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  1. We are dealing with a narcissistic blackmailer like a robber in a bank with a room full of hostages and that is the scenario we have a madman with nukes threatening the whole world, if his demands are not met he may well sell weapons to our enemies, to bolster their position. When there is a madman in the room full of hostages with a gun you take him out. In this case we cannot afford for any of his military elite to survive him because if they have orders to launch or attack Seoul a city of millions he or surviving hierarchy will lash out. The strike has to be unseen and lay waste to Pyongyang timed with strikes to wipe out the military ability to use rockets and artillery I am just as sure they have Exocet m38 type missiles as well as many weapons we have turned from because of world opinion, that places us at a small disadvantage in close combat or naval surface warfare. It is a well known eastern tactic to get in so close so that their enemy cannot use any extraordinary weapons without killing themselves. This is why a conventional war with North Korea as it would kill millions in Seoul our troops and destroy many of our vessels and aircraft that threat alone make consider the nuclear option is the only course or we risk millions of innocent civilians and 35 thousand of our own troops as well as many thousands of sailors and air crews. nuclear weapons are mass destruction indiscriminate and have long lasting implications if there is any destruction and indiscriminate killing I want it to be on them not us or South Koreans. Those that think we could merge the two are misunderstanding that like the old Japanese soldiers of World War 11 they were so indoctrinated they thought we were going to cannibalize rape and turn them all into salves as well as their leader was "god" most are just as institutionalized as a life sentenced criminal. I sure don't like this but unless we are willing to fight the Korean War all over again with 10 to 100 times more losses against a country that is but an attack dog of China that has gone off it's leash. China has created a Frankenstein and the monster may turn on them and that is what China fears just as much as a war that pushes millions of refugees over their borders. India and China have sent troops to repel refugees ------- Whhaaatt no open borders whats the world coming to.
  2. yea it's been a while glad your back.
  3. If it were not for spell check it would look like the ramblings of Ted Kaczynski, bad enough my my lack of punctuation and tendency of dropping letters from my ring and pinky fingers it would take the investigators of the dead sea scrolls to decipher the ramblings IMO. Or did you mean Chicago typewriter ? I have proof read my stuff and found I drooped a paragraph of essential information primary to the topic.
  4. sounds Ernest Hemingway -esque so don't start cleaning your shotgun filling up on Scotch trying to "kill" time LOL. I'll be reloading ! and watching my movie collection I transfered to MP4
  5. this thread sounds sexist NOT just kidding ! some people no matter what sex have the same issues. I still call them :"trust issues" as in too trusting , if the fisticuffs did not get her attention, I doubt anything will.
  6. Weinstein accused by over a dozen women and on the left all you hear is crickets (crickets another wild edible) --- but they are all about womens and people of colors rights unless the people accused are power brokers or filthy rich and donate crazy sums of money then the victims are gold diggers or crazy.
  7. well mine has the part down and is not a people dog if you are not one of the family your a chew toy.
  8. I am annoyed by the influx of commiefornians screw up their hole and want to spread out and turn the rest of the country into a cesspool
  9. I figure if they ever decide to "pick up" weapons they will not try to determine if they are bb guns or elephant rifles and one that happens I am sure shotguns will not be safe either. power that goes power mad is never sensible and always uses the response '" we ain't got time if you have a problem see the judge. in a world with problems I am sure the criminals will wait until the judge rules for you to get your pelletgun back before burgling your home and raping your wife and children with todays nutballs maybe even men will be next on the rape list.
