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  1. Today I stayed inside as heat stroke does not improver your cognitive or planning skills. I got a fan for the chicken pen and I replace their water daily plenty of shade and they choose to stand in the water with their wings semi spread like they are going to take off. One of my hens sat 8 eggs and only 2 hatched but those chicks are like little race cars I have them w/ mom in a suspended cage 2X3X5 foot they fear nothing I went to put in feed and they jumped in the bowl in my hand and started flicking pecking slinging food every where mom of course gets all defensive but as long as I do slow deliberate movements she just stays fluffed up. I love baby critters it is humbling to they are individuals and yet are generally born with knowledge in less than a week chicks do fair on their own.I found that chicks that never knew a mother can still "know" how to forage and thrive as one that had a mother God is amazing people that think evolution works have never had children those cannot do much and the learn from their surrounding if their family were bad they learned bad traits etc, selling drugs and all the other things that are bad for us hurting and killing is Free choice and free will so is being decent honorable and caring it's an oxymoron to be a decent person as the world tries to beat you down it is easy to keep a violent heart as the world like to push buttons but does not like their button get a fist in it. animals can be cruel but then as a creationist I understand that since the fall of man all things have fallen to the level of dog eat dog but man is the only one that has a choice and destiny there is no regret in the animal kingdom for action loosing a mate some do show loss but that is selfish not what people can chose to do is be selflessness big difference.
  2. I had a 120 pounds of lead --- but I got a divorce
  3. LMAO yea I just made a post about you get what you pay for Cylinder & slide are the #1 place for the BHP for parts or to get it made into just about anything you want. on the 1911 the old thumb buster trigger WWII style commander hammers are too snubby for my thumbs of course you always sit easy unless you want to get gigged by the hammer spur or of cocked & locked still rubs a lint ball on your shirt or tell tale oil stain on your wife beater T-shirt. I did have a pre-ejaculation problem with a extended 1911 mag release that was embarrassing sat down and the mag shot out like a greased BB but I fixed that I'm all better now
  4. yea life's a bit@h especially when your "loved one" does not fill the bill I had the same feeling when I got a glock 17 when they first came out must have been that tupperweird box that suckerd me in the feel of the pistol was creepy as you fired the trigger felt like a sucker dart spring gun and weight shifted it rolled around in your hand so I was never confident in my point of aim IE muscle memory the sights were so wide that in order to really put them in a tight group I shaved the front sight a bit. a friend has a Sig P938 compact 1911 controls in 9mm and he likes it he told me he tried 3 brands of amm and not a hiccup in fact no negatives at all and he is picky he's a big guy so he like the mag with the pinky extension all steel they are proud of them but sometimes errrrrr no not really all the time you get what you pay for up and to a point there is a point where it is to grotesque or blingy to look at without thinking thats worse than a diamond studded gold plated AK pistol with a pair of gold plated 40 round magazines with a mag clamp EEEEEyuckfu. Well thats all I got I was looking at the Beretta Nano online but I have yet to handle one you either give up concealability size weight capacity or ammo snobbish trigger gritty or no grippy touchy feely or looks like a purse gun and then there are the real issues like a decocker sights that look like mosquito bites hangs in your pocket looks like your trying to hide a brick and accessories cost like gold and or impossible to find or try looking for a cheap Bren 10 mag we used to laugh back in the day that the only person with 3 mags was Sonny on Miami vice --(not the Sonny from sonny & cher) get one of them grip condoms worked for a few I had
  5. basically as Wally stated. I go with NATO standard calibers 9MM, 223/ 5.56 308/ 7.62X51 12 ga. able to fire 2 3/4 and 3 inch shells two different 22 rifles one like a 10/22 semiauto the other one able to fire all 22 short long long rifle CB's etc others are area predicated where there is dangerous large game larger pistol calibers are better here 357mag as it fires 38 specials as well. no matter caliber one carry arm needs to be semiauto with good capacity as fast reloading is optimal and ability to lay down cover fire if needed its hard to lay down good cover with a single shot IMHO. Ask 100 people hat gun and you will get 100 different answers first they should be durable next what your familiar with or can operate / shoot with confidence experience builds preferences or biases. What I choose or can do with certain arms is not what others can because of nomenclature bias or ergonomics fit feel grip angle weight recoil loading unloading field striping cleaning there is some factor that will effect your chioce of pistol rifle or shotgun. I like pump shotguns because they are less prone to fail and have capacity more than double barrels single shot or bolt shotguns and are mechanically less complicated than a semi auto IMO. I like Mauser actions or their variants as they are strong accurate if made to be so as it is all about accessories value versus cost and again durability. A 10,000 dollar rifle with a cheap scope rings and aluminum bases may as well have a stick. Ammo decent brand know accuracy in that arm same brand bullet weight bullet type or else your accuracy will be crap, some brands no matter how expensive may not shoot well in your arm PERIOD. or you can lead a horse to water but you can;t make him drink. If you want a