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    Rifle Kit

    Spikes is good to go, Model 1 sales on the other hand....I have no personal experience with them, but I know people that have, and they had nothing but issues. For close to the same price, you can get something from Bravocompany. They carry several different manufactures, all of which are good to go quality and customer service wise. I'd ask a few questions. What do you plan to use this rifle for? Pinking, varmint hunting, classes, home defense? How much do you want to spend? These determine what I would look at. Sure you can buy a Daniel Defense for plinking, but a RRA would be just fine. On the flip side, if I'm running high round count classes, I would not buy a Del-Ton. Spikes, Noveske, Colt, Daniel Defense, LMT, BCM, LWRC, DPMS, Rock River Arms are all companies I would purchase from. Stag and Del-Ton aren't bad, it just comes down to little things, such as gas key staking on the BCG not being done right, that can cause minor headaches down the road depending on use.
  2. JonM1911

    An Ammo heads-up for M4 owners!! FYI

    That's not a bad price at all. I think that's the standard price at Palmetto and Ammotogo, the 2 websites I use, and you'll save on shipping. I just usually order bulk loose or strippered ammo and pickup cheap $5 surplus .50cal cans from the gun store when they have them. Quick sanding and some flat black paint and they're good as new. I'll have to make a trip to WallyWorld, though I never go there, just to see if the local ones carry it. Would be nice to know if they did. As a side note, I shoot indoor, going to start going outdoor this spring. If you shoot indoor make sure your range allows the steel core ammo. Mine doesn't since it punches holes in the backstop.
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    Get home/EDC bag

    Sorry I haven't been on, been kinda busy with school and work. Alrighty, here we go. Thanks guys. I love that little prybar, use it quite a bit for little jobs in the IT field. As far as the masks and gloves, I have an underarmor neck gaitor (covers the face) and a pair of OR wool gloves, since its winter time. First aid is the next thing to add. Going to pick up a IFAK from and then add to it. Dust masks are a great idea though, if I had more room I would prolly add some, but I've also been thinking of making a vehicle first aid kit for active shooter/massive car accident/collapse type thing. While I may not have the skills for the intense stuff, someone else might. Well I am in school, but I do it online. I have since moved it to the front, under the flap, so its concealed. Yep, they jingle, but that too has been fixed. There is one on the outside and the lanyard for the glowstick is hooked to it. The other one is inside the flap, and the lanyard for the Strider and my SF Lumamax are hooked to it. I'll take a picture and post it up. I'm not too overly concerned about noise, but its never a bad idea to make things as stealthy as possible. Thanks for the ideas and compliments guys.
  4. JonM1911

    So what would you do?????

    Too much to even write down. However you can pretty much look at the Constitution and apply it to our government today, see the difference, and anything not provided by the Constitution would be gone. That would be my first act as President.
  5. JonM1911

    Survival Game

    We had this a few weeks ago. Nothing major, just a power outage Sunday night. It was cold, so me and the parents went to the basement, turned on the kerosene heater, and played card games. Its funny b/c they were in the basement went the power went off, with no light, so I had to go get them. Pulled out my SOL Bivvy and tried it out, very warm. Now both parents have one for their cars.
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    Well since God's gift to gloves commented, I wonder if my response is required. All sarcasm aside I have a couple pair of gloves. First pair are Oakley assault gloves. I use them for shooting, Crossfit, anything. They're thick enough that I can rope climb and 'fast rope' with, yet allow enough dexterity to manipulate a weapon. They're also very breathable, well, for what they are anyways. Aside from assorted random gloves, the second pair I just got. Outdoor Research Flurry gloves. Thin and light, but very warm. Interior is polyester, shell is wool, polyester, and nylon. The IFAK I picked up from tacmedsolutions, came with nitrile gloves. I've drooled over some Arcteryx gloves for extremely cold weather, but can't justify the price right now.
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    Get home/EDC bag

    I have since removed the pelican case. Its just too big, so it will go in my bugout bag. I'll probably try the 1050 or whatever is below that for just battery storage. I've also added this, the micro widgy prybar from CountyComm. Sorry, but apparently you can't post more than 4 images? Unless I'm doing it wrong....
  8. JonM1911

