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  1. If this does not make it clear dropping names SPELLING it out.
  2. The first w/ the picture of Bush ought to nail it down here are 8 out of dozens This last one is just for kicks some foul language but hey it speaks to the point.
  3. legislation is in the works to exclude sports facilities from tax exclusions or deferrals LMAO Kaepernick really helped his cause and all the ones that followed. I hope this passes it is high time sports that makes over a billion pays it's share of taxes like the rest of us, it is easy to get by when you do not have to pay taxes IMO. Kaeprnick highly rated and no one want's to hire him I wonder how other players will remember him when their next contract is for less and less and less soon as these taxes hit how much will it cost to park price of seating your sports pack on cable or dish ? a 20$ beer 50 bucks for a hot dog ? and this will snowball as Baseball plays in those same stadiums how about MONSTER TRUCK rallies all of these will feel the pain because of one person this all may come tumbling down. Fact is stranger than fiction you can't write stuff like this, all the young men of color who want to play sports in stadiums are so screwed it will haunt sports and fans for years........ $ 100 for a Jersey made in China LMAO.
  4. wally your right it is the only cable / main stream new outlet left or really ever was . I recall watching Huntly & Brinkly, Walter Cronkite as well as few others, over time they all went to their perspective corners and none of them dug or found the truth and those that did seem to have gotten lost to us. The new became more opinion that facts, had we all known why and really what Vietnam was about and all the opinions on getting involved Americans would have probably railed against it but it was trotted out as a communist take over. The communist won and what has happened our world did not fall apart in fact it would have been much ado about nothing had we stayed out of it. As I look back many way too many fine soldiers died and those that did not were damaged by the horrors of war the numbers who actually survived were scarred forever. We never learned we saw the same dog & pony show with Iraq lies and deception weapons of mass destruction, We know they had them because we had the receipt some of the equipment came from here. America allowed weapons to be built and paid for and then confiscated them kinda like selling dope to a neighbor and then turning them in. many moons ago the weapons were thought to be in Syria and funny thing a bunch of Kurds were killed with the same weapons used in Iraq against Kurds there. the common thread is that the Kurds are Sunni or Shiite Iraqi Saadam Hussein was Sunni so there was an issue that his Kurds were either Shiite or had gave him a lot of trouble we here do not understand KINGS or rights and when we try to understand we have zero as we never and will never grasp their ideology theirs is a Militaristic, political, and religious all in one, there can never be a separation of church & state in their hearts minds or politics EVER. Piss off a king your a dead man and your family with you. Tehy all understand that and live or die accordingly. Vietnam was the blue print in fact they stated the same concepts of winning hearts and minds exporting Democracy and medical assistance at the point of a gun the only difference was who was holding the gun. Communism is a religion any people that follow it must be disillusioned and leave it on their own no one can alter that. Socialism, communism, Marxism etc etc are not a flavor of the month nor are all the mooslim sects you will never change them by force or armies. You either cut them off and let them kill each other or kill them all, Notice both solutions require a lot of killing peace is a pipe dream and only fools puff on that pipe same with Israel and Palestinians oil and water. any peace will last only 3 and 1/2 years. And still the news organizations try to sell us the same load of sh*t in a different truck . and because people do not bother to understand the issues themselves they parrot the NEWS MEDIA and generally it is the same ideas that get us to the same place INVOLVED either sending medical or support food money but always to the WRONG PEOPLE .... Did we help any Christians HELL NO both the Republicans and the Democrats ignored them to DEATH. millions are dead did we allow them to come to the U.S. HELL NO we left them to be slaughtered sold into sex slavery or servitude. That is what any of the News outlets did and when they did make an issue it was too damn late because it was meant to be the BIG LIE gets bigger and when you a leader your so over informed about what the issues that matter to everyone who has investments in hundreds of companies that make beans bullets and bandages who have no consideration of the Human factor on our side or the others and never think outside the box we end up with over 10.000 dead thousands of injured and PTSD patients and have ruined at minimum 5 countries imported tens of thousands that have every reason to hate us and that will fester for decades some who never lived in their families