name brand Ruger their semi auto rifles are not target rifles but get the job done research before you buy the internweb is a fair source some people will not like X just because just like new cars most run fine for weeks some months years some are lemons from the day you get one. some people cannot rack a slide age disability or strength there is a technique but it still may not be enough so your left with revolvers or a few semi autos that are not so hard to rack the slide on also some pistol magazines need a loading tool and hand loading is difficult without a tool. If your not mechanically minded and need to take a arm to a gunsmith to have it cleaned research carefully it may not be complicated but some are tough and take some finesse to take down. Ruger MK I, II, II, IV are hell to reassemble IF you decide that you want one call Dr. frankenruger and get his kit have it put in and your nightmare is over. Whatever you buy buy enough ammo the ammo shortage a few years back took a long time to filter out and it could just as well happen again IMO.
  6. Welcome planning is the first stage of failure practice does not make perfect but it is a good way to increase your chances. In my area all of the above tornadoes hurricanes floods heat to over 100 is common in winter ice storms are possible we have nuke plants near and we are also one of the main targets for anyone that does not like America. We have major industry chemical oil natural gas traffic gridlock 3 times a day and a mayor that is a democrat just south of here. then there are the local dope heads gang bangers bikers and a few versions of white supremacists, Spanish is spoken local as much as English 50 miles south there is every representation of nation color religion ethnic group and some of the signs are not in English. it is all possible here and seldom do we have trouble beyond the norm are population is civil generally and well armed. and in a bad time I am just as certain it will go to hell just like anywhere else.I have seen more people run from emergencies than to one that is common the world over once everyone figures it out they come together and try to fix it.
  7. Awareness is first, surprise is due to ignorance of your surroundings. people and events cannot surprise you if you keep your head on a swivel. I do not let people crowd me in a line where I use my bank card I keep my eyes open and do not let people come up behind me I use glass shadows and try to keep and an oblique angle to doors windows or openings I do not answer a door or phone that is not mine or I know whats on the other side before. Mindset is controlled paranoia or condition yellow no one with a hoodie is allowed in my space without a good eyeballin' carrying of objects or bags news papers at night especially so. Face demeanor means nothing smiling or feigned preoccupation with a phone counting change reading a map or letter before I exit or enter a vehicle or door I try to be watchful of what is going on around me. A door is not just an exit sometimes it's a trap many fires have many people stacked up on the door that opened inward. Do not believe what you hear unless you can validate it by human sources, more than one is best, sometimes it is just by observation. If you look at everyone around you as dead a potential hostage, witness or stupid you have a better chance than if you think you have a rescue nearby,In fact look at all of them to run like blind rats. or just stand there like a cigar store Indian IE Waco Texas luby's mass shooting. If you have never been in a life or death struggle with beasts, mechanical catastrophe, man or nature chances are your at a severe disadvantage mindset is partially experience and just because people have experience does not mean they have not gained a phobia to the point of panic or Iron will. Doubt is a killer Fukashima the tsunami warnings blared and people did not increase their pace or look to the sea or jumped out of vehicles that could have outrun (possibly) the waves and ran. Numerous situations where people had time heard or saw a warning sign and ignored it and never forget playing possum is not outside the rules nor is fainting women fight when being taken and depending on distance or time dead weight is hard to move so fall down play dead grab your left chest and hope to win an Oscar. Running an be an option small fires cause explosions Bear attacks running is not advised go for the eyes is always a plan. your never under gunned just not behind a sufficient barrier or best tactical position. If you can maintain calm while all about you are loosing theirs you obviously do not perceive the problem.....YET, Now can you devise a plan of action fast enough to survive. Sometimes reacting is better than thinking. The problem is you will not know until the situation has been resolved. Willingness are you willing to make a leap of faith take a chance that is less than one in a hundred and face certain death for it and do it again and again because that is the unknown factor the breaking point when the will or confidence fails you. and death is 100% there are NO survivors in this world no one lives forever records are always being broken death takes the innocent guilty fast slow old and young it has 0 failure rate eventually it will get you. I know people that sh*t in a colostomy bag piss through a catheter missing limbs eyes in nut wards drunkards junkies or old and so feeble can barley walk but the days of their youth or before their incident even the devil stepped aside some and all will be held down by a gravestone eventually. some calamities lasted hundreds of years bad leaders revolt nature civil war you can survive and live in hell till you die, death is not the worst thing that can happen to you - you could out live your whole family children and all your friends. Last you can make all the right decisions and die anyway because the outcome had already been calculated by God chance physics or pure bad Juju. and can you live with your decisions ?
