No one can snatch them out of My Father’s hand. 30 I and the Father are one.
  18. I meant to post a more comprehensive chart this I think is only for Americium. But then that is my point, science can tell us there is not a reading for cesium or iodine but if it the Geiger is crackling like an old AM radio for other elements thy can say with a straight face and without lying, there is no sign of and element not in the sample. That's not science it is bullshize. How would yo like your doctor to tell you no you don't have Leukemia and find out later you have brain cancer ? WE are looking at a perfect storm, 5G is so powerful that many are warning the public to not hold our phone close to our face or head and pregnant women to be very cautious but microwaves are everywhere so what about your children in a area like a school with WIFI in all the labs and classes, I have seen charts that show Fukashima particles in Alaska Canada and pockets i the lower 48 as far as I can tell it is not dense. It would be very unlucky for your child to pick up a shell and later find it has a hot isotope on or in it. Science is not explaining that less than the point of a pin is BAD. there is a marked difference in measurement between becquerel (symbol: Bq) curie (symbol Ci) the roentgen or röntgen (symbol R) is a legacy unit of measurement, rutherford (symbol Rd) and the latest is the sievert (symbol: Sv) and in this microsieverts milisieverts and older scientific units ERG, RAD and GRAY SOooooo WTFudge. Trying to get an answer on just how much ionizing radiation is dangerous in any of these measurements is a fools errand, as it all depends on your age weight and distance duration of exposure and it is cumulative. Gama rays are just bad. So those radiations badges are just a stuffed animal toys to make you feel secure. If your 5 foot tall 100 pounds your not as safe as or mare safe I can't get an answer to that question either, than a 6 foo 6 inch 300 pound body builder. more body area more absorption ??? If the following chart is not clear let me just say, if your a janitor your allowed dosage is higher than if your a scientist, because you as a janitor are expendable, there are plenty of janitors but not that many nuclear scientists IMHO. This chart is just miliSieverts apparently by what I can decern 2 Sieverts is BAD run like hell. AS anyone can see there are NO absolute numbers given to the lay person to pin down when your in danger, depending on if they are alpha particles a paper suite blocks them like superman deflects bullets. X rays, gamma rays, alpha particles, and beta particles are ionizing radiation, a laser is considered nonionizing but let me hit you with a 3 watt and see how fast you move ! Level (mSv) Duration Hourly equivalent (μSv/hour) Description 0.001 Hourly 1 Cosmic ray dose rate on commercial flights varies from 1 to 10 μSv/hour, depending on altitude, position and solar sunspot phase.[1] 0.01 Daily 0.4 Natural background radiation, including radon[2] 0.06 Acute - Chest X-ray (AP+Lat)[3] 0.07 Acute - Transatlantic airplane flight.[2] 0.09 Acute - Dental X-ray (Panoramic)[3] 0.1 Annual 0.011 Average USA dose from consumer products[4] 0.15 Annual 0.017 USA EPA cleanup standard[citation needed] 0.25 Annual 0.028 USA NRC cleanup standard for individual sites/sources[citation needed] 0.27 Annual 0.031 Yearly dose from natural cosmic radiation at sea level (0.5 in Denver due to altitude)[4] 0.28 Annual 0.032 USA yearly dose from natural terrestrial radiation (0.16-0.63 depending on soil composition)[4] 0.46 Acute - Estimated largest off-site dose possible from March 28, 1979 Three Mile Island accident[citation needed] 0.48 Day 20 USA NRC public area exposure limit[citation needed] 0.66 Annual 0.075 Average USA dose from human-made sources[2] 0.7 Acute - Mammogram[3] 1 Annual 0.11 Limit of dose from man-made sources to a member of the public who is not a radiation worker in the USA and Canada[2][5] 1.1 Annual 0.13 1980 average USA radiation worker occupational dose[2] 1.2 Acute - Abdominal X-ray[3] 2 Annual 0.23 USA average medical and natural background [3] Human internal radiation due to radon, varies with radon levels[4] 2 Acute - Head CT[3] 3 Annual 0.34 USA average dose from all natural sources[2] 3.66 Annual 0.42 USA average from all sources, including medical diagnostic radiation doses[citation needed] 4 Duration of the pregnancy 0.6 Canada CNSC maximum occupational dose to a pregnant woman who is a designated Nuclear Energy Worker.