country commit terroristic acts and this will continue. I have never heard the truth from any news source I have yet to see a government that were not knee jerk reactionaries and the reaction is always the same pick on the lesser and ignore the real problem and in this case it is Iran and North Korea and how many of them have we killed ? wounded ? in fact we have allowed this to go so far that any threat is met with laughter. Libya was not building a nuke and we attacked them but Iran nothing 3 generations of Jong and Nothing in fact we paid them to NOT build nukes as we also did with Iran and today we are still fighting groups we instilled or started America is now in every country in the middle east and Africa we are still in Europe and have a nifty presence in south America we spend billions and we don't have heath care ??? on drugs that pour over our border and still no wall. now we seem to have some interest in Antarctica what next OH THATS RIGHT MARS we need soldiers on MARS because most all of the Astronuts are in some way military and we really need to find life out there AT ANY COST more billions its a damn shell game ! Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski who's office in Houston Texas had a cure for cancer read his story and tell me whats important his work or finding life in space or getting involved in wars with fanatics hell we can't even make an inoculations we import them and they are killing our kids or leaving them retarded, Australia figured it out but that is not main stream news. Oh yea I believe the news Last post has 9 more the las one is funny as hell
  5. I would like everyone to consider this, what happens when AI considers America, Americans and American exceptionalism as a block to world unification and a one world governing body as anyone knows if there are conflicts it defies forward progress and a machine cannot fathom morality it only can calculate and if one sum is more it relates this a a sum gain. Had a machine calculated WWII the loss of 40 million people trillions of dollars of infrastructure lost the deaths of many fantastic brains of that period and all the wonderous things they could have accomplished do you thing for one moment that machine could have concluded that the killing of millions and loss of infrastructure would have been worth the war or would it have factored in surrender and understood the facade of peace a machine cannot understand grabbing it's ankles it cannot define or conceive death of a personal child or wife or the emotions associated with the birth of a son or daughter by a man or a woman form their prospective. I also assert that a machine will NEVER understand a humans ideal and commitment to a cause that we can commit suicide or die for another person or a cause or because we understand the intangible responsibilities and future if we don't ! A human can collate history reality feelings liberty and freedom in a split second and make that final act of self sacrifice for a future they will not see with hope and a machine cannot. cyanide capsules were not imaginary, death by firing squad torture hanging on lampposts and the whole genocide ideal of the Nazi's Man can understand evil a machine will never. When your old and infirm a machine will evaluate your continued existence and if the ones and zeros do not fall in your continuance of life you will be euthananized a machine cannot understand the love of a family member the complex concept of eternal love of God for man or our ability to know we can love beyond death bear any price love a child even though they may be sick imperfect or never able to function at a level of normal society a machine would choose to abort euthanize and eliminate any waste of resources on a life that will never be able to work and earn its food and care. What most do not consider that there are countries that are not able to sustain themselves or are always at war tyrannical and an impedance to trade or peace and a machine would wipe them out if it had the discretion and power to do so. A machine that could write it's own code, launch assembly lines to repair and create new machines that are self aware would not need humans in fact humans because of their constant infighting would be deemed a parasite and be reduced or totally destroyed IMO. One video showed a drone army the size of cell phones with an explosive charge striking people in a self destruct sequence so a computer would create drones to kill off undesirables ? I think it was too intricate and in reality it would take a drone the size of a fly to drop you like a bad habit you would not see it or hear it until it was too late. Nano technology poisons toxins and drugs the ability to miniaturize and distill to a potency so tiny it only needs to coat a pin. here is a commercially available drone with a camera Smallest drone Tis is not what is in the arsenals of the deep state as we all know they have cutting edge 20 years advanced technology maybe tech that is so advanced it looks alien ? look no further than the skunk works and a few other places like under colleges and unobtrusive buildings you may pass every day LMAO they do exist ! one giveaway is few or no windows.