  8. Iodine 131 that is the bad boy that will give you thyroid cancer IT IS CUMULATIVE UNLESS IT IS FLUSHED OUT ! Here is an article that basically gives the ignorant a feeling of calm. It is well known that spiders have been found in the stratosphere flying on air currents a spider is heavier than a atom of so many other particles that are wafting across. I watched a recent video of a seal having seizures on the beach in southern California if this same thing were to happen to a mammal at sea like a seal walrus whale etc that breath air they would drown razor clam fisheries have been closed and a few other problems like salmon numbers but it is hard to get facts with all the trolls on either side. If anyone here has tried to spread dirt or sand you can see that it does not stay in a clump is scatters and in wind it scatters all the more radioactive material is not spread uniformly as the jet stream prevailing winds storms and many many other factors move it if one particle and it can be the only particle in your town lands on your deck chair your level will differ quite a bit from everyone else it is that simple. Personally I see this as a very very very dangerous event that cannot be stopped look up one of our eminent Dr. Michio Kaku Theoretical Physicist, Professor, and he was in the Army has real world experience and I feel he is being portrait as making this issue a cash cow and I think he does not express himself more emphatically, This may very well be an extinction event over time as these units sit on the coast and in an area that has earthquakes and tsunamis the ground under the reactors is being washed away the only thing keeping things in check are tons of water soon there will be no more space to contain the radiated water or soil and the containment vessels and bags are degrading pipes have had to be driven into the bags because the decaying matter like leaves and dead insects and critters are making methane and that is explosive and all it would take is a lightening strike to fire all those bags into one huge fire. Dr. Kaku explains that a atomic reaction like that of a reactor cannot be stopped the Chernobyl reactor is still burning but contained by tons of concrete and when the reactor burned through its containment it was over a bed of sand that turned to molten glass that keeps it floating and fixed but Fukashima is on sinking sand being undermined by water leaking through into the sea many malformed animals and sea creatures are being found more so than before so am I or you to blow this off and call it a conspiracy theory or foil hat fodder ? I say if half of what I have read is genuine we got 10 years before the pacific will not feed the 2 billion people that live in and around it and that is if the other reactors do not have some setback. I figure one day I will tune up Fox news and see some if not all slide into the sea and go full melt and if you have ever seen water drop into hot grease or into molten lead the explosions are terrific add into the fact this has rod that if they touch they explode and there are over a thousand LMAO that should set the tuna fishing back a few hundred years off of japan and they and China will have to fish the Atlantic and that barley keeps north and south America in sardines in fact we import them from Spain and Portugal. Its a food problem not a radiation one well both but it will be sporadic between starvation and cancer IMHO. Can you imagine half the Islands in the pacific that are populated now devoid of life human or animal ?
