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  1. I think I am a bit over technologically involved I just noticed I have 4 notebooks and a desktop and mobile phone within 5 foot 2 printers over a dozen flash drives SD micro SD cards external drives 2.5 and 3.5 etc etc etc.... then add in 2 monitors on my desktop a flat panel tv DVD player modem router and I can't count the burned CD\ DVD's about a 20 gallon tote full as it got beyond me I decided to use old CD\DVD spindles to store my collections of software video and music then security system and my old school radio is tuned to a oldies country station pumping out a old Cajun favorite Jolie Blon by Doug Kershaw and I still haver books and tech journals. Of the computers one each one runs a different operating system and because certain jobs can only work easily with Windows I have one loaded for that purpose. Found I do not care for tablets and I relegate touch screens for my mobile. I plan on going for a few days fishing I think I need a break from connectivity conversation and routine although I really do not have routines varying is the key to keeping the carpet looking fresh and tires from getting wear patterns, and ever degrading verbal and social skills from interaction with the same people much like child rearing when your best friend and only companion is 4 years old your one tick away from the nut hut. I am glad I don't have to raise children. I would like to have others try a "live" version of Linux boots from your CD | DVD drive and unless you allow it to create a save file once your computer is turned off all is gone no history or much of a foot print for anyone to dig in. this keeps hackers at bay because it is not a system that can be written to or altered a virus could only be placed in memory and as soon as you switch off that has no effect and will not infect your system. One step further I have one unit that has no Hard drive I keep a flash drive handy if there is something I want to save. Live versions can be Remastered or you can add or remove software and create your own version with software you need burn it and run it as a Live version with your specific "profile" for network login etc. Breaking out learning new skills being annoyed and frustrated with some new medium I tried oils and clay I tried to create a copy of Rodin's Thinker in miniature ended up looking like a cow turd the door I painted looked great ! thats the limit of my oils and clay period LOL...I am great with latex though.
  2. One I have been playing with is called Peach OSI try either 64 bit the works or 32 bit the works Linuxlite Here is one that has worked on most all notebooks desktops and does it well 32 or 64 bit on this page older notebooks / laptops can use one of the many versions of Puppy Linux it is a matter of trial and error find the one that functions all your hardware and most likely t will be a trial to get wireless working but hard wired is not usually a problem. one area of new Puppy linux versions another link
  3. I agree it is always good to collect all the information and then try to understand the text. Many times when reading a technical text or treatise I have to look up the specific definitions so I can gather some understanding beyond my education. and some is not well written so you have to find other texts that may give you a glimmer of direction, I noticed in researching radiological I became very aware that we are being paper screwed a lot of words and no real parameters as for ranges for micorsieverts Roentgens and a host of other technical jargon but I finally found that 2 sieverts are BAD more is worse ! Strange I could follow William F. Buckley just fine he had a starting and end with a point most of the drivel I read today is worse than my own writing and that is deplorable my sentences are runalong barley can say I use punctuation properly but I do not think in that fashion I type like I think but not near as fast that is why I have read some of my posts and find I lost a sentence ---- makes me have to go back and edit it a few times. As for the Bible no matter how much I read I can always see some other term Idea or relevance to another text in another book of the bible one sentence harbors worlds unseen and unknown and skipped over Genesis 4 WOW the first few chapters hold the history of the world and then you get a copy of the book of Enoch and you find there is another dimension we cannot see filled with beings from heaven and hell duking it out on our behalf truly fascinating and there is way more we live in a very mysterious world and realms beyond.
  4. MommyLiberty I get ya, I just like to keep a eye on the clock in this aspect I can see where certain events may need to happen I think we have some time yet and I as you like to play it out doing those things that give me joy with friends left and I even enjoy the rainy days. TheBible tells us to continue and not set a day so I do not, but we can as you stated know the season I think it may be he 7 year treaty ? that would nail it down !!!
