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    Sweet. Once this cold freeze snaps, I'll set it up and test it out. It'll be nice to just lay in, even if I'm not camping.
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    I picked up an Eno 2 person hammock from REI. Had good reviews and it compresses to about the size of a large grapefruit. I pulled it out, but haven't set it up yet. Triple sewn stitches and heavy cordage, looks like it'll take a beating and from the reviews it does.
  3. JonM1911

    Basic load

    Unless my scale is horribly off, my Eberlestock pack filled to overflowing with random gear (I wanted a round about weight just to see) and .308 bolt gun was only 30lbs, that also includes 200 rounds of 9mm and 10 loaded AR mags. Add 300 more rounds of 9mm, 300ea of 12g and .308, and prolly 500 of 5.56. Aside from that there isnt much else in the way of extremely heavy stuff I need to carry in the pack. I've been pricing out the gear I need to finish my BOB and it should all come out to about 80lbs. Guess we'll see when I get done. Haha, same here.
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    Basic load

    I think it all depends on the person. IF I decide to bug out, it will be by vehicle, so I'll be taking everything. If I have to go a long distance on foot, I'll be carrying a Sig 226, Sig 229 as backup, AR, .308 bolt gun and 12g shotgun in my Eberlestock pack. Both the Sigs take the same mags and both are 9mm. I've got about 10 mags total, so those loaded, plus about 500 rounds. I'll take prolly 300 rounds a piece for the .308 and 12g and as much as I can carry for the AR, at least 9 loaded mags in my vest plus all the loaded mags I can in my pack. For some people that's not a realistic loadout, for me it is. With the pack full and the bolt gun in it, its only about 30lbs. Add another 35 for the shotgun and all the ammo and you're at 65lbs. With other gear added, I should be right around 80lbs or so, not bad as long as you don't have to flat out run. Carried half that weight for 13 hours straight a few weeks ago when I completed the GoRuck Challenge (bear crawl, indian runs, team log pt with a 1,00lb log, Australian peels and bounding over watch, its designed by US Army SF to mimic their training). During no time can your pack touch the ground. Point is, everyone will be able to do different things. My parents won't be able to carry as much as I can, and their weapon loadouts reflect that. If I have to E&E, I'll be dropping the pack and moving with the AR, vest, and 226. My vest has its own bladder, IFAK, tools, ammo, and small survival items such as purification tablets, firestarter, etc. Watch has a compass, barometer, altimeter, etc so I'm set there. My plan, if you can plan for this type of thing is to bug in, if I have to leave and I'm not coming back, that's what I'll be taking. If I'm coming back in a week or so, I might halve what I listed ammo wise, maybe not.
  5. JonM1911

    EOTech Optics for your BO Weapon

    I run an EoTech on my AR. Great sight and it worked well in my carbine class. The problem I have with it, is tat it shuts off automatically, which can be a real bad problem if you're in a life and death situation and it turns off. My next build will probably be topped with an Aimpoint, for the simple reason they don't shut off automatically and can get like 80k hours on one battery. Other than that, EoTechs are battle tested and I'd trust my life to one, as many do. That being said, backup irons are a must, preferably ones that are up at all times, so that if the optic goes down you can shift your line of sight and use the irons. I'll be setting up a 1/3 cowitness.
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    Self Defense Training

    I'm of course biased, but my vote is for Krav. Its a good all around fighting style. Grabs things from Muay Thai, BJJ, Boxing, etc. Been doing it for 2 years now and it still kicks my ass when I go to class. I plan to start crossing over and taking BJJ/MT classes at the same gym, time allowing.
  7. And THIS is why I want a GSD or two lol. Yea Ga. is a bad area for me, Ohio isn't reciprocal in carry laws there, but I always have a knife of some sort. A family at my gym owns 2 businesses, they just got a GSD pup a few months ago, well she's a year now and they got her at 4 months I think. Anyways, they've been putting her through protection training, damn that's expensive. Guess the wife had her one night and some guy starts walking towards her in the parking lot. Dog went and stood right in front of him and didn't let him move.
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    High Caliber Decision with Precision