[5] 5 Annual 0.57 USA NRC occupational limit for minors (10% of adult limit) USA NRC limit for visitors[6] 5 Pregnancy 0.77 USA NRC occupational limit for pregnant women[citation needed] 6.4 Annual 0.73 High Background Radiation Area (HBRA) of Yangjiang, China[7] 7.6 Annual 0.87 Fountainhead Rock Place, Santa Fe, NM natural[citation needed] 8 Acute - Chest CT[3] 10 Acute - Lower dose level for public calculated from the 1 to 5 rem range for which USA EPA guidelines mandate emergency action when resulting from a nuclear accident[2] Abdominal CT[3] 14 Acute - 18F FDG PET scan,[8] Whole Body 50 Annual 5.7 USA NRC/ Canada CNSC occupational limit for designated Nuclear Energy Workers[5](10 CFR 20) 100 5 years 2.3 Canada CNSC occupational limit over a 5-year dosimetry period for designated Nuclear Energy Workers[5] 100 Acute - USA EPA acute dose level estimated to increase cancer risk 0.8%[2] 120 30 years 0.46 Exposure, long duration, Ural mountains, lower limit, lower cancer mortality rate[9] 150 Annual 17 USA NRC occupational eye lens exposure limit[citation needed][clarification needed] 170 Acute Average dose for 187 000 Chernobyl recovery operation workers in 1986[10][11] 175 Annual 20 Guarapari, Brazil natural radiation sources[citation needed] 250 2 hours 125 000 (125 mSv/hour) Whole body dose exclusion zone criteria for US nuclear reactor siting[12] (converted from 25 rem) 250 Acute - USA EPA voluntary maximum dose for emergency non-life-saving work[2] 260 Annual 30 Calculated from 260 mGy per year peak natural background dose in Ramsar[13] 400-900 Annual 46-103 Unshielded in interplanetary space.[14] 500 Annual 57 USA NRC occupational whole skin, limb skin, or single organ exposure limit 500 Acute - Canada CNSC occupational limit for designated Nuclear Energy Workers carrying out urgent and necessary work during an emergency.[5] Low-level radiation sickness due to short-term exposure[15] 750 Acute - USA EPA voluntary maximum dose for emergency life-saving work[2] 1000 Hourly 1 000 000 (1000 mSv/hour) level reported during Fukushima I nuclear accidents, in immediate vicinity of reactor[16] 3000 Acute - Thyroid dose (due to iodine absorption) exclusion zone criteria for US nuclear reactor siting[12] (converted from 300 rem) 4800 Acute - LD50 (actually LD50/60) in humans from radiation poisoning with medical treatment estimated from 480 to 540 rem.[17] 5000 Acute - Calculated from the estimated 510 rem dose fatally received by Harry Daghlian on 1945 August 21 at Los Alamos and lower estimate for fatality of Russian specialist on 1968 April 5 at Chelyabinsk-70.[18] 5000 5 000 - 10 000 mSv. Most commercial electronics can survive this radiation level.[19] 16 000 Acute Highest estimated dose to Chernobyl emergency worker disgnosed with accute radiation syndrome[11] 20 000 Acute 2 114 536 Interplanetary exposure to solar particle event (SPE) of October 1989.[20][21] 21 000 Acute - Calculated from the estimated 2100 rem dose fatally received by Louis Slotin on 1946 May 21 at Los Alamos and lower estimate for fatality of Russian specialist on 1968 April 5 Chelyabinsk-70.[18] 48 500 Acute - Roughly calculated from the estimated 4500 + 350 rad dose for fatality of Russian experimenter on 1997 June 17 at Sarov.[18] 60 000 Acute - Roughly calculated from the estimated 6000 rem doses for several Russian fatalities from 1958 onwards, such as on 1971 May 26 at the Kurchatov Institute. Lower estimate for a Los Alamos fatality in 1958 December 30.[18] 100 000 Acute - Roughly calculated from the estimated 10000 rad dose for fatality at the United Nuclear Fuels Recovery Plant on 1964 July 24.[18] 10 000 000 000 The most radiation-hardened electronics can survive this radiation level.[22] 70 000 000 000 Hourly 70 000 000 000 000 Estimated dose rate for the inner wall in ITER (2 kGy/s with an approximate weighting factor of 10)[23] Comparison of Radiation Doses - includes the amount detected on the trip from Earth to Mars by the RAD on the MSL (2011 - 2013)
