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  1. for simplicity to take care of yourself small back pack to keep your souvenirs and the following Lifestraw water filter water bottle as water cost plenty in shops small pocket first aid kit w/ antibiotic and a selection of band aids and alcohol prep pads to clean prior to covering. crushable / boonie hat and or appropriate weather clothing. Bandanna good size / large one and or a umbrella for shade or rain. Good polarized polycarbonate glasses see into water cuts glare. Cell phone camera lens kit turns your cell phone camera into a macro fisheye or wide angel camera, you need to have good megapixle of 5 or more to get good images or videos. also you need to have a micro flash card maximum to store your images. A walking stick to defend yourself from animals or whatever. some snacks or hard candy always a good pair of shoes for what activities your attempting a small roll of cellophane if your heel or foot gets a rub spot some of this makes it slip against the inside of your shoe and not make blisters. always get some cards from your hotel in case the driver is not multilingual ask and look for brochures for events or sites you want to visit you can also use these to show bus drivers or taxi drivers so they know where your intending to go. Phone apps for the local language and or a phrase book phone battery recharger and learn how to charge your phone with a 9 volt battery and other items for extending your phone battery. menthol inhaler there are some smells you want a break from and many places do not have sewer systems.
  2. I think it was SIG that brought up the Bic pen weapon but here I was considering all the things I have trotted around with in case I might cross into a bad area or folks. a good cane I do not care for most umbrellas as they are usually poorly made there are great quality ones but cost is not cheap the other issue is current or normal weather that precludes one. Nail files clean and trim nails are attractive for all sexes. Bic Pens are a great resource and totally innocuous I like a clear pocket protector with a few for all the right reason non or reduced copy protection of red and blue or black for specific uses. A stainless steel collapsible pointer in your pocket protector. old car antennas that is becoming a hard to find item.... heavy belt buckle on a well made belt for use as a flogging weapon. carrying a roll of coins is sensible in your carry on as you never want to be without money as is a good pair of compression hose / socks you want them well made as if you need to build a better blackjack ou need to make sure that the roll of quarter size coins do not fly out after mild use. Table salt pretty common and easily held in a small bag paper or plastic, used to blind throwing in the face there are many powdered or granular spices that are extremely useful especially cinnamon or peppers that have been powdered, of course with all the drug issues certain areas you may want to keep it in the original container. large bandannas can hold a decent size stone or a good size washer tied to the corner and popped like a whip folded in the hand with a bic pen it makes a fine driving weapon / push dirk. NO MORE METAL HANGARS well may be just one nice whipping weapon. Binoculars but you better have a extreme strap. BALLS steel about the size of a quarter for enhancing your Chi or whatever story you think you can pull off. used for throwing weapons or as a black jack. IMHO these are way better than a spinner. Some items you an only purchase on the ground like a fluid lighter and lighter fluid people do not do well on fire just remember to spray the fluid through the flame and remove before you release pressure if you have an off brand lighter and are concerned on its striker present the lighter spay the fluid and threaten with the lighter if you get it in their eyes you may can just leave. A rolled up newspaper used in a reverse grip to protect your forearm from a hard weapon or a slashing attack from a sharp edge weapon it can be used to hide a pipe or a brick or any other party favors like a bottle just remember bottles do not break like in the movies hence the newspaper. You can purchase knifes but if your in a foreign country their laws are in play and your not immune to them and our personnel are not going to help you. if you are forced to defend yourself they still are not going to help you so it is best to hit and run and pray they are not all camera happy this is not all useful as today most criminals have guns and do not mind using them or they wipe out a space so your not going to be aware of any danger but you can help yourself by not standing in front of a window or door but a sturdy wall and not in the front door area on the side in a corner way from the counter. your head is on a swivel swivel it watch people if they react you need to find out why ambient sounds if they are abnormal look around vehicles in a bazaar or pedestrian market or area should heighten your awareness especially if they are breaking speed limits. Covered faces or abnormal clothing if locals are concerned you ought to not be obvious but take spacial or defensive measures like placing tables or objects between you and their line of travel try not to be obvious. there are places where kids swarm you and have weapons so your best bet is to ball up and protect your vitals keep money and ID in a ankle storage pocket of the same color as your socks never carry your passport unless your required to keep it locked at your hotel or a travel locker if the police need it you can tell them where it is if you do have any problems fake a head injury (if you don't have one) and repeat I don't know, I could not see no matter if their asking why a million times DON'T CHANGE YOUR STORY for blood nor money, once a liar always a liar in the cops book. If there is an incident and you get that urge to leave don't just go home fly to the next town of notoriety and carry on as the original plan set out and wait a day or so and then leave nothing stinks so bad as fear or flight relax if your not the instigator or the problem and try to not dress like you are a tourist over half the worlds clothes are cheaper than china mart why pack like your on safari and do not try to look like the locals but like a person that lives there seasonally-- it's an art. in fact if you carry a sketch pad no one will bother you too afraid you ask them to buy a painting or sketching and artist are the world over seen as slim pickins and NOT the actor.
