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  1. TPSnodgrass

    EMP on Foxnews

    We prep far more, for personal emergencies, than for anything else. Helps us sleep at night.
  2. TPSnodgrass

    High wind, Blizzard driving, and getting older

    Wally, I went with Smith and Wesson, got myself a Body Guard polymer framed revolver, with integral CTs on it. Of course, I ditched the munchkin grips and put some decent Hogues on it, made for that revolver, gives more grip length, and reduces the twisting recoil with +P loads. Snake, I’m curmudgeonly enough now, to want to scrag, most people I meet whose innate stupidity makes them scraggable. However, it is presently illegal in all 50 states to scrag for sheer stupidity alone. So, I choose to not entangle myself in the vagaries of criminal jurisprudence at this point in my life. (But, you can appreciate, I certainly thought a great deal about scragging when situations called for it)
  3. TPSnodgrass

    High wind, Blizzard driving, and getting older

    Thanks Wally! I should have added, that no matter how hard I try,I continue being a poop magnet in life. Im going to get myself, some nice T shirts that read, “ Go ahead! poke the bear!” Or, “Of course, I’m an (insert favorite expletive here), I’ve been married longer than 40 years, my wife already let’s me know that!” I do think she would beat me severely were I to wear one of those!
  4. So, we went out to the Midwest to see the son and his family. Trip out was uneventful, trip back was “interesting”.Hurricane Force north winds, driving snow and ice, and several idiots with vehicle keys that had no business operating any motor vehicle. Gangs of fun! No, seriously, it was the pits. Learned a lot, about our winter driving preps that we put into the vehicle for “just in case”scenarios like the trip coming home. No, we didn’t get stuck, or have to be rescued, we were merely inconvenienced as opposed to caught with our knickers down and twisted in knots. So, we are fanatical about never getting below half a tank, and that saved our bacon. We managed to get one of the last hotel rooms, in a nice small town, in a decent hotel, because we gassed up, upon arrival in town, before we did anything. We learned I-70 was closed and would remain so for about two nights. Well, in the a.m., it was opened for a very short window, and while others were in line at the gas (petrol for the Canuck) station, we and five FedEx tractor-trailer rigs hit the road. About 90minutes later, we were back down to 60mph sustained winds, with gusts going higher, and the folks behind us, got stuck for another night. Of course, we had plenty of TP, wet wipes, bags, water and food just in case, SUVs come in handy for hauling. If we had to be out in that crap we would have perished. Glad it wasn’t a century or longer ago! So, while visiting with the family, we went out to dinner in the adjacent large metro area they live close to. I of course was legally carrying concealed, as was my bride, as we were leaving dinner, a few BLM knuckle-Haids, were trying to intimidate folks as a prelude to their strong arm robbery main goals. One of them, looked at me and said, accusing me of Oedipal relations with my mother, “why don’ you give me yer money?” My reply was 8ndeed polite. “Because, I don’t have to give you anything at all.” I calmly replied. His response was “interesting”, “ I’m goin’ to f*** you up!” My response was still polite, “No, you aren’t, and we’ve got nothing worth you and your associates dying for.” I looked him 8n the eye, and was prepared to draw and shoot him, until one of his associates said, “Dude! He be strapped. He be lookin’ to shoot a brutha! “ After be8ng called a few more invectives, which were neither original nor hurtful, nor threatening, (my wife WAS laughing), they jogged off. Made me realize that my Glock 26 NEEDS a BUG buddy in my off side pocket, so I can still be “old man”polite and have my hand wrapped around a nice J frame equivalent. It dawned on me, that as I am getting older, still early 60’s and not feeling “old”, some jackass might think I’m an easy target. I would like to be grey man, and still be ready to go all Ninja-Pops on some Richard-head if needed. So, I’m now shopping for a new “friend” in earnest. I never “thought” I could be construed as an easy mark, even now. Huh! Learned something. Oh, I did have my hickory cane with me, so, that item might have chummed him in, since he wasn’t an obvious intellectual standout. That was unintentional on my part.(really) Have to have better wits about me from now on.
  5. TPSnodgrass

    redefining assault weapon

    In my extremely subjective opinion, Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is part of the Globalist-Elitist Agenda Corps. They HAVE to “redefine” the term assault weapon, in order to disarm the hapless Sheeple, whom they KNOW will fight back and resist with a ferocity that the Globalists have never enco7ntered before. We should not be dismayed, this is to be expected, we can never let our guard down for any reason, any more. Great spot!
  6. TPSnodgrass

    Road Trip protection and “comfort”