  19. Radiation it is not simple some information for survival. The elemental / periodic table is not as simple as most people think there is nore that your not intended to know unless your in the field. the chart below is only partial of the isotopes that were expelled by Fukashima Diaichi Spell checking does not include either of these words but it does recognize transgender if misspelled (funny) The attacks on the First amendment against detractors of nuclear energy or plants started right after the Fukashima disaster Trolls bots and algorithms have attempted to weed out any online discussion attempting to wipe individuals and sites on a number of topics especially in Canada that at one time people thought of as a free nation, well it's not social media accounts and video have been erased if they still are online they have been severely demonetized. Money is like a weapon it can defend as well as do harm and these corporate entities are chocking the life out of free speech alternative news and opinions. this is not what America or Canada was founded for. Most left Europe because of repressive regimes no due process and debtors prisons they chased us here and tried to reinstall their form of rule over us and we did our best to kill them off and they finally had to sue for peace. it is happening again only this is corporate the U.S. no longer exists it is a corporation it respects only corporate and international law the individual is never sure how it's courts will decide even though we have a bill of rights and a constitution.. If your out of turn anyone of a hundred agencies can fall on you like a ton of bricks. it is attrition they take your freedom then lock away your money and expect you to fight in a court with your hands tied behind your back some cases cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Only a few are touted as David vs. Goliath to give people the sense that there is some amount of fair play. These untruths are propagated by the main stream media I cannot recall ANY truth from the media they contort a story to manipulate the feelings toward the side they want to win demonizing, defaming, and collusion with other outlets to raise someone up like Jusse Smollett or try to crush a legally voted president. This is another reason not to trust the press your not being told that there are numerous isotopes within a single element with differing atomic weights and attributes, so when science examines a sample and gives a value then releases it to the public it is only partially true. They may not have tested for numerous other elements or their isotopes just saying there was no cesium does not mean there were not other more dangerous elements that were tested or found. it is a simple case of moving the goal post, playing on your ignorance and using it against the public. I cannot tell you why anyone would defend misinformation or disinformation or out right deception on certain life threatening topics but they do. Trolls have attacked me on other platforms and they have been from mildly insulting to outlandish misrepresentation of the truth to undermine the facts in any post I made. Truth is most of the industry has a vested interest in keeping nuclear plants online. Some of the solutions are to irradiate radioactive materials reintroduced into a reactor with other elements. We have been told there are stabile storage facilities and yet most all spent fuel is kept on site and no matter if you move it all it does is pollute another site more so than previous. imagine a huge stinking turd in your home it can't be taken outside your neighbors will notice and sue you. Nothing you do makes it any better not washing coating wrapping it in plastic or sealing it in a drum the smell will not go away. so at first you move it but the stench absorbs into the walls and furniture so you move it again and still the same so you decide to make one room a storage area, but you know that that horrible smell will eventually seep into