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  1. You named them all and hit the nail right on the head.
  2. yea a month is not out of reason because, we have to understand there are others ahead if they keep me notified of any changes that would be fine too. Compensation of accessories hey that's good stuff shows respect for the customers time and money for his original purchase and hopes to win a customer following. back in the day Ruger replaced the cylinder pin etc. for safety reasons took 2 weeks and I got an pair of grips as I sent it without them they didn't have to but I have not forgotten and that's been 25 years or more and I still buy Ruger. strange I have never had to use their rep[air facilities since, they make a good product generally there have been a few less than stellar but those are rare compared to other companies recalls IMHO.
  3. In order to die you have to be there since no protest by the antisemitic groups plan on ending peacefully that's kind of an oxymoron IMO. the younger the better as they can parade the dead body and have a unholy sh*t fit blaming Jews --you know blame the victim. I recall the dead infant sloshing in the surf boy did the leftist mainstream media ride that till the hair fell off. We all know that the mooslim mindset is to kill all the Jews and trhey use their women and children as living shields they have fired rockets from the roofs of family apartments school yards and mosques. The single most important point is they are all mooslim we have watched this play out since 1948 so there have been a number of generations and the angry faces never change the hate for the Jews to have a tiny slice of peace is just too much for the 15 sects of their religion of peace a good DNA quiz would let us know these are not Palestinians in fact until the British divided all these lands there were Persians and Arabs There is no question that the Jews built the Temple / mount in fact the Mufti of Jerusalem in the early 1900's said it was Jewish so how in the hell did we get to it's a peaceful religion and these Arabs are Palestinians Their fearless child molesting leader who thought blacks were worth half of an Arab same as a woman, died 600 years after Christ so how does him and his bunch get to hold the Temple mount hostage ? Never mind that Jerusalem is never mentioned in their holy text and all the other outright copy of the biblical narrative je was a Bandit a nomad and on top of that he was illiterate, that's the truth could not read or write and he was poisoned by a Jewish girl because he forced her to serve them food after he murdered her family --- OH YEA he was an Einstein. I could go on for days on how vile he was and how he said there are goats in outer space he married a 6 year old and had her at 9 they have Fatwa's basically work arounds on their rules they can have unions with animals children over 9 of either but they prefer boys. If anyone believes anything from that side your tinfoil hat is slipping IMHO.
  4. Sig new military pistol owners manual Sids new pistol is impressive from its removable modular trigger group to it's design as well as it comes in 9MM 40S&W 357 Sig and 45ACP it also has different frames including a compact a firearm for all seasons and reasons. I hope this Pistol works well and I think it will this M17 or XM17 and all of the modular system looks well engineered its weight is optimal or a full size very minimalistic controls and also has designs that are IMHO from previous individual best pistil designs The barrel hints of a Browning Hi power the trapped recoil spring assembly from Glock the safety activation of a colt ( more natural) The only thing I saw as a mistake is the use of a rifle barrel had I been on the design team I would have went with a polygonal barrel. This also has other traits of the Beretta as the rotating slide release lever and steel double stacked magazine w/ a easily removable polymer floor plate. The other Glock attributes and I am only guessing is the barrel dropping so there are less chances of jams if any we will see from field tests but I think this design will do well. I am not a polymer fan personally but when your a soldier you want a reliable easy to field strip and maintain accurate weapon and since your being issued all your gear ( for the most part in some cases you can chose and buy some gear) but I mean in the sense it's not coming out of your pocket you use it and respect it as intended. The complete system of holster drop leg accessories a picatinny rail it is supposedly offered with a laser that when it is mounted fits the holster I am on the fence on lasers but in some cases that option is fantastic. Sig now that is a good company I hope it continues to be so and reproves itself with even more distinction I would have like a Colt but since they have rested on their laurels for over a hundred years the world has passed them by except for individuals who like them and I rank as one but our military needs this more modular w/ fewer parts because their incorporated into well though out assemblies. For once I agree with the new pistol because it offers multiple calibers grip frames and a holster that can fit all of the above and by what I read it has a stainless slide again it is better as fas as polymer it is as good or IMHO better than aluminum for a frame. All i care about is our military gets a good pistol.
