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  1. I, ah....ahem....used actually was ISSUED a sap after my law enforcement rookie probation period, and ordered to have it on my person while in patrol. Used a few times with great effect, still have it...somewhere around here, I'm sure. Have a couple of grandsons that are "into" paracord projects. Sent them a jig and oodles of paracord, along with one inch diameter steel balls, for "key fonts, for each of the adults I. The family. About half are finished, so I'll pick them up in June. Never can tell when a key fob will be needed....
  2. Glad it got sold, my friend!!!
  3. Snake, I learn more from your posts, than from any useless academic, (called intellectuals) prior to WWII. We have been giving the " gift of prepar dress" to ou.r adult kids and to the grandkids. Zipper pull led lights work quite well, and have many uses. The older grandkids also got compasses for their zipper pulls as well. The two oldest ones got quality folding knives this past Christmas and haven't cut themselves or anyone else...yet. All the kids and daughter in law are "gunned up" now, so I can at least sleep better. We always travel with both TP and paper towels off the roll in zip lock plastic bags for "just in case" contingencies, and those have happened. Also, I always have skin sanitizer wipes and flushable wipes in zip locks, so they don't dry out in their original packaging, because they ALWAYS do over time, if not put into additional aiR tight packaging. On a road trip, it's nice to refresh your tired face with a soothing wipe from a sanitizer wipe that smells good. Find those smaller packs in the trial and travel aisle of yr local grocery establishment. Yeah, even some liquor stores carry them. While we don't drink booze, we also carry small airline or hotel size outlets for barter or trade if necessary. We also make sure the veehickle we are in, is the normal urban gun boat, I prefer to travel in, for "contingency purposes", as well as for comfort. Yeah, I'm selfish as I get older, I like being safe AND "comfortable", and having access to "items of comfort" as I see fit. I'm not "going out easy", for any predator or member of the thug demographic, parolee or Golden Horde aficionados. Screw 'Em, they're going to have to work for it.
  4. No worries, BF! I look at range brass, as one nickel lying there, so, I scoop up all MY brass each time I empty it! I like redundancy and reloading my brass gives me that capability of always having a supply in hand for whatever opportunity or "contingency", that alaways seems to arise.
  5. Patel, of those guys!
  6. I watched the movie, and read the book. Wanted to see what the difference was between what the political pimps were saying and what really happened from those who were actually there. Made me sick to my stomach, that the pettiness extended so far down the line, that the protectors were so looked down upon.
  7. Yeah, Snake, I did get that. However, I went on a long-winded rant about the hypocrisy of so many self-styled "intellectual elites", I missed commenting on your original post. I could chalk it up to "causes incident to age...", but I am just plain disgusted at these walking,talking, piles of pig excrement. I'll try harder to be far more cognizant in a few hours!!
  8. I remain mildly amused at the angst currently being "suffered" by the media faux-elitists, that like to "think they" are far more intelligent than everyone else. I am reminded of the attitude of the many members of the legal profession in southern California, with whom I am well acquainted, that denigrated me, sometimes publicly, for being an ardent supporter of the Second Amendment. These same schlubs "demanded", I provide them with firearms and ammunition, so "they" could protect themselves and ostensibly their loved ones.(I didn't know that any attorney actually HAS "loved ones...) this enlightenment came to a point during the 1992 Rodney King Spring Festival, when so many of their fellow Democrats were raping, robbing, looting, shooting and scooting their way through many parts of the City of Angels, while these intellectual eunuchs, were left powerless to defend themselves against predation. Somehow, these same members of the Bar, were NOT thrilled with the idea, that when the thugs came their way, they should just show them their State of California Bar Card(attorney license). One fellow remarked that the thugs would shove it so far into his rectum that doctors could never get it out, I remarked that it WOULD hurt a lot more coming out, than it did going in... So, I remain pessimistic and cynical that these faux intellectuals can accomplish anything more than the false posturing and wimpy hand wringing they are doing now. few if any of them could ever get a firearm, much less know how to use it for malevolence or for defense. We outnumber them substantially, so, if they want a real fight, I' m good with that, too. Doesn't bother me a bit.