  6. Fox News so fair and balanced I think I will stop watching. I seldom watch Fox News because of the drama it is starting to look like wrestling, today Eboni Williams one of the vocal left wing nuts is on the couch this morning. She is so blinded by her bias she tried to waste Sheriff Clark's on air time by filling it with a history lesson on Rep. John Lewis D (GA) who has decided to turn a opportunity to heal this countries racial divide and make a political issue against President Donald Trump by not appearing at the opening of the Civil Rights museum. Further more he has made racist statements that Trumps appearance makes a mockery of everything people tried to do to redeem the soul of America. If that is not divisive and basically calling our President a racist and insulting Him I do not know what is IMHO. Back to Eboni Williams Sheriff Clark knew what she was attempting by running her head on and on she was just to eat up his time that is the lefts go to play is to fill the air with their voice and if that does not work, (and it didn't ) to speak over and waste more time. She is the epitome of of Fake news and information, filtering it through her racist brain and she is a foaming at the mouth racist She thinks only blacks can speak to black issues, that has not worked look at all the areas where the black community has horrible crime homicide and rampant drug dealing and death like CHICAGO ! it is not like Chicago is being run by the Klan now is it ? Eboni decided to bump Sheriff Clark and he being that well educated man that he is reminded her that if not for the Republicans in the 1960's there would not have been a Civil rights act. That is what sent Eboni over the edge she stated she did not need a history lesson but really what she was saying was she did not want the watchers on Fox to know the true history of the Civil Rights act and that Republicans are not all racists and Democrats like governor George Wallace were, and if up to them the Civil rights act would never gotten off the ground ! Anyone that can recall that era knows that Governor Wallace was the one that said he would, "pay for any black persons ticket back to Africa". you want to talk about racism lets talk the Democratic party that talk out their promise their constituents better lives and it never happens NEVER. Democrats do not care about anyone but their own power and greed (very general statement) as there are some that do care but, so few because their colleagues beat them back threaten and coerce as you see now no Democrats will cross over and work with the Republicans on any issue and in doing so are killing people in the black community who need health care and services jobs and the riddance of gangs drugs and crime. I do not need a person like Eboni Williams filtering truth and spouting her form of racism I do not want division and that is all she brings to the table if Fox is going to do that then they should have equal representation and bring on a Nazi or a Klansman on her off days so we can hear the other side of hatred and division because there are two sides that are BOTH WRONG ! Eboni and her ilk and David Duke and his IMO. As long as these race baiting antagonistic power mongers hold places in government no good will come instead of being involved in the process they obstruct and then say they were refused access and inclusion of a body they are members of ??? anyone that believes that is drinking the koolaid too religiously IMHO. I don't believe everything Republicans spout depending on who's spouting off Some on the right offend me because I know they are only self interested and only want to maintain their own power and extend it. Jim Brown of football fame who I know has had racism and hate used on him and was playing during the sickening racism of his time but overcame and succeeded by being a hard working focused individual became a much loved football player and actor . He wanted to support Kaepennick but would not disrespect his flag or country and I agree there are positive ways to your goal and there are negative. Colin Kaepernick has shot himself and his message in the foot and his actions led to the low attendance and peoples renewed disinterest in the game. Don't waste my time telling me whats wrong without telling me your version of how to fix it ! People like Sheriff Clark explain and back those that are actually doing something to FIX IT. Sheriff Clark has been the point of the spear and if I am going to be educated it sure is not going to be a person like Eboni Williams who IMHO only upsets people. When I see Sheriff Clark and many people like him I pay attention and want to hear what he has to say. Eboni Williams as soon as I see her I tune her out I have already heard her rhetoric and it Harpe's song, she makes me want to wretch, If fox wants a good host there are an army of possibles over Eboni Williams one is Deneen Borelli all these people who wanted Hillery because she was a woman I say if Deneen Borelli was a candidate I would vote for a woman like her any day She is the polar opposite of Hillery IMO I think she is honest I know she is smart and hard working I hoped she would have a place in Trumps government. Here is Deneen's APP to listen to her show the-buzz-with-deneen-borelli Fox needs to know people like Eboni Williams are unacceptable I want positive and informative not Bit@hy argumentative host talking down or trying to control the narrative and spike the left wing ball down our throats IMHO Eboni Willaims is way worse than Megyn Kelly and inversely more corrosive. The only persons that can pull off being abrupt and argumentative to their guests is Tucker Carlson and Jesse Watters only because their guests are such hollow piñatas and dressed like ones, and do it with their gift of facts and wit.
