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  1. Some movies that never seem to go out of vogue. better hurry before Youtube monetizes (pimps) all our memories....... And Then There Were None 1945 The Hound of the Baskervilles 1939 How To Murder Your Wife 1965 Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum 1940 Bikini Beach 1964 McLintock 1963 Our man Flint 1966 THE KENNEL MURDER CASE 1933 The Trouble With Harry 1955 night of the big heat 1967 The Night Stalker 1972 Topper Returns 1941 Spectre 1977 the Trollenberg terror AKA the Crawling Eye Baffled 1973 Horror Island 1941
  2. It is just sick to shoot an unarmed person, I can remember the old matinée movies where if a person shot someone in the back or unarmed they were considered scum of the earth, Now with the gameboy movement it seems as if there are no societal taboos. I am of the mind powers that be had knowledge and just let this one go by, we are being told that we have the finest "group" and yet Boston 9/11 and numerous other incidents like a pickup load of arms and munitions go into a hotel room and no one notices especially in a hotel that has more cameras than a building in Langley Va. well all I can say is one day there will be a judgment on those that plot evil and do wicked things and there will be no escape for the doer or the enabler it will be just a hot IMHO. But as I posted above I see no Justice coming for anyone it will take years and the lawyers and injustice system will get fat and the victims will still be waiting for justice IMO. I goota jet morning at the old ranch round up coffee and a hot meal before we go out and check the cattle this morning, se out some molasses blocks / mineral and just goof off till lunch.
  3. Too bad people think that destroying firearms will destroy the hatred in the human heart. wrong thinking IMHO.
  4. IT'S OVER ! the planet will self destruct anytime now. Well maybe not, but like the day the Duke died it sure was bummer. When certain item or people reach the end EOL or end of life it is a sad day, the 1935 Browning Hi-Power 9MM will no longer in production. to me this pistol is nothing short of a blue steel beauty a balance of capacity balance and optimal barrel length weight per recoil fit finish and simplicity in it's day a lethal piece of art, well it made 85 years many originals still exist in 85 more I will bet there will still be Hi-Powers in existence while all these soap on a rope plastisch will be in pieces on parts inc IMHO. Here is the article 1935 Brownng Hi-Power end of an era.
  5. Wanting to add to this as if it were not long enough already BUT. I have always been interested in UFO's Bigfoot alien beings Cryptids as well as natural phenomenon, I do not dispute any of it as being "real" make no mistake I still have an unshakable belief in God Jesus the Holy Spirit and the King James Biblical narrative. My issue is that what will not allow us to see it and alters it statement of "where" they come from or what it does scares or harms humans or animals is NOT repeat NOT from the creator God there is another group that emanates from Satan or Lucifer and the Nephlim Serifim and the demonic. there are Demonologists Oculist parapsychologists and physicist that investigate paranormal events places and entities WHY this should peek the interest of anyone who listens to or watches information on these topics as this is where the natural inter dimensional and supernatural connect -- mankind has NEVER been alone PERIOD . Everything means exactly what ? well it means exactly what it states EVERYTHING ! The first 6 chapters of the Biblical narrative explains everything read on and you find there is a fallen or separate group that defies the Creator and His Creation. As we see Satan's M.O. is deception half truth and innuendo to go further he uses trickery the Bible states that he can appear as an angel of light. We are warned to never speak to the dead or necromancy not to divine the alludes to using Tarot cards or any physical thing like dice or an 8 ball it does not matter the medium there are forces, Demonic ones that will turn those items against the living. Physical items can harbor evil spirits there are practitioners of Voodoo that imbue their creations with spirits If you believe that or not they surely do people have been possessed or haunted by items they have brought into their homes and there in is another issue if your not aware you have power over your home and those in it you can resist or refuse to bring in or allow anyone to cross your threshold and you should some people things and entities can only gain access to you your home or property if you allow or do things that open your self to them. The sue of spirit calling chanting or using common items one of the best known is a Ouija board. Certain activities open the third eye and opens themselves to entities that are NOT HUMAN or ever have been. There have been people that have used this "gift" and it is not a gift as well as others that are confidence tricksters so you see because the two are not able to be discerned you should neither be a party to them or in their company. The worst is Astrology there are 2 sets of books your either in the ascending or descending of any astrological sign the reason why is so you can be defined if not nothing on one side would ever fit you so there is no way not to apply it to the individual there is also what is called the cusp or the just start or just ending of a cycle so there is no way an Astrologer could not have a "reading for you" One very important point is what you place your faith in becomes your god and Satan will use that as a leash to manipulate and counter any actions that could lead you astray from his or demonic control . As simple as it sounds Alcohol, drugs, intense meditation, sensory deprivation even continual chanting attracts the demonic, one of many signs is altered personality changes or quirks depression where there was no such sign before self abuse roller coaster emotional states. Humans are complex and once and a while like old Sigmund Freud used to say a cigar is just a cigar. One of the reason I am posting on this subject is that I see a very soft and persistent discloser coming from multiple fronts and in these there are similar elements that state that we are seeded here by extraterrestrials and that their previous habitation was he moon and mars etc. any cursory research on the net tons of