  5. I alway thought that was normal operating procedures for a kel-tec click BOOM.
  6. well that is so much less evil and who could use such a weapon illegally it's been engineered to be safe.
  7. well he's right, many years ago we went off the strategic reserve, weather events still happen and should we have a severe viral outbreak unprepared people would be risking their families health. some viral outbreaks are more problematic to the elderly and very young . There need not be an end times event as normal pendulum swings of life still happen, so why not prepare IMHO.
  8. Cross between the Donner party, and the Turner diaries and a twisted version of little house. glad you did not have to scrag anyone cause you would be national news .
  9. who cares the rampant stupidity and depravity its not a great loss the new season TV shows makes me hope its sooner.
  10. This Am woke to a beautiful winter wonderland scene with snow covered trees lawn the street it was SCARY I thought I was north of I-20 ! This is a once a decade occurrence where we get enough snow to make even a snow angel The really great thing is middle of next week it will be in the 60's and 70's and from here a gradual up tick to these better temps. What I really wanted to gloat about was the fantastic breakfast, Omelet of Jack cheese morel mushrooms and coffee soon could stand up in. I am not much of a breakfast person but on certain weather events I choose to take some time and enjoy the moment it was great. Simplicity clarity and peaceful seems in todays world those moments are hard to find, It did help that I chose not to watch the news but I did happen to see Megyn Kelly on the morning show and was blow away by how much makeup it takes for her to show herself in daylight WOW ! looked like a made up vampire trying to look alive AAAgggghhha ! a second look was worse it looked like she could remove it like a mask and that gave me the shivers. I was impressed with the topic that your eyebrows are a tell of your health, if thats true how many layers of makeup does it call for to cover a major illness ? or maybe a mental disorder ? I made Gumbo a few days ago and thats all gone for the next cold spell I think it is time for Lasagna I like mine with mozzarella provolone and ricotta and home made meat sauce I do not cook the noodles I layer them in and let the juice absorb and makes for a dense and moist but not wet dish. For leftovers I cut it and place a single piece into a quart zip bag and freeze allows me meals when I don't wan't to cook I do cheat on garlic bread I buy a frozen Texas toast already uttered and seasoned and toast it in a frying pan over the stove top. Winter is also a great potato or vegetable beef soup or chili My vegetable beef is made with prime rib sear on both sides well and dice put it and all the drippings in the vegetable soup vegetables you like I watch for sales and buy my meat and freeze until I use them otherwise your paying top dollar and that is very expensive. once in a blue moon I have prime rib. eggs and hash browns. and when I was a drinking man a Bloody Mary with a double jigger of vodka. You can eat health and simple but now and then you need to break out and like otherwise your going to die and miss out on all the good stuff that here IMHO.
  11. a dollar today is worth 2 cents compared to a 1960 dollar so you've increased over the Obama dollar but your more valuable as a participant here
  12. There is an allowance for insect part hair , The document lists the allowable limits on "defects" in more than 100 foods, highlighting exactly how much rodent poop is allowed in your cocoa beans (up to 10 milligrams per pound), how many insect heads it's OK to find in the fig paste in your cookies (up to 13 in every 3.5 ounces) and how many maggots can be tunneling in your tomatoes. LMAO a reporter reports a journalist makes themselves the story. Alarmist a person that raises an alarm but is it we are living longer than any previous generations the average age before mass farming and "preservatives was 45 years old for a man not much older for women they died a lot from consumption or cancer when doctors did not know about germs and washing hands they killed off and were the carriers of that day, pharmaceuticals save lives for the most part some are purely money and greed but lets face it it is not all doom and gloom Quit listening so intently to alarmists eat more good food your going to die face it but try to live a little before you die or else it was a prison sentence not a life. IMHO
  13. As to the Christian, "fear not for the Lord is with you" for all those Godless, grab your ankles. I recall Matthew 10:28 King James Version (KJV) 28 And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. Psalm 91:4-6 King James Version (KJV) 4 He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler. 5 Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day; 6 Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday. Satan and his followers human demonic seen and unseen operate by and with fear, if your not willing to die for what you believe then your very well suited to be a slave eunuch or a sex industry worker , think not read the history of the Nazi`s all you ugly fat forkers will be processes into jerky snacks that is part of history. and the present. Less authoritative nonetheless William Shakespeare, “A coward dies a thousand times before his death, but the valiant taste of death but once"
  14. this actually started by Woodrow Wilson got traction in the FDR years and we have been running on war script greenbacks ever since but it is so deep and wide it will never be dismantled and those few wealthy people have legions of willing followers that do the bidding of those that rule. I have posted the leaders that have murdered million of their own for far less than this when the BOYS took control of all the water where were the riots ? yea I know and have seen it coming for decades and most will accept it with open arms,
  15. well TPSnodgrass all you need now is some claymores and a thumper and your ready to roll.......
