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  1. You may be more right than you think there are many that are calling for Christs return and even prophesiers of dates I warn all that read this if a man makes a prophetic statement and it fails to come to pass "THEY ARE NO PROPHET AND NO PART OF GOD. Deuteronomy 18:21-22 20 But a prophet who presumes to speak in my name anything I have not commanded, or a prophet who speaks in the name of other gods, is to be put to death." 21And if thou say in thine heart, How shall we know the word which the LORD hath not spoken? 22When a prophet speaketh in the name of the LORD, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt not be afraid of him. The Return of the Son of Man (Mark 13:24-27; Luke 21:25-28) 26Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, he is in the secret chambers; believe it not. 27For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. 28For wheresoever the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered together. 29Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken: 30And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. 31And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other. If there is any doubt on when the Rapture is the above verses should nail it down for those that question. No one knows when Jesus will return PERIOD ! Matthew 24:36-41 36But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only. 37But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. 38For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, 39And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. 40Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left. 41Two women shall be grinding at the mill; the one shall be taken, and the other left. Saturday is the sabbath The seventh day, Saturday, is the only day ever designated by the term Sabbath in the entire Bible. Not only was Jesus a perfect example in observing the weekly seventh-day Sabbath, but all His disciples followed the same pattern after Jesus had gone back to heaven. Exodus 20:8 Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy. If your not sure why you should keep the original sabbath ----- Matthew 5:16-18 16In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. 17Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them, but to fulfill them. 18For I tell you truly, until heaven and earth pass away, not a single jot, not a stroke of a pen, will disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished.… If Jesus Christ obeyed the law and the apostles then is it not expected of us to follow Jesus example ? or follow Rome who changed it to Sunday ? I am as guilty s most in not following Saturday and I have decide to start because I have "LEARNED" I was wrong. It is crazy town and it will get worse as we come closer to the "DAY" --TICK-TOCK TICK-TOCK ALL THE THINGS WE ARE WATCHING ARE THE COUNTDOWN TO DESTRUCTION ! Everything spoken of in the Bible is ratcheting up but it is going to become law once that has happened we the people in absentia have agreed to it and we all need to be ready IMHO.
  2. I noticed that NOW people have considered concentrations in excess of 50 PPM. this is way above any previous concentrations if this were for a few day prophylactic for an oncoming cold irritation or a wound turning reddish OK but not for daily use as a supplement as anyone who takes medication realizes there are different dosages for use as to severity in fact if your hospitalized IV intense therapy more than home use pill form. I am just going to use this on my animals as a few recent problem have not been solved with normal medications although minor I want alternatives and if they work all the better if not --onward through the fog
  3. Ionic & colloidal silver Have been wanting to do this in some quantity in 15 to 20 parts per million or PPM. Wading through all the hype it appears to have benefits against viruses and infections this can be verified by the use of silver preparations used on burn victims. I got a couple of different meters so I can do a comparison and a few ideas to see that takes it to the next level , there is some differing opinions as to using additives other than silver purified water and electricity and a way to test to insure PPM levels I see where the OCD crowd has gone over the edge to where they may as well just swallow a silver bullion piece. what ever happened to less is more, this is why the government has to regulate everything because people over do it is the addictive nature extremism Frankenstein unleashed. I say this because if anyone should attempt the same project remember even though it is only a few but people have turned blue or gray from ingesting too much or too large particles or at least this is the assumption it also happened back in the day when rich people eat drank from silver plates silver wear goblets and even used silver medallions to dunk in their water to purify it and seeing how only wealthy people could afford so much silver and food the blue cast to the skin made people call them blue bloods or so that is my understanding of the story but recently people have turned blue I am just as sure it was from over dose as there is not a clear dosage and many think it is because if silver were tested it first would cost at minimum a billion dollars many years and if it were found to be the wonder many think it is that would take a big bite out of the pharmaceutical industry as there would be no way to regulate it. I am interested in another arrow in my quiver of treatments as this can be used in the eyes ears nose throat mouth wash and spray on for cuts abrasions and I know of no animals or person that is allergic to silver it may change color on acidic skin but their arm has not rotted off. I will post as I test and prepare this solution and give as much information as I can I am not a lab tech so do not expect ambient air pressure phase of the moon or lay line intersection.
  4. side note for every success there are failures then try try again
  5. all you have to do is tell me what your trying to do and I may can help. reality is it can be all a crap shoot once something needs repair in one spot it is likely other parts are in as bad a condition.