  7. This Am woke to a beautiful winter wonderland scene with snow covered trees lawn the street it was SCARY I thought I was north of I-20 ! This is a once a decade occurrence where we get enough snow to make even a snow angel The really great thing is middle of next week it will be in the 60's and 70's and from here a gradual up tick to these better temps. What I really wanted to gloat about was the fantastic breakfast, Omelet of Jack cheese morel mushrooms and coffee soon could stand up in. I am not much of a breakfast person but on certain weather events I choose to take some time and enjoy the moment it was great. Simplicity clarity and peaceful seems in todays world those moments are hard to find, It did help that I chose not to watch the news but I did happen to see Megyn Kelly on the morning show and was blow away by how much makeup it takes for her to show herself in daylight WOW ! looked like a made up vampire trying to look alive AAAgggghhha ! a second look was worse it looked like she could remove it like a mask and that gave me the shivers. I was impressed with the topic that your eyebrows are a tell of your health, if thats true how many layers of makeup does it call for to cover a major illness ? or maybe a mental disorder ? I made Gumbo a few days ago and thats all gone for the next cold spell I think it is time for Lasagna I like mine with mozzarella provolone and ricotta and home made meat sauce I do not cook the noodles I layer them in and let the juice absorb and makes for a dense and moist but not wet dish. For leftovers I cut it and place a single piece into a quart zip bag and freeze allows me meals when I don't wan't to cook I do cheat on garlic bread I buy a frozen Texas toast already uttered and seasoned and toast it in a frying pan over the stove top. Winter is also a great potato or vegetable beef soup or chili My vegetable beef is made with prime rib sear on both sides well and dice put it and all the drippings in the vegetable soup vegetables you like I watch for sales and buy my meat and freeze until I use them otherwise your paying top dollar and that is very expensive. once in a blue moon I have prime rib. eggs and hash browns. and when I was a drinking man a Bloody Mary with a double jigger of vodka. You can eat health and simple but now and then you need to break out and like otherwise your going to die and miss out on all the good stuff that here IMHO.
  8. Transparency honesty bias and subversives. Watch this video a perfect explanation of Fascism who started it and is behind it and using it now, send this video to EVERYONE you know !!! Fascism everything you need to know and the MSM doesn't want you to know. first let me explain that my opinions are extracted form the overall attitude of the voting block of Americans that voted for Trump. It appears that this block of voters understood or had a nagging question as to the direction of our government the justice system and all the agencies under the purview of government were tainted by bureaucrats . If a fish rots it is from the head down and it does not happen in a vacuum, especially in Washington D.C. This is a town well known for not being able to keep a secret and exposing leaking even to the damage of it's own reputation and power. Our leaders are so arrogant, and selfish they tear down themselves as well as their enemies in a apparent suicide by narcissism. Had Hillery and the Democrats had shut the hell up and accepted Trumps presidency then their sins would have been ignored. As it is now they are fighting for the spot light and it is shining on all of them and We the people see a flashlight in a second story window and we get curious and now are calling the cops to investigate and because the two are fighting they both lie and expose the whole crime and both are guilty as hell. Worst among the sinners are the journalists and news icons that have used their position to perverse our government into a puppet state of the EU and in doing so have become traitors of their own nation and there is no boundary neither Democrat Republican Independent and any of the alphabet agencies that are suppose to keep us invigorated and engaged and working, as well as defending our human rights. Human rights are not just for Democrats or Republicans it is for everyone When your government makes laws that are not applicable to them your living in a cast system like India the only difference is you do not have a dot in the middle of your forehead marking you as to your level of society. And make no mistake money helps but your friends are an extension of your power and defense. This AM on Fox News Stephen Hays from the Weekly Standard made a fool of or exposed himself as a dummy, He basically stated that he was not sure that the agent that shielded a well known presidential candidate who lost was bias, he was also sure as to the Russian investigators were independent and doing a forthright job. No one I know believes or sees that. Hays has not been a Trump fan and is as morally lost in the fog of politics and not what is best for We the people, He does not see himself as a people more as a connected insider and has completely lost his journalistic objectivity. He dislikes Trump and makes it appear that he in unbiased on all fronts when it is clear he is a foot dragging never Trumper. As an American you have the right to object to whatever suits you but if your a reporter or journalist your suppose to be the referee and not play favorites And They don't get it Megyn Kelly forgot her place and instead of playing it straight down the line tried to throw a curve ball a pitch she had no talent for. The Gotcha news, sniping from cover of your defended position of your companies corporate lawyers is making lawyers fat and news organizations going broke. I love it when journalists preach to us separation of church and state but there is not a peep when the reporting is tilted skewed to a point where it is common for journalists to lie misrepresent and