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  1. When purchasing ANYTHING, from an online ad, especially anything local, make sure you know as much about the seller, and the product you can before you lay down your hard earned cash. First, copy the street address of the seller, once you get there. (Verify it’s a legit address) go to the local gendarmerie (cop station), and do a records check on the address. You will pay a small fee in most locales, but, you can find out (all public record) , how many times the cops have responded to that address, and in most cases, have dealt with the seller. Second have a bill of sale, with the driver’s license of the seller and the buyer written down on the contract. You physically handle the license to ensure it is real. Write down the license number, (all licenses have them as do all Identification cards). Make sure the photos match, and make sure the addresses match as well. If not, ASK why? It’s not beingg rude, is being shrewd! You can also run in most states, the convictions of any person online, for another small fee, or even arrests, and you should. If someone has a history of burglaries, I would assume the items being sold are stolen, but that’s just my past career kicking in. Also, run the VIN of the vehicle p, (Vehicle Identification Number) from the registration, to ch3ck and make sure its not a “salvage title like a flooded pickup from Hurricane Harvey infamy. Again, another small fee to prevent be8ng ripped off, seems worth it to me. You are adults, but, you can do th3se simple steps to prevent h3artache later.
  2. I would like to add to my post the following comment, While I have been the lead investigator on more than a few well known politically sensitive cases, none were as big and as catastrophic as the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay Group Cluster. personally, I am strongly of the opinion, given the strange behavior of security officer Campos, taking a powder from his Union’s office last night, set of televised interviews, that Campos is also criminally involved in this matter, some how. I have long held suspicions about how he “happened”to be on the 32d floor when the shooting started, and managed a m8nor leg wound. There are NO “coincidences”in life. They are scientifically implausible explanations, when arm-chair experts speculate, like I’m doing now. Yeah, I do think he’s involved in this up to his eyeballs, which would explain Mandalay Bay’s coming out with a totally different timeline... they (MB) are also pretty sure their employee is/was involved or at least co-opted by Paddock. This would put them squarely in the personal injury cross-hairs of Plaintiffs Counsel, and billions in losses.
  3. Having been the lead investigator in a few “politically delicate”; investigations, in my past LE career, I can personally attest to the goat-rope every one of them was internally. I’ve found that since people are human, sometimes, they do make mistakes. However, the absolute cluster the revised timeline has been, seems to me, to indicate a “controlled narrative” going on behind the scenes, more along the lines of a CYA, than anything else. Yes, Vegas casinos do have surveillance in every single hallway that are superb. Those are for defense fr9m spurious litigation suits, more than anything else, so, the property can prove they were NOT liable more than anything else. I’m just speculating, that the timeline differences between the hotel’s account of their corporate behavior “a legal defense terminology”, and the actual response time from the LVMPD’s PR perspective to indeed be “different”. I will also wager a house payment, that, there was a total cluster in response management oversight, tha5 contributed greatly to the , let’s call it “confusion”, about when uniformed LVMPD officers arrived on scene, and confr9nted the shooter. I’ve seen pers9nally situations between patrol wanting to go in and neutralize an active shooter, and the SWAT/EST people arguing about who has “command”, of the situation. I would like to believe that LVMPD did not have that k8nd of a urinating contest in the middle of this country’s worst active shooter situation, but Ill bet two house payments, that IS what happened, as well as Mandalay Bay property ownership trying to cover their assets, before “allowing” the coppers to get inside the 32nd floor hallway. Those two things alone, could have caused the 70 minute plus delay in making the entry into the shooters rooom/s. I am not at all happy, wit( the Fox News (today) reporting of the FBI “wiping”all phones and other electronic devices, left at the shooting victims scene. Such actions fuel the conspiracy theorists insatiable appetites for bovine excrement sandwiches. Yes, the Hotel and Las Vega# Metro are both covering their assets for ENTIRELY different purposes. Will we ever know what really happened in the Total Goat Rope? I highly doubt it. Was there only one shooter? Yes, I do believe that. Was he ISIS, nope. Was he a Leftist/Socialist/Marxist political leaner? I would bet three house payments he was. Is the Sheriff of Clark County a Democrat trying to minimize political fallout to the tourist industry as well as his own political future? Of course he is. Is the FBI playing square with LVMPD? Hell no, they’ve never played square with any agency they ‘ve ever been involved with, it’s their corporate culture. Apologies for the long diatribe and expressed opinion.