  6. After thought a soldering iron is generally for soldering wires or electronic components on PCB boards or small projects like LED lights solar cells etc. a repair of a pot pan or such is more brazing with a ox-acetylene rig or a torch with enough BTU's to heat the metal and brazing material enough to stick and if it is for cooking it needs to be food safe silver alloys. Pipe has a range for black iron to stainless and many many alloys so welding butt joints or weld on fittings that bolt together with gaskets or seal rings. each requires a different rod and your welder may need / require AC or DC rods I like P5 / 6011 and 7018 I like a stick welder because I can store rods wire gets oxidized and splatters and it has a feed requirement that id fickle unless you have practice IMHO it is more versatile but not over long term and over complicated machinery. PVC is great stuff but white PVC is damaged by sun rays it need to be buried or kept from direct sunlight of course that being said I have seen it last a long time I have used schedule 80 for air lines in the shop. new connections types really not new but it has gone through several changes it's called PEX here is a link PEX connection system Back in the day there was a law suit over I think it was a similar system but used plastic fittings and polybutylene pipe ??? anywho the fittings would break and the connections would leak, PEX looks like it may have solved the problems. I have come to the conclusion it is better to run water lines direct to the fixture instead of running pipe in the attic or under the slab the less pipe in the walls or wall / attic spaces leaves less to break and flood it is also good to have drains or faucets and ball valves to shut off the water and back drain it from the home so if it is a cabin or summer home you do not come back to a swimming pool. Dissimilar metals are the difficult ones to repair like cast iron the repair requires drilling the ends of cracks to relieve stress so it will not continue to crack like glass also if it is a casing for a lathe or some machine that is high tolerance it will never be the same / accurate / true running. it also requires preheating before repair then there is like tin zinc magnesium pot metal metalized epoxy and a host of others that require special adhesives to bond them not everything can be repaired with superglue. I helped a friend repair a black plastic fuel tank there is a special repair medium for that we tried it and it worked boy were we surprised repair cost 30 bucks a new tank a few hundred ++ I have repaired metal with beer can metal and pop rivets, 600 mile an hour tape electrical tape a stitching awl and sinew and tar plywood rubber sheet and bolts steel plate and chain boomers emergencies require desperate measures timbers block & tackle chain falls jacks and wedges turnbuckles cables threaded rod and anything else I could make use of. If the day ever comes a junk yard is your best friend I have a 16 foot X 8 foot rack of all kinds of pipe steel rod I beam sucker rod EMT rebar etc etc sheet tin aluminum angle iron rail and track metal studs and trim boxes of sheet metal screws and another rack of wood 4x4's 2x and 1x lumber the reason I mention this is if you dont have it your stuck I bought a bucket of garage door hinges and another of garage door hardware and a stack of door rail as it has 2 inch angle attached to the side. Garage door sections can be used to build walls with 4X4s i have built shade covers for animals with them silicone caulk the seams and it's dry as a bone.all my animal buildings have angle iron cross bars with corrugated iron doors nothing animal has been able to get in yet. everything ahs a value and use I use a piece of railroad track for an anvil
  7. in my case it was a diaper rash creme as said dim light half awake and got a couple of good strokes over the old molars before I realized it was not my usual brand
  8. Yes generally speaking I would hate for you to buy a lot of stuff and it is not what you need BUT ------- Pipes in a house and I am thinking copper, regular plumbers solder is what you need and in this application you need a propane hand torch first use crocus cloth to clean the ends that are going to be inserted into the fitting and the inside of the fitting use flux on both ends of pipe and inside the fitting now assemble make sure pipes are fully in the joint. take your torch and heat the joint / fitting once it gets hot take the solder and it should be unrolled to stick out like a rod 2 to 6 inches keeping the flame on the area scribe / wipe the edge of the solder on the lip of the fitting if it is right temp it will flow go around the lip of the fitting you will see it flow make sure it goes all around and remove the heat the solder will back flow into the joint and it will be soldered if your doing both sides of a lets say coupling you do them both at once because too much heat and you flow the solder out of the joint and it will not be soldered ---- so hot enough to melt the solder but not too hot to make the solder spread like water it is a matter of practice. Metal in a vehicle the only solder there would be old copper radiators back in the day they would "lead" holes to make the body smooth without body chrome now it is done with body putty / fiberglass. the cars were called lead sleds. The answer to your question is not simple let us say your wanting to fill a pin hole solder can do that problem is it has to be dry and if the inside (what you cannot see) if it is corroded the solder will not hold for a permanent fix the steel will continue to corrode and the solder will not encompass the hole anymore and the leak will start again. Pipes black iron and galvanized you need to use a "dresser" type coupling or other call it a slip joint coupling. they come in iron copper brass pvc and each size pipe requires it's corresponding size coupling. to use a dresser coupling cut the pipe in half then cut it again to allow the end caps on slip one down one side the one down the other place the repair tube over the pipe slide up and back trying to align the tube centered in the cut out screw both ends on and tighten now you have a sleeved repair. then there are "pipe saddles" that wrap around and have4 a rubber patch wrap it around the pipe put the saddle over it and bolt it on for a pin hole I have used a hose clamp piece of inner tube and clamped it in place. Force 44 (2 kinds ) one is high temp the other Low TIX is a name brand all of these I mentioned can be found at Brownells 1-800-741-0015 Last a repair should tell the person that the area is getting corroded by electrolysis / age / wear or vibration. so the repair should be a cause to replace the whole area or item, unless it was an accident that damaged the part pipe etc. side note radiators today are aluminum and there are special rods to repair aluminum but because of time effort and cost replacing is far cheaper. If your just connecting for art it is not imperative that everything is so precise if it is for a working repair the end result must hold or someone or something could be injured or property destroyed steel really need to be welded the bad area cut out or ground clean to make the weld and in cases like a vehicle frame a plate on both sides over the repair and it welded up but not for road use this is for a off road deer camp vehicle I am An old red neck we did things that were not kosher make Catholics cross themselves and atheists search for a higher power. it may help if you PM me and tell me what your goal is and I may can tell you where to go for instruction many high schools have a building trades class and farm & ranch repair look also for 4H clubs and of course home depot has classes on plumbing repair etc etc and youtube is a good site for how to videos. there is even a plastic welding rig to weld plastic ? as there are so many types of plastic I wonder how effective it could be and can it stand a pressure test and this is true of all repairs will it last and if it does not what are the costs of damage if it fails ?
