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  1. , which can be dangerous and frustrating for me. I purchased an "attractive price point" double action only 9mm pistol, polymer framed for lightweight carry, and possible use in a pinch if necessary. I did this some months ago. The trigger and I don't see eye to eye at all, however, it has been accurate at 10 meters or less, which is the distance this thing is designed for. Not going to mention the brand name yet still want to wring it out a bit more. Had to send it back to its home factory, due to some reliability issues right out of the box, and that was frustrating. However, the factory did replace almost everything immediately and instead of a four stage reset on the trigger, I now have one audible "click" upon reset. The trigger is polymer, which feels "weird", to me, as an older dog, I prefer metal. However, at one time I had two Taurus revolvers, both of the "CIA hammerless configuation", enclosed hammers, and broker both metal triggers off the revolvers at the range during normal fire. Yes, Taurus eventually got around to repair and replace, took many weeks to get them back. I sold them off since we were no longer compatible. I am still looking for my "smaller" ideal 9mm pistol. Like the innate reliability and accuracy of the (friends owned) 9mm Shields I've fired, but dislike how truly thin they are. Seriously thinking about a Shield with a Hogue grip on it, to give my tactile grip "feel" a warm and fuzzy, or use. Pachmayr grip glove, both the Hogue and the packs I use on other pistols and love them. perhaps I "fell" for the 10+1 round capacity, (which I can now get close to ) with a Shield, or the weight made me bite. Kind of perplexed with myself at this point. The pistol works for its intended purposes, just can't get all confident about it for some reason, and THAT, is wholly unacceptable to me.
  2. I have a Wilson hammer on my Springfield 1911, it works well. Use Cylinder and Slide parts on my BHP, and love those! You do get what you pay for though. ,(usually)
  3. "Shot spotter", is the actual system used, and some municipalities have indeed mounted them on municipality owned cell towers. However, the algorithms used can be seriously screwed up by the cell signals as well. So, few cell towers are actually used, power line poles(wooden ones) are the preferred installation points. Many municipalities will list they use Shot Spotter on their law enforcement agency's website, very easy to verify as well. It takes more than a few to make them effective.
  4. I'm too illiterate to be that creative, Snake. Just got myself another safe.(for a stellar price, too!)
  5. I have zero problem with the elitist and arrogant "media" types and their actor-pustules having to actually be held accountable for the excrement most of them utter on a daily basis. Would serve them right to fall victim to the thug demographic they so slavishly serve, THAT, would be justice.
  6. Yeah, and the problem is.....? We are pretty close geologically to the "Yellowstone Caldera", so, if/when she blows, we will "drop" in for a visit Snake. Re-sighting in my Mooisin-Nagant Facist Fighter, just to make sure Petra is still good to go, when she needs to be. Figure that rubbing the rounds with my breakfast/dinner bacon is also a great way to send the "Welcome to OUR neighborhood", message. I'm a simple man after all.
  7. My hernias, thank you Snake!
  8. MisterSnake, however, lucid and filled with common sense your comments are, trying to apply common sense and political "will", and heaven forbid "diplomacy", is always ill-advised. For my selfish interest or at least in consideration of MY blood pressure, please refrain from posting such comments in the future! All kidding aside, the longer I live, the more I have come to realize that ALL politicians, have far less moral courage, than the most diseased suppurating street walker on earth. I despise all politicians as useless. So in spite of my protestations to the contrary, ReverendSnake, please keep the sermons coming, this choir member as always, is all ears.
  9. We are currently researching which wind generator we will be putting on our property to augment or recharge the solar panel batteries. We will not and have not applied for the federal tax credits/state credits, because we want to be as "grey" as possible for the time being. We have a shed guy coming on Friday that builds stellar sheds(have seen his work personally) at a fraction of the kit costs, and he's local. Want one shed for tool/equipment storage and another as backup sleeping accommodations emergency shelter when things get dicey later on. Still working on the new basement plans and trying to work around the city planning permit process, it will be a basement addition, as opposed to a whole new one....we shall see.
  10. The jihadis are almost always uneducated goat-rapers at best, and I'm sure a few can actually read and write in their native languages. The lack of education is a great recruiting ground when their families are promised a better financial life after Achmed and BahBoo detonate themselves into puddles of former hummus. There will never be a shortage of willing cannon fodder in the Middle East cultures, because they've never known anything remotely like Western freedom at all, since the dawn of time. For once, I'd love to read about a few of these Sons of Islaa'am, going off a little early, like in the bomb factory and taking out several of their leash holders, instead of innocent men, women and children. It would definitely be THE will of MY All'ah, were that to occur regularly.
  11. I have some round butt K-Frame Smith and Wesson revolvers. I love them, and wouldn't sell nor trade them for anything. A .45 Long Colt Smith, has been singing her siren songs to me of late...I think I'm in love.
  12. Hitler=Hitler MalignantNorthKoreanDwarf=Hitler Assad=Hitler Putin=Hitler Obama-Hitler-IF, he could have gotten away with it Trump=Hitler-only time will tell Trudeau=Hitler IranianMullahs=Hitler IranianElSupremoElLeaderO-Hitler Pakis-Hitler Saudis=Hitler Israelis=Hitler-only sometimes Spicer=Goering India=Hitler Afghanistan=InfectedBunghole of theWorld China=RudolfHess(sorta willing to negotiate) MitchMcConell=Hitler's inbred brother with 6 toes HerrSenatorSchumer=Hitler's Goebbels HarryReid=Toostupid/drunktobeHitler Mexico=LongbeenaffiliatedwithHitler and narcotrafficantecartels and Hizbollah JerryBrown=Hitler'sProgressiveFacistRevengeonRoosevelt MayorDeBlasio=WalkingtalkingpileofPigExcrement and Hitler MayorRahmEmmanuel=Hitler'sGoebbelsbutstillcan'tmanageto get thelimpright VladPutin=Stalinreincarnate and the list goes on.......
  13. Our own normalcy bias will get a lot of US killed, due to our outright refusal to understand that the cultural differences alone, between the Middle Eastern immigrants coming here, and native born citizens or even naturalized citizens is not overcome in a single generation nor in a few months of new found "freedom". Such "thinking" is folly and dangerous to those who engage in it.
  14. Unfortunately, our "elected representatives" think, THEY know best for we, the Sheeple, I.e., the electorate. We gave these eat bastards the power, and we should take it back, by insisting upon term limits for all federal, stage and local elected office holders. NO! To lifetime retirement and lifetime medical paid for by we taxpayers, after just two, two year terms as a Congressional representative. Yes indeed, that IS what those bastards voted themselves, can you get such a deal? Of course not, you and I are considered part of the Great Unwashed., intellectually inferior to our political pimps now in office from ALL parties. Where we live, the electorate at present is being hostile to all incumbents, I hope this continues so that these scumbags can see that we, the people, do control their destiny, and that they cannot create a personal dynasty for their elected orifices. Screw 'em.
  15. I've upgraded my 187 series Mini with a barrel stabilizer. She shoots excellent groups now, that can be measured with small calipers, instead of huge pie plates. I wish that Ruger would come out with a Mini that accepts AR -15 magazines instead of the proprietary ones from Ruger. I do not use Pro-Mags in a single forearm I own.