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    Interesting in a hill

    Just start digging lol.
  2. JonM1911

    your stashed cache.

    The problem is, not everyone has a bunch of land or a second location that they own, at least I don't. Caches work nice for that, though if any of you are familiar, there is an article online about this, more related to the gun side though. Guy stripped a Mini-14 down, coated it, put ammo, cleaning stuff, manuals, mags, etc in a tube and buried it where he hunted. Also not a bad idea, but as he mentioned, be sure to have multiple ways to find it again. They did a dead cut in that area, cleaning out all the old trees, which he had his stash under. He had GPS coord. so he found it and everything worked fine. Personally I plan to bug in and if the whole world ends, there will be plenty of houses in remote locations to take over. Pack up and head for the boonies. I don't forsee that happening, so I'm prepping for more of the natural disaster/mass riots scenario.
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    If its bad enough to necessitate leaving my home, my BOV will be whatever I choose from the dealership. Right now I have a Accord coupe for work. Once I finish my degree I'll be heading off to the military, and my plans, once I pay down my loans a good deal and get settled in, is to buy a truck, prolly a Ford F250. I've been bitten by the Jeep bug, but for what I want to do to it, it won't be a practical on road vehicle, so I think the truck will be first. Throw a 4-6in lift, 35-37in tires, and a few minor upgrades on.
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    What's in your vehicle?

    A tourniquet....don't ask i just had it laying around. Besides what travels in and out of the car with me, that's it. I can never seem to get my GHB complete and being as I drive alot, I don't want a ton of extra crap in the car. I'm thinking about shrinking my GHB to something for my everyday, which is usually not too far from home and then having a second bag I can take for longer trips, usually about 100 miles one way. I think this will help cut down on size and make it easier.
  5. JonM1911

    Uh Oh! Here we go...

    I'm not going to make any insinuations that I don't get mad when the power goes out. I love my electronics, heat, and air, but that is just ridiculous. I live like a 5 minute run from a power terminal, so its a little more irritating for me, that and my side is the only one that loses power, but I can and have survived for several days without power... actually close to a week.
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    Bug In, Zero Hour

    People might start to think I'm strange if I walk around my property with a sidearm, AR, and vest on lol.
  7. JonM1911

    The Walking Dead ~ Zombie Talk in General

    Pretty much. I liked the first season, but me and a bunch of guys on a gun forum that watch it, are getting tired of the second season and its only 2 episodes in. IMO the best character of the show is Daryl, dude from The Boondock Saints.
  8. JonM1911

    Bug In, Zero Hour

    Well it kinda depends what's going on, but lets take riots, more likely to happen. I think we're well set for 2 weeks, even longer if need be. Food, water, supplies, 2 weeks is nothing. A few years ago we were almost a week without power, sucked, but it was kinda nice in a way. The only bad thing is that after 2 weeks, if the event is still going on, you're going to want/have to resupply, and that will be a bad time.
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    Ammo question

    A good idea someone mentioned is for one year, buy nothing but ammo with your extra cash. Then after that, buy 2:1. You shoot 100 rounds, buy 200. You can adjust that to your needs. Maybe stockpile for 6 months, then buy 2:1 etc.
  10. JonM1911

    LBE/Tact Vest First Aid kit content

    I run this on my vest for classes and stuff, plus some of what Dr. Bones mentioned above. It covers most issues you'd have in regards to GSWs, but not much of your regular stuff like headaches, etc. so that stuff you have to add in, like I did. I didn't think the price was bad, considering what it has and it comes in a well made pouch that attaches easily. I don't know much first aid beyond basics, but there is usually someone in every class that knows more, and I at least have the tools to help (most people don't think about that aspect of a kit, I was the only one in the class that brought that stuff).
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    Survival gear suggestions

    Surefire lights have been shot and blown off weapons in Iraq and A'stan and still worked. One guys rifle was blown out of a vehicle several hundred yards by an IED, Surefire still worked. They take a beating and keep on ticking...really the only light I will use, though I do have 2 Inforce lights which are very durable and very light (weight wise, though they are bright)
  12. JonM1911