  9. Books are useless if you do not have the basics like pure salt cable rope winches block & tackle seeds and some practice in gardening raising animals and a range of medicines for your self and critters. There is so much misinformation on the interweb it is crazy town look up making colloidal silver even the people that make it and sell it are not always correct on making it. If I could have only a few books one that has good pictures of plants for medical use and human consumption as plants have mimics that look close to but are either of no value or even toxic. Many garden plants have parts that are toxic or deadly, ripe potatoes good the plant stalk & leaves NO U.S. Navy dive manual many cross referenced, tables on strength of cable rope wire general uses and working principles. Alternative power that is the 800 pound gorilla in the room EMP will make any source defunct except very basic wind power like an old fashioned wind mill before electrical power single piston thumpers using steam or coal oil natural gas ran whole buildings Water wheels are not easy to build and specific woods need to be used or it will rot faster than you can get it into use. A Bible because all the knowledge will not help if you do not have insight and protection from God. and a Bible is not magic if you have no faith it may as well be a car repair manual, it is a compendium of knowledge for the spiritual side of man Mother earth news and backwoods home has plenty of good topics in every magazine, and past issues. any of the books on preserving food without electricity. BUT there again you have to have on hand vinegar salt alcohol wood screen glass or plexiglass to build food dryers and tool and nails etc etc. Farmers or ranchers have more chance of surviving because most have stores of medicines chemicals fertilizer knowledge. all of the machines today are integrated with electronics and if that fails you have a piece of scrap engines are only as good as their weakest parts today that is the carburetor most gas has ethanol and that works against long term storage and the carburetor today downdraft carbs are all but gone this crap today will not last is too complicated or the design requires rubber silicone or special gaskets that ethanol destroys. America cannot be destroyed unless --- we would be forced backward to the 1800's and that is possible and in that event nothing 99% of Americans know will be of any value as we are technologically trapped it is hard to find tools and equipment to survive in an agrarian society and even if you do does anyone really think if we were "powerless" that another nation would not take advantage at that point ? Consider this you have more than one vehicle and none will run you have freezers fridges and they don't work no AC or heat if you could get to a store there would be nothing there and NO resupply trains planes buses don't run no phones starts to sound like a rerun of Gilligan's Island but it is very possible ....
  10. MommyLiberty I meant that as to say with good night, the world is headed for destruction and good luck, meaning i pray that all should come to the Cross / Jesus Christ. The rest of this post you know already but, I post for the people that have yet to take a side or who think or they are not redeemable which is he biggest lie Satan ever pulled off if your breathing your redeemable but it is a gift you must ask for and then turn away from or reject your lifestyle that led you astray from God and the redemption Jesus offers. If anyone wonders about my opinion consider one of the 2 thieves on the crosses with Jesus one taunted the other asked can I be with you in your kingdom and Jesus Christ stated plainly, "this day you will be with me in Paradise" he was never confirmed baptized or have a letter of introduction or go to church / synagogue all he did was profess that Jesus was innocent and he was not and deserved his punishment and the sun was darkened 3 hours an eclipse only last 2 1/2 minutes Jesus gave up his spirit the the veil that covered the Holy of Holies 4 inches thick and out 60 foot tall was split in 2 an earthquake shook the land and rocks split graves opened and saints were seen by many alive ! Centurions witnessing this were terrified and exclaimed this was surely He was the son of God ! After 3 days he was seen you need to read the rest but after many days he was seen by hundreds ascending into the sky stating he would return. The Bible is a history book written by 40 people 66 books and it can be known when each was written so we can know that all that was and as predicted did occur in the years Jesus lived all the healings exorcising of demons raising people from death and other miracles including the manner of His death his tomb resurrection and ascension. I fear many will never understand or believe or refuse it as that would mean all of their life was a sham that they never were in control and misunderstood / were wrong that they could walk between the lines. It took me a long time to realize if I were not with Jesus Christ everything I was doing was was undermining Gods Plan of Salvation for all the people I was in contact with as I never gave them the good news that Jesus is our redeemer and salvation. Bst way I can describe it is I could have given everyone I knew a winning lotto ticket but instead I ignored God acted on my own feelings and needs and wants and did nothing for the Kingdom of God, that is to show the love and mercy of Christ through my actions and words support local and national events agendas that promote love through food banks health care helping those in need and exporting that through missions and organizations that also help and feed the faithful. God does not need me or my money but faith without works is dead and in this world the currency of action is money it may be a meal I pay for for a person that is hungry I may loose money to go and do for someone else by giving my time not for money compensation but to show I care because God cares and asked me to love my neighbor as I love myself. If we all did these things there would be NO Charlottesville's NO people running down others with a vehicle NO black lives matter because EVERY life matters to Jesus that is why he gave his life on the Cross took the keys of death hell and the grave so all that follow him He will save and restore with a glorified body. If anyone asks if I believe all that ! yes very much so I have seen unrepentant sinners die and God fearing Christians and I have seen what defying God does and so I have come to know that there is EVIL / Satan and there is Jesus I see him in loving kind faces everywhere I also see a false collective thinking they can be good without God or I'm not a bad person I have never killed anyone ! well that is works and the Bible plainly states works alone will not get us into Heaven. AS of the last few days the Doomsday clock has moved forward to 2 1/2 minutes to midnight or the nuclear destruction of earth I say not until God says so and just as the Biblical narrative states in Revelation 12 here is a link Astronomical alignment according to Revelation 12 I ask that everyone shares this link by email text etc as it is only recently that this information has been understood before people thought that the sigs had something to do with other things entirely and until now this is the most accurate depiction of these verses in Revelation 12.
