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    I'm Well regulated; In accordance with my Constitution, and unfortunately by California bureaucracy.
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    The not so free country of California.
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    Army OCS, Acoustic Guitar, Backpacking
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  1. Happy Birthday John

  2. JohnDoe1999

    how not to act.......

    Sir, I hardly think that the HossUSMC behaved aggressively or belligerently. I'm not advocating an argument with police, I'm saying to stand up for one's rights by informing police of the Law when they are ignorant. When a police officer gets belligerent and arrests on a false premise, I will not resist, and I fully understand my rights. I feel it's unfortunate that a peace officer's authority persists even after they have violated the law, but that doesn't influence my behavior. I fully understand the immense responsibility of carrying a firearm and I feel that you're insinuating that I don't. I'm slow to anger, and I've never uttered an angry word with a gun on my person.
  3. JohnDoe1999

    how not to act.......

    An even more dangerous thing is a population in which the spirit of liberty and resistance has flickered out. Since when is challenging a police officer regarding what is and is not illegal and standing up for your rights by exercising them constitute a boy trying to be a man? So what do you think we should do? Just don't rock the boat and worship our friends in blue as the gov't gives them progressively more power, and fear pointing out that we the right to exercise our rights? Some people are grey, some are not. Division is conquest.
  4. JohnDoe1999

    how not to act.......

    Last time I checked police were public servants. If people are afraid that a cop might act illegally based on a person's attitude, police have far too much power. Police need to be accountable to the every day citizen not the other way around.
  5. JohnDoe1999

    Long Range on a Budget

    Hey all, I've come to the conclusion that a .308 marksman rifle is an essential force multiplier for a worst case scenario 'combat' TEOTWAKI tool. However, I'm on a budget and am not looking for 1000yds tack driving. I've found some options and would like some input. I prefer an adjustable trigger but it's not essential. 1. Mossberg 100 ATR 2. Savage Axis 3. Marlin X7 4. Stevens Model 200 I'm also looking for a decent starter scope and was thinking Bushnell 3x9 - 40
  6. JohnDoe1999

    Tactically Unsound?

    Well Malcolm, MZB aside, I prefer either to be totally invisible or so dangerous looking that I'm a deterrent. If I were a gang of looters, and I saw lived in houses with a friendly security force that didn't have a paramilitary look to it, I'd assume you have resources but could be worth the "transaction costs" of raiding you. In LA, the MZB seem a bit more imminent, but regardless, I'm either going to burn a couple buildings down, destroy other property, and hide in hole to try and tell the MZB that I've already been looted and killed, or I'm shooting them off they're bikes from a long way off and they can ride through interlocking sectors of fire. Both extremes, however, realistically I think a rapidly removable paramilitary uniform (think Martial Law conditions) and a perimeter with checkpoints, sentries, roving sentries, QRF, and overwatches, is more realistic than sandbagged fighting positions for a worst case threat scenario.
  7. JohnDoe1999

    WROL/SHTF Does Not Equal WAR

    The point of my incoherent thread was mentality. I do believe that the right to bear arms is chiefly about resistance to tyranny; that's all I'll say on that. I'm most definitely "well regulated" and equipped for my duties under the 2nd amendment folks. If you go into SHTF equipped as an Infantryman, with the mentality of an Infantryman, good luck to you. Lexington Green and Hurricane Katrina are different environments requiring different tools and mentalities, that's all I was trying to say. I've always believed that professionals talk tactics and amateurs talk gear, (to an extent, discussing necessary equipment is not what I mean) If you want to carry an AK47 in SHTF, be my guest. Just please don't run around my neighborhood with Black Hawk Down on your mind.
  8. JohnDoe1999

    this may suprise you.

    So perfect.
  9. JohnDoe1999

    Tactically Unsound?

    I left a comment on the blog a minute ago, I'd like some input: "Personally, I dislike tents for the same reason I dislike sleeping bags: Because I can't fight easily from it. I'm not a fan of using tents and sleeping bags in regular camping let alone a collapse. If my buddy on watch yells "CONTACT" or wakes me quietly, I'd rather throw the blanket off me and roll out from under a tarp ready to return fire if need be. Just my 2 cents. P.S. I'm arachnophobic, and I still reject tents and sleeping bags." As I stated, much to my friend's dismay, I REQUIRE a fire watch, or sentry even if there is no fire. Is this a bit much in anybody's opinion?
  10. JohnDoe1999

    this may suprise you.

