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    Rifle Kit

    Model 1 sales is ok for hobby grade rifles. On par with DPMS and Bushy. The general consensus in the circles I frequent is that PSA ( ) is probably the best value for the money right now. PSA is putting out a very nice product and have been around long enough that their quality and reputation is pretty well known. Fortunately they haven’t raised their prices as high as other well known brands with similar products. PSA is putting out high tier two rifles. I will be building a PSA kit onto a Umbrella Corp lower next week and a BCM upper and other parts onto a Umbrella Corp lower in the near future. BCM is very good but you will pay considerably more. Umbrella Corp lowers aren’t quite available to everyone yet. Spikes makes a good lower, and has cool designs to choose from if you’re into that. Lowers don’t make a lot of difference as long as they have the holes in the right spots and are made of decent aluminum. You may want to ask if the mags drop free before you buy one from anyone though. Mostly lowers just hold the trigger parts and aren’t subject to a lot of abuse, not do they affect the accuracy of the rifle. If it’s in spec, it should be good to go. And specs, make sure you know and get what you want in regard to mil spec, commercial, chrome lined, barrel twist for the ammo you want to shoot, etc. IMHO/YMMV
  2. Blackthorn-USA

    what "saying" sums it up for you?

    +1 to MikeE, very good! 1. Trying something for the first time when it’s needed to save your life is never a good idea. 2. Your past explains you, it does not excuse you. 3. The fact that no-one understands you doesn’t make you an artist.
  3. Blackthorn-USA

    what do you watch

    16 replies and no-ones mentioned Lost? I don’t watch TV but every time I’d buy a season of Lost I’d just plan on not getting anything done for about 3 days, lol. 1. I’m kinda out of the loop now but Scrubs used to be good. 2. Survivorman – Les was trained in part by a teacher and friend of mine so I may be a bit biased but he’s the real deal. I like that he shows failure as well as success. You can actually learn something from his show. 3. Lost – Such a great show! And Jericho was great while it lasted.
  4. Blackthorn-USA

    keeping a fire going in snow

    The log in the picture was about 9- 10 inches in diameter. It burned at least two hours before I put it out to move onto another type of fire. The fire burns outwardly evenly so no leg really burns faster than another. Soft wood will burn faster than hardwood just like any fire. This log was barkless when we cut it up but I’d guess it was just a cottonwood, fairly soft. Stability is obviously better the larger your log is, but as was mentioned you can dig it into the dirt a bit or just prop a couple rocks around the base. Splitting a smaller log all the way through works very well for cooking with a canteen cup or similar size pan. Easier to start the fire this way too as you can build your fire in between the legs and then move them together once they are burning well. Another advantage with this type of fire is that it can put the radiant heat at the level you want it at. If you were sitting in a lawnchair the heat could be body height as opposed to feet height, or whatever. Here’s a pic of it partly burnt.
  5. Blackthorn-USA

    Oregon couple lost while picking mushrooms

    Rubbing sticks together does work and they had a helluva head start with a knife and shoe laces. But even without those things if they had a bit of knowledge they could have been much safer and comfortable until rescue. That said, a little common sense in the form of a ferro rod or lighter, whistle, emergency rain poncho etc, would have helped and all fit in a pocket. /Darwin
  6. Blackthorn-USA

    keeping a fire going in snow

    The Swedish Candle is designed to be used in snow. While we didn't have snow this day, you can see that the base of the fire is above ground and could be any height you wanted. This fire lay was made with a chainsaw but they can be made with a hand saw with a bit of effort. They also work well for cooking your lunch
  7. Blackthorn-USA

    So what's in your fire staring kit ?

    Here's my basic kit. Yep I use it, frequently. I do however have all the more modern stuff too. 1. Coconut shell, works well for holding tinder 2. Charcloth 3. Jute tinder 4. Birch bark 5. Oiled paper to wrap tinder in or use as tinder 6. Deer leg bone bow drill spindle with replaceable tip 7. Spindles that are to small for bow drill. Will be used as tips now. 8. Dogbane cordage used to hold oil paper packs shut. 9. A whistle made while bored 10. Rock that makes a nice sharpening stone for little blades. 11. Flint 12. Snuffer 12a. Snuffer with charcloth 13. Steel striker 14. Hand drill straps 15. Carry bag