  16. At indoor distances a wad holds the shot together so it can make it through 2 sheets of 1/2 inch sheet rock . everyone here knows to keep their butt down nose to the floor, all that running and screaming to and fro is good movie antics but accomplishes nothing.
  17. Let's get into the weeds "STOPPING POWER". Stopping power is as elusive as a albino whale although we know they exist or have or, will again is a useless fact if your searching for one spending your own money and time. Then there are the arguments that the world is flat or X caliber is more able then the world is round as all calibers have performed and accomplished one shot stops..... so what is it, well it it's part fact a bit of fiction mixed with magic pain and fear. The human body cannot function beyond certain limits like nerve damage lack of oxygen or clinical death. All of these factors take time from a split second to minutes, minutes you may not have in an altercation or would have if you could have the time to analyze the instant replay and be able to act on it. The reason why I am so pro 2nd amendment is obvious once seen through the lens of lets say Afghanistan once people do not have options of hand weapons they will do like Theodore John Kaczynski or the Unibomber or even the lowly kitchen knife as was used in China on a many occasions where one person killed more than many shootings here all you have to do is type in, "knife attacks in china" and a whole list will pop up. So do knives have stopping power ? yes they do but unlike a bullet it is very hard to "test" but I can assure you that stabbing weapons do stop people in their tracks in many cases like bullets they have to do damage to vital organs as well as inflict pain enough to "stop" the individual from being able to function. So lets do the math or NOT ! because this is where fuzzy math has been contorted to 3 dimensions to explain something that it is not able to in any situation as all are totally different, unique and quite unable to be explained except after by a intense investigation and or an autopsy. We all know or should that 357 magnum has had more ability to stop attackers over any other caliber but if you just take that and not dig deeper you will miss the competing factors such as bullet weight barrel length and other statistics like clothing thickness bullet type weight and distance of individual shootings. More important is survival of the victims and yes there are survivors, some use catheters others need a bag to crap in stuck to their side others are in wheel chairs or cannot function to 100% of their previous ability. Does this mean they did not effect their mission of injuring or killing others ? The answer is NO NO and sometimes. Think of a body in 3 dimensions moving in all directions as so are the organs not fixed in space, this is why center mass is he approved aiming point it takes the largest area and asks you to focus and try to place all your shots in it, thats it ! This is part probability part lawyer foo and all guess work that the shooter is capable of hitting a bull in the azz with a bass fiddle ! under stress fear and never having been in a potentially lethal confrontation in their lives. On the attackers side many are accustom violence or have a long list of violent crimes or worse have used violent tactics against weaker individuals with such success that they feel embolden so they have no fear or understanding that someone will or can attempt to stop them in essence bullies like the guy in Missouri that strong armed robbed a convenience store and then assaulted a police officer and then was shot dead by that same officer after the subject turned and attacked like he was Godzilla attacking Tokyo --- why, because he had used that tactic before brute strength and bully tactics that had worked before. That is the psychological condition of man, our go to option is what we know has worked in the past. Now consider a person that has zero experience and fills that lack of experience with -- you got it hearsay fables STORIES. Facts on the other hand are confusing and will not bring confidence up at all. I am sure that the lady that went up to her attic with her children and shot the home intruder in the face was either 5 or 6 times and he didn't die is awestruck that he did not stop after the first shot and still survived, after all in the movies they throw a sheet over people shot in the head just once don't they ? Let us also look at fanatical and psychopathic attacks they are not as rare as one might think but the war in the Philippine Moro's (mooslims) was where the U.S. found that 38 was not a man stopper and opted for a .45ACP everyone forgets that the round was full metal jacket or the velocity is not best for expansion but in this case using it on full grown people of no more than 120 pounds it worked another fact is that they (Moro's ) wrapped / bound themselves with strips of cloth like a mummy and got all psyched out before an attack -- nothing like natural endorphines and testosterone fueled with religious hatred to start your day. and we have all heard of the doped out of their minds attackers even the police have problems in taking down and this is fact and a lot of luck on the dope heads part on here got shot 17 times by numerous officers and lived and still had to be tackled by officers-- notice PLURAL