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  1. JackJobe

    dooms day prepers tonight

    J: >>>> I was hoping you weren't the get rich quick kind you were being painted as. Where is this Money you people keep talking about? I'm on Social Security although I am working to get off asap. NatGeo paid nothing; FoxNews paid nothing. Radio & Blogcasts nothing. This forum isn't about how 'broke' I am. Let us focus on Survival. I 'trademarked' a new rescue tool but it's in the prototype phase, not sellable. I picked "Walk About Prepared™" because it is the most intelligent slogan I could think of. And, "Let's get ready to Rubble" was taken by Michael Buffer. IF you watched "Doomsday" (S1E9) - you know that Jacquie and I are new at "prepping", so I come here for ideas. I'm 'journaling' what I'm learning as I go. My survival articles on Instructables.com have taught 30,000+ viewers - no advertising - no money. AND, you 'Forum writers' who have shared your wisdom with me about EDC, 72 Hour Bags & BOBs are "publicly teaching" To me - and Thru me. I agree with your evaluations. I am a Giant Ego & an Asshole, good at publicity and promotion, but at 66, I know I've 'harmed' way too many people during my life and I'd like to 'go out' doing good. IF I can save one person - IF I can shift someone's thinking - IF I can help someone laugh and learn ------ Please - Judge me on what I give back to our "Survival Preparedness" community. Here's my voice and writing "Letter to my Children - Lessons from Haiti and Japan". (8 minutes - no sales - pure Survival Basics) “Your video embodies everything that should be championed. You identify very real issues and practicalities: you empower people. You show how to keep on living and most importantly why to keep on living." Bill Williams, Energy Consultant PS: IF you'd rather 'chuckle', try my first Survival Tip video . (55 seconds) Teach me more and I'll teach the World! From a friend you haven't met yet.
  2. JackJobe

    dooms day prepers tonight

    Please - since I'm naive - please tell me what money you keep talking about. I definitely am a 'clown' and I do find 'Dress Up' fun. "Now fill your pantries you 'Sons of Bisquick!" John Wayne, for the NatGeo "2012 Survival Tips Comedy Show". <All on the editing room floor - boohoo> Sir, I appreciate your skepticism of a 'Character' like me. I'm an arrogant, self-promoting asshole AND I'm an Emmy-nominated Photojournalist, married for 31 years and I've raised two wonderful men. I am the Best of Men and I am the Worst of Men. Here is what I attempt - every day: "When I walk away from people, are They better off for my having been there?" Am I better off for having You in my life? YES - you keep me honest. With Love, Your Fan, Jack Jobe - Walk About Prepared™
  3. JackJobe

    dooms day prepers tonight

    Our segment (S1E9) on Doomsday Preppers begins March 27th, 2012. Since it's only 'half real', we're just hoping to come off as The Craziest of the 'Weirdos'. LOL Another participant ask, "Why does 'Reality TV' always S##T on their guests?" That's Entertainment! I hope you get some laughs, especially during 'knife training' and the Comedy Show. Quasimodo's voice (with Over Filled 72 Hour Bag) "Ounces add up to Pounds; Pounds add up to pain." QUOTE: "I already have people I work with who have put two and two together and asked if I was prepping." and then this guy blames NatGeo. LOL LOL LOL That's a problem. NatGeo is the reflection of a distorted reality. "Survivalists & Preppers" can't hide. We see you at Self-Reliance, Guns, and Outdoors Shows, in Meet Up Groups, bulk food places and ..... IF I was your next door neighbor, AND I don't know you 'prepped', I'd beg for food if I was hungry. IF 300,000,000 people flee the cities, name me one realistic place ANYONE could hide. Let's educate the public; not plan to kill them WHEN they show up.
  4. JackJobe

    Doomsday Bunkers

    I was asked about this show on Love.FoxNews.com yesterday morning. I pointed out how impractical these 'bunkers' are for apartment dwellers and 'average people'. Our segment (S1E9) on Doomsday Preppers begins March 27th, 2012. Since it's only 'half real', we're just hoping to come off as the Craziest of the 'Weirdos'. LOL Another participant ask, "Why does 'Reality TV' always S##T on their guests?" That's Entertainment! I hope you get some laughs, especially during 'knife training' and the Comedy Show.
  5. JackJobe

    Nat Geo TV put Us thru HELL & We Loved It

    I for one dont need a SPOKESPERSON.. Im loud enough to be heard and dont waste my time putting pearls before swine. I don't consider your friends, and neighbors "Swine". I would rather educate mine than fight them for food later. Forgive me for encouraging 'your neighbors' to Be Prepared. I have the courage, the 'Story Teller' skills and desire to make the world a better place before I die. PS: I suggest a grammar checker so we 'swine' can read your messages more easily.
  6. JackJobe