  10. We all need to recognize that food is energy and your ability to carry it cook it quickly is important as fuel and time when your tired or on the move. Here are some suggestions for light weight food per portion. Starches and grains extend food and can be made into hoe cakes. Oatmeal, cream of wheat Malto meal etc. buy the quick cook kind Mexicali Rose brand dried instant refried beans fat-free protein and contain no cholesterol. Rice I like white rice but f your a fan of brown rice per-cooked is the way to go Uncle Ben's sells a boil in bag type. Freeze dried peanut butter --- yes they make it have it and you can get it in #10 cans and smaller. dried potato flakes can be made into potato soup excess mashed potatoes and powdered egg or fresh can be fried into potato pancakes corn meal, I have eaten this all my life in some form or other grits are either corn meal of white hominy crushed hominy is treated kernels of corn flour -- a note on flour need to be kept dry rye flour and breads if they get moldy are dangerous we still have the internet look it up. Noodles and Pasta Dried Bullion chicken beef and vegetable bullions are available just know that bullion has no vitamin content and high salt content. dried fruit and jelly or preserves. Powdered butter, yes they make this too and powdered margarine powdered honey read above. powdered egg, for cooking not eating as eggs as most people do not care for them. eggs in the shell last just over 10 days in summer cooler weather a bit longer cold but not freezing a couple of weeks or more one way to tell is when you crack an egg if the white is very watery or the yolk breaks and is watery / loose. powdered milk add more powder to make more robust tasting milk spices the main ones to me are cinnamon, pepper red & black, vanilla , cocoa, nutmeg dried onion are most of what I use Most any freeze dry or dry pack company has most of this in #10 cans with a 20 to 15 years shelf life, and some can be bought at your local store Meat & fish well this is a choice you can buy dried meat or you can buy canned meat and fish heavier but it has a broth or juice that helps flavor water for soups. We all know canned tuna sardines oysters etc. and then there are canned beef chicken and then there are mystery meats like Spam or Treet meat in a can Spam or Specially package American meat is a high quality produce made from mostly shoulder meat not scraps s other knockoffs. Spam last indefinitely or as long as the can. people scream "BUT it has a lot of salt" in the wild salt is not common and we need salt to live . I like Biltong or shredded dried meats Grains need to be frozen for 10 days as all grain has weevil or some other bug eggs and freezing KILLS THEM or after a time the eggs will hatch and you will have weevils or mealy bugs in your stores of grain and in enough time there will be nothing but bugs AHH but you say bugs are protein well not so much most of what you end up with is exoskeleton not very nourishing or tasty IMHO. Most do not consider that if you had to leave your home your leaving many pounds of food most people have enough to last at least a few days it may not be what they ant but it can sustain them. Fat oil and grease without them you die collagen lipids are the building blocks of all your cells over the years science has found that cholesterol is not the main factor in heart disease or attacks it is the bodies inability to process it correctly ( now do not quit taking your medication) it has been found to be beneficial to keep your alkalinity level @ 7.3 and that balance and a decent diet maintains your bodies ability to heal and care for itself. That said your still going to die no one lives forever and recent document on human chipping or the mark of the beasts selling point is that it will extend life problem is texting will kill you walking in front of a vehicle falling down stairs or driving into another vehicle or the driver distracted killing you. look up the definition of life and living 2 very distinctly different things. when I used to go on hunts these are basically the things I took including baking powder and Crisco, when you have a camp or cabin it is not hard to cook you can load the fire put on the beans and the time for the fire to burn down your beans are cooked you have to use more water but that is not a big deal except in desert or where water is a long ways off. One pan meals are normal fare easy and quick are better because your usually tired and hungry when you get in. MRE's are ok but they only last 3 to 5 years and unless you camp or hunt that time has come and gone and you find mice have eaten them or they are way out of date cans are good but need to be rotated or can go bad that is why I choose freeze dried or dried canned long term rations. The Hurricanes and fires recently some years ago the north east was struck by a blizzard that knocked out power and people were in fear of freezing in their own home shelters are not always stocked with food or snacks even water as people found during Katrina at the dome. tornadoes flash floods aging infrastructure like dams and bridges and your in a bad and worsening situation and if that coincided with a financial meltdown help could tak a while to get to you so don't be complacent act now and have a plan and running is not a plan it's what you do when all plans fail.
  11. your right ...NO not buy a vehicle, but custom seats if you find a truck but the seats or configuration need to be tweaked. I have bought trailer hitch bumpers side mirrors headache racks etc. from Craigs list.