    Ammo question

    mr.smashy Thanks for that link, been looking for that for a while, forgot where I saw it.
  13. JonM1911

    Ammo question

    Hmm, I haven't seen that, but then again I've only tested what I carry. Good thing to check I guess.
  14. JonM1911

    What Self Defense Loads Do You Use? (Rifle and Pistol)

    Hit the nail on the head. Of course I don't follow my own advice, but I've been considering talking to a few cop friends of mine to see what they carry. We've had quite a few shootings recently, in fact there were 2 today.
  15. JonM1911

    Ammo question

    Well more specifically Federal's Hydro Shock ammo is a hollow point, hence the mushroom effect, which any HP round will accomplish. As opposed to a full metal jacket (FMJ) which won't mushroom like an HP round will.
  16. JonM1911

    What Self Defense Loads Do You Use? (Rifle and Pistol)

    The lawyer who taught the law portion of my class (he was on the team that got CC passed in Ohio) said to contact your local PD and see what they carry. If you have to use your weapon, pointing out that you're not using some crazy super-bullet works in your defense. Personally i carry what works best and packs the most punch, etc.
  17. JonM1911

    First aid kits

    Very true. I saw the link you posted in the other thread, just haven't checked it out yet.
  18. JonM1911

    First aid kits

    So I was searching around for first aid kits before I took my carbine course last month. I looked at piecing one together, but then started looking at pre-assembled ones. I stumbled across this website, which offers everything from individual FAKs to full blown active shooter and squad kits. I picked up their IFAK, which is Molle/PALLES compatible. I also added some bandaides and some misc meds, which is all I'd really need as this lives on my vest. I plan to pickup another for my GHB and would like their R-Aid kit for the car in case of accidents or active shooter situations where I might need to help victims.
  19. JonM1911

    What Self Defense Loads Do You Use? (Rifle and Pistol)

    Winchester Ranger Talons ride on both my 9mm and .45, 147g and 230g respectively. Those are my only true home defense weapons as I don't have a shotty yet. The AR is loaded with a mag of MK318 Mod 0 with spare mags loaded with a mixture of that and 62g steel core....not really home defense capable haha.
  20. JonM1911

    Ammo question

    LMAO Just as you can never have too much ammo, you can never have too many mags.
  21. JonM1911

    What's in Your Pockets?

    Not a bad idea. Just kinda bulky for my keychain. I'll have to look for a small one. 147g Winchester Ranger Talons
  22. JonM1911

    scary situation

    I would agree with Capt. Bart, I'm not leaving my house. Ohio is a lot different then Cali, I wouldn't get in trouble for having my weapon out while checking my property, though since I'm in the city they may frown on it. However from a 'tactical' standpoint, going into the darkness b/c of a man slumped on my front step is not worth the risk IMO, unless I can positively identify the person as a known 'friendly'...even then its iffy. There's just too much that can happen. I don't know if Ohio has a "Good Samaritan" law, but if we do, my "Good Samaritan" act is calling 911 for the cops and an ambulance. Just my opinion.
  23. I've got so many pocket knives its not even funny, but I find that 90% of the time I'm carrying my Spyderco Police model. Its thin, which works great for dress pants or more fitted jeans when I'm not wearing cargos. As far as lights, I have my LX2 Lumamax which I love, but am waiting on a new clip, since I broke the last one. I'd like to get another Spyderco or 2 and a small fixed blade for EDC. Also would like to pickup Surefire's smaller E1 Backup light, which would be nicer for carry to work etc, where the larger LX2 is a little bulky. I do like your idea of an EDC bag, I might have to pick something up and start one since I'm finishing my GHB at the moment.
  24. JonM1911

    What's in Your Pockets?

    I'll have to take a picture when I get home but: At Work: Droid phone Wallet (as others mentioned, mostly empty...I think there's $1 in there lol) Car keys (on a carabiner, also has an AR front sight adjustment tool) Casio Pathfinder watch Paracord braclet Leatherman Wave Surefire Lumamax LX2 Not at work: Everything above plus Sig P229 E2 w a spare mag When I'm