more than one. In the event of an attack by a religious or doped up individual, Your azz is grass no jury with an overzealous prosecutor is easily going to accept your story that you had to shoot 15 times and reload and this may sound sexist but unless your a female although women shoot better than men generally speaking. Remember the state is not going to investigate beyond the fact you shot someone it's your lawyers responsibility to put up a defense, remember that so you better hope there is video and your lawyer has the sense of mind to know that find it and exploit it for your benefit. The reason for the civilian to carry is to defend themselves -- now think that through, it does not mean for you to defend against the golden horde and it is on your part INSANE if you think your able to take on a group of individuals with long arms IMHO it may play well in the press that you died with your boots on heroically your battered body numerous wounds last gasp yada yada yada PRAY you die because if you live you will be blamed for everything since the civil war and god help you if you accidentally shoot a bystander in any situation. Once you pull a gun your liability NEVER ENDS at least recklessly discharging a firearm and a blot on your record and up to murder either by one of these Murder, Manslaughter or Justifiable Homicide. Please note that all of them means you killed someone and some will always equate it just that way. Statistics prove -- nothing, people have been killed with a pellet gun 25acp and old 32 caliber pocket revolvers some were even rimfire that are known anemic calibers. is there some magic balankee we can find solace in as far as a handgun and not fear the consequences of using it ---the answer is NO, there will be consequences in either way if you carry don't carry use it or just forget you have it and get arrested in the wrong place like a school property and I know about all the stories that people have been let off because yada yada but that is not always law but an effort of the local legal system not to ruin a particular person that does not say they won't make you an example ! To pocket pistol or not to pocket pistol or even a tiny derringer, if you work in a antigun company or a place where carry is a definite firing offense but still know it is not an option for yourself as you have a threat against you this may be your only choice. Companies are willing to sacrifice individuals for their own beliefs or rules because they are not legally responsible if they could be charged or sued because of their rules it would be another matter entirely IMHO. Because of my surroundings I have NOT carried, in some instances I have decided to carry a pocket version and others full size, full power with a long gun backup shotgun or rifle. That is why we have all the variety and because people come in all different sizes shapes weather / event appropriate clothing and professions. I like that corporations are protecting themselves like sports coliseums with metal detectors but once you leave like one man who had his children with him was attacked and beaten to death by a couple of competing sports fans found out once outside the venue your a victim waiting to happen. I am sure his children appreciate the fact that all those people in the stadium were safe from firearms even though they were forced to watch their father get beat and stomped to death. Think outside the box, I hear that and know it is a load of sh*t 97% of people don't. There are real reason why people carry just as much what they carry and between brow beating from the dwindling numbers of pro 2nd amendment full size carry ONLY and the fear of the legal system or their employer people that should don't. Every time I hear of a rape murder or kidnapping I wonder how many criminals would be dead or jailed instead of someone being victimized and how many that would eliminate from being future victims. How many times have we seen or read that the felon has done this repeatedly and has been in and out of prisons, a fact that fails to penetrate the parole boards and justice or might ai say injustice system. it is a self fulfilling perpetual machine criminals re-offend the system makes more money they can't pay but the tax payer does so they get a check any way it goes. the criminals have children who because of not having a 2 parent home have a greater chance of becoming a criminal themselves their parent has to for the most part depend on social services like welfare and food stamps help with rent and medical at the expense of again the tax payer who subsidizes the evolution of the criminal from birth to death and even in death we foot the bill for an autopsy and burial as does anyone really think these types care or spend money on insurance or a burial policy ? and what about their children ? we are saddled with all the responsibility and no accountability as in do they spend the money on food and how well are their children doing in school or if the parent is on drugs OH HELL NO ! that is an invasion of privacy but, if your in the military you do not have the luxury of privacy or in corporate employment try being a pilot and not getting drug tested or a truck driver. people cannot tell the difference between most common calibers fired from a pistol some can differentiate rifle shots from a pistol BUT any criminal can figure