  12. Las Vegas shooting update : First I would like to explain These are opinions and some information cobbled together from Internet news sources and, I am not against Israel or the Jewish people, but it sure seems like many of the players are Jewish there is no way we can leap over that without getting hung on it. They own newspapers cable television new outlets in politics sports owners college professors and industrialists. Steven Paddock was not the only shooter, forensic audio proves that. Paddock’s check in date was wrong and not reported by the media or the Sheriff until it came out by other sources, so we see small lies or misrepresentations right out of the box. Paddock had been to other hotels and events “ we are suppose to suspect planning this but decide to act at Las Vegas. Paddock was employed by a high security / very hush hush company supposedly as a CPA or was that a cover ? Paddock’s history at the hotel seems to have been erased, we should be abel to know his gambling losses or wins, We have yet to see security footage of him bringing in his cache of weapons setting up his cameras, but we are allowed to see him meeting and talking to people on the first floor ? Did he not eat at the various restaurants with guests ? we re told he had visitors and one was a hooker ? Why has she not been arrested and named ? Tell me an incident where the press has not found out the names families live or dead or witnesses and hounded them. The time line is untrue or being obscured or a lie Paddock shot the security guard 6 minutes before the shooting started. Another man I think was a maintenance person was fired at and radioed in that he was being fired at on the 32nd floor. Where were the police that are always at a huge casino and what of the security detail who are number in the dozens or more. If we are to believe that no police were on the premises there are many in the surrounding area and at the concert why were they not informed ! Hotels that large compete with police hiring away some of the best they have direct lines to emergency services and radio abilities We live in a computerized world every communications source was available and they would have been considered a high level accurate source of information as some of the staff would have been ex police sheriffs deputies and even constables. I am just as sure there were fire and in house emergency / EMT personnel who had cell phones radios and other means of calling out. Where were the Security teams I have been to Vega they have firearms they can get away with murder as they are with police or have been police or even higher levels in local or government security oriented agencies also FBI Secret service ex military so why did they not act as whole floor of patrons were at risk of being murdered one room at a time, and in 73 minutes he could have done more damage room to room in my opinion, not as many injured or mass panic on the street level for hundred to video so that may have played into the plan. In Texas at an art contest to draw the prophet it only took 2 officers to stop 2 terrorists with AK47s in the open f the street and we are suppose to believe that on site security and police waited for the FBI hostage rescue team or HRT. We have yet to hear from officers or security or even people on the floor and because there have been staged events and crisis actors would we really know and would the MSM properly prove and vet the sources ? Special Agent Aaron C. Rouse (unsure if it is the correct spelling ) previous post was FBI Section chief of the counter intelligence division. He is married to Megan rouse daughter of John Podesta of Obummers key people and WIKI LEAKS FAME remember the Spirit cooking or code for devil worship / witchcraft just do a search for “Spirit cooking” This reeks of some sort of collusion or containment or even a plot. ISIS is a reinvention of Alqueda run by our deep state OR mercenaries paid by us and who met w/ john McCain in 2013 and rebels are being trained and by information in the public domain to overthrow Syria and I believe Turkey. Many have thought that the riots and days of protest were staged by outside entities maybe our agencies that led up to a minor attempted coup that failed. An Israeli Former Shen Bet newspaper chief and now Kanesit member Israel Hasson gave a slight threat that terror would reach our shores and through their Newspaper Shen Bet historian Martin Van Creveld also made the same threat. Basically a threat that our cities would be terrorized or nuked, if we did not back the Israeli state that can be taken one of 2 ways either we are allowing the radicals time and means to get at us or Israel will not help if they know or see a strike going to happen if we are not on their side OR they would initiate or facilitate with our enemies an attack. Either way it is not comforting. Then there are Israeli death Squads I think they used to be associated with operation Samson or Sword of Gideon whacking people by poison T-bone car wrecks and other nefarious ways, and we have seen this in America one attempt of a personality Robert Stone was T-boned he thinks because of his stance on his radio and Internet broadcasts. Robert Steel ex CIA speaks about the Ziocons and how they have for years infiltrated our government at the highest levels there are in MY estimation 3 levels of Jewish people some that are not politically or spiritually at odds with the united States second those that returned served and retain connections and means to infiltrate US agencies and government, third a group that is part and parcel to the one world system and will stop at nothing to accomplish their goal including destroy America as the United States is the only impediment to their coming to world power. Why do you think England voted to get out of the EU or Brexit ? Because the EU is not elected it is a ruling government of bureaucrats they cannot be removed and any laws they enact must be adhered to and the people of any nation within the EU cannot remove or vote as a referendum to limit or negate any law they make. We may have another problem I do not like to put it out that it is fact, but there are many Jewish Americans well really the world over who go back and serve in the military security forces and intelligence and return