photos of structures on these planets are driving people to spend billions to seek out blah blah and go where man has never gone before --- B.S. to ignore the humanity on this ball of dirt is insanity whatever "they" find you can bet your azz it is not going to lower your water sewer or light bill ONE IOTA. "THEY" well still expect you to serve up your children to the god of war for NOTHING we have not prevented crap in fact we have initiated it ? WHAT did we gain in Why did we halfazz the Korean war ? Vietnam what did we gain ? drug interdiction in south America can you not still get illegal drugs here from there ? We have destabilized the middle east and it is still in flames constant bombings and civil war between the Sunni's and Shiites but your never told that is the reason why he blood continues to flow. We pay for both sides Israel and Hamas in one country we back the Sunni's in another we back the Shiites and then we play footsy with the Wahabbis ??? the news media is in the pocket of someone and it is not American it has no vested interest in a independent or powerful United States, that should be ery obvious even to a moron. When will people wake up and realize we are being led around by the nose manipulated and tricked into looking the other way so we fail to see the real problem is US. Divide and conquer from race to politics to sexual morays and conventions . we have to make laws for things that should be self evident that is a gigantic waste of time and resources it is demonic in the 1950 and 1960s thing were pretty good never perfect but America was the light of the world sexual sin and perversion gluttony greed and drugs is the difference it has always had a presence it has just never had the broad trouble it is now -- Sin is and always will be with us it is the amount we allow that starts to break down our society and as our society has slid I have noticed more intense appearances of the Demonic paranormal and extraterrestrial. Main stream science has bought into this whole hog and are willing to spend billions more make no mistake it is to prover there is no God and once aliens "appear" or they prove there are other beings that lived on far planets you can bet your azz as if it were not bad enough now that the great falling away will happen churches will be homes for bats and crickets. If there is a creation there has to be a creator if all this came from nothing and God is a spirit and we can neither see or experience a spirit unless it wants to be experienced PERIOD and that makes more sense than a tiny ugly gray alien saying we are an experiment they brought us here bred us with apes and only pop in now and again to keep up ??? REALLY and the billions that have been murdered and died were because they forgot to send a christmas card ? or they are of no consequence ? At least in the Biblical narrative all will be judged by the perfect judge who can see into the depth of the human soul and from that either that person will have eternal life or not. in the alien scenario your family tree is dirt under your feet. What prodded me to write this is literally hundreds of Youtube Videos of intellectuals scientists and new age mystics that sprout from nothing or what might be disinformation from aliens or a demonic entity all of these ideal the ignore or relegate God as no more than a imaginary entity dreamed up by the aliens to keep us from harming ourselves to give us guidance LMAO many even tout that the aliens gave us the Bible the Koran and all the other religious books now that is pure stupid on a cracker if they want to help or prevent us annihilating each other why would all these books be so confusing or some are just man made jumble of a combination of others . The only BOOK that states eace and where the deity instead of coming as a warrior who did not build palaces or wear gold or even have a crown except that of thorns as well never thought of himself he healed the sick the lame fed the hungry and as his last commandment stated to lover your neighbor as you do yourself and went off and did exactly as the Bible said and that was never to argue his guilt or innocents and in his last breath and 3 days later his resurrection accomplished now don't quote me but if I am not mistaken 343 prophesies that were written over a period of and arguments say 3,000 to 6,000 years ---- thats a pretty neat trick considering the chances are in the quadrillions that even 100 would happen. My mind ghasps at the thought that I should believe that little green gray and 11 other types of aliens flew down and crapped my great great ...... grand daddy on a rock and billions of years later want to show up and want me to shake their hand and say thank you ? for what do I own a yacht am I an underwear model ? do I have millions in reserve am I king of some country ? and neither are 9999 % of the rest of you out there. And it really befuddles me that a scientist would swallow that line after spending years begging for money to get projects done and the aliens are going to show up and poof all that technology is crap ! you have worked yourself out of a job how completely silly is that I guess they are hoping for a seat on the interplanetary counsel ? just what will their place be if a being that is so advanced that even the brightest of us are no more than drooling mucous ? and what if your one of the droolers that had some really stupid theories wouldn't you be a spectacle for them to guffaw at --- hey look it the guy with 9 PHD's and he thought we were reptilians when anyone would know we are crustaceans ho ho ho ho...... I may make this seem funny or trivial but it is real there are thousands of scientists that believe what I have stated above and if it comes to funding their project to the next star and you starving --- your going to starve. There are people that think we never went to space and to me it does not matter all I see is the pain suffering and starvation and disease we should have been fixing here while pissing away over trillions of dollars over 50 years to figure that space is 99.9 % NOTHING EMPTY NADA BUPKISS a big ZERO now if that does not hit you in the gut I don't know what else to say except get ready to kiss some gnarly gray azz because I don't think they bathe, their ships are not large enough to have all the amenities because if there are that many don't your think we would find some alien poo stuck to the side of our shuttle IMHO.