    Awwww, you guys!
  7. So, next week, we are going to see family and grandkids about 1600 miles from here. My wife has her Walther EDC, and I will have my G-26 with G19 mags and grip adapters, a .357 revolver, and a small 9 mm subcompact 9mm pistol for rest stop toilet breaks. Also, long gun will be my lever action .30-30 for critter control, be they two legged or peglegged, I’m not planning on doing any hunting at all, just like the ability to for farther with more. Ive been seriously thinking, always dangerous, that I “need” a nice bolt action 7.62x39 caliber rifle. So, I’ve looked, researched and shot a few. While I love the CZ version, I am more drawn to the Ruger American model, simply because if needed, I can use Mini-30mags in it. CZ is only a five rounder, and mags are pricey. I like the 7.62x39 round itself, and have found most loads I use to be extremely accurate in bolt actions. They also give me excellent groups out to 300 meters, which suits my road trip needs and concerns just fine. I can shoot a lot of rounds with little or no residual shoulder issues as well. Unfortunately, I’ve little faith in our politicians from any party, that they can tone down or eliminate their divisive rhetoric and intentional hate speech. I see the need to be prepared for “emergent contingencies”, while traveling. We’ve got a 90 day bucket of food, plenty of water, that goes with us, just in case. Yeah, it’s a heavy load, but, I don’t mind traveling “heavy”, because, I love my wife and kids, grandkids, and we don’t want to be anymore of a burden on them either, if I can limit or reduce needless suffering, why not? Son and daughter in law are getting very well prepared as well in most areas, and when possible, we’ve assisted with protection preps that we can use as well, when we are in residence. I Have a feeling that civil unrest ala Zimbabwe is not too far in the future for our Republic. I sincerely hope and pray not, but, we will prepare for it, and hope love for mankind will prevail in the hearts of most. Just some thoughts on this Good Friday’s Eve. May this Easter season be a blessed one for all.
  8. TPSnodgrass

    Let's get into the weeds "STOPPING POWER"

    DonDon, I’ve seen a few, thankfully, only a few, miscreants, that accelerated thier FelonyFactor15 fleeing speed, when a racking shotgun was “presented”, during different felony traffic stops. In spite of the helos overhead, numerous uniformed armed officers and deputies on scene, decided that flight, was THE preferred response. This was incredibly frustrating to all assembled, because it meant, that a.) the rookies got to engage in the foot pursuits, and b.) we were going to have even more paperwork to do, once the fleeing lads were captured, cuffed and stuffed. So, no, do not be misled by the screenwriters musings on screen, that humans actually respect the sound of a pump action shotgun. The thug demographic can tell from their street experience, who is willing to pull that trigger and who is not. It’s part of their Criminal Curriculum in Corrections Class rooms. So, never even bluff, you might get that shotgun inserted into a place you want like and it will hurt even worse coming out. And no, I’ve not had that experience either. (Fortunately) Standard 2 3/4 inch 00buck Shot shells have 9 .32 caliber pellets! Which do not spread much farther than a 1/4 inch every 20 yards, IF, you are lucky. Making multiple holes in the soft tissue causes body hydraulic fluid loss, which causes incapacitation, sometimes, immediately. Most of the time, not. Slugs do cause instant incapacitation in humans in every instance I’ve seen them employed both from law enforcement side of the House, and responding to crime scenes. I load both buck and slugs in my shotguns, alternating, for effectiveness. (If needed) Better to be safe, than sorry.
  9. TPSnodgrass

    Dearborn Michigan is a mess.

    Bacon is a very tasty and practical “armor” to use in metropolitan jihad areas. Just a suggestion....
  10. TPSnodgrass

    Travel preps

    I’ve been known to “save/recycle” old unused D cell batteries, taping two together, for a dandy sock/bag insert. I like Snake’s suggestion for a roll of quarters. Also, BIC pens are tactical standouts. Most of you are too young to remember BIC’s US television commercials, wherein BIC pens (the inexpensive ones) were fired from a .30-30 or .30-06 rifle through a solid piece of wood, then used to write with. They hold up quite well for making holes. Use your brain and get creative, it’s fun and usually still legal outside of California.
  11. TPSnodgrass

    Travel preps

    I've found that selecting a large baker type potato, for "sock use", makes an excellent dog deterrent, or for conking someone that needs an attitude adjustment. You can either bake the evidence and eat it, or, if feeling charitable, give it away to someone who will gladly dispose of the evidence for you. I wielded one many times when I had two paper routes as a young boy, even smacked a hippie once who tried to jack my bicycle. I hit him so hard with a giant Baker that it knocked him down. Not too bad for a 12 year old....
  12. TPSnodgrass

    Some movies that never seem to go out of vogue

    Marathon Man...”is it safe yet”?
  13. Let’s see, My wife and I both have bikes, both of us are over 40, by a long shot, (2 wheeled), carry our concealed handguns on our persons when we ride, as well as a folding stocked carbine or two, (Gasp!) Regularly take an Ibuprofen/Tylenol cocktail for joint pain, but, take nothing for my “bad attitude”(politically incorrect viewpoints), and in general now, have an “FTW” out look on surviving the latest financial holacaust our esteemed members of Congress and the Senate are driving us towards at a reckless pace. Oh well........
  14. TPSnodgrass

    Another school shooting

    This school shooter like the rest of them, telegraphed his murderous intent on social media pages months ago, to even as some media outlets are reporting, emailing the FBI himself, telling them what he was planning. This was also no surprise to the students that knew of him at that school, as several media outlets are reporting that many students “knew” he was quite capable of this kind of an act, long before he actually perpetuated it. Yet, the faux-intellectual-elitists in this Republic, consistently cry out about the tools used in this cowardly and despicable act, instead of placing blame squarely where it belongs. Th8s hypocrisy, merely continues to perpetuate their false moral outrage, and shows us all, that their true agenda, is the removal of Constitutionally protected Rights, for their political power grab. They care nothing about actually being able to stop these kinds of terror attacks.
  15. TPSnodgrass

    Let's get into the weeds "STOPPING POWER"

    As a matter of fact, he was....kind of an "interesting" introduction to suspect/s with PCP on board.