    Get home/EDC bag

    Smartwool thick socks TAD Gear Amphib cargo pants Reebok thermal layer shirt Boxers Pelican case with Surefire Lumamax LX2 (will be adding at least 4 spare cr123s for the LX2 and E1B and 4 AA batteries for my Fenix headlamp) Contents of the pockets on the inside of the front panel: (2) 50 round boxes of 9mm Fenix headlamp Box of tinderless matches
  9. JonM1911

    Get home/EDC bag

    Contents of the bag: Outdoor Research Drycomp Ridge Sack Change of clothes in compressed bag SOL bivvy 25ft orange paracord 6 chemlights (3 yellow/3 green) OD Green shemagh Maxpedition pouch Pelican 1060 case Interior full Up top on the clip I have my MatchCap XL by Exotac with waterproof matches and lens cleaner with microfiber cloth Maxpedition contents (L-R): Drier lint in ziplock bag 4gb flashdrive iPod cable USB phone cable with outlet adapter Spyderco Police Model Rite in Rain pad Rite in Rain pen Plain pen Surefire Earpro 8gb micro SD card with adapter
  10. JonM1911

    Fully Armored H1 Hummer

    Too bad you can't convert that 40....
  11. JonM1911

    God told me........

    The Huffington Post is a VERY left leaning organization, has been for a long time. As to the actual message, I didn't listen to it all. I'm not going to call into question one's standing with God. I'm a born again Christian, I believe God can and does speak through people, even today. Some laugh at it and those who believe in it...oh well. However Pat Robinson has had some very radical statements proceed from his mouth in the past several years and THAT makes me leery of anything he says. I tend to agree with idea that America will fall from the inside. Look at all the past, Rome, for example. Very powerful nation, conquered most of the known world at that time. They fell from the inside. I believe that there is a coordinated effort, whether it be class warfare or branding citizens, such as the documents which came out a year or so ago stating that "White males, veterans, gun owners, etc" were potential terror threats, will be used to tear this country apart. While I don't know if one man will do it, Obama has most certainly done a good share of the work.
  12. JonM1911

    how old are you?

    Hahaha. I'd love for someone to ask me that. Would you prefer weapons or hand to hand? I'll have to remember that for later in life if I have a girl.
  13. JonM1911

    how old are you?

    22, soon to be 23 in 4 months.
  14. JonM1911

    First handgun...

    Nothing to apologize for. There are no stupid questions, especially when it comes to firearms. No one knows everything. I would suggest getting a .22, Walther and Sig both make inexpensive models and you could even pick one up used if you want. Considering you can buy like 5,000 rounds for about $150 its the perfect training tool. Once you both feel comfortable, you can move on to bigger calibers and sell the .22 if you want, though personally I'd keep it. Also, as CCSir touched on, what works for you won't work for her, most likely, which I'm sure you've already thought of, but I always tend to point it out. Women have small hands, smaller frames, etc etc. Then again, she might surprise you. I taught my last exgf how to shoot, had a Glock and 1911. She hated the Glock, loved the 1911, grip was easier for her on a single stack weapon. Now shes got her CCL and a little S&W Bodyguard. I'm currently having this same discussion with my parents. Both have their CCLs, but my mom rarely carries. My dad and myself are trying to get her to carry more, but I told my dad that he can't just hand her a gun and let her carry it. She has to find what is comfortable for her, otherwise she'll hate it and won't carry it. Its all about personal preference, comfort, and ability, which all comes through hours at the range.
  15. JonM1911

    First handgun...

    So first, is this your first gun or just your first handgun? Do you have any experience with handguns, firearms in general? If this is your first gun and/or you have no experience with handguns, I would highly suggest getting a .22. This is a great first handgun, great training tool, no recoil, cheap ammo so you can shoot more, and they're relatively inexpensive. Once you have a good base down, you can move to higher calibers. "I have heard that the trigger n a block 9mm is very light. His bothers me because my wife wants to learn to shoot it and I don't want something so light she may do somEthing stupid or by accident with." I'm confused with this statement. Are you talking about a Glock trigger? If so, its not light at all. Glocks are striker fire guns, meaning there is no external hammer. There is a set constant trigger pull. The opposite of this are guns with external hammers, which are usually Double action/single action guns. I'll let you do some research on these, and I highly suggest you rent different types before your purchase to find out what's best for you. As for negligent discharges, keep your finger off the trigger unless you plan to shoot something. Every gun is loaded, finger off the trigger until ready to shoot, don't point the gun at anything you don't want to destroy, be sure of your target's foreground and background. Those are your 4 basic firearm safety rules.
  16. JonM1911

    Any Experience with Del Ton?