  6. New Age Movement or the accomplishment of the infinitesimal. I am more aware of the NAM movement and I will use this abbreviation from here out. It is hard to explain to a non Christian and even most Christians are like a cross jackass when it comes to dimensional effect, it is where human thought can bring about change at distant events people places and things. The NAM has made strides and are today setting tests to prove that positive thoughts can be transmitted and have a effect on the physical world, Well I have read my Bible and in it it states positively that "PRAYER" works. Where the NAM misses the real point is that as an example there are 7 billion people and although you can make some effect the ID or self is the problem it is not what I wish and get it is what I do in this body and that person has to subject itself to a power greater and pure or self rule will run wild. The other dragon head to rise is the arrogant god like complex where we pat ourselves on the back so hard that we walk into traffic. This self same ideology s rampant in the AI or Artificial intelligence community and that in itself a gigantic community of sciences and human beings Fuzzy Logic is one of the parameters that quantum computing is hashing out as we speak this coupled with the NAM mindset may or may not realize that what they want to do is reduce God to a non entity one of the pillars is to be able to connect the synapses of the brain to a computer chip. The body will power it by weal electrical force as my read on it is the is a chip for a digital "backup" and in theory if you need to "reboot" due to a horrific event like a death of a loved one or a crash you could do as you would with your computer is reset it back to a previous state . PLEASE LET THAT SET A BIT, under this paradigm a murderer could be reset to a time before he killed and in effect would no longer be a murderer. It is just too damn bad that there is this dead body in the way. Existentialism the New Age Movement and other spheres of thought are converging on the temporal to inflict their version of values on the now and brush off the past and only move forward in plain words eliminate SIN and replace it with a value that humans can define manipulate and build on --- make no mistake this is a new age Tower of Babel. In order for this shift to be homogenized some alteration in laws rules and punishment we would effectively have to give over our will and accept a "chip" to be part of our matrix we have the technology to read write or alter the coding of a chip remotely that should make your butt pucker but it has not instead we buy wallets that have a mesh to resist reading of our credit cards and fell we are still in control when in essence it is the software that invades our computers and systems that just steal the information and we are oblivious until we swipe our card again --- and that will be the state of humanity with a chip we will not know the price or the loss until is is too late. I am NOT a skeptic I know that humans can effect the present and events by thought alone our problem is there are the forces that Atheists and Agnostics fence sitters fail to factor in God and Satan it is like working on a electrical panel in the dark on a wet floor and you no nothing about electricity, to anyone watching with an ounce of knowledge the outcome is sketchy at best deadly more so. Neither am I a prude I can see where this ability to use chips to vault over damaged nerves would do a lot for humans with disabilities could circumnavigate the brain to allow a leap over a damaged portion I am too very aware of man to believe that they will not try to extricate God from humanity and remove SIN from their greeds and wants all men and all women want the same things to be complete dictatorial rulers I have seen this irrational behavior destroy families or must I use the Romeo & Juliet shtick to bury the point. Imagine the world filled with people who had spiritual powers akin to magic now one step more and read about the Hindu gods that made war on each other I myself do not relegate those as stories, it is my opinion that in the pre flood world God watched as his creation was corrupted and as we are warned of in Matthew 24:37-39 As in the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. It is not a question we do not know how long it took for the ancients to evolve into a society that could lift 100 ton stones over a couple of mountain ranges and or melt them like marshmallows and fit them together the proof is in every country we have the Snake mounds, south America has thousands of pyramids the ones in Egypt are mere sub par copies in scope of size. People are stupid the grandeur and historical artifacts do not phase them in the least they accept the watered