  4. I feel strongly that the proc3s on Ammunition, in particular, 357 Magnum, are due to the vagaries of caliber popularity and little else. I well remember when.40S&W first came out, prices were less than .38/.357 ammo to stimulate sales of the caliber Kool-aid b8g time. Except that as I recall their original issue load was a screamingly hot 135grain JHP out of their steel framed S&W 4006 pistols. Later, when a group of disaffected female CHP cadets filed litigation protesting that loading the CHP went to a milder .40 load, still very hot, but had a milder recoil impulse. About half of the female cadets in that class refused to join the lawsuit. The CHP learned its lesson after the tragic Newhall Shooting and got very serious about winning gun fights. Most shootings now involving the CHP officers on duty (as well as off duty)seem to result in fatalities for the suspects. At the time, the majority of law enforcement officers in California carried a .357 revolver, or a 1911in .45 ACP or .38 Super. The latter being very popular in more rural and mountain counties. While I have fired several .40caliber pistols, I was never issued, nor have I carried or owned one for my use. In my local area, the .40caliber is still extremely popular for civilians and coppers alike., so, the prices on .38/.357 are way out of line 8n my book. Thank goodness I “roll my own” (reload for you Millenials) due to a huge supply of brass and components I still have. I have faith in the local self-styled Ninja-mall-Tacticool-Commandos, That right before Christmas, here locally, the local website for selling firearms, will be well stocked with people dumping their .40calibers for the less expensive 9mm.
  5. Had a new kid from on top of our hill, hop our fence(6 feet high] to cut through our property to try and get to his friend’s home farther away. I “encouraged”him to hope back over, and go around. I hadn’t planted blackberry starts there yet, but I did this morning. My neighbor and I had 6 foot high chain link fence installed across the back property line of both properties, because of teens trespassing through. I installed no trespassing signs but apparently, this little turd chose not to read, and YES! It was in Spanish and Ingles’. Yes, he’s Anglo like me. We then had to install barbed wire to further discourage climbers, but, not yet in the area, where this joker came over. I thought that with the fence, blackberries, barbed wire, trespassers would get the message. Nope, little cretins are first class jerks. I added the extra barriers, so, that when our GSDs, challenge and bite them, we can prove their trespass was not “accidental”,thus negating litigation and liability. Plus, we want to be able to charge them criminally if it continues. This led me to remember the multi layered perimeter approach we used in the military, same kind of strategy and tactics, we let their own actions, show us, if they are good guys, or bad guys. If at all possible, around your home location, see if you can (or want to) add a few barriers (legal) to show the claimed “casual intrusion”,is anything but. Seems like a little thing, but it does work. Hope this helps somebody get creative and better hardened on their perimeters.
  6. If these reports are factual, then the families of these unionist thugs can starve, as long as their family members are behaving so selfishly.
  7. I would not be surprised nor shocked to see that this shooter, was mentally ill, had severe gambling debts, and/or was indeed seething with political anger at conservatives. Remember the shooter who tried to assassinate all the Republican congressional reps and staffers? He was a hardcore Socialist farther left than Bernie Sanders. I would not be surprised to hear that this murderer was another scumbag like him. His father, being a diagnosed psychopath and a violent serial bank robber, I’m sure that Apple didn’t fall from that tree.