  3. I like the concept it has merit but needs to be implemented with correct timing. Pirates have NEVER gone away in fact they surge in numbers and techniques as times change and some become very good at taking vessels and cargo. in the roaring 1920's the Pirates were running guns and booze and today they run dope and guns. These are insurgents but in TEOTWAWKI it will be offensive IMO. In the case of a societal breakdown factions will hold key points on waterways just like feudal lords did with castles on the great rivers plundering or taxing passing vessels. This will also be true of roadways converging and transitioning road and rail will be points for major conflicts any cursory reading of history from the 300 to all the bridge and river crossings and battles should set your mind to the fact that unless your a member of a large flotilla that have communications and tested naval strategies you could easily get picked off one at a time and the stragglers looted . Water is a two edge sword if in cases of NBC those letters should strike fear in any normal human being and they can be a process of war or accident look at these and tell me that a natural disaster accident or some act by persons could not bring about these same troubles Charleston, W.Va., and two companies implicated in a 2014 chemical spill that poisoned drinking water for hundreds of thousands of people. December 2, 1984, a plant in Bhopal, India, released at least 30 tons of a highly toxic gas and a number of other poisonous gases. The pesticide plant was surrounded by 600,000 people being exposed to the deadly gas cloud Estimates of the death toll from as few as 3,800 to as many as 16,000, Toxic material remains, and 30 years later, many who were exposed to the gas have given birth to disabled children. For decades ! Aug 9, 2015 Durango and La Plata County in Colorado 3 million gallons of early 1900 mining waste. went into the river Officials have warned people in the region to avoid contact with the river as the contaminated water pulses through. The EPA is also warning people with wells in nearby floodplains to have their water tested before drinking or bathing. July 2012 spill polluted more than 20 miles of Beaver Creek, wiping out 148,283 fish and 17,563 freshwater mussels, according to reports from state biologists. Four years later, the creek's aquatic life has only begun to recover. First why I bring this up is that the U.S. has many reactors that under a natural disaster wreak havoc in many areas literally wiping out or making it impossible to traverse huge swaths of the country. March 11 2011Fukushima is a natural disaster made more horrible by the damage of many of the reactors there it in't over by a long shot. Water way down stream would be a toxic soup and most people would have no way of knowing until it killed them. Water, basic and life sustaining in this we can expect a exponential decline in population in a swift and calculated toll in certain disasters including collateral damage to other infrastructure consider broken fuel gas and sewer lines how many companies have retention ponds or tanks of chemicals that we need but in their concentrated forms are deadly ! now imagine a cloud of chemicals and a rain storm that carries across the land miles away. Well I hope I gave you something to add another line on your graph --- starting at millions and nose diving to zero depending on the region it industries and the habits of earthquakes floods and extreme weather because unless there is fuel power and equipment to stay the onslaught or stop the reactors and plants that run 24/7 we could loose a whole region of the country and it could well spread in dozens of ways well beyond our ability to contain it or mitigate it's death and destruction. This is why I rail against the press and MSM we are not being told the aftermath or the long term effects of these disasters. and there are people sick dying or having children with defects and all we get to look at it a Kardashians azz.... this is why this nation is on it's way out we have failed the people by allowing lunatics to run our country --- greed is good we are only now learning what some knew 40 years ago of just how vile nepotist and corrupt nation building hell these people were kingdom building right under our noses and we allowed it, bureaucrats have more power than the people and if we do not look at improving our ability to make power and industrial disasters more quickly manageable it will be our destruction it is not impossible we have lost our way or forgot that we live in a world that we will leave to our children and what will we leave ? A place where they can recover and use even our pollution or a spoiled heap of rotting flesh disease and famine ? we have deadman switches to react when human intervention is impossible we are too interconnected and to damned hung up on technology and robotic interface we have lost our humanity and instead or fixing this we have a bunch of Luddites that think we need to go back to the caves and farming with hand tools that is insane we need less tech and more common sense in it's application my tractor does not need tech nor does my vehicle it can have them peripherally to augment inform and keep check but it's failure should not prevent it's operation our lives depend on their functioning we think we are connected and building groups because we have instant communication but we are loosing our interpersonal communication, people and individual/ assessment skills. more people are being scammed because they have no sense people with education worldly cannot or will not perform do diligence and get ripped off --- why a lack of common sense a lack of personal humbleness that allows us to see things in a clear light too embedded in our drama and not in our families as individuals. save the animals , ecosystem, planet and not save but screw our lives up. There is no good without God if you worry that God might get upset with you that would make you think your actions through IMO. and this is in all patterns of life I have to remember that Christ died for the liberal then crazy the poor the unborn and those that abort them and he love them and me ? YES HE DOES. Prepping is personal responsibility taken to an individual level, but we need to see that our morals and manner needs to be a part of prepping as well so we can have some guidance beyond and more knowledgeable than ourselves why Romans 8:30 - 32And those He predestined He also called, those He called He also justified, those He justified He also glorified. 