out there is a gun in play that is not their own and that scares 99% of them silly and once the pain of a bullet strikes them the fight or flight response kicks in and them leaving is as good as stopping or dead as it terminates the incident for you, if they live and escape that may mean they target someone else to get away but that can happen with any caliber the proof is people survive war wounds and some still managed fight on. Stopping power caliber or arguments thereof will never be settled and in some cases after the fact we can see it is true that a longer barrel larger caliber could have made a difference that is still dependent on the individual and their ability. That being said a Glock 40 all shots fired and none striking the criminal in a crowded mall or parking lot is scary as hell to me, more so than a loose purse snatcher IMHO. You see everything has to balance the incident the place situational reasoning is as important as the reason to use a firearm or not. In the movie Crocodile Dundee, he is in New York sees a purse snatcher grab a purse takes a can from a passing persons grocery bag and hurls it hitting the criminal in the head retrieves the purse and is the hero BULLSH*T in New Yuck he would be arrested for theft (of the can good) injury with a weapon as now the can is a weapon and probably attempted murder as the strike was to the criminal now victims head plus he was running and no longer a threat and the actor (thrower of the can) was never in jeopardy of injury or loss of property and the list goes on. TV and Movies have screwed this culture up worse than drugs. New cop shows make you believe that if your not guilty you will talk to police if you lawyer up your guilty or have something to hide that is ignorance on both sides of the screen and the first thing your lawyer will ask is, "what did you say" because in the moment and excitement witnesses will have different versions but your words no matter if taken in or out of context can bury you. Why all of this post on caliber because it is not the gun the incident caliber it is the outcome the court or the grand jury that people need to get, the Monday morning quarterbacking scenario target rich environment of the incident itself as you can win the gun battle and do life in prison for killing a bystander save dozens in a mall and cause or kill one child and the horror will not go away. this is life it is messy filled with lawyers courts and prisons and choices shoot or not live or die it's not so easy and caliber is the least of considerations for the civilian IMHO.
  18. racking is stupid, the damn thing ought to have a shell in it to begin with. bit of background on shotshell loads read the box low recoil and reduced loadings are not for defense 9 pellets is minimal and as TPSnodgrass and DonDon have mentioned nothing is impossible people are resilient and dope makes them almost superhuman. I do not like ammo that has been loaded down to the lowest ability shooter a good load is high 1100 FPS it gets ridiculous after 1400 FPS you get nothing for nothing if it has power it kicks there are some remedies like a dead mule recoil reducer mercury reduction tubes or weight the stock with loose lead shot a good recoil pad like a Kickeze (sorbothane foam) some shotguns have options of a different barrel with options like interchangeable chokes and barrel lengths all of these help in pattern control and recoil I do not like a pistol grip on a shotgun but thats me. reloaders need to check out a Pagoda load if you want the shot to hang in there. One of the secrets is not to slit the shot cup or slit it very little, people that bad mouth the Pagoda load are ignorant to its simplicity. A shotgun is not a magic wand it must be patterned to understand it's ability and like all weapons the ammo is a key component in accuracy and every shotgun has it's own personality. the same ammo in 10 different shotguns will soot differently in most all of them. A department or an individual ordering ammo for all or because of cost is a bean counter and does not understand ballistics of a shotgun. You can get away with rifles and pistols as they can be sighted in with adjustable sights or sight adjustments. basically a shotgun is a critter of it's own it can fire more types of projectiles including chemicals and destructive elements some shoot flat other have a rainbow trajectory , experience is the only teacher my advice is to stick with a known slug, shot or a third that you have knowledge in a specific shotgun. Low or high brass is no indicator of power ZERO ZILCH NADA except maybe by companies that use that as some kind of indicator but then there is a scale withing there loadings. for low recoil to kills on both ends. It costs more for high brass hulls although they are no longer brass but coated steel, for the most part. best to take butcher paper and fire at 15 yard intervals with different brands of buck, slugs or shot you intend to use. the saying buckshot rises is somewhat true but not absolute. choke well there is another variable tighter choke tighter pattern up and to a point and distance and gun. there is a difference as to pellet hardness hard shot or superbuck deforms less so it patterns tighter than soft lead as soft lead deforms and less round more deflection. Again patterning is the only true test, this is also where people