  8. Our 9wn mortality and bias seems to demand from us, that we “understand”, the 3vil actions of another human being. Many years ago, as a law enforcement officer, I was present at an interview of an infamous violent predator. When asked “why”he did what he did to a specific victim, his answer, not surprisingly was, “...because I felt like it you (expletive deleted)!” Wasnt shocked nor surprised, he was just plain evil. People embrace specific ideologies, both political and faux-religious to fill the void internally, especially, Ive found in my experience with them, (completely n9n-scientific and subjective),when they have lost their own internal moral compass. The most frightening ones, I’ve found, are those seemingly normal people, we call politicians. The majority of whom, would pimp out their own children at a sex offenders convention, IF, the6 could get their political endorsement and votes. OK, probably not that extreme of an example, but, pretty close. We need to be of strong enough moral and spiritual courage to attack and defeat such evil, when we encounter it, (and all of us will unfortunately) and not be afraid to get bruised even bloodied in that fight. These kinds of events are with us, until He decides to return to Earth. We shouldn’t be so shocked that we cannot act for the good of mankind when called upon. I was greatly heartened to see the hours long lines of normal people, givingblood, for their fellow mankind. That is what separates us from the EU subjects. We actually do whatever we can do, regardless, 8nstead of wringing hands.
  9. I am sickened by this act of pure evil. I do know that evil does in fact exist. We must be prepared t9 confront all evil, wherever, and whenever we see it. We have the sheer power of “numbers”,in this battle between good and evil. We will win. These types of actions, by evil people, and from people who have embraced evil, regardless of thier rationalization, excuse or justification used by evil people, are not going away. We must have the moral and spiritual courage to directly confront evil and those who are disciples of it, wherever we live or go.
  10. When one is out with friends, well versed in firearms, and the subject of the "puny, ineffective" .22LR caliber comes up, ask them, who is willing to get shot with one? You will have no volunteers whatsoever. The older I get, the more I've come to realize how important it really is, to have and excellent supply of quality .22LR ammo on hand, and if you are like me, also have a good supply of .22WMR as well.(.22 magnum) I was thinking a few nights ago, about "what if" scenarios. Ok so we have 7 grandkids, what if, our family was under seize, or attack from a band of bi-ped predators? If all but the youngest two members of our family had a 10/22 for example, and only the 10 round rotary magazines, we could immediately bring to bear, an instant fusilade of 140 aimed shots at the felons. Would you want to the and dance through those rain drops? Now, multiply that times our standard 25 round magazine loads. Not trying to re-hash the idiotic "McNamara Doctrine" of the ZViet Nam Era, where number of rounds expended equals numbers of dead VC lunacy. One can see that judivious use of the .22LR caliber, is a no-brainer for those who choose to be prepared a bit better. Snake is spot on in my book.
  11. Snake, I believe that the absolute APATHY, of the electorate is the single biggest reason why we have out of control thugs and law enforcement. I spent 27 years in law enforcement, and saw a steady devolution , if yountill, from being a "WE, work for the public,...", to an US vs. them culture. I am far too personally familiar with the officer who tried to arrest the nurse situation, and the disgusting hospital police and security officers stood and did nothing to come to her aid. ,fortunately,her attorney is going to make sure the nurse in question get a very large check from the hospital and from the city in that case. while the SCOTUS has ruled decades ago, that law enforcement cannot be held liable for your losses, severe trauma injuries and/or death at the hands of predators, I believe that we, the taxpayers need to hold our employees accountable for their actions, and they ARE OUR EMPLOYEES. Their sole revenue source is a confiscatory based revenue generation from our property and sales taxes in all fifty states, so, we do pay them, however, indirectly. So, it is our responsibility and moral agency, to speak out when we see the bad and inefficient, as well as speak out to recognize and visible support the good. Blaming it on our frustration to drain the swamp we ourselves allowed to fester and petrify is ridiculous. We the people, created that damn swamp, by allowing ourselves to "trust" thenpoliticians. HUGE mistake on our part, the world's oldest professionals are far more trustworthy in my experience. (No actual professional contact other than having to arrest a few). The political elite as they call themselves are a societal cancer and nothing else. That cancer has almost destroyed this Republic. Im not going to see it die from that kind of rot from within, if I can do anything at all about it, no matter how small or insignificant my elected cancers think I am. I am not going easy...screw 'em!