down piss poor history of evolution when we have buildings built of 50 ton stones on top of mountains and we cannot date them hammer heads weighting 40 pounds who in the hell swings a hammer 40 pounds ? If we do not know our history cannot quantify the natural do you really think we could alter the human brain and not screw that up. the fact that there are people already accepting chips ought to cause people to wonder if we should not have them placed in a sanitarium. all because they want to be some of the first ? there is only one first everything else is a copy and we all know that copies degrade and more better improvements are in the pipeline so your obsolete before the skin heals. Intel co-founder Gordon Moore in 1965 predicted the doubling of technology every 18 months we are running true to form. There are persons that want to give human rights to AI beings as of NOW when we as humans cannot decide what is an Illegal alien ? when money drives all kinds of evil consider drug dealers deal to people the see and know and watch as they waste away go to jail and prisons and die and that does not bring them to the realization that they are ruining and killing fellow human beings and most don't care. the NAM thinks because they can make a plant grow faster hundreds of miles away and they can double blind studies support this but they can't pull their heads out of the ether and patting themselves on the back and see the world is crumbling Damascus Syria is a pile or ruble Lebanon once called the Paris of the middle east is another pile of ruble Africa is being swallowed alive by Islam look at groups like BOKOHARAM. and then there is North Korea I have heard too many people talk like Kim is not crazy well I don't think he is but he may well drive himself into proving a point because the U.N. and the nations do not come with gifts of gold given to kings like in the distant past. We stand on the edge of total destruction and we wait our nation is going broke because we paid for everyones problems and ignored our own our government lies to us through 500 + senators congressmen and officials and we suck it up like its cream all the while bankers are robbing us blind and our officials are good with that as long as they hold power. I see where a new Kennedy has popped up all the zeal and half the appeal his debut on the national stage was a flop as the makeup made him look like he was drooling on himself. and all the ills we have today are from fermenting problems our leaders failed to finish when they had the opportunity and history is NOT taught because that would trip up the leaders of today of we remembered just who sh*t themselves and why we still smell it. The whole intension of the NAM and extensional movement is to make man God, eliminate sin or as Aleister Crowley nick named the beast, a satanist born October 12th 1875 died December 1st 1947 SAID, "Do as thou wilt" if people today with power were allowed to do that --- we would have what we have today total anarchy confusion hate animosity outrageous greed wars and rumors of war disease hell 50,000,000 have died in Africa from aids / HIV, Venezuela is gradually going to end up cannibals in both Columbia are murdering street people / undesirables Mexico is in total free fall the government is a puppet of the Narco state and they do not want the wall as it would hurt drug trade. So exactly as my Bible states it's here how many years I don't know could be we are in the last days I think we are we still have a few items on the Biblical punch list but that would not take more than a few years if we are on the fast track. We do not know if we / America is still standing as an EMP from North Korea as we sit on our hands they are building an arsenal we can down a few but not a dozen rockets at once Iran is quietly pumping out nuclear weapons grade glowy stuff and we still sit here Pakistan and India hate each other and the Pakistani state sold all the enrichment equipment to --- Iran and Iran aids North Korea it has been mentioned that many years ago when the USSR fell and they lost track of some suitcase BOOMS that they may find there way here ? with a border that is like a 4 lane hiway I can't see why not. I do know that the Jaguar is the most deadly animal in south America but he fears the ant we are the jaguar they are the ants, and when they decide to move we are going to be the last to know and we will be hit from every side, oh by the way North Korea has penetrated our computer system electrical grid and every bank governing and defense system and even exposed millions of Americans credit information --- IMHO we are not being kept informed. It is coming spring I look to see some "action" soon put your seats and tray tables up and tighten your safety belts ......
