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    Solo Stove Review

    Finally got to use my Solo Stove and Solo Pot 900 yesterday and I must say it works great. I have the standard size stove, which fits compactly into the Pot, so it packs small and light. Both are made out of 304 SS and a combined weight of 17oz. So I was doing some work outside and decided to make a cup of tea to keep me warm. Learned some stuff, like you need to feed small fires more than large ones. Anyway, it was really windy, and I had to work to keep it protected (they offer a windscreen that would work perfectly in this case. Once I got the fire up and running, it took about 3 minutes to get the light boil shown in the video, which was enough for me. Website says 8-10 minutes for a boil. It had been raining the past day, so everything was soaked. I used cotton balls and vasoline, along with some feather sticks I made to get it going. Sticks cut to about 3-5 inches in length and up to an inch in diameter work best. Thinner sticks can be fed through the air holes in the top as well. Obviously this isn't going to be something for a camp fire, though it does put out some good heat, but this is great for a single person in a backpacking trip or short hike. The Pot would hold a Mountain House meal or similar, for rehydration. Or you could fill it up with water to rehydrate a meal and have some hot tea/coffee. Also gives you a secondary (or primary) method of water purification. Great construction, can't wait to take this out in the field to have a bit more fun, but that will probably have to wait for a while. My video
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    Solo Stove Review

    Or a quick meal on the trail. That's exactly why I like it. Its quick, easy, once you get the learning curve, and you don't have to build a huge fire. Definitely a learning curve, building a a big fire is a lot easier haha. But its a challenge and I'm glad I tried it out in the back yard before needing to use it somewhere else and having to learn on the fly. For the most part, its the same as any other fire. Make sure you have your fuel prepped and ready, you just have to feed it a bit differently in order to keep it going.
  3. JonM1911

    Solo Stove Review

    I do love playing with new gear. I'll try to post some more reviews of stuff as I get time and play with them. I have a few small ones to post just from my fire making for this one. Those should be up tomorrow.
  4. Depends on what you want to spend. Kifaru makes a pretty cool stove that disassembles.
  5. JonM1911

    post your bob & contents. (:

    Ah, forgot that. Strider MFS was getting cleaned up and wasn't in the pack at the time. Also I'm waiting on a custom Dalibor Sirius folder. I also have a full sized Tom Brown Tracker, but its really heavy and I think my new Gransfors Bruk hatchet is more useful...Might end up selling the Tracker or putting it in the car pack...
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    post your bob & contents. (:

    Ok, so here is my work in progress. I'm missing/light on some stuff, which I will outline below. Brouton compass 2 x waterproof matches 1 x Fire lighters 1 x Exotac nanostriker 1 x Exotac matches and container 1 x emergency whistle 1 x red flare/ orange smoke 1 x 7pk pen flare/launcher 1 x 20y duct tape 1 x Solo Stove 1 x Gransfors Bruk hatchet 1 x 2 person hammock 2 x shemagh (tan/green) 2 x short sleeve shirts 1 x long sleeve shirt 1 x silk thermal top/bottom/socks 2 x watch caps 1 x heavy winter gloves 2 x regular socks 2 x wool socks 1 x amphib shorts (TAD) 1 x amphib pants (TAD) 1 x emergency bivvy 1 x Military sleeping bag 1 x Sparks headlamp 6 x assorted chemsticks Still needed 1 x Force 10 cargo pants (heavier that the TAD amphib) 2 x wool socks More batteries for headlamp and flashlights Topo maps of area for escape/travel routes. I know most of the area by heart, but still needed. Tinder (Vaseline cotton balls, etc) GPS (maybe) Another form of water purification, I can boil so that's one, I'm currently contemplating an MSR purifier, that would pump right into bladders, which would work well as I have them in all my packs. I have also looked into the Steri-Pens. Shelter - I can't decide on. I really like, extremely light weight, not cheap, but durable. One the flip side, I like some of Kifaru's minimalist stuff, but in an area that gets snow and cold temps, I'm not quite sure how those would work... Food - I have food at home, but I plan on some MH/jerky stuff to keep in there long term First Aid - this is something I really need to research more. I know the basics of first aid and trauma care, but not enough. Most of what I have is blood loss control and general stuff, which I suppose covers most of what you'll see in a bug out situation. Luckily the Army has some really good combat medic courses and if I pass RASP, I'm sure I'll get some hands on experience too. Anyway, point out and laugh and tell me what I'm doing wrong haha.
  7. Yea should have specified. We had a bad storm during the summer, power out for almost a week. Right now I could just throw it out in the snow and it would freeze like a rock. -10 and supposed to get 10 more inches Sunday, high of 7 on Monday with a low of -17, 0 on Tuesday with a low of -3.
  8. That would be perfet here. Though we haven't lost power, its been in the -10 degree range for the past day and half when factoring wind chill. Pretty cold for Ohio. During some bad ice storms, I've done just that. Chuck the food outside in the 3ft of snow, all better. Or buy ice and fill up the cooler and keep it indoors.
  9. Prolly reload some tonight.
  10. JonM1911