create stories to the point they pulled them out of their azz. If and I prey that is is a BIG IF this country falls or slides into civil unrest, just how much responsibility will they accept --- none We have seen this in Russia Germany the Soviet block where news has been the weapon and the free press turned into a social engineering think tank that thinks they are more important more qualified and smarter than the people they are suppose to inform and NOT construct a bridge from reality to their version of nirvana. Ask any follower of Mussolini, Hitler, Karl Marx, Stalin, Che Guevera, Fidel Castro or lets look at Venezuela that is a socialist state how is that working for them ? tell a Bernie supporter to take their ideology and show them how to run their country --- well it would work out the same as the policy, politics and rhetoric are the same Socialist / communists tripe that has destroyed dozens of countries in the last 100 years starting in 1917 and it too started with abortion or the killing of children of the Czar of Russia and the queen sending Russia into the pit of hell for 70 years ! We are on the same trajectory First JFK is murdered in 1963 then 1973 Row vs Wade we start killing our children and now we are running with scissors in the dark toward a cliff and a long way to the bottom. There are no less that 5 forces that seek our destruction China Russia Pakistan Iran and North Korea The first 2 want it but know financially we are all too tangled for them to win and not go immediately into a depression or on a war footing with all their neighbors Germany failed to see this and the whole world turned against them, had we fallen or lost all of the Nazi world would look like the middle east sniping killing bombings and wholesale corruption. One thing I do know both sides have used the Russian/s as their go to, "dog ate my homework" excuse for everything from the cold war, assassination of John F. Kennedy rise of Al-qaeda to Trumps win as our president to the lie of Trump / Russian collusion when all the time it was the accusers who were in bed with the Russians up to and including all of the people investigating Trump. They were in positions of knowledge on the Uranium one deal the Iranian pay off and millions know that probably every nasty thing that has happened in the last 40 years under both parties presidents. If you ever had a pet and one got fleas once they infest the carpet pull the carpet. todays best analogy is bed bugs Wake up before your put down like a sick dog, if not for yourself your children and grandchildren. IMHO this is only the tip of an enormous iceberg. If you operate under the assumption that your always being lied to and protect and defend yourself as such, you will do better than to be so blinded by party politics that someone really cares about you IMHO. If they do not pass a budget that would be the very best thing we would all still get checks if we had them coming the mail would still run the military would still function and basic government. but the people we need to jab in the azz the bureaucrats and the support members of the deep state and politicians would be screwed.
  9. Just for kicks here are a few search engines that are better than ones that track you. Startpage privatelee qrobe duckduckgo A few News site that have a different view Ann Coulter Deneen Borelli drudge report Rodger Stone Micheal Savage Breitbart Jullian Assange Rush Limbaugh Alex Jones Laura Ingraham Jeanine Pirro Sean Hannity
  10. A scary truth about California exodus COMING SOON attempted end run around constitution and avoiding issues they started
  11. Here is a scary fact about our education system If we did not import them there would be none !
  12. People cannot tell reality form fantasy now, that is why we are in the social troubles we have. They are rooted in feelings instead of actual incidents and the MSM is churning out rumor innuendo and fiction as real news., and people are taking it hook line and sinker without stopping to validate if it is fact or not. People are too entrenched in their own truth to question their grasp of the truth. The bigotry we have now is not all racial it is political as well. I know whats coming and all I could do is be a speed bump. As I see it it's game over for most of us. only the young will be able to weather this storm, and not many of them IMO. I have dodged the bullet more times than I can count my averages are running out and that does not bother me much. All I want to do is equip the children I know with the tools to make it. Isaiah 41:10New King James Version (NKJV) 10 Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’
  13. TPSnodgrass good take on "freedom" as per American values and reason IMO.
  14. The oceans are telling us something but no one can figure it out strange ocean happenings Fishing numbers are way off some species numbers are not there Low fishing numbers ABC news tells radiation is up 10 times this is 2015 it has not gotten any better Schools now are forcing their opinion on children Here is a revelation that we should have known in 1969 fear and astonishment 5 Astronauts admit there are aliens and UFO's the cat is out of the bag now ! Earthquakes more powerful and frequent significant earthquakes increasing More proof of increasing earthquakes totals grow exponentially Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink water is not acting normally Game of thrones is not just a TV series Heads will roll LITERALLY Slavery has never been ended slavery Pedophiles child sex is common in parts of the world and no one cares Europe is filled with pedophiles and is a vacation destination for illicit sex of all kinds including slavery through the glass filthy And you thought a single Baptist investing in porno films in the 1980's was bad WOW
  15. look around 30 seconds into the video Again we pay the tab and the rest of the world get the free meal you can that your government over the last 60 years both republican and democrat.