  12. A few days ago, two brand new (and totally misguided) teens decided to "celebrate" their common birthday, by committing an armed robbery, with one of their fifteen year old male hangers-on. Of course, all three were caught and all three were armed, the lone female with a fixed blade long knife, the two males with loaded handguns. While it can be argued that these three mental midgets were victims of "bad parenting", I happen to know the female suspect's parents. She is a plain and smile little thug, because she WANTS to be. Unfortunately, the two birthday celebrants, the oldest male and only female, were in fact, celebrating their chronological arrival at adulthood, the ripe old age of eighteen! Neither MENSA candidate thought of what their real consequences would actually be, until the big bad enforcers of the law showed up and found all three in their hiding place, not far from the scene of the crime. My wife made an interesting observation, she said that she would hazard a guess that all three of these mopes were avid "gamers", and therefore devoid of any reality based thought processes, because they live and operate in their fantasy role playing world, instead of real life. I think she's onto something there, which is why we both carry all the time, to protect ourselves from violent non-functioning-non-frontal-lobe-developed young teens, who in my past professional experience are FAR more likely to act out violently towards their victims than adult suspects are. Yeah, this new "breed" of thugs tear, does scare me a great deal, I've seen what they actually do to people for kicks. Just a sidebar to Irma's rampage, I hope that Bi*** dies quickly and spares so many potentiLly afflicted folks.
  13. I have been using Hoppe's Oil, and CLP (Break free) needle nose applicators for years now with great success. I used a grease on my fist pistol rails a few decades ago, can't remember which brand, worst mistake I made back then. Snakes which BRAND of lithium grease do you use n your pistols? Thanks my friend.
  14. Many years ago, while serving as a law enforcement officer in Southern California, I chose a Mini-14 over the AR-15 as my primary anti-thug rifle for personal defense of hearth and home, because I idiotically reasoned (then) "NO, way, California legislators would ever outlaw/prohibit law abiding residents from possessing one in my native state". How wrong I was. I made sure We had a large supply of 20 round magazines(factory of course) and several five rounders to be politically correct. Rat-illegitimiti, did it anyway. While mine does have the pencil barrel, it has sported a stabilizing brace for a long time now which defeats the vertical stringing of shots when the barrel is quite hot. I have never been a fan of the Middle-eastern spray and Allah Ahkbar routine anyway. I make my shots count. I used several variants of the M4/AR rifle in law enforcement and now have ARs in the stable so to speak. My got to 5.56 is my Mini-14, because it just feels right. Besides, my wife is a superb shooter with it as well, and I like to keep her happy. I think for most "social engagements", people find themselves in now, a Mini-14 either an "old school" one like mine or one with the sturdier barrels is more than "enough" for any situation one may encounter. I also do not subscribe to the "Golden Horde theory" either. Haven't seen it happen yet in North or South America or in Europe, as the Muslim "refugees" are not refugees at all, nor are they "fleeing" war and civil strife in their countries of origin. The current Euro-appeasement scenario, reminds me a lot of when the Soviets "expelled" all the so-called Jews from Mother Russia. Most of those people were members of the Russian mafiyah, and related sub-sets of organized crime gangs. A few Europeans with Mini-14 rifles could easily dissuade the epidemic of sexual molestation, rape and sodomy attacks on European children that are so prevalent now. It really is the only thing that those so-called "migrants" can comprehend. Maybe Ruger should consider a special Euro-Mini marketing strategy.Their stocks could be an attractive EUblue with shiny stars....
  15. As a kid, I knew without a doubt, that you EXPECTED corporal punishment from an adult for doing something you shouldn't be, then, you'd get from your parents when you got home, because another adult HAD, to discipline you. Using profanity at any adult was a gaurunteed whupping, by somebody on the street, not so, now, unfortunately. In the state where we now reside, it would be wonderful if the highway patrol could bring back mandatory roadside beatings for idiot drivers, instead of citing them. A small fine and a citation is something they wipe their bums on, an old fashioned thumping or the very real threat of one, can, and does work wonders at times. I've seen some seriously stupid youth of today lately. I've also seen almost as many outstanding ones too! Gives me great hope for the future.