need to decide where they want their optimum patterns distance. if your a hunter that is different than a person who's only interest is defense. Ammunition is somewhat like fishing lures design and advertisements are to catch the buyer real world testing in your shotgun is the only valid test some slugs shoot like a rifle others may not hit paper at long distances and generally speaking 100 yards is about the farthest for most mortals. Shot depending on density of the shot, size and muzzle velocity play a big part of distance, bird shot looses velocity quick I would never use birdshot for defense minimum to my mind is BB and #4 I like lead shot #1 works as well close in and as a hunting load but regardless your shotgun must be patterned. Just because it looks like it will fly means crap or that it is exotic some designs are better most that shoot good are those that have a plastic tail this acts like a windsock self righting the slug so it does not yaw or roll / tumble but again they must be tested. I had a friend that knew more about shotguns and shotgun loading that anyone alive but you can get most all that information and a long list of ammo from ballistic products. One to look for is Winchester Super X 12ga. #1 buck 16 pellet 2 3/4 I won't go into it but I only buy 2 3/4 shells.
  19. Unfortunately truth is of no use to hose that choose to be ignorant or those that think freedom means there is nothing out of bounds. the bottom line is this si about morality and nothing so infuriates the left as morals the left makes up half the voting pool and probably the country. it is alright to abort 500,000 babies but not ok for a child to go to school and shoot other children am I the only one that sees some hypocrisy in that. it is bad to shoot a police officer and we need to pass a law to execute those that kill police ? so the rest of us are second class citizens ? I though we already had laws against t murder and capitol punishment but the lawyers have gutted justice so now we need a federal law to protect police. Sorry the police have abuse authority so many times the chiefs and politicians in order to protect the city from law suits or bad press have lied so why would we make them above the law they too are suppose to submit to ? I have no problem with executing a cop killer but we don't need a law to make it so. I also want the azz that murdered a child or a convenience store worker to get their last rights all the time every time instead of no child left behind my motto is no murderer left alive the imprisonment of a person responsible for the death of another should be uncommon not the norm IMHO.
  20. Drone able to respond to screaming and flailing I guess that the social justice warriors, safe spaces and pu@@y hat wearing crowd are going to get triggered by this new technology. Amazon's drone can interpret gestures --- I got one for them
  21. The elephant in the room is our own leaders taking sides over Americans. Hundreds of programs and agencies have been allowed to progress anti American ideals, they have worked to game our generosity and steal from SSI and health and human services. We are being told we are racist if we call out abuses in these programs. when you ask you find these programs are compartmentalized so Americans cannot defund or reverse their use or access by foreigners to rip off our collective investment in these agencies, and they are investments like insurance if we fall on hard times or a life long debilitating health event we have some hope / help Unfortunately many on both sides has used this as a pool of money for their use to garner votes from illegal aliens or install specific programs to appeal to a specific group of foreign nationals, even as far as backing Sharia law over and above our law. The political animal has no conscience morals or consistent direction it is a wind sock. Its only moral high ground is to be reelected the only sin is to loose position and power. These power mongers will kiss an immigrant baby and promise the parents food housing health care and an income at the same time cutting all of these going out to Americans and then, there are Americans that are 4 generations deep in the welfare system who have never worked and are not due compensation as their only problem is laziness and have not held a job in their lives. below is a video that explains IQ and how 1 out of 10 people have an IQ of less than 83, they are no jobs in the military that they can perform so by default our military excludes them. Here is the rub they can vote hold menial work and create all kinds of hell and havoc as criminals and none of our leaders see fit to address this problem as it fosters their existence, it is a way for them to take our taxes to hire lawyers to defend them in courts, build more prisons more programs that fail them and us feed cloth their children wives or girlfriends while they are in prison. When these miscreants are out they neither care or support their family / victims it is all in how we see them I also call them social hostages. Then you have the bleeding hearts that do not require them to be responsible for their actions and will not limit charity to one pregnancy or make prisoners work and take their income to care for their families. WATCH THE LAST PORTION CAREFULLY. The political animals have 2 sets of laws and rules for us and