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  1. wilkins


    Hmmmm, very interesting set up of your pack. I really do like the set up.You have extra pouches that I do not. You are also using 550 cord while I'm mainly using suspenders. I'll have to take some pictures of mine as well after I get everything I need for it. I will say your pack gave me some idea to try and use more pouches possibly. Thanks!
  2. wilkins


    I'll work on getting some pictures of the pack with carabiners, it is a little hard to do right now because I don't have the right suspenders right now, working on getting some soon. The carabiners work great though since they hold the pack down a little low, but not away from body, I plan to get a different belt to attach them to. I do plan to have 2 mag pouches for pistol mags on my belt, and leave ar-15 mags. on my left thigh.
  3. Hey guys, Haven't been here for a while since I got my new job, but I thought I'd post a new question. You can only pick between the two: Would you rather take a shotgun or an Assault rifle (M4 type or SKS, doesn't matter) in your bug-out bag and why are you chosing said weapon? I came up with this question because I myself would like an M4 but lake the money (and will for a while) to purchase an M4 so I started thinking than a shotgun might be a good idea. I've never liked the idea of a shotgun though because ammo is bulky and heavy for it, as well as you have to pump each shell and load them one at a time. So let me know what everyone would pick! Wilkins
  4. wilkins


    Ok guys, so I've finally hit a snag on the buttpack thing. Tried it on with the web belt and some old suspenders I had, and the pack is too heavy, so it leans away from my body too much, the carabiners work great though. So, my next plan is to try a vest to hold some of the stuff I'd need anyway on my person, and make the buttpack lighter. Hope it works, but if you guys have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.
  5. wilkins


    Regulator5, I looked at those buttpacks too! I liked them and almost got one, but I just didnt like that I didn't have alot of room for odd shaped stuff, such as the organizer and mountain house meals. Still think they are a good buttpack, just not for me.
  6. wilkins


    Hey JohnDoe, you weren't aggressive at all. Everyone has a right to their preference of BOB pack. I respect yours and see how having a backpack would work. I also like the suspenders idea, I used that in my buttpack as well so I don't have a belt eating into my stomach. I thought about using both a buttpack and backpack, but that just seems too heavy for me as I'm only about 5'5". I understand the need for more water completely, trying to figure out myself how to carry more of that life giving elixir.
  7. wilkins


    I like the feedback so far, thanks! I've heard a lot of people using buttpacks with their backpacks, I just prefer the buttpack because I feel I can move around faster without having a heavy pack on me, although I do plan to keep all my bugout stuff in a backpack. I forgot to mention that I'm using a webbelt, threaded through some carabiner (180mm, made of steel) along with a suspender system. This way if I need to, i can carry an empty pack to carry stuff I find, or it makes slinging a rifle on your back easier.
  8. wilkins


    Hey guys! I just started getting really involved in the whole "Bug out" stuff. I have a BOB of my own, but instead of a backpack, I chose to go with a buttpack. I went with the spec-ops soldiers optimized buttpack. I put an organize inside to hold together all the stuff I won't need immediately. The side pockets are great for immediate, usable stuff such as my esbit stove, snack food, firestarter, or light sticks.I would like to see what you guys think of this idea. Thanks for feedback!