31What then shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? 32He who did not spare His own Son but gave Him up for us all, how will He not also, along with Him, freely give us all things?… There is and should be a certain amount of "sense" to prepping and plans of what and how much because it is easy to loose sight of too many things and place your faith in things that ruin die rot or rust. A lesson we could learn from any squirrel is how much time he wastes on foraging rake around any tree and you find a lot of nuts he forgot missed or lost maybe dies before he could eat them and when he runs it is out of fright not with intense consideration --- we do not need to be like squirrels. tell your children you want time and fun with them if your screaming like a drill Sergent or on the other end wringing your hands pacing your doing it wrong building confidence and trust with love is better IMHO. As far as water I think it is best to find out what is upstream how long will it take to impact you and how or if you can use that to your advantage or work within it before you make that your plan A, B or C IMHO.
  4. yea it's sad and the problem is once you make it to that level it is a struggle to maintain their status. In that they have to become more outrageous and give more of themselves sexually physically and mentally on stage and some of the fans are borderline crazy so they have to have security so more money to stay on top. They are bombarded with request of their time and physical being and personal clothing and accessories. now they have no real life of their own and become a facade of themselves disconnected from reality making decisions on their life from within a bubble of fantasy created by their handlers agents and fans. they are a commodity like cereal bought sold and hung in the widow for all to see, then there are the parasites magazines expose and event shows that need them for the ratings and sales of their venues. then talk shows radio and personal appearances. It is of no consequence that they sold out but in the last decade more and more tout that they sold their soul to Satan and young people are exploring the dark side and like children have no fear because they are ignorant of the dangers to their life and sanity and the tornado that sucks in the family friends and acquaintances. Only when the news smells a horror story of the Satanic or demonic do they report it but only as a self induced delusion and not what it really is a demonic / Satanic intrusion into our reality. Foolish people play with something they have no concept or understanding of and they can only know what comes from the demonic or Satanic entities they are in contact with and that whole existence job is to destroy humanity by deceit and manipulation. Unfortunately because we cannot see the alternate dimensions most people if they cannot see it it is imagination, failing to imagine that we cannot see poison gas or inadequate oxygen source and that it can and does kill but, in that case it is natural ??? We live in multidimensional existence refusing this as fact means your not taking advantage or all the evidence before making a decision. Too many people think that because they are successful that they are right or might makes right none of this is correct each incident is singular a fast look at Bernie Madoff and we see a man who had a long run of success and then it fell apart and since he had a history he must have thought he could recreate previous success by borrowing his clients money but never could keep his lifestyle and make money for his clients. now he is in prison for life. Satan uses every emotion and action to defeat humanity if we are not wary and continue to make mistakes and think we can cover one for another we risk falling into a trap that we are able to self right our lives. most of us refuse to see all our lives we are supported or held back by those around us either by their knowledge or ignorance arrogance or pride. once we become adults we tend to surround ourselves with like minded people if your morals or delusions are a reflection of the others in your life your opinions and actions will be guided by that so all of your answers come from a single well if that well is tainted --- like all your friends do drugs or are criminals or have flexible morals those are the basis of any guidance from them IMHO. Not al people hat follow a regimen are knowledgeable or devotees, many people take vitamins exercise and try to eat right but one in a million OR LESS are Arnold Schwarzenegger there are millions who can sing but few platinum record holders the same is true of normal people many follow Satan not knowing he is the leader -- or that he is stacking the deck in his favor. Science has PROVEN their are other dimensions and are exploring communicating with entities that they believe are there or the Acacic record or total knowledge of all the humanity before us and they also believe in extra terrestrials or aliens it is another opinion that these are demonic in nature not alien. One proof is that no one is the better for their experience with them another problem is animal mutilations WHY if the government wants to check cattle they could either buy them from the areas in question or rustle them no need to blow this into an intergalactic incident. Some of these incidents the craft just disappear mid flight some are solid and damage real items and other times move as if they are light traveling through each other or not leaving a track through clouds or water. these vehicles are seen in conjunction with other activities and events with deadly events to people and animals if this is the salvation of the human race I think we need to be skeptical reports although very hard to prove that there are 11 different races of aliens ??? so we are led to believe one or more are bad and others good ??? I have no first hand knowledge but science is willing to hold hands with anyone other than a Christian with a Biblical ideology , they really like Darwinism as all that is required is BLIND faith in a science that has real issues and the geologic record does not square with. I choose God over we are nothing and go back to nothing and we are not judged or have any responsibility in this life / dimension -- so we can do what we want and there will be no justice ? that kind of lifestyle and ideals leads to a lot of trouble IMO.
