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    AM/FM/Short Wave For the Cache

    I just recently purchased this radio and I think it works great. Ambient Weather
  2. Destin4failur

    Indoor Cooking "Covert" Style

    Thank you everyone for your responses. I kind of wondered if the hype about asphyxiation was a little blown out of proportion. I don't think I will go as far as "re-jetting" so to speak, my stove. Knowing however that it can be done and why is interesting. I think I will just focus on some sort of alternative gas camp stove. Danm, You did bring up a good topic about heating your house with lamps and heaters that also run on fuels. I haven't got to that level of preparedness yet but its now on the list.
  3. Destin4failur

    Indoor Cooking "Covert" Style

    I guess I am just trying to figure out if there is an alternative close to natural gas that I could use for indoor cooking. Maybe something that I could pipe into a gas stove as an alternative.
  4. Destin4failur

    Indoor Cooking "Covert" Style

    Those Wise freeze dried meals look pretty neat. I have never used anything like that before. Now maybe the time to try that. Now with heating with propane, butane, white gas, kerosene, and other gasses I am assuming you will want to extremely ventilate the area if indoors.
  5. Destin4failur

    Indoor Cooking "Covert" Style

    I am in a camping phase right now so I am using that drive for outdoor survival knowledge and supplies. While camping I have used stoves, grills, charcoal, wood, and other methods of cooking. So I really thought I was decently prepared if I needed to cook meals. Until our power went out a couple of weeks ago literally 5 minutes into cooking our dinner. Normally I would just throw something on the grill or make a fire in our fireplace or outside to cook. Well I got to thinking if something really bad happened and you are bugging in you would not want to be outside just cooking away in the midst of chaos. Also if it has been a while since the normal stocking of grocery stores people will be on the look out for ways to get meals by any means possible. My question comes what stove, fuel source, or style of cooking would you use if you had to keep your home locked up for a while? I would think you would have to worry about smoke, carbon-dioxide or any other fumes. So what are the options out there for stealthy cooking indoors? :confused:
  6. Destin4failur

    What's Your Take on Reloading?

    I am a #3. I use a lot of the tools that Juzcallmesnake mentioned and they work wonderfully. Lee turret press is the way to go. Mr. Smashy is also correct on getting powder information on their website. Two great books for reference are Lyman reloading handbook and Modern reloading by Richard Lee. Once you get the hang of it reloading is almost relaxing. I reload 5.56 all the time and everytime I go to the range I probably come back with double the cassings I came in there with. Everyone shoots 5.56 so the cassings are all over the range. (More money saved) It is a lot of information at first but just take your time and double / triple check yourself and you will be happy with your results.
  7. Destin4failur

    .308 Battle Rifle

    I can say that the KelTec RFB is awesome. I have one with a 4-12 Leupold scope on it and have made this my somewhat do all rifle. I absolutly love the gun, but I can't say if it is going to be reliable out at 500+ yards like you were saying. I don't think you are really going to find a semi-auto battle rifle that is going to repetadly make it out that far. I could be wrong just my .02. If you would like something with the power of the 308 that is easy to carry, shoot, fun, and just looks amazing then the RFB is a good choice.