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    Not much to tell 55 yrs. old grew up in ohio and live alone and like to fish and hunt
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    western ohio
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    prepping, fishing, cooking out, my kids and gandkids
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    sheet metal fabrication for HVAC company and jack of all trades so boss says
  1. silverwolf55

    LaPolicegear Operator Backpack

    15 x 9 3/4 your welcome it would be a tight fit.
  2. silverwolf55

    LaPolicegear Operator Backpack

    droptrd thats the same pack my daughters got me for x-mas. What are the dimensions of your lap top and i will measure it and let you know.
  3. silverwolf55

    Solar storm heading towards earth (NOT A DRILL)

    what exactly is going to happen depends on which article you read. the only thing they all agree on are the pretty lights in the sky. just another example of the quality journalism in this country each twists how they see fit.
  4. silverwolf55

    3 Things I don't Have, What to get first?

    default tell you what i have an old marlboro backpack i dont use anymore. it's red and a little faded but is heavy made i used it for a GHB in my truck for years. it would make a good starter BOB if you want it's yours
  5. silverwolf55

    Quick question

    is it my computer or is the forum site running slow today?
  6. silverwolf55

    your 550

    ricks i understood your point. mine was that my 550 like duct tape will be my last resort if nothing else is avaliable. agreed gardening twine i killer useful, cheap and always keep it around. growing up around the farm i learned to appreciate the uses of twine, baling wire and a good pair of fence pliers.
  7. silverwolf55

    your 550

    It's like duct tape you dont think about what you need it for. You just know you will need it cause Murphy is aways sneeking around.
  8. silverwolf55

    foods for the adventurous prepper

    So you don't like brains ricks? lol Although the bacon mints would be a nice addition to the BOB. Seriously fried brains make a great sandwich with a little mayo and pickles.
  9. silverwolf55

    It is against the law to....

    Depends on the camo pattern you want. lmao
  10. silverwolf55

    natural selection?

    Like ron white ays "You can't fix stupid"
  11. vis 9 We must have ate at some of the same places. ordered some one time i think it jumped out of the skillet cause it was still bleeding. Dont mind my steaks rare but not my yard bird.
  12. look into guineas all the same advantages as chickens but are killer watch dogs. Several of my aunt and uncles had them. They seemed to be more quiet than the chickens unless something was around. Here's a link if you want a little info on them.
  13. Awake It's the caffeine in the grounds it speeds up the heart rate and they dont like it. Amazing what you can learn when your daughter becomes a vet tech. The old dogs still learning. lol
  14. silverwolf55

    Where Do They Get The Money

    I know there are others on here in the same boat but being without a job makes prepping tough. It can be done. It's the best time to get the small dollar items you overlook normally. Like Awake said an extra can of beans here and there. The extra box of band-aids you put off before because you were look at the bigger things when you had the money. I never realized the number small things i had put off til now. I manage $15-$20 a month for items and consider myself extremely lucky.