  7. I do recall another detail from many years ago, we had only 2 sexes and as I recall if you were a boy your job was to defend and protect I remember my father telling me, "take care of your mother" or "watch over the place" and "take care of your brother" I also recall the people that would visit and some had girls some of those conversations were, "act like a lady" and as a visitor I knew I was responsible for their comfort and entertainment as well as to watch over them especially girl visitors. I always had to share my toys and found girls like less noise and more thoughtful games and activities we both liked baby animals like puppies kittens or bunnies girls did not like snakes or frogs as much if at all. and most were not hot on getting muddy or dirty. My socialization took time I went fro EEEWWW or koodies to having crushes and passing notes with them and liking them more. I have lived to where it is less likely for children to interact properly or decently I base that on adult cartoons where the children like barf a snotty little boy that respects no one and the father figure is a buffoon as the mother makes excuses for him if that is the family children watch you can bet they are confused without knowing where it is coming from and southpunk is worse and my least favorite married without a clue or with children take it as you see it, again a lowest common denominator of the family unit put on display for our children to laugh at the parental roles. a child that is unloved or ill cared for turns into a monster sociopath without remorse or guilt except that they have to pay because they got caught. The years it will take to execute him will diminish the crime and render it to history so that no other children could learn form this because children have a short attention span and by the time he dies it will be a side note in memory and not a glaring testement why you do not do such things. that is why back in the old west they were hung within the week so as to be a visual example of what not to do or be. today justice is so far out that people barley remember if at all what the crime was in this instance it is not if the person is guilty that is fact so there need to be no waiting for a qucik and speedy trial and execution of sentence he planned and used stealth in using the fire alarm to bring his victims out it was premeditated and cruel he did not have a hit list of peolle that wronged him so it was pure evil to shoot anyone for no reason at all except for his personal hatred so there is no need for a sanity hearing or a long investigation we have witnesses as well so all the wrangling is for showboating lawyers and political animals wanting to get their camera op if they could they would make this an O.J. event to go on for a year and have all the parade of doctors professionals of every science waiting to be paid to testify for or against his turn on death row. Political theater the new version of Rome and the Colosseum I'll bet the interested parties are vying for places and buying new suits as I post this.
  8. the difference 50 years makes back when there was corporal punishment average of 3 licks with a board for large infractions. Small infractions face the corner standing up and probably have to write at least a 100 times what kind of problem you were and why. then either your teacher or your principle called home and when you got there your azz was grass AGAIN ! anything from another azz whooping to being grounded loss of activities like going out to play to the movies on the weekend or grounded from anything but chores. most of us went to church mass or whatever Godly meeting we were raised with. Parents didn't take any lip especially in public that was a sure way to get a motherly slap or the old fatherly neck or knee crusher or the ominous bathroom break where your azz was whooped and got baby shaken syndrome and still when you got to the house bike privileges taken extra chores to bed without dinner and even a couple of days of silence and looks like your face was on fire and they were tempted to beat it out with the back of their hand. We did have fights in school and generally parents stayed out of it although you were going to get a lick or two from a coach or a principle. On the other hand we had freedom like no other I could ride for miles go fishing hunting camping stay over at friends homes and go to town to see all the matinée movies 50 cents got us a ticket a coke and bag of popcorn hung out with girls went to dances chaperoned of course summers we spent everyday after work at the swimming pool until it closed at 10PM then there was square dancing and trotline/ rod fishing night hunting mostly varmints. dates with girls of course we had to be in early as girls parents took normal precautions against us boys. as we were older we drag raced at the edge of town or boat raced at the lake or water skiing and necking on the island . I guess that today these children do not have all that fun stuff or the punishments if you get out of line there is no quid pro quo a complete disconnect between real life and illusion or delusion.. America has taken God the 10 commandments, the pledge of allegiance and corporal punishment out of the schools made it to where everyone gets a ribbon or a trophy promoted politically correct speak and safe spaces added in all sorts of socially experimental classes in alternative lifestyles and explicit sexual teachings and as it has gotten more open and alternative it appears that the children have become less communicative now they set across from each other and text back and forth some do sexting others bully on social media others are just vacuous narcissist selfies here there and everywhere posting to social media for a fart a blemish or a new purse or clothing. It was so telling how dysfunctional and disconnected as the event unfolded they videoed and posted to social media oblivious that there may be more than one shooter or they may come back most had no common sense to fall down and play dead just ran screaming in a circle . bizarre is not strong enough to explain the actions, some appear as if they had no real emotion other than it was exciting--- weird. Guns are not allowed in schools unless it's the swat team now that is