  9. The news cycle on this has been shorter than a 3 hour old tuna sandwich on a picnic table in the dead of summer. We have not seen the bodies brought back or news from the families or squat what about the odd track of the container ship the NYT had a piece that the 7 sailors were brought back last month. Three were injured and the Commander on Friday air lifted to Yokosuka then released on Monday. The Crystal has a VDR or Voyage data recorder and it like a flight data recorder keeps track of all changes track speed and records conversations between persons via internal communications, The coast guard is investigating and have brought in Coastguard specialists from the states to augment the small contingent in Japan to aid in the investigation. It just seems very quiet reports are sketchy at best and regurgitated excuses for both vessels to cover the hour or more between the incident and contact with anyone who could help for over an hour other ships were in the area the Japanese are very capable and were were the Fitzgerald's The USS Fitzgerald collision is the third mishap since February involving Navy warships near Japan. In February, USS Antietam, a guided-missile cruiser, damaged its propellers and spilled hydraulic oil into the ocean after running aground off the coast of Japan. At the time, officials told Fox News the warship had dragged its anchor after 30 knot winds blew the ship from its anchorage onto shoal water grounding the ship. Last month, USS Lake Champlain a guided-missile cruiser hit a South Korean fishing boat, near the Korean peninsula but no injuries were reported. Something is awry ......crew can be from 130 to just over 300 depending on the class newer means fewer crew if incidents are so common place so few would have a real time making repairs underway after an incident it comes to mind we are to vested in technology and not bolstering it with manpower as a ship cannot repair itself and there need to be enough trained and experienced officers to make command decisions the Fitzgerald appeared to be able to maneuver and make it back to port 80 miles was not listing from what little I could find flooding had to have been contained I'll leave it there........
  10. Dr, Alveda king, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King This morning on Fox news was interviewed and she was very positive about what President Trump has been doing .and how many were directed toward improving the inner cities and all people of all colors and emphatically spoke of Dr. Martin Luther King and Coreetta Scott kings unwavering devotion to non violent and cooperative engagement to solve political and racial social issues. It is very uplifting to hear good news about the direction of our government and that it is inclusive for all Americans, it is sad that our other news outlets are not informing us. Dr. Alveda King was very gracious and informative I appreciate her candor and respect her very much I believe if there were any concerns she would have expressed them without political theatrics and drama. If there is a "real" problem we all want to know this Russian thing is about to bite the other hand that fed it to us a lie always harms the creator it is strange that many eople were never taught as children or learned as adults hat lying stealing cheating is wrong this is a direct fault of Americas rejection of Biblical teachings. Honor, dignity, work ethic and being responsible are not dirty wrds and it is not like this is new every generation has had to and fight this wave of selfishness and hedonism, problem is it has opened the door to people like PolPot, Hitler, Stalin, Castro, the Ayatollahs and Chavez and many more and each was responsible for murders of millions of their own people and wars that spilled the blood of other nations people. Venezuela is a perfect example of where socialism end of the road is, once they have no more money og others to give away to placate the population they turn on them and become a totalitarian pest hole where only the wealthy have food medical care and safety protected by soldiers or private security behind walled communities ivory towers they have built or in bunkers while the population suffers and starves and this is not an opinion it is history I hope Bernie supporters wake up before they send us all to this same hell hole. Epic expose' on the socialist experiment in Venezuela This is what happens when people loose respect for their government and the government for it's people this is Socialisms eventual end every time.
  11. It has been said that America always does the right thing, but only after they have exhausted all other options. When Nasa first began sending astronauts into space, they were confronted by a small problem. Their standard ballpoint pens would not work in space. They spent a decade and twelve million dollars designing a pen that would work below three hundred degrees, in space, and on glass. Russia used a pencil. Daddy, what are those two spiders doing," she asked? "They're mating," her father replied. "What do you call the spider on top," she asked? "A Daddy Longlegs," her father answered. "So, the other one is a Mommy Longlegs," the little girl asked? As his heart soared with the joy of such a cute and innocent question he replied, "No dear. Both of them are Daddy Longlegs. The little girl, looking a little puzzled, thought for a moment, then lifted her foot and stomped them flat. "Well," she said, "that may be OK in California, but we're not having any of that crap here in Texas."