them lawyers run this country from local to federal levels make and apply laws as they see fit and you always see them hanging off the tit that yields the most milk, you can bet it is not the one of the working citizen as they can only pay a small percentage of their income in taxes. but they leverage our taxes to run programs that pay them to help illegals criminals and foreigners. Non citizens get 10 year business tax breaks criminals families get welfare and subsidies of all sorts agencies that use your tax dollars defend them in courts and file lawsuits on their behalf against honest working Americans personally and against their businesses, these lawyers look for opportunities to promote social extremes against the family our religious freedoms and forcing SJW agenda teachings to our children --- but you cannot teach a convicts children that their parents morals are ruining America you cannot refuse to rent to illegals or limit services or access to those that abuse your ideals but the law can and does refuse your access to all of these services get hurt and see if anyone comes to help you fill out forms or offer to help you get SSI food health care or legal aid --- WON'T HAPPEN.... you will be denied a minimum of 3 times you will have to find a lawyer on your own for yourself or your family member. If your hurt on the job workman's comp draws your out past the 2 year deadline and you get nothing. I have seen everyone of these events ! I have stood behind aliens who speak little or no english and use food cards and go out into the parking lot and load those groceries into a Cadillac Escalade. The illegals do not say who the father is or if that is their husband and steal benefits. Benefit checks were sent to Iran ?? and other socialist communist or rouge nations without insuring there is a live or earnest recipient. Ignorant American voters who refuse to oversee their representatives have paid for both sides of every war and the rebuilding of nations that have committed war against us ! paid for both sides, Example who knows the unemployment rate of Palestine / Palestinian people --trick question there are no such statistics the money we give pays for terrorists their neighborhoods are rubble there are NO JOBS all they do is plot to attack Israelis dig tunnels and fire rockets they have no national or international trade they produce NOTHING have any of you seen a shirt hat or shoes from any of these countries ??? hell a baseball bat or a lead slug anything ? because there are no products they do not even make their own weapons, they are from Russia China Turkey Egypt and our aid money pays for all of it. the aid is from us but comes though ----- watch this video America has never sent one round of ammunition or weapon to and Christian group or individual but we have armed those that have murdered them we have sent or food or medicine or any foreign aid . EVER !!! the lie is regurgitated the news is riddled with propaganda that there is a religion of peace but it is not the Christian view. Only now has the American public becoming aware that we are being manipulated lied to and ripped off to pay for an agenda we are not privy to that there is an active 5th column deep state bureaucracy acting against the citizenry of our nation PERIOD. I was not am not enamored with John F. Kennedy nor warm or fuzzy on the religion of his choosing BUT !!! BUT he did have the good sense to know that there was a growing and dangerous shadow government and in a speech he outlined that fact and many believe that is why he was assassinated his brother had run afoul of the MOB and agencies so he was next. American have this absurd notion that we are not a Banana republic and we do not assassinate rival political opponents --- well that is not quite true it is also said that politics is a contact sport and when blood is to messy we assassinate the character and family of the opponent and we do have political prisoners and deep secrets that can and are defended to the DEATH. A recent book Secret Empires, chronicles present day corrupt officials and how they use heir family to net billions of dollars on both sides of the Isle. Secret Empires The speech that got Kennedy killed Since 1913 there has been a concerted effort to undermine our sovereignty and cede our power to a world power first it was the League of nations now it is the U.N. we see what the E.U. s attempting to consolidate power create unrest and instability in Europe allowing FORCING the invasion of millions of mooslims covering up attacks on their own people minimizing or refusal to acknowledge terrorism in the media censoring threatening those that dare to expose the truth It is happening here but the sheeple ignore it and the left promotes it, get your game face on it is just starting to get interesting in a life or death kinda way I do not care about anyones opinion here is proof and there are tons of information on the web if people want to know HERE IS REALLY EYE OPENING INFORMATION. Watch all of his videos on youtube I do not agree with his extreme views on religion I think he was tainted as a child by his experiences but he was very knowledgeable about world politics power and government. the second is MING BLOWING ON WORD MEANINGS !!!! The 3rd is long but don't throw the baby out with the bath water it has nuggets of powerful knowledge.