    Nat Geo TV put Us thru HELL & We Loved It

    UPDATE: Live.FOXNews.com yesterday AND Our episode S1E9 (Series 1 Episode 9) is scheduled to air March 27, 2012 PLEASE remember "Reality TV" ISN'T! ....... and I promise a lot of survival tips between the 'laughs' - hope you like the comedy act. PS: "Knife training" still makes us laugh. PPS: it's Okay to poke fun or offer suggestions to us.
  7. To you 'clandestine operatives' of survival, I ask Only that you listen for a minute. When I learned about the Nat Geo series "Doomsday Preppers" (begins Feb 7, 2012), my wife was thrilled I could show the world my new Survival Tool prototype. "Stop", I told her. "Understand that in a Crisis, everyone on Earth that watches will know we have some food, water & weapons." We asked Nat Geo to paint a target on our house; they laughed. I didn't. Sometimes we are all paranoid about 'our supplies' BUT Please follow my reasoning and then make up your mind. You can't hide. After the "Event", THEY will show up. The Zombies Are Coming! The unprepared (in a social breakdown / no utilities situation) will dehydrate quickly, wandering around crying or wondering what to do now that their comforts are gone. More become Zombies daily as supplies run out and dehydration slows their brains and bodies. Face reality - if you are 'in public' at Self Reliance, Gun, Outdoor, RV & other shows, people will assume you are 'at least Preppers'. I watch for allies - people who show EDC items like paracord 'clothes', clip knives, multifunction tools, proper backpacks, etc. At the gun range? Most human communication is non-verbal. What is it that Makes Us Human? Science looked at our Thumbs, Tools usage & communication. It was none of these. Humans will cooperate on projects - even if it only helps someone else and provides no immediate direct benefit. Think of strangers who pull other strangers from burning cars. That's Human. Tell no one and people will still find you as they scavenge. The trait that makes Zombies scary IS they never stop coming. I pick public education. The more people I awaken to "Be Better Prepared", the more allies I have and the less Zombies I'll fight. Be Honest, Be Excellent & Walk About Prepared™ PS: Nat Geo's "Doomsday Preppers" begins Feb. 7, 2012 - our episode will be "around the end of March or Early April" 2012. IF it makes the final version, I demonstrate my Prototype of my EDC Rescue Tool - a people's tool.
  8. I'm a 'customize' your BOBs per family member guy. I fear that too often Newbies drop a lot of money on 'other people's ideas' rather than their own experience. I teach 'don't put it in your pack if you don't know how to use it.' Use that weight for items can make a difference. Carry a loved one's photo. I carry a spare Asthma inhaler for my wife. Will you travel with anyone? A toy for a child, for example. Put in some other 'human items': toothbrush, paste & picks, teas like sleepy time, seasonings, dust mask, goggles and ear plugs. Did I miss your Whistle? Take care of those 'comfort' reminders that "This too shall Pass." Be Honest, Be Excellent & Walk About Prepared™ PS: Nat Geo's "Doomsday Preppers" begins Feb. 7, 2012 - our episode will be "around the end of March or Early April" 2012. IF it makes the final version, I demonstrate my Prototype of my EDC Rescue Tool - a people's tool.
  9. JackJobe


    I'm a Photojournalist working on a Slingshot article. I'll share a couple of photos comparing the two ammunitions. Remember - some Special Forces use slingshots for stealth, AND that some guns can shoot two ammos: .22LR/.22 Magnum, .38/.357 Magnum, .45/.410 and .22LR/.410. I shoot all of these and more. Maybe it is time you rethink slingshots. These are deadly, dangerous devices which are as lethal as guns. They are not toys or for children. They are for killing or distractions if I'm fleeing. Guns and Bullets are HEAVY. Slingshot with minimal ammunition is lighter. For a Slingshot, Ammo is everywhere. I hope this helps the discussion. Jack Jobe, soon to be seen on National Geographic TV "around March" 2012.
  10. JackJobe

    Bug-In Castle Defense

    IF or When the looting begins, I will make my home "look looted" and "there must be easier targets". I'm in my late 60s. I will throw trash around the yard. I'll remove fence boards in the back between our friend's house and ours. These boards are vital for our defense. Every board will be filled with rows of nails and pointed screws sticking out. These I will nail or screw into the sides and sills of Every Window and Door. Below all windows - IF someone wants to crawl through those - will be - nailed to the floor - dozens of these 'Spikes covered boards' to land on. There will be traps and tip wires around every entrance. (Think 'Home Alone' the movie) We have a safe room but it's not Hollywood. IF my wife and I can make it there, we could keep people out for a short while - But - it only buys us time to consider our options. IF we had some advance notice of 'crowds' fleeing the downtown, I would organize what's left of our neighborhood. We can make "Pacts" to help one another if trouble finds us. I'm a husband, father, Marine and human being. The first adult conversation I had with my father was after he returned from Korea. He told me, "When you are in the foxhole, you don't care about the race or religion of the man who is with you. You ONLY care if he is on your side." Ego, stupidity and greed has brought us to this cliff. The future looks a 1000' down to rocks. We can't go back. The only way out is down. Faced with this reality, let us leap from this dangerous situation AND FLY. The only way I can take care of my family is IF I'm still alive. Defending myself and my community is vital. Sun Tsu "The Art of War" - The greatest victories are the ones which are won without fighting. IF that doesn't work, inflict the most amount of damage in the shortest amount of time - with the least amount of damage to you and yours. Life isn't ALL Doom and Gloom; Enjoy the Wonders that Exist also. Find Your Balance in this debate. Don't focus only on the bad. In survival, it's usually the positive attitude that prevails. Be Honest and Be Excellent! Click here to Subscribe to My "Common Sense Survival Tips" newsletter.
  11. JackJobe