  12. This is a tricky subject the government has in the past made it illegal to own gold and confiscated and requested all gold be turned in. When you buy gold or silver you are asked to produce ID so it is not like "they" do not know you have precious metals cash may be good for a while I think you can look at recent events in Venezuela Crete Greece and see how the banks take a holiday and that is when you need cash BUT when the bank opens your money has been devalued so even if you have cash it will be a fraction of it's value In Greece first the government devalued cash by half and soon after 25% more so in a short span the cash was worth 25% of it's original. If you decide to hold cash best to spend it fast on house payments or some place to live if it is possible to pay it off weather it be a RV cabin or your home as once your cash is devalued it will take much more to pay the debt as well the cost of everything else will increase exponentially food utilities insurance etc.. People always freak out when you talk about the depression because they always tell you we have checks and balances but the tech crash and the home equity crash Here is a link to crashes of the last 40 years financial crashes of the last 40 years A quick perusal will show all that was ever done was kick the can down the road counting on a resurgence of capitalism problem is the debt has NEVER been paid the big lie was Bill Clinton paid down the debt all his did was play hide the weenie with the debt. as of now there is a video on youtube where the head of the Fed cannot account for 2 trillion dollars probably more. I also have to include that should the powers that be decide cash is a problem the can go digital and pay a percentage of what you had coming by automatic debit payments that is why for years we have all been asking us to go check / cashless and go to debit cards it is easier to control the masses when they have no choice. America is not like any other country the day checks get slashed this nation will go bat sh*t inner cities will be crazy town Gold and silver are nice but why has Germany been selling off their gold for the last 10 years ? investing in gold or silver stocks has been stated as over sold so when you ask for your metals in real ingots or bullion they do not have enough to cover all the stocks sold ( I do not know the positively ) but the averages of previous over selling of mortgages and bonds leads me to accept this as a possibility. Since you cannot eat drink or defend yourself with precious metals or gems a very diversified portfolio of everything as It is my opinion that no one knows what will be considered valuable. I recall a member of Survival Cache that survived the Bosnian Herzegovina war (not positive ) but anywho he had a good post of what people considered valuable in very distressing times like canned food OTC medications lighters ammo toilet paper batteries all kinds alternators wire as they were making paddle wheel generators and charging vehicle batteries for lighting and floating them in the river and worse dodging snipers to retrieve them. When money is in flux roiling blackouts like in Venezuela food shortages and no emergency services Columbia and other countries are in dire financial straits As I recall the crash of 2008 was caused by Iceland Really for some reason the default of home loans where fully supporting the retirement of teachers etc of Iceland and once that hit the fan our dow took a 50% dump it only sprung back because we are the only game in town as we are the Petro dollar but as we speak the Iranians Russia and China want to dump the Petro dollar and squeeze us out what does that mean how the hell does anyone know, no one has ever seen this kind of problem they are all guessing. Last but not least we have numerous nuke powers that dislike us and would be willing to provide a weapon to a rd party without a country like Hamas ISSIS Alqueda and a dozen others Bokoharam and then there are a number of other countries who's socialist "freedom fighters" blame our deep state for dropping them in the grease like Nicaragua Guatemala etc etc and all the old bad boys are still with us willing to join with anyone that could provide some payback for being back stabbed by our invisible state --- did anyone forget Iran -Contra or the golden triangle we have screwed a lot of very very unfriendly people we are now in direct conflict with MS13 Zetas and other former military gone rouge and now have no qualms about moving people and "BAD things just like what happened in France Spain India and Germany all of these required preplanned importation of required hardware or local theft and sale by criminal organizations. Needless to say we got problems and no one knows where the fickle finger of fate will come from even international bankers are threatening to downgrade our rating and add the fed increasing the interest rate by just a 1/4 % point will make most people with variable rate loans default hence another mortgage crash and what are we suppose to use as collateral to bail them out ? There are a doze other issues I am not willing to wade into. We live in interesting times unfortunately they are all bad.. and how they will effect the economy is anyones guess recent evidence figures a 9.2 quake off the west coast is eminent and it is projected to take out everything to I5 swarm quakes under the Yellowstone caldera quakes in Oklahoma Texas and in the Madrid / Missouri area as shown some activity then there are droughts fires and political pressure in western states that may cause a exodus of many from California Oregon and Washington shifting the voter block of those states they choose to nest in. Total prepping plan real diversity not just counting on investments in oil metals or we could just go through a Japanese slump that has lasted 20 years gradual increasing prices low to reverse interest rates and ever lower bonds and stocks forcing people to live off of savings sounds like here HUH.