    Yep, that's what I figured. I've seen that happen a few times. Not enough force exerted by the hammer to the pin and the springs usually fix it. Glad it was a simple fix.
  17. JonM1911

    Long Range Shooting

    I've got a Remington 700 SPS Tactical with a Bushnell Banner mildot scope on it, has been sitting in the safe for close to a year with nothing through it. This is my first bolt gun, also have a Mosin I need to have checked before I shoot, its stamped 1943. I put a cheap piece of glass on it, $90 on ebay, so if I didn't like long range shooting, I wouldn't be out $1,000+ for a high end set of glass. The problem is that the closest outdoor range is only 100y and I'm not going to shoot a .308 there, there's no point. Next is about an hour, with a 400y range and then one further still has stuff out to a mile IIRC. Anyways, I need to buy some ammo and this spring get to shoot that baby. I just need to get everything setup right and loctited.
  18. JonM1911

    Any Experience with Del Ton?

    Personally, no. I do know a few LEOs that have them as issued rifles and they say they work fine, though I don't know if they've swapped BCGs or not.
  19. JonM1911

    Air Jordans

    You and me both then, they're idiots...gene pool Darwinism didn't work and weed them out like it should have...but it'll catch up. Just like the guy who ate cocaine out of his brother's butt crack while sitting in the back of a cop car....Another Darwin Award winner.
  20. JonM1911

    Ron Paul

    I can't understand this view. Why the hell do I want a lefty to replace another lefty? Here's what will happen, Romney/Newt get elected. 4 years of nothing getting any better, and then the sheeple will go back to the dems. We'll get another socialist back in office and have 4 years of that and we're done. I think Paul or Perry could beat Obama. I'm almost to the point where I'd say give obama another 4 years and then just sweep everything. The only problem with that is they'll push through so much shat we'll be done. Once again, a shatty election.
  21. JonM1911

    Any Experience with Del Ton?

    Have you tried another bolt carrier group, such as the one in the AR that was firing the ammo ok, in the Del-Ton? Have you tried the bolt carrier group from the Del-Ton in the other AR that was firing the ammo fine? Reason why I ask is it could be the firing pin/BCG, or it could be the hammer is not striking the pin with enough force to activate the primer. Trying the above things will narrow it down.
  22. JonM1911

    More important than AK vs AR...

    Think it depends on the application. I run a red dot on my AR. Its an accurate weapon but its not a precision device. It will be used 300y and in. IIRC I read an article that was saying the average engagement in Iraq was 150y and closer. That's urban combat, you don't have sprawling open spaces and while it is good to be able to shoot at longer distances, quick, precise shots are needed at close range as well. While I can accomplish that with irons and advocate everyone being able to do so, RDS systems make it much easier IMO.
  23. JonM1911

    Any Experience with Del Ton?

    I just wanted something a little shorter. Eventually I want to build an SBR or two, but between the $200 ATF tax per device and creating a Trust ($600 for a lawyer), I didn't have the funds at the time. A 16" barrel with a standard flash hider is close to 18" OAL. I wanted to be right at 16" OAL so I went with a 14.5" barrel and a pinned 1.5" or so flash hider. OAL is like 16.something, so its legal and nice and short.
  24. JonM1911

    Any Experience with Del Ton?

    No, you misunderstood. I didn't say irons were obsolete, but that the A2 style upper, with a carry handle, was obsolete, since you can add a fixed rear sight to a flat top upper. Backup irons are more important IMO than optics, they never fail, rarely break it they're good quality, etc, like you said. My next AR will probably have a fixed front and rear sight with an Aimpoint in a 1/3 cowitness, so if the dot ever goes down, just shift your weapon and there's your irons.
  25. JonM1911

    Ron Paul

    I agree, that's what I meant when I said 'which really need it'. Most of our allies are able to help themselves, so baring a natural disaster of some sort, there's no reason they need money from us.