  9. In Northern California, above San Francisco Toilet Line, there are still creatures in the tide pools. While that area of the Pacific IS part of the Humboldt current that brings in the icy cold waters from Japan, I do know that some of my California Fish and Game Wardens, who are active divers, regularly test the waters for radiation. So far, nothing in thier patrol areas....yet. Also, very little to no Japan earthquake debris has washed ashore. Their ares range from Crescent City to Point Reyes, so, it's a large area. I still eat fresh seafood whenever I'm "home" on the far northern Left Coast of California, and so far, my urine still does not glow in the dark, my DNA strands are still intact, I've not devlop d extra nipples, ears, or other protruberances on my body....yet. The Pacific regularly flushes itself through the cyclones and other more minor storms. Now IF, there was a Great San Francisco Tsunami, the LeftCoast would be infected and uninhabitable, due to all of the human waste (poop) from the street poopers(homeless), leftover discarded needles and syringes from the dopers on the streets, and the bloated bodies that even the sharks have sense enough to NOT eat.
  10. I looked more at the nite-Izes website, and having theee mini mags thought that I will order some of the kits.
  11. I use several different nite-I've products, I would think that they should work well!
  12. OK! So I came back from the range, Vis-a-vis, my recipe for ,38 Special loads, with a brain storm. I located/discovered which bullet maker produces the incredibly soft gas checked lead SWC hollow points for Buffalo Bore, and ordered my first batch. Figured it makes NO cents(sense) to produce range ammo only, when for the same price, I can produce "range ammo", that can be pressed into service as self defense ammunition that works well in my lovely K frame snubbies. I truly believe the HYPE over an over zealous prosecutor or civil liability Plaintiff's Cpunsel is reLly over blown, besides, I've got excellent defense counsel already. I would rather have excellent and accurate practice ammunition on hand, I can use whenever I need it, than playing silly sorting games to satisfy and as yet, unseen problem that may not actually exist. Of course, it theoretically could pop up, but, if I am that lucky, I would morph into a black-Chinese female that only spoke Spanish as her native language after first getting struck twice by lightning on the same day. If that happens, I'm hitting all the Lotto and SuperLotto places I can hit and getting tickets. Since I'm not going to morph into her, I like my brainstorm idea...a lot!
  13. After years of using my Square Deal B, I finally went over to a Lee Classic turret press. For my needs, it IS a lot better, and it was a whole lot less. Gave my 24 Y/O SDB to a younger brother who had need for one. I am very happy with my Lee. I have reduced the number of calibers in my personal inventory to specifically match the tools on hand only. That is more "logistically attractive" in the long run, and now, if I can continue my long practice of using 115 grain JHPs in both my .38 Special and 9mm reloadsI will be content. Working on a new recipe at present for the 115 grain era in .38 Special at present. Leaving in a few for the range to test them out and chronograph them from 21/2 and 3 inch barrel revolvers. Should be fun.....
  14. While I have several CR123 powers streamlight products, for logistical purposes and better lighting, we are now exclusively using ONLY AA or AAA powered flash lights. Both are easily found here and in most places in Europe (from my experience).
  15. Those responsible will never be held accountable "by the university" system, as such an act against the very students who are enslaved into ever rising educational costs and student loans, would cease to attend those hallowed ivy covered halls of faux intellectualism and brainwashing. That in turn would cause the university to close and layoff all of those tenured academics, ho are yesteryear's self-anoint d "intellectuals", that produce nothing of actual value to society. Therefoe, they should be or could be pressed into service of shagging bullets wit'da' fo'haids, whilst protesting (notably from the rear), various Communista/Soros talking points. Let their God of intellectualism protect them.....I certainly won't.