  5. HAHAHAHA Satan does not exist ??? I hear that as much as I hear there is NO God, both are very very very mistaken as your video shows people are being possessed it is especially easy when people are under the influence of drugs or open their minds by chanting or calling a demonic name over and over..... People are quick to state that words are like punches but when you tell them that words / names can draw up a evil spirit demon or entity they scoff. skepticism is a religion make no mistake and it erodes your humanity and love and those are two things you cannot live without IMHO. I find it very odd that people have no faith in God but will fly in a plane or drive in traffic that is the definition of insanity to make choices that you do not have total control of or foreknowledge to avoid danger. I have seen this people acting normal then presto chango it ain't the person it is something else and ones I dealt with had no fear or pain or sense of who or where they were, I don't speak of it much as most people will laugh and refuse to believe, if anyone has seen their own child addicted to drugs and see how it has changed them know but say it is the drugs it's in their face and because they refuse to face we live in a spirit world mingled in our existence and we choose one or the other and if we think we can avoid a choice in the absence of the choice for God there is a empty place for the demonic / Satan to inhabit. people that speak to spirit guides and those they say have passed over are Necromancers and that is an abomination and no where in the Bible does it refute their power but tells us that you cannot turn one hair on your head from white to black so what good does their / that knowledge do for you, as it has no value. Matthew 5:35 or by the earth, for it is His footstool; or by Jerusalem, for it is the city of the great King. 3 6Nor should you swear by your head, for you cannot make a single hair white or black. 37 Simply let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No.’ Anything more comes from the evil one. Matthew 6:33 King James Version (KJV) 33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. What is added is your needs not your greeds and God knows what you need before you need it God knew you before you were in the womb (conceived ) . It is my personal opinion that children have little or no use or understanding for their sexuality it is a taught or mimicked trait as a child or a adult and there are people that maneuver their children into what they want in some cases I have seen men try to get their girls to play boys sports and try to make them tom boys but I have known many women that can hang with the boys and still be all woman and men that can be gentle and respectful and NOT be a jerk but we all traverse the minefield of puberty and with all the confusion I fear this will make young adulthood an insane asylum and a playground for Satan to destroy our children.. I hate no one ! I do not like what some do but all I am allowed is to defend any property and persons I am responsible for, if it were my choice I would rather all people come to Christ and not have to suffer but that is a personal choice I nor God will or can force or wants to force anyone BUT I can say when you lay down your troubles and personal issues life is really GREAT. bad attitudes come back now and again but when you feel that you know how to loose it, concentrate on Christ and help others and all that garbage evaporates, for a while but like mining for gold if you want it you have to work for it and I have learned that I am happy in Christ like I have been at no other time very strange as I thought when I was worldly I was happy but I found I never was fulfilled and was restless my life is good now not perfect by worldly standards but I like it
  6. Well funny thing P210SIG is that genetics agrees with you no matter what a person does their genes still states the original sex either male or female. I agree with Ben Shapiro it is a delusion and we do an injustice, injury to people to promote their delusion. you would not agree with a person on a ledge that they were superperson because they might jump . and the statistics Ben provides is that these people commit suicide at an alarming rate of 40 %, many argue that it is because they feel used, victimized or scorned by others and if we were to accept them as they were the suicide rate would drop ??? if your delusional others feeding your delusion would hasten the problem as there is always a situation that brings the truth to the surface and that is the problem they are delusional ....and choose to accept the fantasy and when that falls apart it all caves in IMO.