  11. Truth unvarnished in the raw knowledge that none but the elite or 1% know teach their children and make you their slaves YES slavery is not dead it just put on new makeup and clothes --- your being manipulated lied to and worse your an willing ignorant accomplice and you teach your children through ignorance to follow you down to destruction. We all run our heads about liberty truth and survival but watch this and see just how much you really know about the world, government and law your rights who and what your responsible to banking and politics. words are powerful if you REALLY know what they mean !
  12. world wide pedophilia network exposed raid video cern ritual child rapist given oscar tolerence LMAO stars admit to selling their souls church of satan anton levey famous stanists people you don't want as neighbors agenda 21 population growth bad eugenics good is anything what it seems ? do you believe in over population ?
  13. P220SIG ----Your just a ray of friggin sunshine But it is all true unfortunately, there was something perverse about that show or any show that portraits kids in a sensual way dressed and makeup to look like a pubescent girl / woman I recall the JonBenét Ramsey murder and thought that her being a beauty pageant contestant may have brought her to the attention to her killer and all that grief and pain of the family and how the media hounded them and If I saw a picture of my child constantly it would be amazing if it did not drive them mad. I posted a long time ago about in the 1970's how the mental health professionals made a statement from their meeting in New York that they thought that the age of consent should be 14 and the age of the other was not important LMAO the backlash of that almost got the mental health organization struck from the registers as doctors or clinicians it took years before anything they stated was taken seriously but like all good progressives they never quit they keep grinding until they get their way ! As I recall this is the same as when the Nazi's were putting their enemies in death camps they raped tortured and molested everyone they chose to from grandmothers to men and children as they were objects not humans Dr. Mengala swapped arms and legs of twins tortured them and tested the blood to see what effects stress did and from that they found that blood of children that have been tortured had numerous "excited hormones antibodies and especially was good for infusion of old ill or dying patients and could revive them !!! It is considered it is going on even today this is all mingled with satanic rituals human sacrifice and pedophilia much of this was exposed in the 1980s by Ted Gunderson who was the head of the FBI in San Francisco & New Orleans offices for years he thought it was tripe but it kept popping up so he investigated and found it to be TRUE and that our government political system and all power structures are embedded with them it is how "they" keep power through blackmail and fear ! and I as others think he was murdered for what he knew. Youtube is a fantastic research tool as you can get the information from the horses mouth from the tomb they can still reach out and tell us what they knew thought or areas of where we should investigate ! Look up these names and listen to them and others that may backfill when the names are typed in like Ted Gunderson, Jordan Maxwell, Anthony Hilder, Chuck Missler, look up Rothschild party of the early 1970s here is the link Rothschild party all the masks were of demonic creatures old demonic worship look up Alex Jones and Bohemian Grove -- Eugenics and ties to Bill gates and his speeches --- the top 1% are and have always tried to control the news narrative and direction of any attack on their chosen / hand picked leaders and it is world wide look up CERN the evil from Geneva or the opening of a train tunnel in Switzerland here is the link demonic music and ritual ceremony This took more than a million Euro's to pull off look at all the choreography original music makeup costumes the video and film crew practice cessions etc etc this is not a game to these people they truly worship SATAN and expect SATAN to benefit them protect them and at no time has any Demonic deity has not invoked or commanded human / child sacrifice EVER ! Dates and times are always commensurate with Demonic festivals moons and ancient pagan rituals because this knowledge came from the fallen Angelic beings that fell with Lucifer and who gave man knowledge / Secret knowledge of all the evil we had in the days of Noah and continues to this day as the children of these fallen ones were the giants and evil ones spoken of by American Indian and every culture around the world these wicked evil spirits never died they roam this world infesting those that open themselves to the demonic spiritual realm. spiritual warfare is increasing hundred of fold from sexual / pornographic to drug use addiction worship of fame and money look at all the movie stars singers and entertainment people who admit to selling their soul to the Devil / Satan it is no joke once he takes a grip your heart and mind are no longer your own I have seen things in prison by gangs and even your nextdoor neighbor types that will / would disgust and make even the hardest person recoil from what can be only called pure EVIL ! people cutting themselves screaming in another voice running headlong into walls bars trying to kill themselves and even that suicide overdose normal people driven out of their minds by a satanic force and what little conscience they had left. Heroin addiction up 500% death from overdose off the chart murder dismemberment slaughter of children from infants to juveniles sexual acts performed during rapes look at all the disease now there are new forms of infectious virus linked to certain sexual acts and they cannot be treated by present antibiotics things we never heard when I was a child children know about ? how in the hell is that happening ? the door to hell is open and the evil is pouring out erupting like a volcano !!! it's over people decide on whom you will serve as for me and mine I serve the Lord Jesus / Yeshua Lord of Lord King of Kings Son of God all knowing all seeing perfect Man of peace preserver of the faithful, Redeemer all mighty creator of Heaven and Earth forgiver of sins and a thousand things too glorious for my finite mind to conceive or lips not able to utter in human form but sure as He lived he is coming back and from what I read if your not His vengeance and destruction come on you as a thief in the night and those that see him will hide and pray the mountains fall on them and there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth and if you have EVER seen a person die from mind scorching pain screaming puking in total agony eyes white rolled back veins bulging skin tight blanched knuckles white gripping anything they can clutch and if your not a follower believer of Jesus Christ Yeshua that is going to be you there is NO 3rd choice it is Satan or Jesus it is obvious that Jesus that preached love kindness forgiveness is one we should follow not Satan that his followers choose lechery stealing murder hate revenge and every form of pain and suffering they can use against humanity if you were in court who would you want to be judge of your child, wife husband mother father ???? who do you think would have mercy ?