    Registered Prepper

    You Will Fight Zombies in the event of a Major Crisis. Those people that having Not stocked up will be wandering around after a couple of days, wasting calories and searching for water. They will be unprepared for the New Mind-Shift which will have taken place during 'The Event'. Their brains can not cope with this new Reality - especially IF they were brought up in Virtual Reality. Welcome to Future Shock - the aftermath. They will dehydrate and as their brains shut down, they will be as Zombies - our friends, neighbors and ....? Then the Government, Gangs, and Zealots of ever race, religion and creed will use firepower to seek the easy food. People who have registered their guns is a good place to start for the government. Ex-Military, Police, National Guard - ANY people who are 'probably prepared' will be targets. The government and "Security Forces" can find you from your old credit card purchases, even if you started switching to cash in the last year or two. That DOES sound like a bleak picture AND I'm optimistic. Humans can Learn! At 66, I'm not afraid to tell the world we're prepping. Every friend, family member or neighbor I 'convert' is one less person I'll have to fight AND one more, better-prepared ally when I need one. In the last year, videos have shown complete strangers will work together selfishly - OFTEN risking their own lives - to save people from burning cars, buildings or raging rivers. One-on-one we are a selfish, greedy, ego driven bunch, but as Humanity - we are a selfish, greedy, ego driven bunch. OUCH! Yes - it is the "My Group is Better than Your Group" thinking which has put us here. It is the "I'll risk my life for you" part that is missing. When the motorcycle rider lay under the burning car, no one asked - before they helped - "Are you Democrat or Republican? Are you Muslim, Christian or Jew? Are you Gay or Straight? Black or White?" We - Humanity - opens are hearts and says, "IF that was me under there, I would pray for someone to help?" The Quality of the Questions you ask yourself determines the Quality of your Life. Rather than ask 'what do we do if They show up to take our food, water and guns?' let us ask, "What can I do to prevent That from happening?" My wife, Jacquie, and I will be on National Geographic TV's Doomsday Preppers around March of '12. I'll post when I get a 'showtime'. Live for the Best in Life, but Prepare for the Worst! Be Honest and Be Excellent! Click for my newsletter, "Common Sense Survival Tips"
  12. JackJobe

    Nat Geo TV put Us thru HELL & We Loved It

    The experience pushed me into examining where I stood: what were my strengths and weaknesses? I'll write new articles from what I've learned. Update your old gear, for example. I had an old, metal 1st aid kit that had cooked to death from 20 years of baking in summers and freezing in winters. I replaced all liquids and many bandages. The Biggest Complaint from people is "I don't want to carry all of that stuff. What's the least I should carry?" I answered that with http://www.instructables.com/id/Whats-the-LEAST-Survival-Gear-You-could-carry-/ IF you have suggestions, I'm eager to learn.
  13. As an Inventor of a new class of Survival Tool, I experienced a miracle of future publicity. National Geographic TV's Doomsday Preppers producer selected my wife and me for a segment of this new series. At almost 66 and with 'bad' arthritis, the 9am to 1am schedule for two days was brutal AND Fun. This is everything I could dream of - in an Entertainment format. Imagine having my quest to Educate the Public to the Basics of Survival covered by a four person crew, including a 7Xs Emmy-winning cinematographer, videoing your Coming Out Party. The Producer challenged me to use my Stand Up Comedy to 'joke' about 2012 and survival. I turned to my Quirky Characters and Voices. "Imagine" a pirate with hat and eye-patch, sharpening his machete and saying "Arrrah, Matey, You are Only as Sharp as Your Blade. Remember Aron Ralston." I am honored and I hope you find me a worthy spokesperson for our cause. We do realize the risks of Announcing our Preparedness, but I think you see I suggest on TV there will be a lot easier targets. (approx. date Mar 2012 - I'll post as I find a more accurate date.) Enjoy the Best in Life, but Prepare for the Worst.
  14. JackJobe

    What's in Your Pockets?

    Here's what I carry plus parachord, aspirin and water purification tablets. This is the back of my business card:
  15. JackJobe

    Peanut Butter

    I'm glad to see another 'Honey' advocate. I do mix it with the Peanut Butter as a preservative AND I actually carry packets in my BOB. Honey is the Only food on Earth that will not spoil. IF it hardens, heat it and it will return to its liquid state. What food are you carrying that won't spoil?