backward thinking another gun free zone at work that did not work. still school boards refuse to allow adults to carry as is their right the 2nd amendment is not supposed to be excluded by your location or private business after all it is for your defense and protection and by federal law that is your responsibility not the state or private businesses. most security does not carry arms only school police well there are not enough police in America to watch over all the spaces business schools churches and streets. Fact is when seconds count police are minutes away. Until we adopt the Israeli model as stated by Judge Napalitano on Fox News this AM where most everyone carries that has police military or security and key areas like day care facilities churches schools hospitals airports planes trains buses etc. you may as well kiss off another bunch of kids or concert goers and a few senators. I blame the alt left and the political left as they want a cowering population groveling at their feet but even if we could gather all the guns it is easy to see that killings with kitchen knives acid attacks and other atrocious means of death and disfigurement will still happen. I could say more but do not want to give young turks any ideas. This man and why he was still in school is crazy once you are 18 you should have to go to a college to get the rest of your education be it a GED or a technical degree I do not recall anyone over 18 allowed on school grounds unless they are that age as a senior. He had made threats on social media had a warped sense of posts and pictures made comments and yet he was not a person of interest ? Children are always put off about snitching and I can understand why because many times the powers that be rat them out or make them sign something that someone finds or sees and then everyone knows. IMHO I think we are breeding a ever growing number of sociopaths who's social skills and personal etiquette gets worse every year when was the last time you heard a child say yes sir no sir or mam miss or any other greeting of respect ? they do not have the social skills to look at you when they speak can't write cursive or read it most cannot tell time unless it is digital and act like they are entitled and deserve to be heard I guess from all their worldly experience ? all I see is a problem that is going to get worse we have raised a Frankenstein they do not have to tell you they are pregnant or need you to get an abortion many lie against the parents if the parents try to correct them some have gone to jail, because their kids are spoiled and or unrepentant unruly in my day other kids would beat a little sense into them but today zero violence even if it is warranted by a spoiled brat. I have seen it kids today bully with words and piling on verbally and will not apologize just Lear or make scornful expressions and as soon as you out of sight they continue WHY there is not a physical deterrent called an azz whipping so a line is never drawn. nor is there events that tone a change from a child to a man or woman and that should be at 13 to 16 and their actions in public reflect the family and there will be repercussions if not upheld. but were America we don't follow rules we don't teach our children by example we drive like hell shoot the finger cuss like a sailor and say things in front of children that convicts of old would not say these are facts. IMHO if you want a save place for your kids --- home schooling
  9. We live in interesting times some information for your edification. Unfortunately people have the tendency to tune out when they hear anything Biblical or spiritual but thin this video there are plenty of nuggets that have a lot to do with present day events and what may come why and the how. this was posted January 22nd 2018
  10. I think science has gone off the rails instead of requiring absolute proof they now decide amongst themselves what theory is flyable. most of science is made up of those that feel any intrusion of faith or religion ideas verges on blasphemy of the highest order. It is really a problem when science proves the biblical narrative it's like a lab fire everyone jumps to extinguish it before it causes and damage, in this case to how utterly bias science is. Findings from DNA proves that we all come from a single female that includes all races of people so we are all humans so to all those that choose to use race as a predicate for hatred your fools. The Darwinian theory falls apart when scrutinized for transitional fossils or skeletons as there are none species pop up like poptarts and disappear some are still here in a smaller form like clams and DNA is all over the place a clam has 40 chromosomes we have 23 are we less than the clam ? they came before people biblically and scientifically since they are a great deal older should we not worship them ? I do not think Darwin was an agnostic he was only trying to understand the world as he could in his day and time. Today as sophisticated as science gets it strives to maintain there is no God but they turn and spout the Bible that we come from nothing in the big bang We see now that science is touting the multi dimensional view, and thats funny because even a cursory look into the Bible tells us there are dimensions and time and space as we know it are applicable to us in this dimension and maybe others but to God time is irrelevant. I was watching a video where atheists asked if the dinosaur had not been destroyed and became oil where did the pitch to coat the Ark come from ? Pitch is also tree sap -- anyone recall Pine Pitch, it's pine tar or sap also known as rosin. I do not choose want or am willing to force people to believe in God, Separation of church and state only means any government we have cannot dictate what religion we must follow and people advertise crap they do not believe in all the time so a town having a stone with the 10 commandments on it is not a demand that they believe in anything but to consider a moral code. every company has a code if you work for Coke you best not be caught drinking a Pepsi product or promoting it or you will be fired it is called POLICY. where a stone monument with words requires not even that you believe in it or be required to read it. Fire