  7. just to be clear we are not in Kansas anymore IMHO. 63 genders List of protologisms/third person singular gender neutral pronouns
  8. I am pretty much with DonDon all the stuff I have can be looked on as rural, ranch or camping gear I do go for muted or woodland colors nothing bright as if I need it I don't want to be seen easily. Most ranch tools are durable some stores are more for preppies (sweater tied around their neck or an ascot) than preppers IMO. I am very familiar with water sailing and diving but water is either very safe or ultra dangerous Pirates will reemerge and as far as security a few shots along the water line and your sunk. It is hard to maneuve and defend in a kayak or any non motorized watercraft and they are not fast unless you have a boat with a motor that has a hell of a "hole shot" and it would suck fuel like a passenger jet. I do see water as an option once things shake out or if your boat is mored at the bay already and you can get out quick but figure a lot of other people will have the same idea, the ocean or even the great lakes seem large until you have a bunch of boatniks........ think of a boat, yacht of pylon race and most will not be prepared with food or stores. Then there is the weather pleasure craft are not designed for rough weather and if you cannot anchor into the wind or know how and when to employ a sea anchor or can outrace the wind depending on hull design it is easy to broach or take on water / sink if your bilges cannot handle the incoming water. If you have enough power your can pull the plug and run fast enough to draw out the water coming in and beach her repair the hull and get back underway. I can see where having some soft and hard wood bungs a sail sock extra battery etc etc would be a good part of water evasion prepping. much gear is personal preference as to weight strength and experience. Experience that is a word that is meaningless without a context, I have had so many that they form a good source of general reference. I have tried to instruct people and have had varying degrees of success as in do they absorb or have other experience to draw from then there is the fear and confidence of their own nature if your afraid of something your hardly be able to master it's use then there is ignorance is bliss until it bites you in the azz. I can tell people what to get but if they cannot overcome some of the inherent issues with its use or the knowledge how to effectively use that item --- well you see where I am going ...... so I am with Drew_Forge good idea but let us keep it in a particular focus we have threads on fire starting etc so see whats missing and start a thread and see where it goes.
  9. Freedom of speech and expression appears not to apply to shooters and the second amendment crowd this has been happening to all kinds of people on social media and those that post on youtube and other sites. a right you though you had, never was or at least since 1965 Cox VS Louisiana 1965 case. Justice Goldberg delivered the opinion and stated, “From these decisions, certain clear principles emerge. The rights of free speech and assembly, while fundamental in our democratic society, still do not mean that everyone with opinions or beliefs to express may address a group at any public place and at any time.[30]” From this, the United States Supreme Court doctrine of time, place, and manner restrictions emerged. I am not happy about what is happening I see where all it will take is an accusation and you will get swarmed blued screwed and tattooed, your rights -- well let's put it this way I doubt you'll have any, it is time to make your opinion known or grab your ankles IMHO.
  10. Here is an old read from Charles Askins Snap shooting Snap shooting is good to practice it is hard at ranges today as they got all kinds of rules but a good multiple bulls eye target or 4 square a bulls eye north south east and west or if you can on your range just get stick on spots and scatter them around and try to pop them. When I was a kid we would throw dirt clods we did not have to worry about back stop no one lived in that direction --- and all woods until the next town about 10 miles off. Today it's getting harder to find a open space to experiment with shooting strategy, tactics, off hand shooting and point shooting. back in the day I like to copy the old movie cowboys two hand walking the can / target out with a string of bullets.
  11. UK The Sun News about new Russian hypersonic nuclear technology Satan II that can reach us in 4 minutes and now the Avangard, capable of traveling at 20X the speed of sound and carries I am sure a warhead that can strike more that 12 targets at once. When we made noise that we had technology to build a Neutron Bomb Russia lost their minds but now we see that the ignorance of the left to give up our nuclear weapons was a pipe dream and while we were sleeping (and I know some inside the kabal were not we probably have some new fangled reciprocal party favor we do not know of at street level) but we are stepping into a more dangerous time that any other as this technology could get to more deadly enemies of ours IMHO. Doomsday Clock
  12. 150 to 220 bucks Ahhhhhh hell no.......LOL I don`t do beach insertion so my dollar store knock offs work fine, besides anything that bright is a lead magnet IMHO For 1st responders who won the lotto why not
  13. In my opinion they (youtube) are undercutting older stars as the new generation does not even know who they are. The remakes appear o be "new" to them but to us old heads their acting is subpar but if hey have nothing to compare it to how could they know that they are being impressed with computer graphics and the acting is just filler IMHO. what gets me is they come out with older movies and ask more than couple year old movies, If i were a star today and I saw my movie on the dollar rack I would be insulted but IMO that is over priced for the value of what passes as acting today.
  14. Oh you mean these hollyweird types are 2 faced liars opportunists and would sell their soul for a part in a movie --- then turn on the people that made them and accuse them of rape groping and wait until they made their chops before coming out ? OOOOO but they are soooo brave to come out after 10 years
  15. great choices but I could not find them as a full movie on youtube