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  1. USMCDaktari

    What will disappear first?

    Those of you that live North of the I-20 corridor in and around Hotlana probably have forgotten the Blizzard of 1993. EVERYTHING that was supposed to move in this vast area did NOT move. People were hiking the Appalachian Trail and were snowbound. All of the Interstates (I-20, 75 and 85) were totally snowbound. We had 6 to 10 feet of snow that started as a sleet storm on that Friday PM and lasted until Monday. All of the grocery stores including Wal-Marts were out of bread, milk, balogna, peanut butter, Coleman stoves and fuel, lanterns, ANY size of battery and the flashlights for them. Shelves were bare to the bone. Luckily we had wood heat and stayed warm. However, NO ell phones, internet, TV or satellite TV because the power was out all over this area. Any time it even is rumored to have a SLIGHT possibility of snow, I already have stocked up and am ready this go around. H.
  2. USMCDaktari

    Calibers for Survival - Your Input Please

    Guess that I'm from the old school and prefer the .45 cal for a handgun and the highly reliable AK-47/74 in 7.62x39 for a carbine. Reasons: The .45 was developed at the request of the USMC to have more knockdown power than the .38 Specials they had during the Nicarauga campaign. Too many cases the enemy was able to take several shots from the .38 Special and still be alive. The .45 ACP offered real "brick through a plate glass window" to enemy combatants when it was used. The 5.56 caliber Mattel CAR/M-16 or whatever else you want to call it is a weapon that is built to aircraft tolerances, that leads to a multitude of problems. The least of which is a malfunction/jam/or other problem. The 7.62x39 AK is NOT built to aircraft tolerances and is "loose" in design and mfgr. Therefore, it will be almost like the old Timex commercial, "takes a licking and keeps on ticking". As other long guns for the survivalist, a .22 rimfire is great for almost all small game and even if handled properly could bring down a deer. For the average shooter, the .22 is a great long gun and the Ruger 10-22 is probably among the best. The true Stoner Survival Rifle (AR-7) I believe is also great to have. In the scatter gun family, I personally have a Mossberg 590A1 that I was "trained" with. Also have a couple of other shot guns too. Most of them are double barrels where the 590 is a slide action. Also have several other handguns to outfit us with WTSHTF. For those diehard .223 addicts, the AK does come in a .223 version and I am presently looking for one. Reality is that .223 ammo may be more readily available than 7.62 WTSHTF and would rather have a carbine to cycle easily gotten ammo than an empty one in any caliber.