  13. If and I say if there comes a day when we need to subsistent hunt and want to be gray or not known we may have to use these "tricks' I was reading through one of C.E, Harris articles I think it was from 2002 or one of he followers and he stated that cell phone towers are used to triangulate shots fired and was part of home l___d Se____ and was understood back in that time fast forward to 2017 technology has increased double every 18 months since so what can they do now ? this is from a very good source including other things they are capable of. MY understanding is it can be discriminate between a construction piece of equipment and a real shot and was being used in major cities but signatures of these short range cast o not fall into that signature. Reading some other white papers the longer the barrel on a 22 and using cb shorts or powderless cartridges also is under the signature. It is not the same world anymore many things I hear and read make me very aware that our digital and other signatures are being shadowed we are the test bed in north America as we have the money technology and population with a predisposed belief that we are free but since wikileaks exposed the "great OZ" behind the curtain most people refuse to admit to themselves a painful truth your tv watches you your track of plastic use mail order email bookmarks social media are being analyzed to your disposition beliefs and even future actions. I am shocked at many actions taken by authorities upon civilians and it makes me wary.........IMHO
  14. Here is the link to the cat sneeze original 3 part article otherwise known as Arcane knowledge. cat sneeze article
  15. found a copy of C.E. Harris "the load" I would cut paste and print this as it is getting hard to find. CAST BULLET LOADS FOR MILITARY RIFLES Cast bullets can make shooting that surplus rifle easy and economical. And basic data works for many different guns. BY C.E. Harris Cast bullet loads usually give a more useful zero at practical field ranges with military battle sights than do full power loads. Nothing is more frustrating than a military rifle that shoots a foot high at 100 yards with surplus ammo when the sight is as low as it will go! Do not use inert fillers (Dacron or kapok) to take up excess empty space in the case. This was once common practice, but it raises chamber pressure and under certain conditions contributes to chamber ringing. If a particular load will not work well without a filler, the powder is not suitable for those conditions of loading. Four load classifications from Mattern (1932) cover all uses for the cast bullet military rifle. I worked up equivalent charges to obtain the desired velocity ranges with modern powders, which provide a sound basis for loading cast bullets in any post-1898 military rifle from 7mm to 8mm: 1. 125 grain plain based "small game/gallery" 900-1000 f.p.s., 5 grains of Bullseye or equivalent. 2. 150 grain plain based "100-yard target/small game", 1050-1250 f.p.s., 7 grains of Bullseye or equivalent. 3. 170-180 grain gas checked "200 yard target", 1500-1600 f.p.s., 16 grains of Hercules #2400 or equivalent. 4. 180-200 grain gas-checked "deer/600 yard target", 1750-1850 f.p.s., 26 grains of RL-7 or equivalent. None of these loads are maximum when used in full-sized rifle cases such as the 30-40 Krag, .303 British, 7.65 Argentine, 7.7 Jap, 7.62x54R Russian , or 30-06. They can be used as basic load data in most modern military rifles of 7mm or larger, with a standard weight cast bullet for the caliber, such as 140-170 grains in the 7x57, 150-180 grains in the .30 calibers, and 150-190 grains in the 8mm. For bores smaller than 7mm, consult published data. The Small Game or Gallery" Load The 110-115 grain bullets intended for the .30 carbine and .32-20 Winchester, such as the Lyman #3118, #311008, #311359, or #311316 are not as accurate as heavier ones like the #311291. There isn't a readily available .30 caliber cast small game bullet of the proper 125-130 grain weight. LBT makes a 130 grain flat-nosed gas-check bullet for the .32 H&R Magnum which is ideal for this purpose. I recommend it highly, particularly if you own a .32 revolver. The "100 Yard Target and Small Game" Load I use Mattern's plain-based "100 yard target load" to use up my minor visual defect culls for offhand and rapid-fire 100 yard practice. I substitute my usual gas-checked bullets, but without the gas-check. I started doing this in 1963 with the Lyman #311291. Today I use the Lee .312-155-2R, or the similar tumble-lubed design TL.312-160-2R. Most of my rifle shooting is done with these two basic designs. Bullets I intend for plain based loads are blunted using a flat-nosed top punch in my lubricator, providing a 1/8" flat which makes them more effective on small game and clearly distinguishes them from my heavier gas-checked loads. This makes more sense to me than casting different bullets. Bullet preparation is easy. I visually inspect each run of bullets and throw those with gross defects into the scrap box for remelting. Bullets with minor visual defects are tumble-lubed in Lee Liquid Alox without sizing, and are used for plain base