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  1. Hope all of you have plans eat well and regret it later, It's the American way. It's also: National Skyscraper Day US Bowling League Day National Welsh Rarebit Day 1995 Internet giant eBay is founded by Pierre Omidyar on this day.
  2. A chameleon walks into a bar. Bartender says, “If your wife calls, I didn’t see you.”
  3. Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters -- they are both jokes
  4. Jeremiah 23:16 Thus says the LORD of hosts, "Do not listen to the words of the prophets who are prophesying to you They are leading you into futility; They speak a vision of their own imagination, Not from the mouth of the LORD.
  5. It's only an opinion but, many whistle blowers and insiders for just his political carer knew him as silly putty as he porteait the picture impressed on him. as far as his military carer a lot of controversy there some called him the singer as he made a in person video stating the U.S. had bombed civilians and other things, right or wrong many others were imprisoned and most would not think of making a propaganda video and did not, to their credit. There are still WWII prisoners in Russia ( well their bones anyway ) and did we hear jack about that from John McCain nope, the V.A. has been busted for years did he use his position and power to even mention the problems? and he's suppose to have been a staunch supporter of veterans. if what all he did was not in youtube videos we would have to accept the B.S. that all the news channels are puking out and it is not only falsehoods but fiction may as well be a comic book. I had no repsect for him alive and surly none now he's gone just another politician pimping us off they say he was a rhino well imho cloe he was just another ahole, they should have nicknamed him flipper. I just want to know how many times did John McCain raise his voice on all the Christians being murdered in 7 Islamic countries -- I'll wait still waiting --NEVER. how many weapons did he give them to defend themselves -- how about zero Under his oversight while he was called the Hawk did the CIA give weapons to our enemies ? who had Obamas ear when the prisoner swap for Bowe Bergdahl, he crashed enough planes to be considered an enemy fighter ace. Mark Cuban 3rd on the 2nd row of videos. and these are the people that are now calling him a hero WTFudge. Truth is stranger than fiction.
  6. years ago that is why people wore white long sleeve shirts, to reflect the sun. Alpha particles will not penetrate a shirt Beta particles have a limited ability to penetrate cloth but are more ionizing thus dangerous to skin. Gama rays are not stopped by conventional means. Khaki pants are a better choice in hot weather high sun light. a light colored hat that shades the ears like a straw or Panama.. and good ankle high or higher boots, tuck in your pant legs apply insect repellent to clothing not skin, now you onky have to treat a small amount of skin wit sun screen. Limiting chemicals contact with skin is healthier long term.
  7. Heat is worse than cold, both can kill but just before you die from cold you get sleepy in heat you wander around until your interior of your head or heart explodes. Water is the most important cornerstone of survival so it must be used wisely. Water is the best medicine unless the person has internal injuries or is unconscious, as water regulates the digestion, dispersion of minerals and vitamins hormones and all the other elements that reproduce injured cells and take away cell waste, if this is slowed you body begins to get become toxic and we die if this is not reversed. There are a few ways to counter heat stay in the shade or make our own shade, temps in the sun is higher by at least 10 degrees and increases. dig a fox hole a dog digs to find cooler ground to lay on we can do the same. the areas of the body that hold heat are the crotch the armpits and the head if your hair is thick people still need to wear a hat the more heat the wider the brim. water and laying spread eagle in the shade helps. The higher the humidity the less evaporation so a hand, folding fan does help. Taking a hand towel make it damp and whip it in a circle for a few seconds and apply to you carotid area (neck) helps to cool the blood. May sound strange but like trying to cool hot soup drink water in the same manner if your water is air temperature or hot. Never drink alcoholic beverages especially liquor in a survival situation in high heat conditions and never to excess as that limits making rational decisions. limit movement during the heat of the day keep your skin covered I know it's all the rage to wear shorts and a thin short sleeve shirt but, that is where you have options. tight fitting clothing is not good either. Taking a swim, well that depends on humidity as high humidity air will not cool or allow you to dry so your just swampy wet and hot. The safety of the water or critters in it. Water reflection causes sunburn more rapidly and in places you would not normally get sun. Use lip balm sun screen may make you hotter depending on if it is not water based, anything that limits your skin being able to breathe will inhibit the bodies ability to cool itself. Insect repellent is another skin coating and you may have to choose to get bitten or being hot this is why proper clothing is so important as if your properly covered you need less skin treatment. Do not drink too much or too fast just causes problems. I am sure there are things I missed and there are products that help cool more effectively.
  8. glad you are keeping the home fires burning and the forum alive,
  9. I am sorry to hear that we are not gaining members this is such a great forum while I was out I really missed this place. and missed all of you and I pray your all well happy and have regular bowel movements.
  10. Nor a Damn thing ! and enjoying it immensely might just make it a profession.
  11. Thanks for that, good to be back how what where and why have you been doing what your doing ?
  12. Very Interesting, but funny ! ( Arte Johnston )
  13. I had an idea but he is a rocket scientist completely incapable of physical labor and giving him a nail gun would be like giving a monkey a loaded gun.