    I agree, it was set up to fail. I'm for constitutional carry, carry open or concealed; if I had to choose between no regulations and no guns, the choice is obvious. But I'm for open carry, less bc of the deterrent aspect or the inability to lie about being armed, but bc I can carry a full sized fighting pistol and draw it faster. Modern police style holsters offer good retention and fast (with practice) deployment.
  11. JohnDoe1999


    To the above two commentators: point taken. Perhaps you should google A.R.M. (American Resistance Movement), and consider whether the thread is appropriate for this site in the first place. I concluded that because the thread was still up, the topic of conversation was up for discussion. Again, point taken, I'll keep my comments to prepping, and I'll stay out of the Freedom and Liberty section since I'm obviously interested in discussing topics not appropriate for this forum. I'll proceed to delete my comments on other threads that are similar to my above comment.
  12. JohnDoe1999

    Weapon Simplicity?

    I didn't mean to imply that the Marlin was my weapon for multiple situations, just an example of something I'd consider not prone to losing magazines. My defensive firearm is a Remington 870, and I keep a (soon to be many more) mosin nagant as a "handout" weapon (considering my terrain, a cheap pump action would've been better, but the cheap surp ammo was the advantage of nagant). I've been using a pellet rifle for small game, and am interested in upgrading to a .22 for survival/marksmanship practice. I plan to grab a .357 revolver one day, but I'm 17 and can't buy one, and the person I live with doesn't like to look at guns, let alone want to buy an "evil" handgun. A few months down the line I'm interested in grabbing a Marlin X7 .308 with a 3x9x50 1/4 MOA Leupold, but I'm concerned about lack of backup sights. Thanks for the M1 recommendation, I'm thinking that one in .308 might be an idea for deer and defense; considering commonality of .308 and the effectiveness of M1 iron sights. I've shot M1's before and LOVE the things.
  13. JohnDoe1999

    Weapon Simplicity?

    I've been thinking about weapons lately, and I try to stick with weapons which would be effective in SHTF, Wilderness Survival, and TEOTWAKI. This is why I like to stay away from detachable box magazines; I imagine that if one lost a magazine for a Kel tec p11 he/she would be out of luck. This is also why I like revolvers and weapons with back up iron sights; I've broken scopes before, and was still able to take game with back up sights on wilderness trips; probably not an option if with something like a Reminton 700. I've also had situations where I forgot magazines on airsoft guns (don't play anymore, I discovered self respect)... Stupid example but I'm sure it's happened to people. I'm looking at a Marlin 60 synthetic. I like the semi auto capability, it's a tubular magazine, and it's back up sights. Any thoughts?
  14. JohnDoe1999

    The Walking Dead

    @ Gillie... no.
  15. JohnDoe1999

    The Walking Dead

    I think Shane is an asset to the group; nobody else is as deadly and more importantly: ruthlessly objective. What he needs is constructive direction, maybe if Rick stood up to the plate the power struggle would dissipate. I think the one who needs a few days without rations to think about the chain of command is Andrea. Firstly, she fired on an unidentified target which was 1. Against Shane's orders, one of the unofficially designated security chiefs, and 2. A violation of Standard Operating Procedure; discharging a firearm unnecessarily. Not to mention that she shot Daryl in the head. Oh, and she also continued to engage walkers on the cul de sac after she and Shane reached their evac vehicle and Shane had order her to get in. The outcomes in reality would have been 1. Daryl's head would've been blown off or even if the bullet had "just grazed him" it would have been the 3rd concussion of the day that knocked him unconscious; dead either way. 2. Shane and Andrea would've been overrun in the suburbs bc they didn't evac fast enough after drawing every walker in the area to them. Maybe a clear chain of command, Standard Operating Procedures, Permanent Team assignments, and After Action Reviews would save some lives. Maybe.