  5. On so many levels Fox news is just as much a tool for the MSM although some of the news shows like Tucker Carlson Jenene Pirro and a few others tow a good line are quick witted and if they had to leave I would follow them on the Internet. First Katie Perry if she thinks open boarders and freely allowing people do what they want and no walls How about her puttin her social opinion up where it counts like no more ticket sales people can just go see her for free and no fancy gated community or security I mean hey her fans would love to HUG IT OUT WITH HER ! since money and greed just allow people to download her music free she's rich she doesn't need more money just hugs. As I recall her parents stated in a video that she was Satan's child here is the clip Katie Perry's dads opinion and she is just like you would want your little child to be here is that clip Satanist Toward the end of this video Katie Perry is mentioned Cannibalism A Simple search on youtube On satanic practice of pop culture icons like actors actresses singers and some heads of corporations and the media and many have admitted it on camera and now it is on youtube. Next the beer drinking thing, some people can drink responsibly and some cannot death from drunk driving has killed more people than war 50 to 70 + thousand per year just in the U.S. the destruction that drinking has done to families drunken fights assaults of family members and children and the person that cannot tolerate alcohol or has the predilection to become an alcoholic by the time they figure it out it is too late. The beer spoken of seems to have some Belgium ownership or connection here is the link http://drinkamerican.us/who-owns-what-beers/ Even brewing at home many of the yeasts and other equipment and ingredients are not from America -- Say it ain't so will it's crazy but made in America means exactly nothing American owned means nothing I can own a shop and sell nothing but Chinese goods the country we need to quit buying from is Malaysia ..... I get sick to my stomach when a idea or a political maneuver can be wrapped in a flag and sold like a pound of flesh YOUR FLESH. Any serious historian can tell very quickly that history is written by the victors and skewed to make themselves look less stupid lazy and corrupt lookup who enabled the Nazi's to escape punishment facilitate their to south America and why we allowed Russia to take half of Europe and send them to hell under the Russian depravity called socialism rape torture and executions were common ask people from Lithuania Poland Romania and the rest how many were shot dead trying to cross the Berlin wall ? All the "wars" have had a taint of sh*t everyone should know there is an agenda some have been internally hatched from think tanks and others are to sieze control of YOUR rights and it's coming there is a push to make laws INTERNATIONAL LAWS that have crushing effects on freedom of religion assembly and even to speak on certain subjects under penalty of law making certain subjects a hate crime from any source Your schools have already been taken over your children are now acting out in places like major universities then there are cultural aberrations like black lives matter animal rights global warming and hundreds more many are backed by EVIL forces Billionaires are footing the bill to destabilize nations and relegate human rights to less than that of animals. Lookup growing meat lookup agenda 21, counsel on foreign relations or CFR, why the John Birch society wanted us out of the U.N. look up Maritime law or when did maritime law become law on land look up fiat currency and or the petro dollar just lookup ANY conspiracy theory and you will find most are true because of the Internet and so many people are curious to know the how why and when of wars governments banking health care religion and numerous other subjects every rock you flip over there is a den of snakes under and you find you have been duped used as a patsy a fool moron retard pimped out lied to and your national pride and patriotism has been twisted and your footing the bill in blood treasure and freedoms and the more you dig the more you find most TV preachers may as well be satanists two of the largest religions are ruled by Satan and worship him openly most of their symbols are Satanic. Educate yourself because very soon a veil will be closed on the Internet and books will not be allowed I did a search and I have never found it hard to get a PDF or e-book on most any subject well I found one especially disturbing title and wanted to check it out after 3 hours I found it is controlled access only references to it in PDF format after downloading you get a commentary not the BOOK. fredom of speech the freedom of the press and literature or being able to post your opinion or write a book will be thrashed out in courts no way the powers that be will allow you an out from an opinion or a speech on a topic a recent video by a relgious figure he skirted a comment by using a news article as a premise so he could NOT be sued in a court of law. Notice this quote which I think many of you should remember and notice that most cannot recall the letters in RED “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!” ― Patrick Henry This would is being put through a threshing machine and everything of God Good or decency will be excluded and destroyed. People have the attention span of a gnat look up SPIRIT COOKING then lookup the lady here history quotes and videos lookup how many arrests of pedophiles since Trump has taken office look up Alex Jones video of Bohemian grove, of leaders and heads of politics and industry THIS IS SO WIDELY KNOWN THAT NOW IT IS CALLED Sonoma Valley, California BUT THAT IS WHERE IT IS LOCATED !!!! WE ARE BEING FOOLED AGAIN IN 2004 2,500 LEADERS MET THERE ? this should make your butt pucker that all the leaders of the known world would show up at an event where it has been filmed where they walk around naked and have a bond fire in front of a huge owl figure WTFudge we are up to ur eyeballs in satanists child molesters