  14. I like my critters seems like all of them have a personality I have chickens and each is an individual one has no fear when I go out she feeds out of the bowl while I spoon it into the others pan she will not eat with the others so I have a pan on top of a chick pen hanging off the ground to keep them from snakes and rats. I also have rabbits certain ones are defensive of their cage and charge you, others like a scratch behind the ears they all like carrot and apple cabbage leaves or broccoli grapes what ever I an get on the cheap in season. I have raised wrangled or handled about any kind of critter hunted or helped corral move or just for enjoyment watched or did camera studies. hunting from a 22 short to a 458 Lott and many in between and above. Dogs I have outlived quite a few better than I deserved and make me appreciate the animal kingdom all the more, it is amazing how people believe in evolution I think it is because of their ignorance in animal behavior because like humans you cannot pigeon hole any species as being a group mind like ants or insects they can be as much different from each other as Einstein from charles manson. I have fed he wildest of animals by hand while I would not attempt to get near some domesticated ones as they can be more aggressive or unpredictable than wild animals. the longer I live the more impressed I am with Gods handiwork, I also know that a wild animals life comes to a savage end as all creatures are either enemies or in direct competition for food water habitat or shelter for the fools that are animal rights activists are not willing to comprehend that we live in a entropic world it all runs down and quits / dies and death is grim for any creature so for it to die from hunting or as food as long as the death is ure and quick as possible that is the best outcome otherwise it is as a prey of another or slow death from injury illness or disease and that is not limited to only the animals but humanity as well. my current large dog has an affinity for finding snakes he has been bitten a few times but has protected me from copperheads moccasins and even people that have made the mistake of trespassing at night his shadow has keen hearing and because he is small a paranoia to alert his compadre to bumps in the night they are a team and a source of comfort and companionship for each other. Tehy hate the UPS truck I think it is genetic I have yet to have a dog that like any UPS driver or vehicle they tolerate the USPS delivery person as long as they do not reach over the fence. We had a meter reader she was a beauty and they loved on her she exuded some kind of aura that fascinated both of them her replacement not so much he just missed loosing part of an arm from the bigun and a savage ankle / calf attack from his shadow needles to say we now have a smart meter. Dogs that are considered dangerous or people are no match for a pack of Dachshunds I have seen them make a black bear take to his heels as a kid I fished and hunted with a pair of black labs my boat was almost not big enough. I have never had a dog that would not damn near take off a finger to get a hunk of cheese or bacon and that is the only time they get testy and snap at each other ...if a dog of mine does not try to get their treat they are going to the vet as they are either sick or crazy !!! As far as it goes I eat last I feed and water my animals first then I make my meal I insure that I have a month to couple months supply of food for all of them I buy in bulk 20 to 50 pound sacks and keep them in a can or drum I augment with scraps or fresh excess vegetables from the garden or grass cuttings for the chickens rabbits have to have clean or washed food as they get worms I also keep on hand veterinary supplies for all of them and dogs can handle most human medications as per weight chickens medicated chick feed and garlic in their water crushed oyster shell laying pellets cracked corn mixed with scratch and medicated chick feed can even be used on grown chickens. some of the list is liquid wormer Wazine Gentian violet or purple medicine Iodine / betadine dog wormer /flea heartworm tabs benadryl peroxide sulfur dust diatomaceous earth and others. I buy plenty of Sevin liquid bulk home Insecticide balanced fertilizer and miracle grow bone meal quick lime etc.I have enough for a few seasons I also have tobacco and tea to make plant spray and use of certain plants like mint peppers etc to deter pests as well as more severe means work smarter not harder stacked sticks with mud is as good as a log cabin double woven walls of willow or some long stalk plant back filled with mud mixed with rocks thatching grass digging a tunnel or cave with proper support in a hill there are a number of ways to make a shelter and not have to be Paul Bunyan or Egyptian stone cutter using 100 ton blocks sod houses Teepee's or even live under an old house if you ever been under pier and beam home most stay dry no matter the weather if the roof shed most of the water as homes will always be a source of interest if it looks habitable people will investigate it caves and tunnels have been used for millennia with proper engineering they can be almost impregnable by less than a small troop. Food consumption need to be balanced with work over achievers or pyramid builders will loose the battle and until peace and civility return building a mansion is foolhardy IMHO as human intervention from cutting grass walking the same trail breaking branches stacking rocks or crushing greenery will show evidence of human use. learning to gather wild food and covering your tracks leaving false trails camp security policing your trash and being self aware will protect you from others all of this works into the food balance as if your under siege or being hunted your going to burn through resources and stores just as fast as over working passive trapping of fish fowl and small critters is easier to cover than the gut pile of a moose remember buzzards and crows can find a dead chipmunk and smell a gut pile from miles away over half of any animals is organs/ guts skin and bone fish need to be filleted and the scrap left in the water anything unused of an animal need to be buried or diced dropped into a river or lake so the catfish can remove the evidence and they will over night. but not if you do not cut them up and you can use them as bait for a basket trap. if you intend to garden fox bear and wolf or coyote urine repels deer their guts attracts predators this is turning into a novel but I think most people get the gist....