plinkers. Bullets which are visually perfect are weighed and sorted into groups of +/- 0.5 grain for use in 200 yard matches. Gas checks are pressed onto bullet bases by hand prior to running into the lubricator-sizer. For gas-check bullets loaded without the gas- checks, for cases like the .303 British, 7.62 NATO, 7.62x54R Russian and 30-06, I use 6-7 grains of almost any fast burning powder. These include, but are not limited to Bullseye, WW231, SR-7625, Green Dot, Red Dot or 700-X. I have also had fine results with 8 to 9 grains of medium rate burning pistol or shotgun powders, such as Unique, PB, Herco, or SR-4756 in any case of .303 British or larger. In the 7.62x39 case, use no more than 4 grains of the fast burning powders mentioned or 5 grains of the shotgun powders. Theses make accurate 50 yard small game loads which let you operate the action manually and save your precious cases. These plinkers are more accurate than you can hold. Repeated loading of rimless cases with very mild loads results in the primer blast shoving the shoulder back, unless flash holes are enlarged with a No. 39 drill bit to 0.099" diameter. Cases which are so modified must never be used with full powered loads! Always identify cases which are so modified by filing a deep groove across the rim and labeling them clearly to prevent their inadvertent use. For this reason on I prefer to do my plain based practice shooting in rimmed cases like the 30-30, 30-40 Krag, 303 British and 7.62x54R which maintain positive headspace on the rim and are not subject to this limitation. The Harris "Subsonic Target" Compromise Mattern liked a velocity of around 1250 f.p.s. for his 100 yard target load because this was common with the lead bullet .32-40 target rifles of his era. I have found grouping is best with non gas- checked bullets in military rifles at lower velocities approaching match grade .22 long rifle ammunition. I use my "Subsonic Target" load at around 1050-1100 f.p.s. to replace both Mattern's "small game" and "100 yard target" loads, though I have lumped it with the latter since it really serves the same purpose. It's report is only a modest "pop" rather than a "crack". If elongated bullet holes and enlarged groups indicate marginal bullet stability, increase the charge no more than a full grain from the minimum recommended, if needed to get consistent accuracy. If this doesn't work, try a bullet which is more blunt and short for its weight because it will be more easily stabilized. If this doesn't do the trick, you must change to a gas-checked bullet and a heavier load. The Workhorse Load - Mattern's "200 yard Target" My favorite load is the most accurate. Mattern's so-called "200 yard target load." I expect 10 shot groups at 200 yards, firing prone rapid with sling to average 4-5". I shoot high Sharpshooter, low Expert scores across the course with an issue 03A3 or M1917, shooting in a cloth coat, using may cast bullet loads. The power of this load approximates the 32-40, inadequate for deer by today's standards. Mattern's "200 yard target load" is easy to assemble. Because it is a mild load, soft scrap alloys usually give better accuracy than harder ones, such as linotype. Local military collector-shooters have standardized on 16 grains of #2400 as the "universal" prescription. It gives around 1500 f.p.s. with a 150-180 grain cast bullet in almost any military caliber. We use 16 grains of #2400 as our reference standard, just as high power competitors use 168 Sierra Match Kings and 4895. The only common military rifle cartridge in which 16 grains of #2400 provides a maximum load, and which must not be exceeded, is in the tiny 7.63x39mm case. Most SKS rifles will function reliably with charges of #2400 as light as 14 grains with the Lee 312-155-2R at around 1500 f.p.s. I designed this bullet especially for the 7.62x39, but it works very well as a light bullet in any .30 or .303 caliber rifle. Sixteen Grains of #2400 is the Universal Load The same 16 grain charge of #2400 is universal for all calibers as a starting load. It is mild and accurate in any larger military case from a 30-40 Krag or .303 British up through a 30-06 or 7.9x57, with standard weight bullets of suitable diameter for the caliber. This is my recommendation for anybody trying cast bullets loads for the first time in a military rifle without prior load development. I say this because #2400 is not "position sensitive", requires no fiber fillers to ensure uniform ignition, and actually groups better when you stripper-clip load the rifle and bang them off, rather than tipping the muzzle up to position the powder charge. Similar ballistics can be obtained with other powders in any case from 7.62x39 to 30-06 size. If you don't have Hercules #2400, you can freely substitute 17 grains of IMR or H4227, 18 grains of 4198, 21 grains of Reloder 7, 24 grains of IMR 3031, or 25.5 grains of 4895 for comparable results. However, these other powders may give some vertical stringing in cases larger than the 7.62x39 unless the charge is positioned against the primer by tipping the muzzle up before firing. Hercules #2400 does not require this precaution. Don't ask me