and greed to the degree they will start wars put us at each other throat undermine our laws using international law subvert our children and corrupt Christianity and use it's verses and twist them against you use our laws in reverse as in giving a alien citizens rights while they are not on our soil there is a separate program that GIVES double the money you get from social security as well as health care food stamps etc. Either the American people pull their head out of the azz and quit textin while driving watching stupid crap on tv that only further erodes their conscience and morals or we are all going to pay it's coming and it is going to make the depression look like a party. WHY because numerous countries re looking to dump the petro dollar (American Dollar) once that happens we will look worse than Zimbabwe and Americans don't like the word no like no your credit card does not work your bank is closed or your limited on how much you can take out or no cash at all this edifice ahs already been built with all the international laws and power structure all it need is a good crisis (never let a crisis go to waste) and a coat of paint (where the 2,500 from above all hold hands blaspheme some esoteric religious verse and sing we are the world and they will start lining you against the wall and shooting you ! or maybe you'll be lucky and like in Venezuela they will give you a running chance first they take your guns then limit your food power water and your forced to go to the government re-education camp the facade will make it look like a hospital grocery store or a like for water out of a truck the water treated with something to make you less problematic I am sure. Trump well for now he is the wild card but he is surrounded by swamp creatures and they are well camouflaged but many of them I have seen on the tv going into Bohemian grove being interviewed at the entrance ??? what does this mean I know but does any reading this ? The only thing holding all this together is previously accepted norms and they are being torn down a brick at a time once "they" have yo do is legalized bestiality child sex, legalize drugs, allow sharia law make it a crime to speak and make specific subjects hate crimes . and we all see it and where is the outrage ? where is the million man march OH I FORGOT the one with the funny female sex organ hats ? There is a caught and tried child molester in prison still getting a check our previous president pardoned a person that placed and set off 100 bombs now he is a folk hero what states are not telling that legal dope is not making enough to cover all the travesties that stem from it. HIV and AIDS are not even on the radar when was the last time you heard about it ? children are getting STD's WHY !!! The big pig in the room what links all this there is a source and the real funny part is they show it in public in gestures and actions it's a open secret and "they" are laughing at you here is the opinion of one very connected and regal official opinion of you Prince Phillip If all this does not move you try reading the book the People verses Muhammad or look up some of my posts and click the links to video's contracts government bills and other resources it's all out there in writing video and IN COLOR and the mega churches fill you will feel good bullshize and send you out the door with no answers when your children tell you islam is a religion of peace or tell you socialism is the perfect governing system or why is using drugs wrong when YOU DO IT.? or why does mommie have a boyfriend and you don't come home all night. ---------- these are things I see all around me next door even I drive by markers 4 of them each day people that died because of illegal aliens drunk and driving open prostitution not for money but a place to stay fix their vehicles or to party and get wasted. drunk and burning the tires in the street. people wearing gang tattoos clothing and flashing signs just south of here and after dark if you can't speak spanish stay home. I can manage enough to not be noticed BUT this is not the America I was born in people dress like bums walk around in PJ's or worse dress like a clowns a blind person could dress better. I am not a prude a certain amount of cussing keeping god out of it does not bother me but when more words in a sentence have no more than 4 letters and none over 3 syllables the gene pool is bird bath IMHO.
  6. some information on this as well the followers are not so much the issue it is always a secret group in all organizations that have a subversive agenda to topple the rulers and out of chaos order it is an old satanic
  7. Welcome I would rather hang with the Friendly Saan people in Namibia
  8. Origins of the Islamic / Muslim religion this is a video that tells the story of the start of Islam and ought to piss off just about everyone but hey someone had to do it Origins of the Islamic / Muslim religion If you trust others to interpret your religion, take your spirit for granted and allow others to lead you down the primrose path expect to get lied to manipulated and loose your eternal soul remember lazy is not a quality God admires nor cowardice. There is only ONE scripture that sums it all up, Romans 10:9that does not mean that ignorance of the 31,103 others because Satan knows the bible he has used people to misinform misquote and twist meaning and alter or change words even remove verses it is up to each person to read examine and make up their own mind I choose the King James version and also have an NIV bible or non inspired version, it is not that it is bad but many verses do not strike the ear with rememberance as the King James version but it make the Bible more relative to American English. Romans 10:9 King James That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. Romans 10:9 NIV If you declare with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. Here is the one judgment you should avoid IMHO Revelation 21:8 But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whore mongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.