to their home countries as agents of Israel NOT ALL maybe only a few but we have only heard of a couple that have been accused of spying, is that really true or do we have a multitude of others as well --- I know we do by reports news and connections to extended family of people in our government. We have been warned by Israel that there are sleeper cells in the U.S. but we are not told if they are Israeli or terrorists or Haitian witch doctors. The owner of the casino Sheldon Adleson and a highly placed person more powerful than most anyone in our country seems to be connected and the Las Vegas shooting story. Are we being manipulated is this a false flag event ? and we do know why ? Is it a radical segment of Jews is it a deep state plot to instill fear in Americans to accept more rules restrictions terminate our second amendment rights and even silence non main stream media sources it is already going on Alex Jones of Infowars and numerous others like the the The Federal communications have been asked to stop Alex Jones and Drudge report and many others to be restricted and are being attacked by MSM media called conspiracy theorists, Their cash base is being hit and search counters have been BOT-ed, new software has lowered their subscriber and hit count artificially to constrain their income or strangle their cash flow to destroy them financially. Freedom of speech an unfettered press is the life blood of any nation and who is anyone to say who is the press or individual reporters or independent journalists there are thousands of independent journalists who are niche reporters they look for stories specific to their interests like pollution, animal rights, ecological threats, gay lesbian rights, business banking and investment investigating, politics abuses or collusions and you name it once they find a story they attempt to find an outlet and sell or give it to a newspaper radio cable or TV news channel some report directly to their viewers or subscribers on Youtube or private servers. This prevents a collusion of news outlets from controlling or manipulating the story time line or facts. There are a collection of powers, individuals and self interested groups that for money power or idealism want to release the truth or hide it confuse r inform bring together or create unrest or racial strife or civil disobedience even incite civil war to destroy or rebuild this nation into something else. Those that are on the negative will not stop and mass killings riots false flag events and target the public children and corporations that will not be a party to their ambitions. Regardless of anyones political racial or religious leanings we need a 2 party system at minimum so we hope that truth will out. We need a free press even opinions of individuals because they have a following of interested souls voters and families muting their voice no matter what side your on make the ability of another to silence you imprison you and even kill you and who would know you shut off the conversation remove the referee in the fight for truth and equality that is suppose to be an inalienable right. When that right dies and decent will be crushed by force of who the military the police and the courts will have to agree or they who resist will be imprisoned or murdered. This is fact it is history it is the saga of man since time began and we never learn our lesson. America is the only nation that has risen out of so much division war hatred and violence to be come a better free place for people to live, that is why billions want to get here live here and become Americans, it is not because we have washers dryers and Internet it’s the freedom to work strive and attempt what your heart desires and if you want to kill that, your committing suicide.
  13. Baby powder ??? Russian baby powder what is it powdered sand from Chernobyl ?
  14. believe it or not go with a 6 cylinder more torque fuel injection, power steering and AC. Know that you can alter seats and find them on Craig list. Depending on the weather and road conditions if 4 wheel drive is a necessity or prized option and unless you drive a lot in traffic with it, go with a manual transmission. all you have to do is ask how much to work on a automatic transmission and how much easier it is to change a clutch pressure plate & throwout bearing. I am not sure of what year model but as early a model for simplicity as you feel comfortable with and in very good condition. Since your considering paying cash remember cash is king and although many are touting the economy, there are a lot of people needing cash. Take time don't rush until you find what you want have it checked for signs of any accidents and history.
  15. I got one rigged as my night stalker or varmint getter mostly for skunks coons and possums snakes and now and again a big field rat, as all of these have tried to enter my rabbit and chicken houses and get a midnight snack. One has a laser & flashlight and a 4X / power scope for longer distance like up to 50 yards. the laser and light are for up close and personal and both are right at or just shy of 20 foot long so the laser and light are perfect just have to offset for the difference between the bore and the laser about an inch and a half low of point of impact. I like .410 but that puts a good size hole in sheet metal as a 22 short is quieter out of a rifle than a long rifle shell and the hole is not large enough for rats mice and snakes to go through. Shooting down into the dirt if you miss or the bullet passes through striking the dirt takes the energy out so if it does ricochet the sheet metal walls will stop it or at least slow it down so it would not penetrate deeply, as you never know my dog wouldn't like being shot I am only guessing but I'm pretty sure it would piss him off as he does not like going to the vet for just a checkup. if I had to I guess hog tie and a welding glove I might be able to work on him he does not "do" a leash but he listens very well -- after a time LMAO He thinks he is the center of attention looks like ol' Yeller thinks he can talk and if you have food you'll never lack for company, he knows I don't like being eyeballed while I eat so he turns his head one eye still on my plate and he can hear a cheese wrapper from outside so can his side kick.