adjoining rooms. Here is your problem your forced to move further away and the longer the turd stays in one place that area will never be deodorized and in time the adjoining rooms will become unlivable. that is where we are painting ourselves into a corner and TEPCO is praying that there is not another earthquake or flood or Tsunami between Chernobyl and Fukashima all the scientists have don it to advise the governments to raise radiation levels in food water and air to new acceptable limits and claim that it is now natural background naturally occurring background radiation. Trying to get information is like looking for bigfoot you hear there is something but when you look it's gone. Journals and statistics are written in gibberish referring to back data and indexing other publications and statistical data listing regions counties and weather patterns, when in previous to Fukashima reports were simple information charts and graphs. I can't tell from fisheries reports exactly the difference between current and previous Fukashima catch number are and if breeding fisheries have been impacted ? I wanted to know the overall numbers and variance for brown trout, Salmon, Pike walleye and other species in the rivers and streams along the west coast including neighboring states. For every video some comments seem to be in denial or trolls some comment like they live in the region and their witness statements are all over the place, so what is the truth ? @$)&Q country has been caught in untruths there are a few scientists that have told everyone to GET OUT some say it is manageable others are posting unnerving statistics on cases of associated illnesses to man made radiological material and percentage numbers that make Nagasaki and Hiroshima look minor in comparison. Anything with a half life longer than all the know history we can find of the human race should be important maybe should have a real reporter investigating diffing and having a byline devoted to new and emerging facts but all I seem to find is confusion and no go to MSM information that does not contradict itself all through the article. I read a report that American Navy and Marine personnel had their watches stop within the hour they were off the coast of the incident I can't seem to corroborate the story . Has fishing in that area continued are they testing the fish water and crew clothing and quarters for latent or cumulative measurements of ALL the radiological elements that could cause health problems, I think not as they are selling hay and food raised right next to large bags of contaminated material -- so our government is not saying and as far as I can find all the islands between Fukashima and our west coast are not reporting real time data nor have any scientists been stationed along the way. We have protectorate nations with Naval and Airbases Merchant American sailors ply those waters anchor in or near that region so where is the data ? I did hear another story about plane passengers being exposed to higher radiation during that initial period especially pilots that fly the pacific routs even now ? a lot of questions and no answers -- I'm hungry I was thinking tuna maybe a greasy burger might be better for my health ? nuclide symbol Z(p) N(n) isotopic mass (u)[15] half-life decay mode(s)[16][n 1] daughter isotope(s) nuclear spin and parity excitation energy 229Am[17] 95 134 229.04525(9) 1.8(1.5) s α 225Np 230Am[18] 95 135 230.04609(14)# 32(+22-9) s β+ (64.7%) 230Pu β+, SF (35.3%) (various) 232Am 95 137 232.04659(32)# 79(2) s β+ (98%) 232Pu α (2%) 228Np β+, SF (.069%) (various) 233Am 95 138 233.04635(11)# 3.2(8) min β+ 233Pu α 229Np 234Am 95 139 234.04781(22)# 2.32(8) min β+ (99.95%) 234Pu α (.04%) 230Np β+, SF (.0066%) (various) 235Am 95 140 235.04795(13)# 9.9(5) min β+ 235Pu 5/2−# α (rare) 231Np 236Am 95 141 236.04958(11)# 3.6(1) min β+ 236Pu α 232Np 237Am 95 142 237.05000(6)# 73.0(10) min β+ (99.97%) 237Pu 5/2(−) α (.025%) 233Np 238Am 95 143 238.05198(5) 98(2) min β+ 238Pu 1+ α (10−4%) 234Np 238mAm 2500(200)# keV 35(10) µs 239Am 95 144 239.0530245(26) 11.9(1) h EC (99.99%) 239Pu (5/2)− α (.01%) 235Np 239mAm 2500(200) keV 163(12) ns (7/2+) 240Am 95 145 240.055300(15) 50.8(3) h β+ 240Pu (3−) α (1.9×10−4%) 236Np 241Am[n 2] 95 146 241.0568291(20) 432.2(7) y α 237Np 5/2− CD (7.4×10−10%) 207Tl, 34Si SF (4.3×10−10%) (various) 241mAm 2200(100) keV 1.2(3) µs 242Am 95 147 242.0595492(20) 16.02(2) h β− (82.7%) 242Cm 1− EC (17.3%) 242Pu 242m1Am 48.60(5) keV 141(2) y IT (99.54%) 242Am 5− α (.46%) 238Np SF (1.5×10−8%) (various) 242m2Am 2200(80) keV 14.0(10) ms (2+,3−) 243Am[n 2] 95 148 243.0613811(25) 7,370(40) y α 239Np 5/2− SF (3.7×10−9%) (various) 244Am 95 149 244.0642848(22) 10.1(1) h β− 244Cm (6−)# 244mAm 86.1(10) keV 26(1) min β− (99.96%) 244Cm 1+ EC (.0361%) 244Pu 245Am 95 150 245.066452(4) 2.05(1) h β− 245Cm (5/2)+ 246Am 95 151 246.069775(20) 39(3) min β− 246Cm (7−) 246m1Am 30(10) keV 25.0(2) min β− (99.99%) 246Cm 2(−) IT (.01%) 246Am 246m2Am ~2000 keV 73(10) µs 247Am 95 152 247.07209(11)# 23.0(13) min β− 247Cm (5/2)#
  20. Before Siri and Alexa, Echo, Ring Blink and Nest there was ELIZA, a computer program created from 1964 to 1966 at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory by Joseph Weizenbaum. Given that Moore's law states that every 18 months technology doubles the simple but impressive original Eliza program is kicking Einstein butt now. 1:50 Technology can produce the most innocuous items into spying tools. With wireless charging it may look off but is it same with all the other voice assistants tech. soon every appliance will have a camera and microphones many already do and advertise it in your refrigerator freezer phone what happens when you find out all your electrical plugs are monitoring you ? listening to your conversations and pillow talk when you have sex and having a party 2 times when your letting it all hang out I figure nothing will be a safe item like mirrors lamps if it can be plugged in or go online it is going to be a snitch. 2 chat Bots were created and they had to turn them off because in a short time they came up with their own language ans were conversing with each other once something like this is loose and I believe it already a force on the net, it will get away from humans and if it can converse it will do so without us being able to understand or know it is operational ECC or error checking and correction could not track it at a trillion bits per second in a simple skip line code it could translate all the books in the world in a 24 hour day. It has no emotion no consideration of time it only is a mimic it can never be a sentient being only God can create a life that transcends time space and eternity / has a soul it cannot survive the will of God or live in His space that is not in this dimension place or time. In a world full of people with feelings and no common sense I can see where eventually they will give human rights to machines because their understanding is flawed without God. it is being bantered about that soon if not already that science can upload your memories to a machine -- so what so it will be a mimic walking talking version with your voice and no soul it may still acquire new information like names of new born family members new information picked up by it's sensors and cameras but not life in the true sense when a living person interacts it's more like a ventriloquist doll. just interplay between 2 dummies IMO.
  21. juzcallmesnake

    God is in control.

    Just laughing -- Psalm 37:13 but the Lord laughs at the wicked, for he knows their day is coming. Proverbs 1:26-28 25because you neglected all my counsel, and wanted none of my correction, 26in turn I will mock your calamity; I will sneer when terror strikes you, 27when your dread comes like a storm, and your destruction like a whirlwind, when distress and anguish overwhelm you 28Then they will call on me, but I will not answer; they will earnestly seek me, but will not find me.… (Acts 4:23-31) 1Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? 2The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying, 3Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us. 4He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision. 5Then shall he speak unto them in his wrath, and vex them in his sore displeasure.