  15. I share with my dogs it's not like I have a choice they can hear a cheese slice wrapper from the far fence with the door closed.
  16. V.A. doc said take one of the yellow and small white tabs and I'll be all right for 6 to 8 hours
  17. TpSnodgrass I pray for your fast and complete recovery sorry to hear your not feeling empowered I think the term, just remember If God is with you who can be against you ! NORKS that great funny as hell. AND Just remember hemorrhoid creme should not be stored where you keep your toothpaste when driving keep the rubber side down and when having amours activities do not use names as a wrong one could ruin the mood ! just remember as well we are all roosters one day feather dusters the next Well thats all I got
  18. One other thing is tools are power to repair create and suit to your benefit your comfort and all knowledge I or anyone else gives is a seed for a day or time unknown where it may need to be used, it may be a fart in the wind today but life and death tomorrow and nothing is "simple" not is knowledge superfluous I consider everyone today as retarded including myself as we are tainted by the ease of a drive and buying all we need or ordering online. We have just crossed the threshold / Rubicon of unlimited destruction of ANY society ! that is the threat of North Korea as he would sell to and for any reason to another group or nation that would forward HIS goals. It is pure horse sh*t that the democrats consider a rogue nation or group to have nuclear capability, as all can be used as an EMP is a detonation above a area depending on the altitude as to the area of COMPLETE ELECTRONIC ANNIHILATION AND destruction of ELECTRICAL GRID !!! ALL OF THEM SHOULD BE VOTED OUT AND RUN OUT OF D.C. ON A RAIL. ANYONE THAT BELIEVES THEM IS AN IDIOT. These morons think you need many weapons or a huge thermo device is unadulterated lunacy a weapon less than we used on Japan could take us back to the stone age !!! and I am NOT being dramatic or over stating we are being lied to and it needs to STOP political character assassination using lies to dumb down their base and refusal to tell their constituents the truth of what danger they are in is unconscionable !!! the days of ICBM's is over today all anyone needs is a device no larger than a toaster and the ability to get it up high enough to effect the region they intend to destroy and in less than 2 minutes ALL people in surgery life support or that use an electrical device to sustain or monitor their life will be dead or in days of dying in less than 3 days millions will die !!!!!!!!!!!!! wake up and understand this is not a drill it is not science fiction it is science FACT ! We are at the most dangerous time since EVER ! all knowledge is useful and should be treated better than gold or silver as numerous times in history mankind has lost the art knowledge or ability to make pumps cement knowledge of minerals how to make iron steel and bronze smelt copper and make extract medicine there are numerous nations that have this capability and allow people with reasons or beliefs to destroy america or it's allies access to or on the site of weapons etc etc etc I will not expose other information but understand 90% of people have NO CLUE just how close and how much we are not protected if they did they would smooth go out of their rabbit azz minds
  19. It all depends on what your going to solder, soldering irons an be large to tiny and you need to have a good solder there are a few I like HI FORCE 44 (high & low temp ) and TIX soft solder (don't let the name fool you it's hard as chicken lips) Homogenized solder, and then you may want a plumbers solder. Then you need heat control paste an assortment of pencils like carpenters pencil and #2 as well as those large ones we used to use with Big Chief notebooks back in the day solder properly applied will not cross a pencil line so outline the item with a pencil clean / sand with fine crocus cloth or steel wool #0000 flux or lye mixture etc etc. ------ well there are videos on youtube / a picture is worth a thousand words.... some old heat sinks from computers (aluminum finned blocks) all different sizes. acid flux and brushes. The reason is heat application as well as strength of final joint you also want the solder to be able to solder as many metals or differing metals like copper steel stainless steel etc low temp flows @ 425 + or - that is not hot enough to melt or remove temper in or melt other metals. I have a pencil butane torch small and lab size as well as "irons" that you heat keep warm with a torch no electricity required in fact you can use a metal rod heated in a fire, but an Iron is easier and keeps it at a temp but in some cases one with controls like a Weller or Tenma and you may want different tips ? so if you look at a solder station for 40 to 50 bucks that has temp control and a iron stand / holder over a simple 13 to 20 dollar Iron you may get more bang for your buck. Now we come into making lead joints for lets say cable chokers a short piece of cable with an eye on each end to