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    First reported Zombie Attack......

    I've heard PCP and LSD. Cop I know from Texas said his department rounded up 4 people on PCP in one night from the same apartment complex that exhibited the same symptoms, naked or half naked, screaming at the sky about demons. One of the Miami cases, it took 15 cops to subdue the guy. Think I'll switch back to my 1911 for carry :eek:
  2. Here's a few things. While I don't know if you have a "good chance" a kick to the front of the knee, delivered correctly, COULD break it. Even if it only damages the ligaments, its a lot harder to kick or even move on a damaged knee. Still you never rely on one thing. As for cage fighting being talked down about, well yea, its cage fighting. The point is that there are rules. Certain shots are not allowed, in a street fight, everything is allowed. That's the idea behind the anti-cage fighting. Though you are correct, I haven't heard of a cage fighter getting his ass handed to him, that could be because the attacker was an idiot. As for not sparring, that's bull. Everything goes out the window when you're losing oxygen. Unless you train over and over and over to the point of moves being second nature, all technique goes out the window. I love sparring, well I love it all really, but sparring lets you see how far you've progressed. I've been training in Krav for 2 years and I still have those "Oh ****" moments when I first get choked. Mainly because I always close my eyes on those drills, makes it more realistic since you don't know when its coming. I would disagree that you have to know stuff before going to a Krav gym. Any Krav gym worth the money will teach you from an off the street novice status to whatever your goal is. I knew some stuff when I started, but I still learned a lot. Krav is all about opportunity and variety. I still, after 2 years, get set in my ways. In fact last night we went over this. Doing stick defense, every time its taught, you block, attack, and take away. Well just because you have the stick, doesn't mean you have to use it. Maybe the stick drops away, then what? Also went over reading body signs to predict sucker punches. One of the instructors is a local SWAT guy, so it helps to get his real world experience on it as well. But he likes those low kicks, so we practice incorporating those into our punches, either before or after. The key is variety and recognizing the openings. The more you practice the more it becomes second nature.
  3. JonM1911

    Barack Obama suports same-sex marraige.

    I think its funny that people draw an arbitrary line after gay marriage. Guess what, polygamists like their unions, same with those who like animals and little kids. Who are we to deny them their "love". Furthermore, if we give these "rights" to gays, why not couples who just live together? Shouldn't they too get the same benefits of marriage, I mean, afterall, its just a piece of paper. In fact, why not just get rid of marriage altogether. Its an antiquated and out of date idea anyways. Who needs it. Personally I could care less about what you do in your own house. But when you call me intolerant because I don't support it, then we have an issue. This is not about gay MARRIAGE, its about them wanting their "marriages" to have the same legal standing as a heterosexual marriage, which is no longer a private issue. Oh, and the Constitution does not guarantee the right to marry.
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    How do you prepared or react?.

    Try to get anywhere around here at rush hour, you can forget about it, much less a panic situation. There's only a 1.2 million in our county, but as with most major cities, its surrounded by a freeway. There are major arteries that run East to West, fewer that run North and South though, but the plan is to go North so...Luckily, if you pay attention, you should be able to beat most of the masses.
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    Elbows are great close weapons. They strike with amazing power, especially with the force of ones entire body moving behind it. To the soft tissue of the face, throat/neck, even the chest to gain distance. The "shield" reference is the perfect hook or haymaker block, leaning into the punch also lessens the blow as it cuts the momentum. You just have to make sure to fully close your arm, otherwise a fist can slip in between the forearm and bicep. There are a myriad of strikes from all angles that can be used to cut and break things. Great weapon.
  6. JonM1911