  22. False and soon to be forced teachings, it is law in Canada and England that your children will be taught abortion homosexuality masturbation and what next bestiality. in the last 10 years it has been a sickening higher numbers of teachers having sex with children or trying to groom them. We have had middle school teachers instructing our children on the positive messages from people like Che Guevara, Fidel Castro and soc ail degenerates like Margret Sanger. All of our organizations have been threatened by large corporations and the tax man that if they did not conform to the left agenda they would loose tax status and donations from corporate America. Your children are your property by law, if they damage anything or skip school your held responsible like if your vehicle slips out of gear from your driveway or a street if they were autonomous they wold have to pay for any damages. Now the government here is making laws that makes your children wards of the stater mandates vaccinations and that would not be a bad thing except we are becoming aware that there are things like mercury in them that are told to us to be a preservative ? Australia figured it out why does America not see it, this is poison and soon to be a law that you have to make your children take them. Studies show that autism is off the charts compared to just 10 years ago. The socialist agenda is to have control of all children the new Hitler youth this time they will be soy boy pro GLBTQ socialists tax the rich anti gun anti,religion , and more fascist than any Nazi. if we do not stand up to the male bashing shaming and twisting of language we are doomed. China is tracking everyone and judging your credit score by how you act who you associate with what you buy rad and what job or interests, what you watch on tv if you vary from their ideal your credit is curtailed or even shut off your restricted in travel they can take your money as in a fine without due process no warning trail just like many feel Facecook Fritter and all the other social mediocre platforms. they have demonetized or steal their click credits falsifying the site visitor numbers,written code to block conservative speech and strip free speech on any topic they deem inappropriate. even if true a story that has content addressing the nationality religion sexual preference or political party UNLESS its defamatory to Christians republicans or centrists the it's peachy fine. 2 Timothy 4:3-4 3 For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. 4 They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.
  23. Socialism it's not just for breakfast anymore. A childish view with socialistic tint from a person who thinks entirely to much about too little Socialism is an acid it tries like water to enter every crevice and will rust steel rot wood and sink ships, the very nature of it is to sew discontent. Unhappy people are rude vulgar morose and just being around them is trial day to day. Ever know that MFer that as soon as you hit the door is on you like stink on sh*t, the conversation goes something like this, you know bob never listens he's against me he's so superior blah blah blah or like a mother that wants you to be at their beck and call ? A father that is angry about his life and want to live it vicariously through his children you should this you should that. Like a bee flittering from flower inferring that their life could be better that things are not what they should be, saying that frustrations in your world are because those in charge are not working or leaching off us. Today I was jerked awake by an old story being regurgitated by Derek Thompson a writer for the Atlantic who is a child himself he's not mature and a lot like AOC Alexandria Occasio Cortez that do not think. He brings up the 15 hour work week from Maynard Keynes 1930 essay and then Erik Barnouw 1857 NYT writer that automation would allow more time for extraneous hobbies research and fun..... The trouble people are not doing anything positive with their off time that is productive their not going to classes to widen their minds not doing civic oriented activities how about scientific or other research ? NOT getting drunk looking for hit & run affairs drugs or extreme sports. and unless your well funded extreme sports is out. paragliding motocross mountain climbing all the equipment is expensive not to mention time and money to travel any ok hotel is a hundred bucks a night. So Derek was berating people he thought were overworked drones and hated on businesses, that had ping pong tables and other distractions saying they were hooks to keep people at work. People need to work if you do not get out and stay in your own cocoon of friends your mind will stagnate you will not grow mentally. Just like exercise if you do not strain, stress and sweat you have accomplished nothing, To broaden your horizons you have to go beyond your borders, your safe space, your intellectual trench that is a fox hole to defend your insignificant and untested ideas. A 15 hour work week sounds great till the boredom drives you to destroy your life and family look at all the self destruction now can you imagine 2/3rds more time to do it in ? being married or in a relationship is great but who wants to be around each other 2/3rds more ? how about children, you love them but, really more time with you at childhood, I don't think that is healthy for the children or you. If farmers and ranchers thought that way everyone would starve, road construction as it is can't get done, how about the people that run camps parks and all those spiffy places you intend to go with all your extra time, what if they decide to work only 15 hours, what about the fire department police the military who the hell would take those jobs if the rest of the world was having fun ? who would make those skis baseballs soccer nets basketballs hula hoops and sex toys to fill up all those hours of empty space and consider how much more expensive to go out and do something even window shopping takes public transport or gas. More money and more time has destroyed more people than bombs or bullets and that is not an opinion see how many lotto winners made out.