    Wow this is tough. Everything I think of has a con. AR platform - Semi auto, but for the $500-$600 range quality becomes an issue. Also the 5.56 round is not high caliber by any means. Ammo is available pretty much anywhere ammo is sold. AK platform - semi-auto, $500-$600 range will get you a good midline AK with good quality. 7.62x39, 5.45x39, 5.56x45, 7.62x54r, and .308 are all available calibers in the AK platform, some more common than others. Depending on the ammo, some is cheaper than others, but for the true heavy hitter rounds, its more expensive and harder to find. Bolt gun - .308 would be my choice. Not semi-auto, cost and availability of ammo. In your price range, but you have to factor glass as well. Something I have not seen mentioned, sorry if it was, the M1 Garand. In the higher end of the price range, but it fires the 30-06 round, don't know about availability of the round though. Its semi-auto. My personal choice for that price point would be an AK. With practice you can become very proficient with it, it'll run cheaper steel cased mil-surplus ammo, and its a proven weapons system. Hope that helps, and good luck.
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    But snopes could be in on the plot as well. Saying its false when its really true...Damn, where's my tinfoil hat emoticon when I need him lol.
  10. AR - 5.56, easily available, light recoil, very reliable w .22 upper. Remington 700 - .308, very accurate, can hit targets out to 1,000y Sig p226 - 9mm, very accurate and reliable, easily maintained Remmy or Mossy semi-auto shotgun Ruger .357 All are easily maintained and cover each aspect well. Long range/hunting, medium range/groups of threats, close range/training. Ammo is easily found for all.
  11. JonM1911

    Get home/EDC bag

    The light is 200 lumens on high, 15 on low. Yea the pelican is waterproof, they all are. Great for holding stuff that you don't want to get wet, batteries, electronics, etc. Yea I love their stuff. Have the Litespeed, 2 Ranger Hoodies, 2 Amphib pants, a merino shirt, 1 pr of Amphib shorts with 2 more on the way.
  12. JonM1911

    Krav Maga

    Ground is handled a little differently in Krav. Yes we do ground work, a good amount of it, but our goal is to not go to the ground. The entire goal of Krav is to end the encounter as quickly and violently as possible so you can run. Think about it, is it easier for me to strike, knee, punch, etc. and then run away, from a standing position or from the ground? I don't have to get up if I'm already standing, so our goal is to not go to the ground. That being said, we do teach ground work. Starts out basic, attacking from guard and while you have someone in guard. Buck and roll so that you finish on top, break guard, and escape. As you progress you move to chokes and headlocks from the ground, that's usually in level 2. Level 3, what I'm in now, builds on that. You are right that ground is not a main component of Krav, but it is taught. I've been trying to get to a BJJ class, but they run at 2030 and that's just a little late for me. On a side note, I'm planning on taking the Level 1 Instructor exam sometime this spring, basically a 3 day seminar with another 4 hour test...My level 3 test was 4 hours, and they suck. Forgot, as to the video, that was a test. Its stuff the have to know to progress, not necessarily how a fight would go down.
  13. JonM1911

    Need some advice

    ammotogo is the only way I go for ammo now, or Palmetto State Armory, but usually ATG has better prices.
  14. JonM1911

    when/where are you most vulnerable?

    I have thought about it, but luckily I'm not down there that often. I've also considered parking off base and walking on, but I struck that idea down too. I've usually got a fixed blade and 2 folders on me, so hopefully that's enough. I don't stop anywhere except maybe a drive through for lunch, to cut down on chances of something happening.
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    when/where are you most vulnerable?

    Probably when I'm at work, especially if I have to go to WPAFB. Its almost 2 hours away, one way, and while my vehicle has never been searched, I'm not brave enough to attempt taking my firearm on base, even unloaded and locked in separate areas. Just take my GHB and hope for the best. Work is about the only time I don't have a sidearm on. I work in IT so its amazing what I can get away with. I can take just about anything anywhere as long as they verify who I am. Leatherman through security at the courthouse, same plus my Spyderco anywhere else. Heck half the 'security' at these office buildings don't even require ID. None of them are armed, except the guards at the Boeing facility. Other than that, I don't think there's any other time when I'm unarmed, except the occasional Sunday when I make it to church, which is a completely ridiculous law here in Ohio. I need to get permission from the pastor to carry, which wouldn't matter anyways b/c most of the churches I have been to are all schools as well. I carry a loaded gun around the house, in the bathroom, and it sits on the toilet next to the tub when I take a shower. Of course when I'm asleep, but its kinda funny; I live at home, and if my mom wakes me up to move my car at 6am, I'm groggy, but if I hear an out of place noise, I bolt up in bed wide awake. My dad works 2nd shift and I'll sleep right through him coming home, but if he comes home at a different time, I hear it. We also have an alarm, so that'll help.
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    On the Subject of Religion.