    Post your best on-line deals for ammo

    I've been finding that local deals are beating the online ones. $319 for a case of 5.56 and no shipping.
  7. Armalite-2 ATRS-never heard of them Black Rain Ordnance-1 Bravo Company-1 (Made by Lewis Machine and Tool) Bushmaster-2 Colt-1 CORE-never heard of them Daniel Defence-1 Del-Ton-2 DPMS-2 Fabric National-never heard of them H & K-1 Knight Armament-1 Les Baer-1 LMT-1 LWRCI-1 NEA-never heard of them Norinco-is there a rank below 3? They're chicom Noveske-1 Olympic Arms-2 PWS-1 Remington-2 Rock River Arms-2 Ruger-2 SIG-1 Smith & Wesson-2 Spikes-2 Stag Arms-2 STI-2 Yankee Hill Machine-2 Wilson Combat-1 Vltor-1 Vulcan-Same as Norinco. This company has been known by 3 names Hesse, Blackthorne, and Vulcan because of dangerously bad quality, etc.
  8. Anyone use them? I've been on the search for a mummy bag, I think I want to go this route over a traditional sleeping bag. Anyways, I happened to be at Dick's Sporting Goods this weekend and they had a Koppen mummy bag, 40Deg, in a compression sack, for like $50 something. That seems like a good price compared to what I've seen on REI, but I've never used any of their gear and when I searched Google, I got a bunch of random stuff, nothing really substantial to read reviews about. Anyone own them or used them? On a side note, the compression sack was nice, 4 straps that compressed down, but the stitching looked subpar, I could tell that if you weren't careful that the part where the strap was sewn onto the bag would come right off. Maybe I should spend a bit more for a better bag now that I think about it lol.
  9. JonM1911

    Advice from my grandmother

    The solution of course is to not live in Soviet Russia lol. There was a lot of good stuff in there, most of which I do already, or some variation of it.
  10. JonM1911

    Let's talk tents

    So I'm looking for a tent, prolly a 3-4 person. I've been checking out REI and they've got some nice tents, then a guy at work told me about I'd never heard of them, but they've got some nice stuff. Maybe a little more expensive, but not by much. They're 4 person tent is about 4lbs, compared to the almost 8lb REI tent I was looking at. Here's the link if anyone is interested.
  11. JonM1911

    Storing Loaded Magazines

    Any new mags should be fine. New metals and alloys allow the spring to be compressed and not have issues. As far as decocking a weapon without a dedicated lever, its dangerous. A 1911 is meant to be carried cocked and locked of you're carrying Condition 1.
  12. JonM1911

    Girls With Skills!

    Yes, its called Domestic Violence and it happens all the time.
  13. While yes, they both are martial artists, remember a lot of what they do is pure theatrics. Watch Statham in any of the Transporter movies. The best one is T2, the garage scene. He uses a firehose to take out like 10 guys and in such a way that when he turned the water on it trapped them all in some way....really. Or when he kicks the nozzle and it hits the guy in the head. Granted, most self defense studies worth anything teach you closest weapon closest target and use any weapon of opportunity. There are viable moves in those types of movies, but unless you know the mechanics behind it, and how to get to that move to begin with, its useless. They aren't just going to give you an opening to do a sweet move, you have to work the fight to your advantage and seize the opening to do it...and you may only have a split second, its like a chess match.
  14. I think they're a good idea, but with everything you need a backup. My parents are wanting to move out of the city and into the country, with some land and a medium sized house. They also want to be somewhat self-sufficient and off the grid. I talked to my dad about solar panels, you can use them to power the home or like someone else said, to power a generator to power your home. Someone else mentioned the credits, that's not bad, why not, let them pay me for harnessing the sun. I think a combination or solar and generator power would be good for a whole house solution. I also liked what I saw on Doomsday Preppers, one guy had one of those gasifier setups. He ran an old '60s pickup off the thing for farm work AND he had a modified generator so that he could run a hose to the genny and run it off the gasifier as well. Living on a farm with woods, you have close to an infinite supply of wood.
  15. JonM1911

    Girls With Skills!