exits and alarms ? they scare people and are meant to if you have ever been burned in a real fire that should terrorize you to no end and also remind you of that PTSD moment evoking trauma and fear but do you hear anyone wanting to remove those signs and alarms ? well why not ? If you think about it it is also demeaning as it also show people are stupid not to go somewhere that they do not know the way out of as any idiot could tell you in a multistory building egress by means of stairs never by way of an elevator. Road signs ought to really trigger people because it should remind them that they are idiots continually and that science and natural forces can have grave implications on their lives if not paid attention to as in gravity, centrifugal force and momentum. The real reason of the alt left desire to remove all connotations of religion is part of the communist manifesto there can be no substitution of a / the leader and only their ideals and words must be considered relevant. If you lived in North Korea or Venezuela right now you would have a different view but as their voice is silent from fear of being interred in a gulag or shot by a firing squad after being tortured to turn in others that think as you. if your a socialist here you need to experience real socialism before you ask us to drink the koolaid IMHO. There are new findings where in China you get value points if your "good" if you do not tweet bad things about the government or are not caught doing things like using drugs or in the proximity of those aspects of social encounters. The phones we use can track us listen to us and can place us in a real jam if used as a incontrovertible witness as tho where were you what were you doing what did you say etc etc etc. AI or artificial intelligence is not just a robot it is software that can think and react if it thinks you are involved in a criminal act it could dial 911 on your azz your phone could be searched as a witness as it is today in vehicle accidents. Back in the day we could put the SETI app on out computers it made them an array to crunch complicated numbers / algorithms to help the SEARCH FOR EXTRATERRESTRIAL INTELLIGENCE or SETI . I think there was also a program to research the human genome project if I recall correctly that is not an issue but today we need to KNOW that there is a kabal of forces that want to control every human from cradle to grave up to and including your speech all of your actions and where you get your news how you feel about issues like trans or GlBT issues politics and religion or gun control animal rights as everything they can quantify about you helps to profile you and we all know that profiling is BAD we cannot profile a certain religion but if your a Christian thats OK. See it is not clear and just who is suppose to monitor or set the boundaries ? OH another set or level of bureaucrats that are unaccountable highly paid and your not allowed to know about there history or views ? so they can profile but we would never be able to profile them ! We are on the slippery slope and never to return as the young generation cannot leave their phone they pay more attention to it than traffic their children or families. I have heard some very disturbing news and it is getting worse either this generation takes this head on or it will be controlled by it there is not second choice.
  11. I do not recall any posts on this if so pardon the step on toes. Crossbow tech has reached a zenith, this places a crossbow into a realistic survival scenario accurate enough to be considered as a sub minute of angle or MOA @ 100 yard weapon. below is a link to the youtube video below that is the company website. Sub-1 crossbow Mission crosbow website
  12. I like coupling at least one or two calibers like a 22 rifle and pistol or have 2 arms that are the same caliber / make. It is difficult to read or watch videos about firearms in a prep situation and make a decision on what to buy or to have. There is no real single scenario that we can hang our hat on. Looking to Venezuela and other nations where the population had to defend themselves hunt and survive you become very aware that it is area predicated if you live in the city and your counting on hunting dogs cats and pigeons you need a pellet gun. Reasons being quiet shot signature. and just what are people needing to defend themselves from it appears to be roving bands of thieves and home invaders. you would never want the gangs thinking you have disrespected them or you really want to avoid. We see the police protecting pro governing events and they do not seem as they are missing any meals either. for people that have property with access to the woods a 5 gun battery is great . where people that are inner city and do not go beyond the suburbs and do not have contacts to run to and can only hunker down and wait it out even if it does take years like Kosovo or the many cities in Columbia and Venezuela. Never think that places like Syria there are no gangs or opportunists that target individuals it is just that the fog of war covers this fact because it is so low on the eminent dangers . In any slide from a ordered governing body there is a fluid and loose acceptance of black markets gangs and illegality in general if your a cop or a street level soldier a blind eye is better than a stick stuck in it. because yuur in a goldfish bowl so how do you get medications food and other items to keep your family alive, the short answer is to allow a certain amount of trade to move and when you need it you have a resource. That does not mean you have to be a paid asset or protection it is just a matter of keeping your eyes open and it is best to realize that people in power may not like you harming or interfering in some street level affairs. Today we have CI's or confidential informants that help agencies to ferret out criminality and if you as a citizen starts to make their life hard you may be placing yourself in a situation. I wish everything was clear cut it ain't the good guys don't all wear white hats and the bad guys may be much worse to approachable as of now in a society with rules and laws people do not have to know or deal with that in an upturn of societal norms that may change, let us hope it stays that way.