  9. LMAO I gave up I don't care anymore today profiling was mentioned and other stupid legal issues such as the courts intervening in presidential attempts to defend our nation and the politically correct stupidity and social justice warrior snow flakes can have it their way and die for it in less than an hour Fox News Specialists I heard every stupid comment compacted into one program that I have heard over the last 9 years. I do not go to sports events concerts or into large cities or the metro sexual plex and love it those people ares so damn ignorant if all of the major cities were to have to live with the laws and decisions instead of making us the rural to fund their failures we would all be much better off Houston has screwed the pooch so many times on so many issues but like all cities it voter block is ignorant social bottom feeders drugged with fluoride, street drugs and welfare / foodstamps while the political class race baiting animal trainers look for race tainted stories to feed them. Last night a quote from a member of a grand jury that stated there was no reason to charge an officer for the shooting of an unarmed man well if he was to have attacked and taken the officers gun "female officer" then there would have been a problem. Problem is people refuse to listen to police stop means stop no means no I am not going as far as to say the police have not made the problem from abuse of power and the blue wall of silence. numerous policing agencies within 250 miles found to have done things outside the scope or legality up to and including criminal activity. Anyone that has read any of my posts we don't need mooslims nor their oil we have an agreement with Saudi Arabia that is what keep the / our petro dollar from becoming toilet paper and why we cannot become energy independent not because we we don't have more oil than them but because they buy our debt, stocks and bonds holding up our currency there have been hundreds of volumes of books on the subject not to mention the SWAMP is loaded with vipers if I were to list those that are in essence enemies of the state HELL THEY ARE THE STATE ! that is the problem...... we backed the Muahadin then the became Alquada now the just changed their name and got off the terror watch list LMAO whats in a name a whole hell of a lot. What if I were to tell you that for the last years we have had foreign agents in the whitehouse ? well really 28 years ? first 8 were the Chinese next 8 were international bankers next were the mooslim brotherhood and it was a female but there were many more many military officers were kicked out our schools were allowed to teach from the mooslim holy book and our holy book was reviled and all references were removed from our schools state houses and local city buildings. As far as the Manchester attack its all optics the political class is not changing the problem that made this the influx of mooslims without vetting allowing them to isolate and even ignore them when they police the streets as mooslim security telling locals they are in a mooslim area and must abide by mooslim rules they attack women that dress western bully GLBTQ"s and even hold Sharia courts within the infested areas and the police are not allowed or backed by the political jack in the boxes that only stick their head out like today to denounce attackes and praise locals and do nothing in the background. It is all political theater as I have said if they are not here they are not a problem the mooslims have killed millions of Christians Kurds are Sunni (if I recall correctly) so they are still MOOSLIMS so do I care if they kill each other or die NO both have used suicide bombers killed Christians and 70 % support radical portions of isalami and the BOOK has over 100 references to murder or conversion but nothing on forgiveness or love thy neighbor pedophilia is allowed and fondling of children or using them as a humping post or thighing and a recent picture of a imam kissing a young boy on the lips was not blasted by the MSM the whole culture is revolting there are flying goats in space and pissing on yourself is a damnable offense it takes 2 black or women to be one witness and still not to the value of a honorable follower GLBTQ's are to be killed women are treated lower than cattle a man can have 4 wives as young as 9 he can have a temp wife for less than an hour. I am sick and tired of posting and that the stupid talking heads read books like a river but not the ones that they speak on and alway meter their words with "it's a religion of peace" Where on what page give me chapter and verse in the book or the hadith or anywhere else and besides HE could neither read nor write there are more than 27 versions of the "BOOK" He was killed by a jewish woman who he killed her family he was called / described as "WHITE" was short NO HE DID NOT LOOK LIKE FABIO. HE plagiarized the bible and other sources 600 yeas after the fact. READ the book "the people versus Muhammad" here is a link to youtube video crazy as batsh*t Until we as a people recognize that this is a never ending war and we need to address this as any life threatening disease, and use every psyops weapon against them and deed any defilement untill they are like they want to do to us converted or dead. please send the youtube videos by email tell everyone you know fight this stupidity like you would a fire threatening your home and your children were trapped inside because they are my friends they are and are being sacrificed on the alter of political correctness
  10. I just downloaded a Operating System call Fatdog 64 and I love it a bit to configure the network but it runs fast and stable. here is a link to the ISO latest fatdog 710 use your disk burning software to burn an image or ISO and boot to it frisky and has a lot of bells and whistles.