    How's the Weather in your area lately.

    Been snowing all day, will continue until 7pm. Of course the city, in their genius, has salted the roads to melt the snow, which will freeze tonight when it gets into the negatives....
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    Planning the GHB

    Shadow makes some good points. Having a backup plan to meetup at home if you can't meet within a certain time is a good idea. As for the food, you'd be surprised what you really don't need? Ever hear of GoRuck? Go look it up, its a great challenge if you're into that sort of thing. I do them when I have the time. I just got done with a 9 hour challenge 2 weeks ago, I ate NOTHING the entire time or 2.5 hours before. So I went a total of 11.5 hours 9 of which were extremely physical, while carrying a 50lb pack, without food. I did go through about 6 liters of water however. You can do without food, though I don't recommend it for extended periods, you can't last long without water. That's what will really kill you, regarding focus, comfort, etc. Unfortunately it weighs more than food, but you have water with you and a way to get more. I work about 7.6 miles (by freeway) from work. I know multiple routes to get home, as I've lived in this city all my life. I carry a small TAD Gear Litespeed pack with really not much in it. Laptop, mouse, point and shoot camera, multi-tool, large knife. Keychain has a light and 2 ways to start fire. I also carry a pocket knife and primary light on my person. I have a Glock 17 and spare mag in the car (can't carry inside the office). If I need to hoof it home, I'll fill up my 32oz Nalgene, down the extra can of tuna I keep in my lunch box, and off I go. That is just me, my plan is to get home ASAP. Now my old job used to have me traveling, I had A LOT of stuff in the car then, because I could be out of state at times.
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    Does this seem legit?

    I would NOT use steel armor, there's a reason they no longer use it. First off, Jim-Bob made this in his garage, I wouldn't trust my life to it. Secondly, steel plate armor was notorious for causing more harm than good. Curved steel plate, made bullets slide, often up into the neck and jaw area. Thirdly, ceramic plates are much lighter and you can get them at a good price ( If you're connected, talk to some guys who are deployed. I kid you not, they throw away ceramic plates, good ones. Guys just pick them out of the trash. Amazingly, they do the same thing with NVG's too. I know a guy who picked his out of the trash. I got medium, 7.62 multi-hit SAPIs for $250. I'm 5' 10" and 200lbs and they cover the vital organs. I was surprised, I thought I would need larges.
  13. JonM1911

    Tent recomendations

    Yea, they are a bit pricey, but actually not that much more than some of the ones I've seen at the local stores, such as Dicks Sporting Goods. And when I think about the huge amount of weight savings I'll get, its worth the extra money, to me anyways. For now, I just have a huge double person hammock. Its nice and heavy duty. In a pinch it will work perfectly as a rain shelter.
  14. If you're looking for a Hawk, look no further than RMJ Tactical. They're expensive, but they're near indestructible. They're a favorite of SOF and SF overseas and they've saved more than a few lives. I've read stories of guys chopping holes in the hardened structures in A'stan to make escape routes. They also chopped the tail off an old decommissioned Cobra with one. For knives, I'm waiting on my Dalibor Sirius. Custom made from Croatia, should be done here in a month or so. Ordered in April.
  15. JonM1911

    Home Security

    Well, if the NRA Member and NRA Instructor stickers on the car don't stop them, they'll see the security system sign. If that doesn't stop them, well I guess they're in for a fun time.
  16. JonM1911