  22. a personal thought was 90 days was the breaking point for societal norms water sources not included in that assessment. After reading a story on NASA and the Yellowstone threat I'm right and that sucks. Supervolcano In 2012, the United Nations estimated that food reserves worldwide would last 74 days.
  23. I did want to say that hate is wrong attacking or harming one another or destruction of property is not only wrong but illegal and the failure of the police to control arrest and prevent such acts is criminal and actually treasonous as it undermines the rule of law and justice. all people rights start with themselves and ends at the tip of their nose we have NO RIGHT to make anyone else accept our ideals of conduct but by the same token others should not force others to have to tolerate their ignorance in or by their public acts deeds or activities. if people want to be freaks do it in private behind closed doors and since when did your identity involve exposing your sexuality and morals ? freedom is not a world without rules it is a constraint on stupidity it is elastic but not fluid and when it gets all stretched out of shape it gets flabby and ugly ... sickening and WERE THERE IMHO.
  24. You cannot tell idiots anything we are preaching to each other no anti gun left wing alt left people would come or stay here they are not able to have a conversation on any topic unless it is their viewpoint and ends in their way and are willing to have the police implement it by use of deadly force and will giggle gleefully as they bust in your door abuse your rights and murder you under cover of law. In the last few hundred years EVERY DICTATOR HAS CONFISCATED WEAPONS SPEARS SWORDS AND GUNS then rounded up all the decentors and MURDERED THEM. They call right wingers Nazis well thats a load if we were they would be against the wall shot full of holes held in prison without due process attacked on the streets like the jews in Nazi Germany OH LOOK the Alt left does it to people who are against them now they are talking about using deadly force on unarmed protesters legally assembled. I as well as the whole country watched as the police allowed left wing protesters to burn down private property threaten peaceful citizens blockade hiways and where are the arrests ? where are the public trials ? where is the justice ? where is the transparency ? There is a concerted effort to silence free speech by private companies that own all the social media where are the protests ? where is the outrage ? where re all the old timers that have the time money and supposedly the backbone to hold a sit in on these companies dump their stock and do all the horrid things that the left does to get their way because there are ten times the number of us than them ! Apparently America is too lazy stupid or pathetic to have an opinion take a stand or swamp their representatives phone lines demanding action. Thinking this is America and "it can't happen here is stupid and they know they want to kill us off they hate us God and hey are the Nazis they want to change or eliminate the constitution end religious freedoms and install their version of life on all of us Canada is a prime example Troudo it the apex poster child for the New World order Illuminati agenda 21 and anyone that the first thoughts are conspiracy theory are more than brainless as all of hese facts reports and plans are on the U.N. website and the E.U. to destroy the family homogenize all the police and military under one leader one world government all others would be local oversight. look up mercury in inoculations WHY ? sudden up tick of downs syndrome we give billions to Africa and they are dying like flies. when was the last time you heard of a cure for any disease ? why do they want to lower the age of consent to 13 allow Sharia law as it lowers the age of sex to 9 years old for penetration and the use of their body for gratification to 2 up to 9. Ann Barnhardt has videos on all of this on youtube including the removal of the clitoris by a RAZOR BLADE sewing the labia together !!!! and the alt left NOW and other womans organizations are all for it.... Watch all of her videos she's got a head on her shoulders