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  1. mebanecop

    Another Knife Giveaway!

    I'm in. Great looking knife!
  2. mebanecop

    axe > machete

    You might want to try the Woodsman Pal. Great for chopping kindling for the fire as well as clearing brush around the campsite.I love mine and wouldn't go out into the wild and woolly without it.
  3. mebanecop

    A Brick of 22lr ammo. What does it cost these days.

    Dick's Sporting Goods in Burlington,NC has 50rd boxes of Winchester 22LR for $10.00 a box with a three box limit per customer.
  4. mebanecop

    hunting guns

    Here in North Carolina you usually hunt in heavy brush or across small open fields. I prefer lever action rifles in 45-70 or my new favorite in semi auto the Beowulf 50 for large game (hogs, deer and bear). for smaller game I'll use my Marlin 39A lever action 22lr or Mossburg 500 .410.
  5. Other than 22lr my preferences would be .308 for rifle and 45 acp for handgun. My second choice would be 357 mag. handgun and 7.62x39 for rifle.
  6. mebanecop

    Looking like four more years of Stormy weather

    Buy your AK's, Military style rifles and high capacity mags now cause the ban is coming!
  7. Looks like Obama is going to win and American Liberty is going to lose. Dark times ahead.
  8. mebanecop

    S&W Governor

    I've seen photos of the Judge in 28 gauge but none of the dealers around here say they can get them because of backorders. As far as 5 vs 6 I like the power the Judge gives me in 454 Casull.
  9. mebanecop

    S&W Governor

    I had the Judge but recently got rid of it and bought a Raging Judge (410/45LC/454 Casull) as my main carry when going into the deep woods.
  10. mebanecop

    United States Concealed carry Association

    Regulator. Under HR218 any retired or active law enforcement officer who is currently qualified with his department to carry a firearmand is legally permited to carry a firearm (no felony arrest, domestic violence, ect) may carry concealed in ANY state reguardless of that states concealed carry laws. South Dakota arrested two out of state officers a couple of years ago for carrying concealed in violation of federal law HR218. The officers won in court as well as a good size settlement.
  11. mebanecop

    Military Meals Sandwich Variety Pack

    I think I'd rather have a Hot Pocket
  12. mebanecop

    Looking to Pick up a .308

    I'm with the good Capt when it comes to the PTR. Of all the rifles I own (and I own a lot) the one I will always go to if the need arises is the PTR-91.
  13. mebanecop

    Blast stained EAA Witness

    I have a EAA Witness with Wonderfinish in 10mm. I really don't care for the gun (it just doesn't feel right in my hand)but that being said I've had no problems with stains. I have had problems with blimishes on other firearms in the past and I took care of it by taking them to Gander Mt. and had them put a metalife finish on them. It's a little costly (around $200) but I've had no problems at all with rust, scratches, pitting or other blimishes. I have the finish on three of my guns so far (Ruger 44 and S&W 19 in my avatar photo and a Charles Daly 45).
  14. mebanecop

    Glock or Smith & Wesson M&P

    I carried a Glock 23 for the last 15 years or so of my law enforcement carrer and liked it so much that I bought it from my department when I retired. Now I love my 45s (Para Ordinance, Charles Daly and Springfield XD) but the 23 is the most comfortable EDC and I shoot better with it than any of my others.
  15. mebanecop

    Survival Tabs and Rations

    I've bought a container of the Survivaltabs and will not ever do so again, They taste terrible, will not satisfy your hunger and if not used within a couple of months they can harden to the consistancy of concrete. You would be better off with the Mayday rations.