    Tent recomendations

    I have not purchased a tent yet, but this is where I plan to get mine. Ultra light and very durable.
  17. JonM1911

    Vehicle kit

    Ok, so one thing I've neglected is putting together a basic vehicle kit to fix minor issues. Right now I only have a car, truck will come later. Anyways, so far I've got a basic 20 something piece Craftsman tool set, 5 chemlights, and a DieHard battery jumper/charger. I plan to add some road flares, tire patch kit, work gloves, and blanket. Any other ideas? I've got my BHG with food, clothes, etc.
  18. JonM1911

    Sig 226

    I've got 2 Sigs, 229 and 226, both in 9mm. A word of advice, DO NOT but Sig branded mags. Sig branded mags are mostly made by a company called Mecgar and run about $45-$50. You can go to Midwayusa and find the exact same mags made by Mecgar for $27...they just don't have Sig Sauer stamped on them.
  19. Not another caliber argument....5.56 was designed to tumble, and therefore do more damage over a great area. People have been shot in the chest and round exited the lower half of the body. The problem is that with the advent of "better" 5.56 rounds, such as the steel core, the tumbling effect is lessened or altogether removed and therefore it just goes straight through the target.
  20. JonM1911

    Vehicle kit

    Hmm, yea, didn't think about that. Maybe I won't bother with that at all. I check my donut in the trunk regularly and I have AAA so I'm not too worried. If/when I have a truck, I'll carry a compressor, etc, just not practical for a car.
  21. JonM1911

    Vehicle kit

    Oh, good one. I've got spare fuses, but completely forgot I should put them in there.
  22. JonM1911

    Vehicle kit

    Well I think I'm more concerned about being stranded somewhere and making it to civilization. Unfortunately, cars only carry donuts, rather patch it and pay for a new tire than try to survive on a donut. Yes, coke will take corrosion off metal, common science experiment to take rust off nails with coke, the acid in it causes the reaction. Good thinking on the tape and candle.
  23. So I really don't take this seriously, but it got me to thinking. If you had the land, money, and resources, you could actually make something like this work. I mean, its pretty much completely camouflaged. You couldn't see it from the air and unless you stumbled upon it by accident, you wouldn't be looking for it. A few shrubs around the windows and door while out and about and you'd NEVER find it. Only cost the guy like $6k to build, so it wouldn't break the bank. Just thought it was kinda neat.
  24. JonM1911

    Solar panel info

    So here's something I've been wondering...and am really too lazy to research, how sturdy are solar panels. I mean, I assume that they'd have to be strong enough to withstand a pretty good hailstorm, otherwise you'd have to replace them multiple times a year in most locales. In Ohio, we aren't really prone to a ton of bad weather, mostly snow, ice, rain, and hail. Southern Ohio gets the occasional tornado, but the panels would be the least of my worries in that instance. I just wonder about upkeep on the panels and the battery bank. There's only so much you can keep on hand. Though if you run something like solar with a wind backup, you'd be set. Could pretty much go completely off grid. I know a guy in Az. that went completely off with solar power for about $15k. Think I need to talk to him about it.
  25. JonM1911

    Krav Maga

    Ok, so I figured with all the talk about unarmed self defense I'd go on my Krav rant. I've been doing it for 2 years and I've tested to "level 3". There are 5 levels, then your black belt. Krav is not a martial art, its a self defense concept, for lack of a better term. It was developed by a gentleman in Israel back in the '30s IIRC. He took things from different fighting styles, strikes from Mauy Thai, boxing, BJJ, etc. He would get in fights, not purposely, and then re-think what happened to see how he could do things better. Eventually it was adopted by the IDF as their standard hand to hand training. Its not pretty, it doesn't rely on fancy moves, its basic natural movements. Its hard to explain without showing it, but I'd recommend checking it out f you're looking for good self defense training. Here's a video from a while ago, before I started. Form isn't the best, but let me say I've experienced the level 2 test, which was the level 1 and 2 tests combined, that was a 3 hour test, the level 5 test is longer than that so form does start to suffer. My leg is still bruised from kicks at that was in December.