why. Hercules #2400 usually gives tight clusters only within a narrow range of charge weights within a grain or so, and the "universal" 16 grain load is almost always the best. Believe me, we have spent a lot of time trying to improve on this, and you can take our word for it. The beauty of the "200 yard target load" at about 1500 f.p.s. is that it can be assembled from bullets cast from the cheapest, inexpensive scrap alloy, and fired all day without having to clean the bore. It always works. Leading is never a problem. Once a uniform bore condition is established, the rifle behaves like a .22 match rifle, perhaps needing a warming shot or two if it has cooled, but otherwise being remarkably consistent. The only thing I do after a day's shooting with this load is to swab the bore with a couple of wet patches of GI bore cleaner or Hoppe's, and let it soak until the next match. I then follow with three dry patches prior to firing. It takes only about three foulers to get the 03A3 to settle into tight little clusters again. "Deer and Long Range Target Load" Mattern's "deer and 600 yard target load" can be assembled in cases of 30-40 Krag capacity or larger up to 30-06 using 18-21 grains of #2400 or 4227, 22-25 grains of 4198, 25-28 grains of RL-7 or 27-30 grains of 4895, which give from 1700-1800 f.p.s., depending on the case size. These charges must not be used in cases smaller than the 303 British without cross checking against published data! The minimum charge should always be used initially, and the charge adjusted within the specified range only as necessary to get best grouping. Popular folklore suggests a barrel must be near perfect for good results with cast bullets, but this is mostly bunk, though you may have to be persistent. I have a rusty-bored Finnish M28/30 which I have shot extensively, in making direct comparisons with the same batches of loads on the same day with a mint M28 and there was no difference. The secret in getting a worn bore to shoot acceptably is to remove all prior fouling and corrosion. Then you must continue to clean the bore "thoroughly and often" until it maintains a consistent bore condition over the long term. You must also keep cast bullet loads under 1800 f.p.s. for hunting and under 1600 f.p.s. for target work. A cleaned and restored bore will usually give good accuracy with cast bullet loads if the bullet fits the chamber throat properly, is well lubricated and the velocities are kept below 1800 f.p.s. The distinction between throat diameter and groove diameter in determining proper bullet size is important. If you are unable to determine throat diameter from a chamber cast, a rule of thumb is to size bullets .002" over groove diameter, such as .310" for a 30-06, .312" for a 7.63x54R and .314" for a .303 British. "Oversized 30's", like the .303 British, 7.7 Jap, 7.65 Argentine, and 7.62x39 Russian frequently give poor accuracy with .30 caliber cast bullets designed for U.S. barrels having .300 bore and .308 groove dimensions. This is because the part of the bullet ahead of the driving bands receives no guidance from the lands in barrel s of larger bore diameter. The quick rule of thumb to checking proper fit of the forepart is to insert the bullet, nose first, into the muzzle. If it enters clear up to the front driving band without being noticeably engraved, accuracy will seldom be satisfactory. The forepart is not too large if loaded rounds can be chambered with only slight resistance, the bullet does not telescope back into the case, or stick in the throat when extracted without firing. A properly fitting cast bullet should engrave the forepart positively with the lands, and be no more than .001" under chamber throat diameter on the driving bands. Cast bullets with a tapered forepart at least .002" over bore diameter give the best results. Many pre-WWII Russian rifles of US make, and later Finnish reworks, particularly those with Swiss barrels by the firm SIG, have very snug chamber necks and cannot be used with bullets over .311" diameter unless case necks are reamed or outside turned to .011" wall thickness to provide safe clearance. Bullets with a large forepart, like the Lee 312-155-2R or Lyman #314299 work best with the 7.62x54R because the forcing cones are large and gradual. Standard .30 caliber gas-checks are correct. Finnish 7.62x54R, Russian 7.62x39 and 7.65 Argentine barrels are smaller than Russian 7.62x54R, Chinese 7.62x39, Jap 7.7 or .303 British barrels, and usually have standard .300" bore diameter. (Finnish barrels occasionally are as small as .298") and groove diameters of .310 -.3115". In getting the best grouping with iron sighted military rifles, eyesight is the limiting factor. Anybody over age 40 who shoots iron sights should equip himself with a "Farr-Sight" from Gil Hebard or Brownell's. This adjustable aperture for your eyeglass frame was intended for indoor pistol shooters, but it helps my iron sight rifle shooting, and adds about 5 points to my score! So now you have enough fundamentals to get started. If you want to have fun, give that old military rifle a try. You'll never know the fun you've been missing until you try it!