  13. I did see that savage had some good alternatives and they are solid firearms. Marlin I have read where some of the quality control may be lacking, though I have not handled any recent marlin products. I do agree that one should not take game they are incapable of process, preserve and consume of course saying that I know that even today we have poachers that net and by other means ill off areas of fish and only take game fish and leave the rest, it is also common to find carcasses of deer and other game even farm animals that have been killed and only the back strap and hams are taken. In this case it is because of fear of land owners or game wardens, in a time WROL hungry people don't think or care they will scramble to snatch portions wile others will only wait for noise that gives away a hunt to sweep in and take the "prize" and may also eliminate the poachers as well as take their game. People are like wall switches the right pressure and they can and do turn into animals either herd or predators IMO. I think ere is a good time to explain that if we look at the models of Columbia or Venezuela there are active purging programs to eliminate street people street urchins and criminals that are not affiliated with their power structure. Murder squads actively hunt unwanted or "deplorable's" this is what happens when socioeconomic and political rule fails whats left is just so much food clean water pharmaceuticals and treatment those will be controlled and sold at the highest price, while common people will be left to their own devices or dog eat dog. To think it would not happen here is total fantasy, if is not if but when. America may be a Juggernaut of industry and military might but we are not an island our commerce relies on international trade if our currency staggers so goes the world and like dominoes as they fall their buying power slumps and it becomes a ever tightening noose. I pray this never happens again as it has before. Bread lines have been replaced by food stamps make no mistake it was not the intention to help it was to hide our embarrassment, a nation cannot conduct high level business when visitors see the unwashed in full criminal mode in the streets at high noon. We see where this is starting to fail as the numbers are too much for the system to deal with the burgeoning inmate population the tidal wave of parolees swelling welfare rolls and drug addicts / addiction filling all of these camps. IMHO we are seeping toward the edge problem is when it happens as it has before it snaps and within days or hours the world will change.
  14. Although not a new topic I am reading many reviews on many firearms that are very inexpensive and been on the market for long enough to consider them durable, inexpensive and if your not intending to fire thousands of rounds out of them practicing In interest of economy the firearms I am choosing to pick are inexpensive for people that want a defensive or protection option over expensive firearms. note that a few of these are IMO BUTT UGLY but all are solid and hard to break and are full power. My opinion is at least one must be a semi auto if you have no weapons and are looking your first should be a semi auto why, because no other reloading method is as fast or less clumsy that a magazine fed pistol. Hi point pistol semi-automatic don't buy a .380 because that is the first ammo that was gone during the ammo crisis. Mosin Nagant rifle bolt action BECAUSE lots of cheap ammo still around powerful enough to take large game. Maverick 88 shotgun pimp action and H&R 1871 Pardner Shotgun this depends on the stature of those using and level of ability to handle recoil 12 ga does kick or invest in low recoil shells. I would still opt for calibers that are common like the 12ga and 9MM but no matter if your just starting out a 9MM Hi-Point half dozen magazines and a lot of ammo.
  15. While we are here and velocity plays an important part in stopping power, I was amazed to see the disparaging differences even within a single caliber. My research did produce a few winners .357 mag .41 magnum and 44 magnum when compared between a 4 inch barrel and a 16 or 18 inch barrel carbine. Otherwise I can see much benefit except concealment over a 4 to 5 inch pistol compared to carbine length rifles in any other caliber if there is any doubt go to Ballistics By the Inch here is the web site Ballistics by the inch tables for 2 to 18 inch barrels To my surprise the least contender for improvement was the 10MM velocity wise. I do ask people to also go to gundata.org for bullet drop chats by caliber here is the link Gundata.org bullet drop charts by caliber Comparing the bullet velocity and bullet drop gives you a reasonable assumption of the range and power on a flat trajectory. Although not a given but a good marksman could effectively use a carbine out to 3 MOA and for the magnums is out to 125 to 160 yards. Out of personal interest I looked up 9MM and it appears that @ 100 yards had a bullet drop of 12 inches and flat trajectory was only out to 35 yards give or take from there it went quickly south so anyone using a 9MM carbine would have to be very aware of range to maintain accuracy, even with a bullet drop optic you could count on mental calculation in a time of crisis might be a tad difficult IMHO.