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  1. Thanksgiving here in the Intermountain West was warm and pleasant. Reminded me of California Thanksgivings as a young boy! All this past week, has been colder than a cast iron toilet seat...
  2. For me personally, I do believe in God’s Divine Plan of Happiness, for us, all of us, (even Hillary if she chooses), to gain our mortal bodies, and one day, return to His presence. However, just as we as allegedly practicing Christians, should, BY EXAMPLE, (note:this includes all who profess to be Judeo-Christian, including politicians, intellectuals, etc.) be kind to each other. This does not mean I am going to turn my behind into a local thug’s bicycle rack, turning the other cheek, means forgiveness. However, with that forgiveness, justice must still be meted out . If you are a thug, and abusing any innocent or vulnerable person, in my presence, expect your mortality on this world to be immediately hastened. Turning whomever into non-consensual victims, is NOT “tolerance, equality, or love”. While I do try to practice what I preach, it is difficult. The difference, is, I do keep on trying to do good to my fellow beings. Just as we shouldn’t censor ideas, or thoughts that are in disagreement with ours, don’t demand that I “look the other way”, just because in some thug’s culture, or religious ideology, he can abuse, rape, sodomize or murder to his hearts content. In this Republic’s culture and religious ideology, that kind of “behavior”, rightly is prohibited by both God and mankind. Don’t like it? Then practice Sharia Law, or your political selfishness someplace else. I refuse to submit to your expectation of “tolerance and/or re-education.”
  3. Fish do pee in water, as do I every single time I’m in the ocean or any body of fresh water....including swimming pools. So do all of you, ya just don’t have the testicular fortitude to admit it!!!
  4. Sure missed your Avatar, P210! Welcome back to both of ya!
  5. I well remember the quizzical looks from younger police officers, in several classes I was teaching. I spoke of having a “knife fight in a phone booth”, and got crickets and thousand yard stares. Then I found (after lunch), online photos of phone booths with sliding doors, and also had to explain the term, “dropping the dime”, to them. AI can be a wonderful thing, IF, used correctly. Alas, it will not ever be used for good. The good old days, just got a lot more distant.....
  6. I find it incredulous, that none of the so-called experts in “the media” have a clue about evil doers and why they engage in these heinous acts. The deceased shooter was an ardent and militant atheist, and wanted to murder all of his ex wife’s family members. The shooter was shot once in the left thigh and the left side of his chest through a gap in his body armor by the one armed “good guy”, who was barefoot and willing to engage the shooter to stop the murder of his neighbors. The driver of the pickup, willingly chased the armed suspect with the good guy, and the forced the suspect to crash. If the shooter hadn’t shot himself, the coroner said that the thoracic shot was causing the suspect to bleed out anyway, and he would have died from that wound and possibly his left leg wound. So, both the suspect and the good guy were using AR-15 rifles on that fateful Sunday, one to prevent further bloodshed and the other, to continue his murderous ant-religion hatred. Of course this was a hate crime, of course the Federal reporting system failed, and of course the shooter typically took the cowards way out. Yet somehow, an inanimate object is fully responsible for this heinous act. Using that same “logic”, we just of course, ban all motor vehicles because of the drunken drivers whose ehicles cause more than 30,000 deaths annually in our country, plus the more than 50,000 gore IOU’s injuries. Somehow, the hypocrisy of their flawed “logic”escapes these nitwits, who so willingly, demand our Constitutional Rights be stripped from us, in the name of “security”. Adolf Hitler demanded and got the same thing, and look how well that turned out for mankind.
  7. I bought a case of the foam (attached) ear plugs, as we use them all the time to protect what hearing we have left.
  8. On as well
  9. I use the ones with built in reader bifocal lenses, very inexpensive and have several pairs in all family vehicles. (Just in case)
  10. Since ChuckieSchumer, was one of the original architects of the “diversity immigration lottery”, I propose we give every single Muslim “immigrant” Chuckie’s personal D.C. address, and New York State home addresses, so, those folks can drop by and “thank” Chuckie in person. We mustn’t to forget to remind the Musl8m immigrants, that their benefactor for Jihad, IS, a practicing congregant of the Jewish faith, and heck, while we’re at it, throw in the locations of his favorite synagogues. I’m certain all of Chuckies fellow congregants would love to experience the “diversity”those Muslims bring culturally to our shores. We can all thank SenatorChuckie for his personal largesse’ and sanctimonious viewpoints on behalf of his fellow Americans. Surely, the Muslims wouldn’t be or do anything untoward to Chuckie...
  11. All about a young lad from Chicago, seeking his infamy and fortune via “street level wealth redistribution” with his Roscoe. today’s edition has all the details. I am so proud of this little drip for doing all of Society a favor, well worth a read, but caution, it’s hot a GREAT ending, so no consumption of food or drink while reading the article.... not going to spoil the surprise. Obviously, MAYOR RahmEmmanuelHimself, is not going to let this story go to waste. I truly enjoyed reading this fellow’s personal story of daring dash and survival skills in the glorious bastion of personal freedoms, Chicago. Well done, young man, you’ve made your sperm donor and receiver proud.
  12. I am willing to bet, actual coin of the realm, that this alleged November 4th Antifa Party, is a dismal failure and will fizzle out in all but a very few of the announced locations. Coordinated “civil disobediance”, is very difficult to organize, lead and logistically plan for, via a committee. These groups always lead via a “committee”, just like academics do, it’s the only thing they really know. Individual leadership is not a dynamic I would ever see in any Antifa “protest”. All it would take for these snowflakes to scurry off, is permanently turning off the switch, rhetorically speaking, and these pansies don’t have any taste or courage for any real fighting, in spite of their posturing and bluster to impress “the ladies”. I’ve never yet managed to see any self styled “Intellectual”, have a capability to truly stand up for or fight, for their own beliefs. While I could be surprised by one some day, Hell could actually freeze over, Nancy Pelosi could lay off the booze, my dog could meow, and the Federal Reserve could admit, “It all really is an illusion”. Sorry, I just don’t see any of that ever happening in my lifetime.
  13. Besides, I’m thrilled at the collapse of the nuclear testing mountain, and hope WE definitely had something to do with it. Happy Halloween to the FatLittleNork!
  14. It would serve the PRC “right”, if the MalignantDwarf and his slaves, if they turned on their InscrutableAsiaticBenefactors. I would love to see a few million NORKS flood across that border! I think Chairman Xi, would be calling his pal Donald for a few Tomahawk cruise missiles...
  15. It took a couple of knuckle heads trying to get into my wife’s car one night while at a stoplight, for her to get “into firearms”for personal protection. As a cops wife then she did condescend to keeping the doors locked all the time, which is what stopped the two alleged rapists. I refer to them as that, because they followed her from the grocery store to the light. Now, she is a strong advocate for concealed carry, and in fact, is the only person in her office that does carry or that even has a permit. The males in her office are all (by appearances) testicularly challenged, and at the very least, completely “conflict adverse”. She on the other hand, knows when to get out of dodge, how to get out, and when to deploy her best friend, Mr. Beretta. Some people find the thought of being an adult and solely responsible for ones own personal safety, absolutely intimidating to the point of refusing to even consider they are just another victim wait8ng to be victimized. I am not casting aspersions onto your spouse at all, she could have such faith and confidence in your abilities to keep HER safe and from harm, she feels she doesn’t “need” to consider any other options. Be patient, she married you, so she’s not stupid...