hold the eye you form a block of lead where the Y of the eye connects or for a length of cable spliced together clean and solder the splice (this is dangerous) but back in the day we did not have hardware on demand or your in a jungle desert and had to make do. it is also advised to have cable clamps / clips correctly sized to the cable. Soldering / tinning leading from fine gun sights to stained glass plumbing to fixing a pot the metal / solder has to be correct for what your doing as well as the solder iron itself. then beyond solder is brazing then welding and old blacksmith forging. practice before if it is something you want to look good and use similar metals you intend to solder then test if it holds on the test piece so your not stuck on your final project. WARNING ! solder sticks to skin it does not like water once hot neither does lead consider a drop of water in a pot of hot grease so wear appropriate clothing small stuff you need to at least have eye protection and gloves thin enough to have dexterity but protect your skin I use those thin cotton seamless ones like museums use. long sleeve shirt or at least take as much precaution as when cooking bacon I won't tell how I cook bacon of course I am a dare devil
  20. Goodnight and good luck, Was the sign off for Edward R. Murrow and I think it is appropriate now as it seems we are close to action in the NOKO or North Korean situation. The real problem with history is none of us know it until it has happened and it cannot be undone it might be edited swept under the carpet or not mentioned. It is not what you know it is what you did not know or had no idea of, that put you in a fix. It appears that the left is trying to distance themselves from trump in case his decision to "unleash fire and fury that the world has never seen before" if dim sum dumpling does not grow a brain. unfortunately we either fish or cut bait if Kim Jon il blinks we have to smoke him and all of Pyongyang because if any / ANY of his hierarchy survives we have no idea what codes or ability to launch even if Kim sum dumpling is taken out or not I figure as most Asian cultures love tunnels so North Korea is riddled with them so any strike need to take out the missile mobile launchers as well as land based then there are the wild cards NOKO has submarines and who knows what their dead man switch orders are or the armaments they carry to accomplish their last directive or the will to carry it out, Place yourself in their shoes for all you know your nation is a smoldering hole and all your family is gone what would you do ? Another Edward R. Murrow quote, “No one man can terrorize a whole nation unless we are all his accomplices.” In a closed society or deity run culture the followers are maniacal and have been known to fight to the end, the Japanese soldiers in WWII committed Hari Kari or Seppuku or Honorable suicide one soldier was found in the late 1960s still in hiding and not aware the war was over. There are thousands of Americans just south in Seoul and millions of our allies of South Koreans many are Christians in fact it is the one Asian country that is heavily Christian. History it's a picture of the future with different names on the graves and technology any time a madman has pushed the world into war millions have died directly indirectly or as a consequence and this may not be any different an outcome. American politicians are poor at guessing what non Americans will or won't do that is proven by history too many times to mention. All I can add is have your preps in order pray for our troops our leaders and our country because if God is with us who can be against us !
  21. A alternative group of metals are electrical copper wire batteries like golf cart batteries switches plugs as they work with any voltage AC or DC barbed wire rolled fencing T-posts fence staples nails tools like hammers axes handsaws chain falls rope / block & tackle etc. some solar panels or a kit as personal comfort like a fan or light is very bolstering in hard times -- flipping your pillow to the cool side all night sucks consider 12 volt and or hand operated kitchen and work tools. Chains pad locks are to secure your property and tools until you can defend them with force, as if the time comes it will be dog eat dog nothing sacred life will be cheap trust will be hard to find as chickens teeth. Gasoline electricity etc may be hard to come by or very expensive. if you have water food and a few creature comforts people will imagine you have much more many people have been targeted for rumors read the book "In cold blood" the whole family was murdered for a fictional safe and money they did not have. In south America every member of a family is a potential hostage so wealthy people have security for the children wife girl friends and themselves it does help but many are killed for political reasons or their jobs because that job has clout or places the holder in line for bribes or personal aggrandizement. people you may have known all your life you will not be able to trust first are those with power .....