    Easier solution, move to the South and find a real country girl. One that grew up in the south, on a farm, shooting guns, riding horses, and can drive a truck . I'm not against dating sites per-say, I just don't get them. I guess it makes things easier, you only get matched with those who already think like you, but on some level its fun to win over the other person to your way of thinking, or show them stuff. Its the thrill of the game, I don't think you can get that on a dating site. I taught me ex how to shoot. She wasn't opposed to guns, but had just never shot before. Granted I probably won't date a girl unless I know she leans Conservative on the political scale, but that's my only big stickler.
  16. Hahaha. I see visions of movies and TV shows where the spies walk through crowded areas and just snatch random things of tables, of unaware people, to change their appearance. Pair of sunglasses here, hat and newspaper there, jacket off the back of chair. Hey its boring at work today so I have to entertain myself somehow.
  17. JonM1911

    Let's talk tents

    I guess I should do some more reading on what makes a good tent, what features are good for different conditions, etc. I know pretty much nothing about them, minus what I've learned while researching different tents.
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    Hahaha, true.
  19. JonM1911

    Get home/EDC bag

    So this is my first ever EDC bag and there's still a few things to get, but this is the main bulk of it. Still need to add first aid and some food. Also plan to take my hydration bladder out of my vest and put it in the bag as well as get an external pouch for my Nalgene bottle that goes with me everywhere. Waiting on a micro widgy pry bar too. I need to add topo maps and put my compass in there. As well I have been looking at small GPS units that can be worn on the wrist or maybe slightly larger. They're very popular with guys overseas b/c they're light and dependable. I'll probably be taking the Outdoor Research bag out, might try to find a pouch to put it in. I liked the idea of having it, as I can fit the entire Litespeed inside of it and take off, say if its raining extremely hard, but its just too big to keep inside the main compartment. Suggestions are welcome. TAD Gear Litespeed Outside: Front Side (Strider MFS in sheath) (2) Black Diamond carabiners (1) Lifegear Glowstick in green
  20. JonM1911

    Get home/EDC bag

    I work in a 2-story, in the heart of downtown though. I'm in the larger building alot, but it wouldn't matter, I never take my bag with me. I work in IT so I've always got other stuff with me and a bag would just make walking downtown miserable. I'm actually hoping to get a job at a hospital or similar place where I can just go to work and not have to leave all the time.
  21. JonM1911

    Get home/EDC bag

    I guess I should update my pictures too. Some stuff has changed. Maybe I'll do that tonight.
  22. JonM1911

    Get home/EDC bag

    Yea, I've thought about that. I just don't know where the line lays between an EDC bag and a complete have everything for every situation bag. I could think of a lot of different things I would want, that would weigh the bag down and prolly wouldn't fit to boot. I may end up going with a larger bag, or splitting the bag somehow, I'm not sure.
  23. JonM1911

    Get home/EDC bag

    Yea that's the main thing I need now is a first aid kit. Yea, I thought about that, but I have the spot for them what else am I going to use it for haha. If I ever need to use it in a dangerous situation I can always pull them off too.
  24. JonM1911


    I still plan on a tent, IMO nothing replaces that for stable shelter. But a good hammock has its advantages. A stop during the day for a leisurely lunch break and a nap...maybe more so camping than a "OMG the flesheaters are coming" situation, but whatever. I t could be used for a quick campsite, maybe there's not room for a tent, like DonDon said, you can cover it and put your gear beneath it too. I got the black and green one from Eno, so it could also be used to help with camouflaging items. If need be it can be cut down and used as binding straps, patches, etc.
  25. JonM1911

    campers/ Bug out safety.

    Good question, it kinda depends. One guy, not much of a problem. Keep a good distance, find out what he wants. 2 might be pushing the comfort zone, but again, good distance helps. 3 or more and its time for my sig-other to get a gun and head on over. When I camp I would open carry, so that should be the first sign I'm not your average city moron....even though I'm from the city. Not much in the way of large bears in Ohio, but we do have them, so my shotgun would be along for the ride. Slugs and 00 Buck, semi-auto Mossberg 930. If they look like they're up to no good, after the encounter is over, we pack up and leave.