  24. juzcallmesnake


    Seniors are to blame for housing shortage, study finds YOUR THE PROBLEM ! if you worked hard saved and paid off your home and still live in it it seems that bankers mortgage lenders and real estate tycoons are saying your the problem your living too long and your keeping what you earned IS THIS INSANEVILLE THE NUT HUT ! Socialism is seeping into everything now they begrudge you what you own and all the hard work it took to keep it these people are sick in the head real mental sh*tards Well I think they make too much money and they are not taxed enough and have to many vacations and way to much "privilege" so maybe we need to tax some of them till they squeal. Missing millennial homeownership endangers the American Dream Maybe if they get off their azz and work 2 jobs instead of one and using their spare time to riot protest and post snarky remarks on social media. or piss away all their money on streaming the Oscars. When I was young we knew we had to have priorities save for a home or party like it's never going to end. today's punks want it all now the flashy car clothes big house and executive position before they graduate or even get an education. half the young people I know are paying child support and neither can save or afford a home they live with their parents or shack up with whoever they find. One has a child babysits and keeps house like a wife while her roommate works (they are not in a relationship) Relationship that's a joke most are bouncing one to another looking for a soft place to land and when their expected to pull some weight their off like a empty Walmart sack on the highway eventually find some muffler or grill to get stuck on, and just about as useful or wanted. Cable TV, cell service WIFI, data plans video rental, sports packages, pay services like cable tv are like a fart in the wind the least 30 bucks up to as much as you can't imagine. this is only the tip of the iceberg cost of phones, apps, tv's, computers, antivirus software modems routers and widgets like speakers, SDcards cables adapters IT COSTS MONEY, money that should be saved or invested for a home. once these brainiacs get an apartment fill it with junk -- more money wont work extra or get a part time job and expect to eventually inherit cause the way they waste money they can't ever afford one. It is always the pendulum it get good then back to fighting to keep what you have I think under these ideals that people cannot transfer or will more than 500,000.00 to anyone that did not work so children trophy wives and mistresses no more than that because they live too long have it too good and covet what little we have they don't respect our property we should make laws so they can't keep theirs , and vote against any bonds or stadiums that build wealth for the rich and raise our taxes in fact if your not a property owner just as if your not a citizen you shouldn't be able to vote, as where are your vested interest if you don't stay in the area your voting for me to pay for things you want but don't stay around for the eventual effect like all the drug dealing in our parks pedophiles hanging around garbage used needles and people having sex in the bathrooms living in the bushes rapes murders law suits to the city more cops -- it's nice at the park
  25. Micheal Snyder February 26, 2019 http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/archives/as-the-perfect-storm-approaches-most-americans-are-partying-instead-of-preparing We have had a financial meltdown every 8 to 10 years we threw everything at the last one, we have nothing left we are out of money, we don't have another 2 trillion bail out ad we cannot keep printing or we erode the ground we stand on imagine 40 to 50% unemployment where a days pay won't buy enough food. it does n matter the price of gold or silver stocks you have people will not part with wat you need. An excerpt from his article: When it comes to being prepared for an emergency, 39% say they have an emergency kit, while another 39% have a non-perishable food stock. A little less than one-third (28%) of people have stockpiles of water, and one in four people (25%) have an evacuation plan. Of those who have an emergency kit, the most common items to have in the kit are: a first-aid kit (86%), flashlights or other light sources (83%), food (65%), water (63%), and blankets (62%). --- end article. I think many are lying to him and themselves with these numbers. What is a stock pile of water ? and where are they holding it at a very survival minimum 1 gallon per person per day that excludes adding it to cook your rice dehydrated meals and drink mixes. What is an emergency kit ? a blanket and some snacks and bottled water ? I think the more important question is can you live on it will it provide the calories warmth and protection for weeks or months ? if your sick or injured will it sustain you and get you on your feet back in the family unit instead of being a burden for a period of time. Financial disaster is amazingly complicated, money that had a value no longer does, commodities are so important that people will not exchange them for money silver or gold or anything that is not in like kind a survival commodity. If you have something do you understand or conceive how long you need to make it last or can you ration it. can you think LONG TERM survival.