  22. Quotation from George Santayana 'Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.' Life of Reason, Reason in Common Sense, Scribner's, 1905, page 284" I was trying to recall the "first" major act of terrorism that from the information publicly known was Robert F. Kennedy's assassination because he promised 50 jet fighters to Israel if he were president and he was fully behind Israel that had just become a state in 1967. This is why Sirhan Bishara Sirhan or Sirhan Sirhan stated why he killed Robert Kennedy in June of 1968 his story and his lawyers have changed over the years from at first he admitted guilt and why then he began the amnesia and I was drugged then he could not remember blah blah B.S. Sirhan Sirhan immigrated to the U.S. when he was 12 and went to different churches then before he turned assassin he was a Rosicrucian, far far from being a devout follower of Islam. Still the thought of 50jets raining death on "his" people sent him into a rage enough to plan and execute it. Robert F. Kennedy was killed with an Iver Johnson 22 pistol for all those that think a 22 is not a real weapon and a revolver has the deficit of a cylinder gap that allows a loss of velocity due to escaping pressure. He was shot 3 times once in the head 2 times in the back. it is assumed that there was another shooter later because there were 5 more people shot other holes found than he had bullets to do so. So here we are 50 + years later and we still have Islamic apologists and people making excuses for murderers because they feel disenfranchised it is never stated that many mooslims live in and with the Jews Christians and others in Israel who do not whack out and kill others and who have jobs businesses and family living in the Jewish state and they do not get bothered if they are peaceful. Actually we can all thank Satan as if we go back far enough to the preflood world of Noah fallen angels the demonic and demons that came from the children of the fallen have harassed mankind with the same ancient demonic gods Isis Baal etc etc and the people that worshiped them these demonic entities require blood sacrifices rituals and pagan rites ceremonies choreography dance and idols even today satanic groups still require their members to pass on act and perform blood rituals the black building in Saudi Arabia was previously a pagan shrine it was taken over the old idols that surrounded it were destroyed. We fight the same enemy and never recognize him as Satan is a chameleon of the first order and so persuasive he can come as an angel of light, deceived billions over thousands of years and hates humanity and wants to destroy it and will never share his throne with any human for any reason Hell is a real place yet to be after the judgment it will be filled with Satan the fallen angelic beings and humanity that denied God his Son and the Holy spirit. Demons Satan exist as do witches warlocks and diviners soothsayers necromancers (those that speak to the dead) card signs tea leaves and astrologers (not astrologist) mediums mystics and enchanters will find their place in the lake of fire already reserved if they change not before they die. Not all people that go to church will go to heaven not all "good" people are either. Nazi's practiced all the forms of Satanic worship and acts it is still going on and will until Jesus / Yeshua comes back and puts an end to all sin / evil judges the quick ( live) and the dead and sets up His Kingdom that will never end. Ephesians 2:8-9 8 For it is by grace you have been saved through faith, and this not from yourselves; it is the gift of God, 9 not by works, so that no one can boast. 10For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance as our way of life. Any religion that requires "works based salvation" is not Biblical nor is the prosperity gospel or that you will not be martyred mistreated because Jesus was mistreated and murdered and because mankind hates God and His Son they will hate you for being a believer / follower You cannot earn it buy it or trade for it Salvation is a free gift from Jesus / Yeshua, His name appears 973 times in the New Testament you have to accept he Jesus / Yeshua is the Savior / your personal Savior and walk the walk and that is impossible but that is not going to keep you out of heaven mistakes and failure as we are not perfect only forgiven. I would ask if your not a follower of Jesus consider well while you are still alive as once you die it is too late. I am in the camp of believers that consider we are fast approaching or are in the end of days time frame I pray I am wrong as billions of people on the earth are yet to accept the "Good News" that Christ (the anointed ) died to make all of us free from the penalty of sin and that is Hell. and NO ONE living is not able to take Jesus gift of Salvation no matter what you may have done been or said Christ breaks ALL Chains of previous oaths and deeds. John 10:28 And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand. Any that want to should learn the parable of the Prodigal Son here is a link The Parable of the Prodigal Son Some say this is for Christians that left the church I do not as many have never had a chance or even been to a Christian church school or live where it is illegal to hear the word but once they do they are on fire I think it is for the lost who by design or on purpose decided to live life on their terms not Gods because the son in the story if he was a believer would never have acted as he did nor would he have come back as he would not have been accepted or even stoned, this is a vital story as to how Jesus sees this IMHO not mankind my personal view is the world is Gods house for us and Jesus wants all of us that choose Him and be saved.
  23. This is informative on present celestial signs events that have been on TV in papers about microchiping people cashless society it is already happening in half a dozen countries already ! Where we are in Biblical events and the coming signs
  24. It is best to be cautious with prophesy as many have misinterpreted time lines or misconstrued events. I think this is spot on as to the monetary going to digital and forcing people to take a chip after they get a dominant number of citizens to take it the same way they did making people take direct deposit. they will just warn you after a certain date either you have access to your money by chip or you opt out of the system. My real problem is that there will be the same leftist that cry for all the convicts in prison fight to get people off death row, march and riot for illegal aliens, protest for mooslim refugees want to send them food aid and doctors without boarders, volunteer to rescue animals wont lift a finger to help a Christian that cannot take the chip for religious reasons........ I can see it now, and that is why "certain" people need to prep. Somewhere I watched a video that basically stated the time would be 5 months between the start and the exit of the Christians of course this is all supposition I think we need to be ready for as long as we can. I am not too concerned if this is not the time but I think it is there are enough trials in life that require belt tightening job loss extended unemployment illness of a family member that requires we use funds for doctors travel fuel hotels and any time anyone can have a reversal of fortune divorce unexpected death in the family parents getting older sick. Its called life but if we all have some savings investments property etc etc then we should be able to weather any storm.
  25. The news headlines no one is talking about that are very disturbing We are 30 + days into all this and all we hear is Russia interfering in our elections, a few that really put the world on edge or should is Pakistan's ousting it's president for corruption as if it goes to an extremist government it is a nuclear state The next is talks between India and China we do not take on North Korea as China has an agreement with them, we already have a problem with Russia's talks that came to an agreement with Syria, but both of these are nuke powers and India and Pakistan hate each other another problem India threatened to nuke Pakistan about 10 years ago so ... if Pakistan decided to strike first it would be a problem for the west. Venezuela our embassy officials have been called home / evacuated as things spiral out of control a couple other countries are on the edge of financial issues similar to Venezuela's if South America financially starts to go it will be like dominoes one is in some way connected to each other and U.S. We have a drug war in Mexico if people swarm north and that is their only option as south is poorer than themselves it will push all of it over our borders much like mooslims swarming into Europe we will have millions swarming over our boarder IMHO.