  11. Your well IS the important thing, consider a windmill pump as it is passive and requires NO electricity I would advise pumping into a tank then overflow into a animal trough for watering the garden yard the tank can then have a 12 volt pump good diaphragm pumps maintain pressure like in an RV if you want more pressure a elevated cistern as well if you have gutters a septic tank used for storage and you can use that as garden watering needs and it is easy to mount a pitcher pump over it. I do ask everyone to reconsider electricity as it is a convenience that has become a addiction when I was a kid a soda was a treat now it is all most people drink it may come in other forms like energy drinks coffees teas but it is NOT WATER. The evolution of power to become our life instead of augment our life is part of the trouble. I love power and convenience I love technology and all the other vices but we are not prepping for civil war with electricity or foreign invasion or internal takeover with benefits of running water easy access to food electricity and unlimited wifi ! No nation can bring the U.S. down not even the surrogate terrorists BUT ur stupidity can and our weak ling is the grid and our use of Electricity Russia has a new ultra fast missile called the Satan II China has almmost the same as they stole everything in the 80's North Korea has the means I won't get into it but you do not need a missile to take a weapon to a target. since our grids are connected I think there are 7 locals when a event happens most groups of connected states have a blackout . If we have EMP pulse it would happen so fast as before many stations could react the overflow or stack would fall taking all the connected grids with it. Texas has its own Grid but as anyone could see a storm takes it out without to much trouble. To explain electricity as I see it it tis a whore with no morals it is kept in check only because of MONEY AND EQUIPMENT a simple break in a wire can cause a fire short the system cause a failure. It goes to ground and anyone or anything in the way is destroyed or damaged it goes both ways cannot stand a stronger force is self destructive and when you really need it it is never around.
  12. This is the carrot on the stick routine the laws change and what you thought was a good deal is an albatross around your neck (financially). Consumerism drives our nation and it puts food on the table for many families BUT the rub is that it takes more contracts today to make the same money as years previous to live the lifestyle as before it is all a moving target. Solar is not by itself an or the answer Geothermal has to play a major part as heating and cooling are the largest consumers of power a proper Geothermal system pumps 70 +or- degree air year round. changing your refrigerator to a 12 volt / propane / gas one eliminates your need for the grid and people can recycle sewer / septic gas to operate one in gas mode. For out buildings if you need or want heat I say look to to rocket stove mass heaters remember that in these ANY fuel like grass dried cow chips leaf litter and twigs work just fine. as far as high priced li-ion batteries hell no as I stated Trojan lead acid are the best value cost time in service and load capacity over anything except nickel iron that the phone company used to use but those were 2 volts and huge but they could run for months as they had a deep charge. I would advise anyone looking to lower their electricity bill to first change their thinking to look for heaters and AC units and appliances that cut your bill keeping a low SEER rated appliance and building your solar system to run it throws good money after bad OR the vampire sucking your blood your giving him a transfusion so he will get full quicker and not suck you dry so fast but any solar system will require major financial investment just as your reaching your retirement / golden years and as we see now people are reverse mortgaging their homes to remain in them after they retire if your health goes of either of you and or your children are not able to help and we see that the middle class is on life support --- this is why my advise counters the so called knowledgeable gurus out there aslo your adding a huge debt on top of any other debts and in 5 years some batteries will need to be changed then 10 then 15 and here is 20 years and each year after some panels may need to be replaced then there is other parts of the system then there is the issue of storm damage hail and high winds what and if the insurance companies decide to alter their stance on replacement and do like the battery companies do and pro rate the panels and the rest of the system or as I call it, "pencil f*ck you" OH I have full coverage for whatever and once you need to use the insurance you find it was not as full as you thought ! I am the king of getting f*cked from experience I can tell you your lied to from the day your born ask any 50's child when did they tell you when you were getting SS ??? now they say 66 to 70 years old for full benefits but give illegal aliens your sh*T now they have a program to give Syrians 1,700 a month and food stamps health care and housing LMAO NO ONE KNOWS what will happen in 1 year much less the life of a solar system our moneys value compared to a 1960 dollar is 2 cents what will it be when you need to fix your system .05 cents and will power be more expensive your chasing a wild jackass our grid is ancient cannot handle EMP and any "SYSTEM" that cannot stand alone is a dead dog counting on power / electricity in a shituation is like counting on a crackhead to help find your wallet. EMP is the TOP threat to the U.S. next is local terror but the real 800 pound gorilla in the room is a political upheaval of civil war proportions and a real possibility of a overthrow of everything we know and as soon as unrest on a national scale gives a chance we will want to be in Venezuela instead of here........if you think I am wearing a tin hat look at Boston Chicago retirement grabs in Houston and many cities in Commiefornia look at the Dow dropping that is a sign of players betting on a correction there has been noise from the hill about changing the laws on IRA's and 401K plans as well as Roth's this country is in financial quicksand and planning beyond something you can buy cash and not add to debt is unwise IMHO.