    What he said. The OT sets the foundation for everything that comes in the NT. Some parts of the OT are pretty interesting, but other parts, like lineage are boring. The NT is more interesting, for lack of a better term, but there is still important stuff in the OT. Try one of those reading programs, it kinda skips around, so you don't get bogged down on 4 chapters of this person whose name I can't pronounce begat this person whose name I also can't pronounce.
  17. JonM1911

    Mosin Nagant Madness

    I've got a 91/30 in pretty good condition. I need to take it to a 'smith to have the barrel and chamber checked though. I've got 880 rounds sitting under the bed. I picked mine up before the price hike a while back, $85. I'll have to pickup some more ammo for it. For the price you can't beat it.
  18. JonM1911

    On the Subject of Religion.

    Just a question, is there anything you HAVEN'T done lol. You've been a busy guy.
  19. JonM1911

    On the Subject of Religion.

    I'm a Christian, I believe God will take care of me, I also prepare for everything I can. I carry a gun, knife, Get Home bag, and I have AAA. The point is that while I trust in God, I know that God also expects me to be prepared and help myself.
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    Thief Held at gunpoint

    Not necessarily. If someone starts to assault me and I loudly tell them to STOP, BACK UP, GO AWAY, etc, no matter how the fight ends, witnesses are going to say, that guy (me) was the victim, he told the guy to stop, and he didn't. Doesn't matter if he's laying there with a broken arm, he was the instigator and I defended myself. In Ohio I'm safe from suit if its self defense.
  21. JonM1911

    Caught Unarmed

    I know it sound cliche, but I really never leave without a weapon. Its like putting on my pants, knife in right front pocket, Emerson Karambit left back pocket, sidearm right side. Hell I carry the damn thing around my house, I'm not gonna forget it going out. I do however forget I'm wearing it sometimes haha. Just for the sake of argument though, keys between the fingers work well, but I think that would be a last resort. Here's the thing, in a fight, fine motor skills are out the window. While in the movies it may look cool to get the wrist lock or wrap a tie around a dude's wrist and throw him, that;s highly unlikely. Also, while your fists are effective weapons, if you miss the soft portion of the face and hit the hard portion of the skull, your hand's small bones are going to lose the fight against the other person's skull. In Krav, we learn to punch, but we much prefer a palm strike. It takes some practice to get right, but they're as effective if not more so. Its a wider area, meatier (so if you hit the hard part of the head it won't break anything) and it works about anywhere. Nose, throat, jaw/mouth/teeth, ears/side of head, sternum/chest to gain distance. Elbows, knees, shins, feet, and head are all weapons. Palm strike to the nose, knee to the groin and slam as hard as you can on their shin/foot, or better yet kick straight out (like you would kick down a door) straight to their knee. Your goal is to disable them from chasing you, messing up their knee or foot accomplishes that goal. Giving them a bloody nose or a throbbing groin, distracts them long enough to gain the upper hand.
  22. JonM1911

    Thief Held at gunpoint

    Everyone's state is different. In Ohio if I'm in my house or car and someone tries to break in or attack me, they are presumed to want to do you physical harm and lethal force is allowed. If I'm in a friend's car, we are required to attempt a retreat. Its stupid laws that get people in trouble. I will only pull my gun if my life or someone else's life is clearly in danger. Otherwise I will try to diffuse the situation or use hand to hand work to subdue or end the threat. That's why I love training in Krav Maga, straight to the point of inflicting the most damage as quickly as possible.
  23. JonM1911

    Rifle Kit

    Who sells guns... lol
  24. JonM1911

    Reloading ?????

    You can in fact run 5.56 out of .223, the gun won't blow up on the first round. HOWEVER, continued use of the higher pressured 5.56 round will cause eventual damage, so its just safer to not do it. I know people that fire 5.56 out of Mini14's, which are .223. Reloading anything, check out, they're pretty much the be all end all of reloading stuff on the internet. Good prices, good sales, variety, etc. Everything I need, I pickup from there unless I can find it cheaper locally. Haven't started reloading yet, don't have a space to ATM, but I've got close to 5,000 pieces of 9mm brass just waiting for it.
  25. JonM1911

    Help for a novice.

    Yep, not a bad idea. Actually even in the winter time you can get it, though you're more covered then so its not much of an issue. I'll prolly add a small bottle when summer rolls around. Not much snow this winter so it hasn't been an issue.