  14. a lockable brief case for your private stock check the laws but for legal papers they need a search warrant and keep legal papers in it.. the rest of it can be in a basic backpack because a lot of people hike.
  15. Man I have been busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest. I finally cut loose of some nagging stuff I got involved in contracting by board meetings OMG nit picking b@stards aloterations in the middle of work makes you wan to scream.
  16. Present !
  17. You named them all and hit the nail right on the head.
  18. yea a month is not out of reason because, we have to understand there are others ahead if they keep me notified of any changes that would be fine too. Compensation of accessories hey that's good stuff shows respect for the customers time and money for his original purchase and hopes to win a customer following. back in the day Ruger replaced the cylinder pin etc. for safety reasons took 2 weeks and I got an pair of grips as I sent it without them they didn't have to but I have not forgotten and that's been 25 years or more and I still buy Ruger. strange I have never had to use their rep[air facilities since, they make a good product generally there have been a few less than stellar but those are rare compared to other companies recalls IMHO.
  19. In order to die you have to be there since no protest by the antisemitic groups plan on ending peacefully that's kind of an oxymoron IMO. the younger the better as they can parade the dead body and have a unholy sh*t fit blaming Jews --you know blame the victim. I recall the dead infant sloshing in the surf boy did the leftist mainstream media ride that till the hair fell off. We all know that the mooslim mindset is to kill all the Jews and trhey use their women and children as living shields they have fired rockets from the roofs of family apartments school yards and mosques. The single most important point is they are all mooslim we have watched this play out since 1948 so there have been a number of generations and the angry faces never change the hate for the Jews to have a tiny slice of peace is just too much for the 15 sects of their religion of peace a good DNA quiz would let us know these are not Palestinians in fact until the British divided all these lands there were Persians and Arabs There is no question that the Jews built the Temple / mount in fact the Mufti of Jerusalem in the early 1900's said it was Jewish so how in the hell did we get to it's a peaceful religion and these Arabs are Palestinians Their fearless child molesting leader who thought blacks were worth half of an Arab same as a woman, died 600 years after Christ so how does him and his bunch get to hold the Temple mount hostage ? Never mind that Jerusalem is never mentioned in their holy text and all the other outright copy of the biblical narrative je was a Bandit a nomad and on top of that he was illiterate, that's the truth could not read or write and he was poisoned by a Jewish girl because he forced her to serve them food after he murdered her family --- OH YEA he was an Einstein. I could go on for days on how vile he was and how he said there are goats in outer space he married a 6 year old and had her at 9 they have Fatwa's basically work arounds on their rules they can have unions with animals children over 9 of either but they prefer boys. If anyone believes anything from that side your tinfoil hat is slipping IMHO.
  20. Sig new military pistol owners manual Sids new pistol is impressive from its removable modular trigger group to it's design as well as it comes in 9MM 40S&W 357 Sig and 45ACP it also has different frames including a compact a firearm for all seasons and reasons. I hope this Pistol works well and I think it will this M17 or XM17 and all of the modular system looks well engineered its weight is optimal or a full size very minimalistic controls and also has designs that are IMHO from previous individual best pistil designs The barrel hints of a Browning Hi power the trapped recoil spring assembly from Glock the safety activation of a colt ( more natural) The only thing I saw as a mistake is the use of a rifle barrel had I been on the design team I would have went with a polygonal barrel. This also has other traits of the Beretta as the rotating slide release lever and steel double stacked magazine w/ a easily removable polymer floor plate. The other Glock attributes and I am only guessing is the barrel dropping so there are less chances of jams if any we will see from field tests but I think this design will do well. I am not a polymer fan personally but when your a soldier you want a reliable easy to field strip and maintain accurate weapon and since your being issued all your gear ( for the most part in some cases you can chose and buy some gear) but I mean in the sense it's not coming out of your pocket you use it and respect it as intended. The complete system of holster drop leg accessories a picatinny rail it is supposedly offered with a laser that when it is mounted fits the holster I am on the fence on lasers but in some cases that option is fantastic. Sig now that is a good company I hope it continues to be so and reproves itself with even more distinction I would have like a Colt but since they have rested on their laurels for over a hundred years the world has passed them by except for individuals who like them and I rank as one but our military needs this more modular w/ fewer parts because their incorporated into well though out assemblies. For once I agree with the new pistol because it offers multiple calibers grip frames and a holster that can fit all of the above and by what I read it has a stainless slide again it is better as fas as polymer it is as good or IMHO better than aluminum for a frame. All i care about is our military gets a good pistol.
  21. I alway thought that was normal operating procedures for a kel-tec click BOOM.
  22. well that is so much less evil and who could use such a weapon illegally it's been engineered to be safe.
  23. well he's right, many years ago we went off the strategic reserve, weather events still happen and should we have a severe viral outbreak unprepared people would be risking their families health. some viral outbreaks are more problematic to the elderly and very young . There need not be an end times event as normal pendulum swings of life still happen, so why not prepare IMHO.
  24. Cross between the Donner party, and the Turner diaries and a twisted version of little house. glad you did not have to scrag anyone cause you would be national news .
  25. who cares the rampant stupidity and depravity its not a great loss the new season TV shows makes me hope its sooner.