  13. here is some great news LMAO holy crap oh no levels are a tad high like 250 times lol your safe your protected by rubber seals and rubber bags
  14. First No one is able to prevent hacking or viruses consider your computer a bank vault and people want in as long as nothing is there to prevent it or your not secure in use or management you can be taken... that said here are a few ways to protect yourself. Any important files you place on your computer you need to have a CDor DVD backup / direct copy of these files as a burned closed CD or DVD cannot be corrupted by a virus this does not work on flash drives or external hard drives as if they are connected or connected after you have been compromised that data too is compromised (not always but a good bet) If you use the same files or pics optical drives are your best bet as the only information that is altered is transient and that is all information on a hard drive unless it is locked and that may not be enough. Even if you have encrypted that information it is not encrypted again by some viruses or trashed altogether. I just took a peek at some of the information and found it less that worthwhile Microshaft stated that the patch for the eternalblue and other exploits (ways to overcome your system) had been put out 2 months ago we all know that Microshaft has had some patches and updates that have crashed and ruined data as well as other companies trying to keep up with Microshaft ever dancing chicken on a hot plate either trying to crush their competitors so they can pick up the pieces for cheap or to remain relevant but make no mistake none of the software giants want you to be secure or not need to update their products else they go out of business !!! there is the rub not to mention many SELL their code so others may use it to build their code to complement or use their software and actually that gives the code to hackers who look for flaws to exploit. One sure way is to not have a hard drive operating system at all if you share pictures and data do it off a CD\DVD if you want to save or browse the web have a drive as a swapfile only one you can wipe and don't care about you can use a flash drive to save store temporary information and once it is permanent burn it in addition to your other stuff and keep the older as a backup. Look for one of the many "LIVE" Linux distributions LIVE means it runs off your CD\DVD drive it does not place anything on your hard drive unless you allow it. running Linux allows you some defense although you should always have Clamtk and the GUI or graphic user interface to be able to watch what it is doing. Each version of Linux has different basic drivers for network printers scanners sound and video so you have to download a few basic ones to see which one will boot your computer with all of it's hardware so you do not have to figure it out and there are many howto's on the net. within reach I have 5 computers none are leading edge most I have been given or I have built from parts only 2 are connected to the net one is not for email or certain downloads just browsing most all have VPN or virtual private networking you need to or can read more on that. Security such as VPN slows down a connection but that in itself is not a deterrent to self defense on the world wide web (WWW) Most viri are to attack Windows as it is the most universal operating system or (OS) out there. Can Linux do all windows can do well mostly it does not easily allow playing of online games it does have some "ways" that are not linear some version cannot see certain drive partitions like native NTSF windows many can and do allow you to see and use your pics music and movies but it is not easy to know how to find after using windows file system once you have the basics down it is fairly forthright. is it easy yes and no it truly depends on the persons way of thinking but it is free you can donate to those you like and use and I do and would if I were a user download the .ISO tell your burning software to burn and image or .ISO and your off to exciting new world of computing well let just say it's different and should windows crap out all you have to do is boot to this on your CD\DVD drive and you should be off and running some come plain and allow you to add programs and games as you like many come with a version of office but you need to save as a DOC or a DOCX extension instead of the native .ODT or office document text (I think) so when windows office sees it it does not sh*t a brick and make all kinds of excuses why it cannot open the file. Windows is proprietary and demands loyalty it will not allow other programs or Operating systems to use it.s extensions which like your last name references your family and whom to contact and understands "IT" many are open and allow others to use their extensions like JPG, GIF or MP3 or MP4 etc. If you bother and find a version that works all your hardware then once you get slammed by a virus you have a way to get on the net find a way to stop or reverse the virus and get back online if not there are powerful tool on Linux to try to save your files or format our drive as some do not allow any access from windows or a partitions like NTSF all I can say is windows like 2 partitions one for backup and one for windows. many virus also alter the backup and original files of windows so just telling your computer to go back is not a cure for some of these pests either. I was looking and found a new version of Linux and downloaded it while banging out this topic and as I am typing it is burning to a DVD for many new and old versions here is a link to Linux distributions for most any chip type / system Linux most versions
  15. funny {not haha funny} but Australians did not allow their children by half of the previous year to take vaccinations and autism was down by 50% +- also one study claimed there were traces of mercury in a certain one -- i read a lot but this info came from an Australian testing facility. here is some crazy sh*t about vaccines and population control crazy town holy sh*t ratman they are planing to kill the children !